I Should Have Been More Succinct


In My Last Editorial, I Wrote About Young Jews like Me, More than 65-Years Ago, who Bought $0.05 (Each) Leaf Sticker Stamps at Jewish Sunday School, for us to Stick-On a Paper-Illustration of a Tree, where the Leaves were Bare.

The Purpose Was To Buy 40-Stamps At $0.05 Each, which would Amount to $2 for Each Fully Leaved Tree (Illustration), which was Enough Money to Buy One Tree (Seedling) in Israel, So We Could Contribute To The Reforestation Of Israel.

It was a Thrill for us Jewish Children, Aged from 5-Years-Old to Sign Our Name to our $2-Tree, that Would be Planted in the Signers’ Name. Even As Children, We Were Beyond Proud To Plant As Many Trees As We Could For Israel.

Over The Years . . . About 250-Million Trees Have Been Planted In Israel, Creating Multiple Gorgeous Forests Positioned Through-Out the Country (About 230,000 Acres).

Just A Juxtaposition . . .

. . . We – Jewish Children Couldn’t Be Prouder To Plant Trees In Israel . . . as Palestinian & Arab Children Couldn’t be Prouder to Learn How to Hate & Murder Jewish People (Men, Women & Children). How’s That For A Juxtaposition?

Also – When I Flew To Israel During The Intifada (Year-2000) At My Own Expense, for the Purpose of Broadcasting Live Radio Shows on Syndicated Conservative American & Canadian Radio Stations, to Air the Truth About Israel, and Not the Pro-Palestinian Propaganda of the American/Canadian News Networks Even Then . . . I Took the Time to Purchase Trees & Physically Plant them with my Bare Hands at the Presidents Forest Located Between Jerusalem & Tel Aviv.

That’s The Difference Between Love Of Country – Compared To Savages Who Want To Destroy It.


If You’re Going To Try To Kill The King . . . DON’T MISS!

New York (Manhattan) District Attorney – Tub-Of-Lard Alvin Bragg – Figured that he was Going to be the Hero who Would Take-Down the King (President Donald Trump), After the Full House of Congress, the FBI, Justice Department, and all the Alphabet American Security Agencies Couldn’t Do-It.

Well Surprise-Surprise . . . The Tub-Of-Lard Is About To Get His Comeuppance.

So Many of the Media Seems to Believe (Or Want Us To Believe) that Bragg is Doing What he’s Doing with his Bullshit Indictment of Trump, to Help Get Trump Returned as the Leader of the Republican Party by Re-Winning the Republican Primary . . . That’s Bullshit Too!


The Last Candidate The Democrats Want To Face . . . Is A Revamped Donald Trump, Who Will Make Kasha out of the LEFT & Destroy their March to American Communism, In-Spite Of What The Democrat Bullshit Artists Want You To Believe.


I Like Ron DeSantis, As I’ve Written Several Times . . . But I Don’t Like The Games DeSantis Is Playing With His Intention Of Running In The Primary . . . To Choose The Next Republican Leader.

Do You Know Why The People Love Trump . . . Amongst Other Things?

Trump Doesn’t Play Games . . . In 2015, Almost Everyone in the Republican Party was Playing Coy, while Jockeying for Position to Run in the Republican Primary, Trump on the Other-Hand, Descended the Escalator with Wife Melania . . . To Clearly Lay-Out The Trump Doctrine.

And Now On November 15, 2022 . . . Donald Trump Didn’t Mince Words Again, and Using Trump’s Usual Honest Bombast . . . Trump Once Again Laid-It-Out On The Line, with the Exception of Nikki Haley & Vivek Ramaswamy (Who Has A Great Future In Government), Who’ve Declared their Candidacies . . . Where’s Ron DeSantis?

I Understand That DeSantis Has Political Restrictions . . . That DeSantis will Have to Sacrifice if DeSantis should Declare Now . . . But Trump Also Had Major Considerations to Deal With, such as the Campaign Finance Regulations. But Even At That – Trump Still Went Forward & Made The Declaration.

If I Was A Floridian . . . I Would Be Really Happy with the Way DeSantis is Governing the State. However, If I Had Voted For DeSantis To Win 4-More Years As Governor, I would Feel Somewhat Cheated, if he Used his Re-Election to the Governor’s Mansion, as a Steppingstone to a Run at the White House, While his Government Isn’t Halfway Done.

Why Wouldn’t DeSantis Not Want To Finish His Elected Term & Then Campaign For 2028?


It Makes Me Neither Happy Nor Confident . . . That DeSantis is Being Pushed, Supported & Financed by all the Same Bad Actors in the Media (Fox News), Koch Organization, Karl Rove . . . Etc-Etc-Etc – who are 100% Responsible for the Debacle that has Become America – All The Way Back Since The End Of The Reagan Presidency.


One Of The Reasons Why Florida Is Doing As Well As It Is Doing . . . Is Because Of Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis Can Certainly Take Credit . . . for the Way he Personally Castigated Disney, Took on the Florida Teacher’s Union & Created (Enacted) the Parental Rights Law. He Can also Take Considerable Pride in Being Amongst the First of the Governors to End the Covid Lock-Downs . . . To Reopen His State (Florida).

HOWEVER, Unlike President Donald Trump, who Had to Fight & Defend Against Vicious Enemies from Within (RINOS), and Equally – Vicious Enemies from Without (Democrats), that Included the Justice Department, FBI – Etc . . . Which Concocted a Plethora of PHONY Charges, Investigations & Impeachments . . . Is Something That Is Not An Issue With DeSantis.

Even More Important . . . DeSantis Has a Conservative Legislature that Works with him . . . Opposed To A RINO Led House Under Paul Ryan, Before Ryan Lost The House To Pelosi, who (Ryan) Worked at Every Turn to Undermine President Trump . . . On The Wall, The Budget & Wherever Else He Could.

And Then There’s The Flood Of Blue State American Citizens . . . Surging to States Like Florida & Texas, which DeSantis is Happy to Take a Bow-For. But DeSantis, like Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, CANNOT Take Credit for the Surge of Americans Leaving Failed Blue States to Move to Places Like Texas & Florida.

As I Have Previously Written Many Times . . . I Like Ron DeSantis & I Think that One Day, he Might Become a Really Good President . . . But Not Today.

Today . . . DeSantis Must Finish The Job He Was Elected To Do.

ALSO . . . If DeSantis Decides to Run for the Republican Leadership, and Gets Into a Verbal War with President Trump, the Chances are Better than Not that Trump will Win, and in the Process, DeSantis will Likely End any Future Opportunity to be the President of the United States of America . . . And That Will Be A Pity.

Personal Avarice Should Not Be The Driving-Force To Making America Great Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have yet to hear that Donald Trump is officially a candidate, and it is good that we have a strong 2nd choice waiting in the wings like Ron De Santis. I would like to see “The Don” take the Gov. of S.Dakota as his running mate, I think it would put him over the top.

  2. Agree 100%. Thank you for your insight. I am presently reading Benjamin Netanyahu’s autobiography titled ‘Bibi’. He too offers valuable insight on a broad historical scale. A superb read that I highly recommend.

  3. Just under 65 and the leaves were 10 cents a piece and we gave up our allowance money to plant a tree. Any news about China interference with the POS Justin Trudeau? Thanks for all you do.

  4. Good grief, Mr. Costello, Trump officially announced his candidacy last November; Little Ron is the one dancing around that decision. DeSantis needs to honor his commitment to his state, serve his 4 years, then look at a presidential run. We need Donald Trump back in the White House ASAP, for he’s the only one who will stand up to the communists in our country & abroad. He is truly the last, great hope for America.

  5. What the world badly needs now is a two fisted street-fighter, willing, able & ready to step into the back alley of Politics & take-on all comers . . . not an administrator. In a bare-knuckle last man standing winner take all brawl. And the only man with that type of attitude & ability . . . Is none other than Donald J Trump. Trikki Nikki doesn’t measure up and the mere fact Paul Ryan endorsed him says it all. He’s just another ambitious RINO.

  6. 100% in agreement with the following caveat: The R’s must get the remote voting and voting machines under control if they are going to have a chance to win!!!

  7. Totally agree. DJT is the only one who can truly take on the commie swamp and with the right people working with him (not easy to find in politics), he can make massive changes for the good of USA. Go Trump Go.

  8. It seems that the Dems do not know who they will run. JB is a joke, his VP is a bigger Joke, MO is just another Lawyer who will screw up this country more. DJT can and will calm the foreign waters and turn US around. There is going to be HELL to pay in Washington. KN of Dakota would be an excellent VP as her state is in great shape. She has shown “No Fear” in backing Women’s Rights against the BS of Transgender issues. I still believe we are going to have a Civil War, this is when China strik

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