Now Do You Believe Me About Fox?


I Don’t Know Why Fox Axed Their Best On-Air Talent, Presumably the Most Conservative Voice on Television in North America, and the Host with the Second Greatest Number of Viewers on Television (Second Only To The Five On Fox, On Their Respective Time Slots) . . . And Without Question One of the Most Courageous Conservative Voices in the Media, Even if you Didn’t Agree all of the Time with Carlson’s Opinions or Guests, which I Didn’t . . . Carlson On Fox News Was The Real Deal.

But That’s Not Why I’m Giving-Up On Fox News. I’ll Explain At The End Of This Editorial.


In The Thousands Of Editorials, I Have Written & Published Over The Years, I Have Written Several Times About LOYALTY. I Recently Wrote an Editorial that Featured the Old Saying – “DANCE WITH THE ONE WHO BRUNG-YA”.

It’s An Old Saying . . . But Truer Words Were Never Spoken.

Donald Trump Mentioned That Yesterday – In His Interview With Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, Speaking About the Lack of Loyalty Amongst Some of the People He Trusted & Helped the Most, Namely Just Three Of Many . . . Mike Pence, Bill Barr & Ron DeSantis. Trump Didn’t Mention Jeff Sessions – But I Will. Sessions was like a Virus, Not Deadly . . . But As Uncomfortable As Hell.

I’ll Just Focus On Ron DeSantis A Bit . . .

There Is No Question, None Whatsoever, that Ron DeSantis Would NOT Have Won his First Term as Governor of Florida Had it Not Been for President Donald J Trump. And That’s Really A Big Deal.

So How Did Ron DeSantis Thank Donald Trump?

Not Only Did DeSantis Not Thank The Man Who Brung-Him, DeSantis is Playing Coy Politically with the Media and the People of the United States of America, to Wrangle the Republican Primary Nomination Away from the Man Who Elevated-Him to the Position he Never Would Have Otherwise Had (Governor Of Florida).

Trump Has Been Criticized From Day-One . . . For Demanding Loyalty from the People Trump Chose to be at His Right-Hand – With the Media, Including Many On Fox . . . Stating that Loyalty to the Country is Far More Important than Loyalty to your Leader.

Out Of Context, That Might Be True . . . But In Context, Nothing Could Be Less True.

Trump Was Poorly Served By Many He Trusted The Most . . . Which Meant That America was Poorly Served by the Men & Women Trump Chose to Help Him to Make America Great Again.

When Trump Needed Friends Most . . . The Most Important Of Them Bailed.

How Did That Help America? As America Today, Because of the Lack of Loyalty to Trump, is Cascading Towards Perdition . . . Dragging The Used-To-Be Free World Down The Path To Hell Along With-It.


I Would Risk Losing Life & Limb to Protect my Dog, which I Have Already Done (More Than Once) if he should Get Into a Dog Fight, or if Someone Should Raise a Hand to Him. I Would Crawl on Broken Glass with Naked Knees Before I Would Violate the Trust of my Friends & Family . . . That’s What Loyalty Means.

In My Generation . . . You Got A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend & That Was It. In this Generation, Loyalty is Ephemeral Until the Next Best Offer or Opportunity Comes Along.

In My Generation . . . You Always Danced With The One Ya-Brung Or Who Brung-You, Because that was Always the Right Thing to Do, which is Just One of the Many Things that Endears Me To President Trump.

As The Whole Of The American LEFT, and the Slew of RINOS Closed-In on Donald Trump to Take Him & His Family Down by Whatever Means they could Imagine, Trump Never Bailed. He Never Took A Knee to the People who Wanted to Destroy Capitalist America by Abandoning the Trust of the Millions of People who put their Faith in Trump to be their Voice.

No One In Political History That I’m Aware-Of, Has Ever Taken The Slings & Arrows As Has Trump.

In Spite Of The Never-Ending Threats, the Many Millions of Legal Dollars Spent, the Humiliating Personal Attacks Against Him & His Family, and the Prospect of Going to Prison if Trump Does Not Take A Knee & Abandon those with Whom He Brung . . . Trump Has Not Forsaken His Oath To The People . . . THAT IS LOYALTY!


For Conservatives Today . . . Who Say Trump Did A Great Job As President, but Now it’s Time to Move-On . . . Because they No Longer Like his Demeanor & Mean Tweets, & Prefer to Put their Support Behind the New Shiny Politician(s) Who they Think Can Win in 2024 . . . A Pox On Them – They Know Nothing About Loyalty – And Nothing About What This Man (Trump) Has Sacrificed So They Wouldn’t Have To.

No-One Before Trump. . . Has Ever Done What Trump Has Done – With Virtually Both Hands Tied Behind His Back, with Many of His Own People Shooting at Him from the Shadows . . . Yet For Some Crazy Reason – These Never Trumpers Think Someone Else Will Do Better.


When Fox First Came On The Scene With Roger Ailes At The Helm – Fox Was A Breath Of Fresh-Air.

Fox News Was So Feared As A Conservative Voice In Canada . . . That Canada Refused to Allow Fox News to be Aired on Canadian Networks. Then the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Commission) Finally Sort of Relented & Agreed that Fox News Could be Carried by Canadian Cable Stations, as Long as there was a LONG-DELAY from Broadcast to Air, to Make Certain that Fox Wouldn’t Say or Report on Something the Canadian Government Didn’t Approve-Of.

Along With Many Others . . . I Personally Intervened by Letter & Voice to Advocate For Fox News to be Broadcast in Canada with the Same Rules & Regulations as all the Other Networks Have to Abide-By. The Government Of Canada Finally Surrendered.

I Was Just One of Many Millions of People in the United States of America & Canada who Were Unabashedly Loyal to Fox News as our Conservative Voice Within a Jungle of Untrustworthy, Slanted & Too Often Untrue Liberal Bias & Reporting.

I’m Unchanged. And I Have to Assume that the Many Millions of Original Fox News Supporters are Also Unchanged. So Who Has Changed?


Fox News Has Morphed Into Becoming Just Another Mainstream Entertainment News Broadcaster . . . Playing all Sides Against the Middle for Ratings, Pretending that they are Still the Voice of the People. They Are Not The Voice Of The People & Have Not Been The Voice Of The People For Several Years.

Loyalty To Me Is A Two-Way Street . . . Which Is Why I Choose Trump & Newsmax.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. LGBT Let’s Get Behind Trump, and Q – Quick! Losing Bongino was bad enough, but now Tucker! I’m in mourning for freedom-lovers everywhere. Watch Harris Faulkner; her sharp turn to the right has been very noticeable of late. And keep an eye on Jesse – I betcha he’s keen on the 8 pm time slot.

  2. Marvelous editorial! I watched Fox occasionally until 2020 when they sided with the demoncrats and rinos over the stolen election. Dropped them completely then and there. I could watch Tucker’s comments on other sites the next day, if I so chose, but now, he is history. Thank goodness for Newsmax and Glenn Beck; there’s still some truth out there. And I’m with you on DeSantis; he is a backstabbing weasel who’s just a tool of the billionaires. Check his list of donors to see I’m right.

  3. Truer words…. Certainly couldn’t have said it near as well….!

  4. I hate to stir the pot, but it is worth noting that Blackrock/Vanguard own substantial parts of both Fox and Dominion (through State Street). The unearned $800 million in voluntary settlement payments will be extremely helpful to Dominion going into the 2024 elections, don’t you think? Just a coincidence, I’m sure wink, wink. Fox just lost another family! We are done!

  5. Howard, right on! We are dancing with Trump no matter what. Fox is dead to me, newsmax and Dan Bongino On the radio for us. I still like Glen Beck but I can’t listen too often because everything he says comes true. Keep writing

  6. Perfectly stated Howard. But now I don’t know what to make of the catalytic issue itself. FOX showed many examples and testimonials since 2020 about how corruptible the Dominion machines are/were. And so..are they? Or were we, as faithful Conservatives and Trump supporters, lied to re: those claims? Or does FOX’S Murdoch family hate Trump so much that they forked over close to a billion dollars just to discredit him? What are we to believe?

  7. AMEN!! Thank you for standing up and telling the TRUTH!! These people are low life’s.

  8. In the end it’s all about knowing the truth isn’t it ? So why did the majority of people who baled on Trump do it ? Non quality individuals who all just baled for their own selfish reasons ?? I wonder. Who really knows ? Why does anyone have to stay with any company , if in the end they are not what you originally believed ?? Maybe this was not the case with Trump , but it’s not impossible either. Any true conservative that’s elected to lead in the USA or Canada would truly be a blessi

  9. I feel the owners of MSM companies are pushing out all true conservative (esp. pro-Trump ones) media individuals. Somehow they may feel that will bring in much of the left watchers/listeners & increase their numbers. However, it likely will do the opposite by causing the rise in number of conservative media companies with Fox & other MSMs’ more conservative followers moving over to more truthful/honest media sites. The drastic drop in stock price is quite telling as well.

  10. Not knowing the Facts as much as you Howard, a couple of years ago I had a Gut Feeling that something was up with Fox, or should if say Down! It seemed to be more entertainment than what it began as. That Said, Thank You Howard for shedding some light AND actually confirming my “Gut Feeling” About a year plus ago I started watching NewMax, and One American News.

  11. I cancelled my subscription to the Fox Nation that I used mainly to hear Tucker’s specials. He asked the questions I would have asked – was brave, insightful, and clear. Without him – FOX is dead in the water. He will resurface and we will find him – our conservative voice! Keep up the great work Howard – we need you too (and Trump!)

  12. Your comments on the principle of loyalty are absolutely correct, a pillar of ethics and civilization. Am forwarding your article. DJT ’24.

  13. Fox is getting close to becoming the liberal replacement for CNN.

  14. The only things worth watching are Levin and Waters.Laura is good entertainment Hannity prefaces every question with about two minutes of talking points ive heard about 75 times.There are ways to get what you like in other venus and a lot of people are figuring that out.As for RD my thought is so you ran for FL Gov just to run for president?Doesn’t look smart to me so maybe you are not that smart.

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