Why The LEFT Hates The Second Amendment


Here’s What we’re Not Hearing from the So-Called Conservative Media or the So-Called Republican Party . . . And Certainly Not From The Never-Trumpers.

Even After all these Uncontested Twitter Revelations, which Have Already Destroyed the Big Lies which Swore on a Stack of Bibles – That The 2020 Election Was Fair . . . and that the Deep State Never Spied on Donald Trump & Trump’s Followers . . . Where’s The Real Outrage?

Where’s The Apologies For The Abuse To Donald Trump & Trump’s Supporters?

Where are the Apologies to the More than 74-Million People who Voted for Donald Trump, Who were Labeled by the Media and the LEFT as White Supremacists, Misogynists, Racists, Threats to Democracy & Anti-Semitic Right Wing Nut-Jobs?

And NOTHING . . . Like All The Black Lives Matter & Antifa Pieces Of Crud, who Have Never Been Arrested, Indicted, Charged or Punished for Burning Down Whole Sections of Cities, Nationwide Lootings, Beating People, Injuring More than a Thousand Police Officers . . . Not To Ignore The Number Of Murders Committed In The Name Of Their Definition Of Democracy . . . While Trump Supporters Have Been Arrested & Had their Lives Ruined for Anything as Simple as Jaywalking.

Every Totalitarian State Has Banned The Ownership Of Weapons In The Hands Of Civilians.


You Don’t Need A History Lesson To Remember What Happened Next.

The Only Thing Stopping The LEFT In America . . . From Destroying the Foundational Amendment that Guarantees Freedom of Expression (First Amendment), which is the Bulwark of All Freedoms . . . is the People’s Right to Own & Use Weapons (Second Amendment) . . . To Defend America From All Enemies – Foreign & Domestic (Government).

The Disarming Of The Canadian Citizenry Is Well Under Way With Some Provincial Pushback.

EVEN THOUGH There is Absolutely No Evidence Whatsoever in Canada, which the Vast Majority of Canadian Police Attest . . . That Legally Owned Firearms and the People in Possession of Legally Owned Firearms Pose No Threat Whatsoever to the Safety of the Canadian Population . . . NONETHELESSThe National Canadian Gun-Seizure Is On.


Like All Tyrants . . . Trudeau Has A Legitimate Fear That An Armed Population Cannot Be Controlled.


1 – I Don’t Care that this Swindler (Sam Bankmann Fried) Stole Billions of Dollars from People who should Have Known Better. But What I Do Care About is, where the Money Went Politically, since it Shows just How Little Regard the Politicians Have for the Integrity of their “Profession” and the Rights of the American Citizenry.

Not Only Should the Politicians be Forced to Return all the Money they Received from this Grifter . . . There Should be Penalties Charged to the Political Recipients of these Dirty Funds . . . And Have their Names Published in all the Mainstream Media on their Front Pages . . . With The Total Amount Of Money They Accepted From The Swindler.

2 – There’s Talk of Giving the Ill-Begotten Funds to the Charities of the Political Recipients’ Choice, which is Nothing Less than Pouring Salt on an Open Wound, since the Money they Took from the Grifter Isn’t their Money to Give Away. And is Certainly Not their Money to Give to a Charity, for which they will Receive a Charitable Deduction on their Taxes.

All This Money Has To Go Back To The People From Whom It Was Stolen.

3 – I Read That According To Some (Too Many) On The LEFT . . . That Sam Bankmann Fried was Being Hounded Before his Arrest, because Sam Bankmann Fried was Jewish, and that the Persecution of Bankmann Fried (Before His Arrest) was Somehow an Act of Anti-Semitism . . . So Let Me Set The Record Straight.

Throwing Around The Accusation Of Anti-Semitism Like Confetti Is Repugnant.


I Am An Unapologetic Jew, Who Also Happens to be A Zionist (Believer In Israel), Who was Also a Proud Member of the Montreal Jewish Defense League in the Early 1980’s . . . Who Thinks Sam Bankmann Fried Should Rot In Hell For The Rest Of His Life.

I Also Believe that his Two LEFTIST University Professor Parents, Should Also Rot Right Along With Him For The Rest Of Their Lives . . . if they Had Anything to Do with his Fraud . . . And I Do Mean Anything.

As A Proud Jew . . . Anyone Who is, or Who Claims to be Part of my Religion, Who Is Nefarious In Any Way, Shape Or Form, which Embarrasses my Religion (Fellow Jews), Deserves to be in a Special Part of Hell . . .

And I Can Promise You This – I’m Not The Only Jew Who Thinks This Way.

Enough People Hate-Us (Jews) For All Manner Of Contrived Bullshit. Why should any of us Give the Jew-Haters a Legitimate Excuse to Peddle their Poison?

Also – Being Jewish Carries An Enormous Responsibility To Be The Best Person You Can Possibly Be.


What’s Happening In Ukraine Is Genocide, for which I Can see No Reason, other than the Russians and the Ukrainians Have been Going at Each Other for About 1,000-Years . . . Which Is No Excuse.

But That Written . . . There is Little Question & Virtually No Doubt that Ukraine Has Been & Probably Still is One of the Most Corrupt Nations in Europe (Possibly The Most Corrupt).

There is Also No Question that Hunter Biden with the Acknowledged Interference (On Camera) of his Vice President Father at that Time, Were Involved Up To Their Eyebrows In Dirty Ukrainian Deals (Burisma).

And Now the Ukrainians Have Taken More than $110-BILLION DOLLARS (That’s A Billion With A “B”) in American Tax Payer Money to Fund a War that will in One Way or Another Never End . . . And Zelenskyy Says It’s Not Enough.

So . . . If $110-Billion That We Know Of Isn’t Enough . . . How Much Is?

It’s Fascinating How the LEFT in America Goes Apeshit When Congress Allocates a Few Billion Dollars to Israel, in Exchange for Substantial Israeli Intelligence, Extraordinary Military Technology & Specific Israeli Weaponry . . . But Wants To Foist Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars To Ukrainian Oligarchs.

We Live In A Sick World That Will Only Get Sicker Until We Get It All Straightened Away.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. How does it go? – If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear… Which got me thinking, wonder what’s up with the Canadian-Liberal working overtime to disarm Canadians?

  2. Merry Christmas to you and Anne and all your readers. Alas, we don’t hear these two wonderful words much any more. To everyone who wishes me “”Happy Holidays” I reply, “Thank you, but please feel free to wish me Merry Christmas. I am, after all, a Christian, and celebrating the birth of Jesus is the reason for the season.” The look of astonishment on their faces is edifying: They have just received a history lesson that flies smack dab in the face of the prevailing anti-Christian narrative

  3. The US is broke. Their CC should be cancelled. Zelensky should start a Go-Fund-My-War page and see how much he can raise. I predict not that much. And while he’s at it ask for a few bucks more so his wife can go on another luxury spending spree like she did recently. In the meanwhile many Americans are freezing and starving while the illegitimate government taunts the Russians to the edge of nuclear war.

  4. The Bill that is going forward is just another Pelosi Last Minute BS Package. From money for a MO Trail to a Salmon Recovery Fund, is all PORK. 100 of Billions that the country does not have so will borrow. DC is corrupt at all levels, Biden is an Idiot or has a Brain Malfunction problem. He will pass something to let millions of Illegals into this country. What about the VETs and our Homeless, many freezing now? He needs to be IMPEACHED Now before he Destroys our Country.

  5. Thank you Howard for your choice words. Both my mother and mother-in-law have said if the United States and its people don’t embrace the Jews we are nothing.

  6. People who go after the Constitution, free speech and other rights are small-minded. Like a child, they only see the moment in front of them and not the long term, bigger picture, which is full of negativity. Cancellation of speech has affected far more than MAGA supporters. Lefties are suffering too, only they are too dense to realize it. It even affects politicians who support or passively acquiesce to it. Their futures are also doomed to stifling, totalitarian control. Good luck to all.

  7. As usual, good write. I’ve been saying the same thing since this Ukraine mine grab started. At the expect of many lives. Pretty disgusting. On another note I had to log in 3 times to read. Kept getting a host error from Cloudflare. Com

  8. I was unaware that Ukraine was such a corrupt country. Can you expand on that issue please? Merry Christmas to you and yours

  9. No OUTRAGE by Congress GOP over Twitter dumps is itself an OUTRAGE. So the Dems, DOJ & FBI ignore the dump of truths & keep on doing what they do. Biggest reason there was no outrage publicly is only conservative media covered it so few know of it. Hopefully the GOP are planning to do something in Jan. With Musk stepping down from Twitter, the dumps may cease, which is a shame. I hope he finds someone as determined as he is to “dump” the truth. We shall see.

  10. Jewish organizations gave back ill-gotten monies given by Bernie Madoff. Others gave back money contributed by Jeff Epstein. Politicians should take from these examples and give back their tainted donations from another Jew. Like yourself, as a Jew, I am ashamed of the sins performed by my brothers.

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