There Can Never Again Be A Fair Election In America


Any Election That Welcomes (Encourages) Imbeciles & Ignoramuses To Vote Will Never Be Valid.

Elections Have Long Become a Competition Between Technologies & Ignorance, Opposed to a Battle of Ideas & Values Between People of Character & Ability.


Should It Be We The People Who Decide On The Government Of Our Nations? Or Should It Be Global Corporations, One-World Institutions & Foreign Governments?

When Voters Need Not Show Proper Identification to Guarantee that they are Viable Electors (Citizens), Live Where they Say they Live, or are Even Alive & Not Just a Name on a Tombstone . . . Legitimate Voters Will Always Be Cheated.

Should It Be Of The People By The People & For The People – Or Something Else?


There Should ONLY Be Voting Day – Not Voting Week Or Voting Month. And there Should ONLY Be Advanced Voting Up-Two Weeks in Advance.

There Should Never Be Unsolicited Ballots, Drop Boxes Or Ballot Harvesting.


Of What Sense Does it Make to the Viability of a Nation, when Ignorant & Uninformed People Get to Vote for the Future Management of Any Society?


Let Me Make This Simple, Unless There Are Compelling Reasons . . . Elections Should Be Thus:

1 – All Electors Must Be Certified.

2 – All Electors Must Have At Least One Valid Photo ID.

3 – All Electors Must Vote In Person With Few Exceptions.

4 – Advanced Polling Cannot Be No More Than Two Weeks Prior To The Election.

5 – Multiple Political Debates Must Be Mandatory With Moderators From Each Candidate.

6 – All Debates Must Be Held & Broadcast On All Legacy Media Before Any Vote Is Cast.

7 – Candidates, Parties & Media Should Be Held To Common Defamation Laws & Penalties.

8 – Ballot (Voter) Harvesting Must Be Made Illegal.

9 – Drop Boxes Should Not Exist.

10 – All Votes Must Be Made On Paper Ballots & Counted Where Voted.

11 – All Registered Parties Must Have Their Own Unrestricted Scrutineers.

12 – All Voting Results Must Be Made Public Within Hours Of Ballot Closing Times.

13 – All Voter Violators Must Face Severe Penalties Including Deportation, Fines & Prison.


Fair & Honest Voting Is The Bedrock Of A Free Society. Anything Less Is Tyranny.

It is Indeed Time to Change American Federal Election Laws to Standardize Federal Elections . . . Across All 50 States & Territories – WITHOUT Changing (Violating) State Rights, Independence & The Electoral College.


That Was Then & This Is Now, as International High Tech, Powerful Global Corporations, Communist Labor Unions, Unfettered Biased Media, Foreign Governments & Global Self-Interests Have Invaded America’s Constitutional Republic. And Unless Severe Election Changes Are Made Now . . . You Can Kiss The American Republic Goodbye.

I Truly Believe . . . Without Exception – There are Few Honest Elections Held in America, Especially Given the Unwarranted & Powerful Influence of a Propagandized Media, and the Results of an Inculcated (Brainwashed) Educational System which Has been Happening Surreptitiously for Generations.


I Couldn’t Give A Rat’s Ass What You Think Of Donald Trump.

The Soft Heads Amongst The Population, Including Many Republicans Who Don’t Like Trump’s Braggadocios Style. They Don’t Like His Tweets, His Ego, His Insults & Whatever Else they Don’t Like About Him Are Very Wrong.


Trump Wears His Inside On His Outside . . . In Trump, You Honestly Get What You See.

Do you Think for a Second that the Skilled, Handled & Varnished Politicians & Pundits are all Fine People, who Aren’t Scumbags in their Private Lives? Do you Think they Don’t Swear, Partake in Raunchy Sexual Behavior, Lie, Cheat & Swindle their Way Through Life? Do you think that Amongst these Holier-than-Thou Politicians, there  Aren’t Misogynists, Male Haters & Closet Detractors of Gay, Lesbian & LGBT (Whatever They Want To Call It) Lifestyles?

Do You Think All These “Perfect” Politicians Aren’t Closet Racists?

Look at the Horrific Damage Done to America at the Hands of the Acceptable Politicians who are Skilled Political Actors & Proficient Liars, who if you Knew them Personally, You Would Not Want To Know Personally.

The Difference Between the Politicians Who are Destroying America (Canada Too) and Donald Trump, Is That Virtually All The Skilled Politicians Are Actors . . . And The Other Is What You See – Is What You Get.

Biden Is Destroying America. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and the Hordes that Preceded them, Including Previous Speakers of the House, Leaders of the Senate & Past Presidents, Have all Become Filthy Rich, while Earning a Civil Salary, who Have all Been Aiders & Abettors to the Corruption of Government.


Other Than Suffocating Debts, Never Ending Wars, Debilitating Taxes, Dumbed-Down Scholastics – Etc . . . What Have These Polished (Sophisticated) Politicians Contributed More To The Common Good Than To Themselves?


Who’d You Rather Have – The Current Whores In Washington Or Trump Who Lays It On The Line?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I don’t care if Trump the plumber shows his butt crack as long as he fixes my pipes and he doesn’t cause the rest of my house to flood by the job he did under my kitchen sink. I voted for him 3 times – 1 primary & 2 general. Now he and the bulk of his endorsees have been rejected by the voters. Rejection of Trump and the losses he causes down-ballot is taking hold among us Rs. I am MAGA. So is my Gov. DeSantis (20 point win), but without toxicity. Trump will ensure Dem victories. #DeSantis2024

  2. Howard you hit the politicians nail on the head. I started disliking Trump recently but you have certainly made an incredibly valid point when you state that Trump wears his inside on the outside unlike the average politician. I would venture to say that the longer a politician stays in office the more “politician like” they become. I have always wondered how a politician becomes so much richer while in office. My thoughts have been reinforced by your comments.

  3. I turned 80 last month. I now firmly believe I have outlived my country. Treason and treachery now run the U.S. Most is still below the radar horizon, but it is here and active and has been for decades. I have little hope for America’s future as a free nation.

  4. I don’t believe Mr. Trump is the only true conservative who has America’s interest at heart. He knows that too. Furthermore voters don’t need to be held hostage by a blowhard. Lets see if he bows out , handing the reigns to the next generation, instead of splitting the party. Then we’ll see his true intentions.

  5. I agree with you. There’s too many voting days now. As far as I’m concerned there should only be ONE voting day. Period. And you can bet your bottom dollar those that are really serious about their vote will get out there no matter what. And no drop boxes!!!! Wow! This was one great editorial, Howard. Thank you again for your dedication.

  6. How can we send men to the moon, pick up land samples from Mars, and we can’t count votes in a few hours?? DUH!! Extended voting is simply to allow the opposition the time they need to determine how many OTHER votes are needed to displace, remove the competition. Still happening in AZ, NV. It already happened in Penns. You are SPOT ON Howard. Thank you!!

  7. Screw those who so eagerly are throwing Trump under the bus. If the GOP lost a clean election I might see Trump as being a Yesterday’s Man. But it wasn’t a clean vote. In an honest America we’d be hoisting Trump on our shoulders today because our candidates all won in landslides. Trump has not exceeded his Best Before Date. Shame on those among us that today that fell for it and demonize the man instead of the crooked system put in place for the very purpose of neutering their biggest threat.

  8. Trump was the greatest President the States ever had, whether they’ll admit it or not. How can the American people NOT prefer the advantages given to them by Trump (even w/ all the negative action against him) rather than having everything stripped from them as Biden has done? The only people who can afford to live in N America now R the 3,000,000 illegals whom Biden welcomed in, that he’s been supporting w/ tax payor $$$$$

  9. !00% accurate ——- on all counts!!! Thank you. Our Constitutional Republic is in real danger & so very few people understand the danger. And fewer still can do anything to change it. Again, THANK YOU for the objective analysis.

  10. A country that can’t hold a fair and timely election is done. Can the Americans fix this? As it only benefits the left I doubt it. Even my country, whose government I despise, manages to have same day results. As for Trump , I’ve defended him all along, but his attack on DeSantis was unconscionable. Trump, despite his vigour, is too old, just like the rest of this sorry lot. Time to back off? I think so.

  11. The inmates are running the asylum! The crooks in high places are making the rules which benefit no one but themselves! We can only hope one day it will turn around.

  12. WOW! Truer words were never spoken! I don’t think there will ever be fair elections in any country. The US and Canada are almost at the sink hole, next stop…down the drain. For too long evil has been considered good and good considered evil. The people want to hear smooth things and that is excatly what they get from seasoned politicians. I, too, believe Donald Trump truly loves his country and wants to make a difference. Is it too late for the US and Canada? Only GOD knows!

  13. Too many people I know have such a hatred towards Trump, they will never see the big picture. He was the best president since Reagan, who was made fun of because he was an actor. I also believe people should get a license to vote so they have an understanding of who they are voting for and why. If you require a license to drive a vehicle, isn’t an election as important?

  14. I agree with you, Howard. There won’t be “free and fair” elections here in the US ever again. Mollie Hemingway made a good point in that we have to use the election system as it *is*, no matter how much we wish it was how it used to be. I was a poll worker and saw some iffy things, but who do I report it to? They worked on our computers all day. I never got a good explanation for that. We checked voters in on computers hooked up to a server, using Wi-Fi. Still using Dominion tabulators, too.

  15. Mr. Birman, DeSantis is your governor and he is a good one, but he is no Donald Trump when it comes to dealing with the swamp, China, Russian, North Korea or the muslim nations. I worry that DeSantis is more friends with the rinos like Pence and Ryan, than he is with MAGA conservatives. I will not desert the most patriotic, America loving candidate in our lifetimes, Donald John Trump. Blaming him for candidate losses in states where cheating continues is disgraceful.

  16. You said it better than anyone, Trump did more for the American people than any other President ever and how do his fair-weather friends show their loyalty and gratitude? By turning against him because he doesn’t play the game like all those “polished” frauds! Thank you Howard for defending our defender! Job well done!

  17. I agree entirely – Arizona screamed (still does) 2020 election fraud but this year they voted down a proposition to require voter ID for early and mail in ballots. Why? Today the news said Associated Press plans to call the winners for Arizona Senate and Secretary of State race, even though there are still 300,000+ uncounted in 1 county. Who gave AP that power? And if they call it wrong do we accept their error as law? 2020 was a farce, 2022 takes it over the charts for suspicion.

  18. Arizona, Lake v Hobbs says it all how elections in some districts appear rigged. Hard to win against a rival in charge of organising the ballot. Similar to the Emergency Measures hearings; hard for the Truckers to win when Trudeau made the rules of engagement and gave instructions to the Commissioner. Canadain elections are suspect, reports of Soros giving big $$$ to the Libs and I believe we also used Dominion machines that can be hacked. Only one way, as you say above Howard & Trump is O.K.

  19. There has not been a fair election in a 100 years. When you allow the big money folks to throw what ever they want at elections, they are are bought, period. Media has destroyed the integrity of our elections. I agree that each person must be verified, tested for knowledge and drugs before they can vote. Biden bought millions of votes with his, I’m going to cancel College Debt Lie, he knew it was illegal. The War is looming as it gets more difficult for honest folks to afford to live.

  20. Trump is the only real non politician running. He is a business man. EVERYONE else is a politician. Big difference between the two. MAGA all the way

  21. One of your most “Spot On” editorials. To be honest, I (at 80+8mos) am tired. I honestly thought We The People, patriotic conservatives who want what is best for our nation & its people, were going to come out on top this time. But with all the outside to inside influence/cheating, I feel our nation & its true citizen people are no more than dirt under feet to be sweep out the door to the curb. What I look forward to now is my Savior God taking me home, by death or calling up in the Rapture.

  22. Countries like Canada can’t get it right either, the elite encourage any and all to form political parties and with 7 or 8 ballot choices the organized and media supported commies don’t need much of a popular vote to control all. It also gives the unhappy folks a way to vent without any tangible results. Keeps the rabble quiet! I’m 87 and have seen this coming for a long time but dare say anything and most folks call you nuts.

  23. I am not sure what went wrong, but the cheating does not help. It is crazy & sad that they are still counting votes, almost a week after the date of the election. With the election of the Dems, the never-Trumpers, & the crooks got the government they wanted. However, as usual, it will be the common people who pay. And It was just so the people would not vote for Trump! Will 2024 make a difference? i wonder! Continue writing, Howard, we need your words & encouragement that things will be ok

  24. I agree Howard. After 30 years in IT anything electronic is hackable. Paper Ballots with Scrutineers watching the counters count the Paper Ballots are the closest to a fair election we will get. We put a man on the moon in 1969 and we cannot count Ballots within 24 hours … BS … The World has 1 last chance on November 5, 2024 to return Democracy not just to the US but the rest of the World. If not …

  25. We are living in the end times In revelation we are going to have a one world government. Rev.6The 4 horse & rider, the first being the antichrist.

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