With Great Trepidation . . . I Can’t Say – I Told You So


First . . . DeSantis Had A Tremendous Victory.


To Take Nothing Away From Governor DeSantis . . . He Earned & Deserved His Amazing Victory.

There Is No Question In My Mind . . . that the Results Would Not Have Been Better or Worse if Trump Was or Wasn’t a Factor. I Tend to Think that Trump’s Influence was Probably Positive, In-Spite of What the Trump-Haters Say, Since Many of the Republican Candidates Trump Didn’t Endorse – Didn’t Do All That Well Either.


All The Armchair Pundits Are Laying Blame On Trump, Which Says to Me, that the LEFT Have Been Incredibly Successful in Dirtying Trump-Up Sufficiently – To Keep Trump-45 From Running Again To Become Trump-47.

It Bothers Me Considerably . . . That so Many “Republican” Trump-Haters, Have Taken such Great Joy (Schadenfreude) in Watching Trump-Endorsed Candidates Lose or Even Win by Only Slim Margins.

OKAY I GET IT . . . Trump Is An Egotist. Trump Is Bombastic. Trump Is Confrontational. Trump Is A Narcissist. Trump Is Insulting . . . And On And On And On.

But Remember Several Things:

1 – Trump Was the Best Thing for America and the Free World as President.

2 – Trump’s Successes Everywhere were Monumental In-Spite of all the Mighty Headwinds Trump Faced from Every Direction.

3 – The Long-Knives were Out for Trump from Day One by Both Parties & Global Players Worldwide, who in the United States of America Broke all Manner of Civil, Criminal & Constitutional Laws to Stop Trump from Beating Hillary Clinton and then to Take-Down a Sitting President, By Way Of Nothing Short Of A “Soft” Coup D’état.

4 – The People of the United States of America Paid Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Through their Taxes by Way of Investigations, Phony Reasons to Impeach, Congressional Hearings . . . Etc – Etc – Etc . . .

. . . Not To Mention The Billions Of Free Media Dollars . . . Through the Legacy Media & Social-Media to Politically Kill a Sitting President & Keep Him from Coming Back.

Why Would They Do That If They Weren’t Terrified That Trump Would Upset Their Applecart?


Here’s My Thinking – Yesterday’s Fiasco Put The Final Dagger In The Back Of Donald Trump.


Any Conservative who Thinks this is Somehow a Victory of Sorts . . . Is Very Much Sadly Mistaken, Because What the Globalists (Communists) Did to Trump over the Years Can & Will be Done to Anyone Else, Who Will Be Willing To Take-On The One World Government.


It is Very Likely that Ron DeSantis Will Run for the Leadership of the Republican Party and will Most Likely be the Republican Candidate in 2024. But Don’t Think for a Second that DeSantis Won’t Get the Trump Treatment Too.


Explain To Me Why Dr Oz Lost To An Oaf Who Is Mentally Challenged, Who Wants to Defund the Police, Release Convicts onto the Streets of Pennsylvania , Hates Oil, Fracking & Coal in an American Hotbed (Pennsylvania) of Oil, Fracking & Coal?

And Why will the Very Popular Kari Lake Probably Lose the Governor’s Race to a Candidate who Refused to Debate?

The Answer Is . . . People Like Independent Thinkers Like Oz & Lake Are Not Who The Media Want.


As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . For Many Generations, Academia has Been Polluting the Minds of our Youth, as Far Back and even Before I was a Public-School Student in the 1950’s.

It Took Off With Woodrow Wilson In 1912 & Began To Peak With FDR & FDR’s New Deal.

Only Two Presidents During My Lifetime . . . Rang the Warning Bell & Did All they Could to Reverse the Spread of Communism in the USA . . . Namely Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump.

All The Others Seemed To Have Gone Along To Get Along, as they Ignored The 800-Pound Gorilla In The Congress, while they Piled-Onto the Socialist (Communist) Agenda to Buy Votes & Feather their Own Nests in the Process.


When George Orwell Published His Futuristic Novel “1984”, Which He Wrote In 1949, I Doubt if Anyone Believed that “1984” would Start to Become a Reality by The 21st Century (Circa 2016), which is Exactly What is Happening as all Reality is Being Contorted Beyond . . . Morality, Logic, Understanding And/Or Recognition.

There Is No Question In My Mind – NONE WHATSOEVER . . . that the Global Media, which is the Product of Academia, which Includes Television, Social Media, Hollywood and the Music Industry is Without Doubt, the Most Dangerous Adversary (Enemy) Our Freedoms Are Facing Today.


Neither Donald Trump Nor Trump Candidates Were The Reason For The Political Outcome Yesterday/Today . . . Blame-It on Ignorance and the Successful Propagandizing of Generations of Communist Academia, which Inculcated the Masses with Billions of Dollars in Cash and/or by Free Anti-Freedom Media.


November 9, 1938 . . . Kristallnacht – 84 Years Ago Today, Was The Precursor To The Holocaust.

Next To The Slaughter Of More Than 6-Million Jews . . . and the Never-Ending Trauma of the Survivors, there was Never a Circumstance in Modern Civilized History Compared to the Actual Targeted Slaughter of the Jewish People of Europe, With The Unofficial Launch Of The Holocaust On November 9, 1938 . . . Known as the Night Of The Shattered Glass (Kristallnacht), when Jews Throughout Germany & Austria . . . Had Their Properties Destroyed, Synagogues Set Ablaze & Holy Books Like the Torah Desecrated . . . When Jewish People were Dragged from their Homes, Beaten, Raped & Murdered for the Crime of Being Jewish.

On Which Media In North America Were We Reminded Today Of Kristallnacht?


I’m Extremely Disappointed . . . But That Won’t Stop Me From Writing & Speaking.

What Other Choice Do We Have? If I am Not Willing to Speak for Me and for Those Who Don’t Have a Voice . . . Who Will?

And if Speaking & Writing is Only or Mostly About Titillating the Public as is the Fashion of the Media . . . What’s The Point?

Doing & Saying Nothing Is Not An Option . . . At Least Not For Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am stunned and continue to despise Biden, a strong feeling for a Canadian. Remember “no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American”. Fortunately this does not apply to your readers. Sadly the GOP overestimated

  2. Howard, once again you are the voice of reality and sanity. You and I, and your multitude of readers and believers, I believe, are all in the same boat here. We just hope that the general public, like those that voted for Fetterman, will open their eyes before it is too late. We are more than mice we’re human beings equipped with the greatest creation known, the human mind, but only if it is used properly. Time will tell.

  3. Yes you are right in your analysis of what happened yesterday…..except for one thing…..CHEATING. They cheated in a few areas such as between Fetterman and Dr. Oz, in Arizona for the Governor to beat a woman that had a double digit lead….shades of 2020. As well as in a few other locations to drive home a point….don’t mess with us. Lake was a rising Republican star that they had to knock down.

  4. Now that the leftists and joe b have free rein to do what they wish, How do they plan on feeding the American people. We have only 2 weeks of diesel fuel left for the delivery trucks. Four weeks from now, people are going to be starving. Has joe taken a lesson from stalin and plans to starve millions of us? I’m pretty sure that rather than starve, our citizens will march on washington, armed to the teeth. I think that they will take it out on joe, like the italians took it out on il deuce.

  5. I agree with everything you have written. Note: It very much saddens me that my wife and daughter do not feel the same way! They both talk about how bad Trump talks or the smirk he has on his face and about his hair. Neither of them is uneducated but they have no idea of what he has done for the country. Sub Note: They are both addicted to CNN.

  6. You’re spot on. I was ranting about this same stuff last night. They’ve played the “long game” when many, like me, didn’t even know there was a game. I also started school in the ’50’s, with the advantage of growing up in s small town, with local teachers, so we didn’t get all that junk heaped on us. But my friends who went to college heard it, for sure. And it has paid off for them, with true-believers who are willing to ignore honesty and truth. Thanks.

  7. Mr. Galganov: I got caught up in the Hype of the Big Red Wave, that turned out to be a Small Pink Ripple. It appears that the Republicans will have a small edge in the House, and that the Senate will remain the same with 50 / 50, and a runoff in Georgia to determine the Senate. Trump is still a major factor in American politics, and should not be blamed for Oz and Walker, who were newcomers , and one could argue that Trump got them close. The challenge for the republican party and the cose

  8. Sorry Howard, I am no lefty but it IS on Trump. He selected and endorsed lost candidates. David McCormick would have slaughtered Fetterman. Oz belonged to Trump. Maestriano belonged to Trump Masters in Az belongs to Trump. I hate to say I told you so. Trump was a very good President, but his conduct since HE LOST the Election was deplorable. Donald, don’t let the door hit you on the way out because Ron will eat you for lunch and spit you out. Just go away. Marvin

  9. I think it’s one of two things, 1. Conservative media have been lying all this time and conditions in this country are really wonderful, or 2. the election was a total fraud – again! The liberal plan was to take it slow and gradual doing just enough to make it look legit, while delaying decisions on critical races. With dem machinations, delayed results ALWAYS go their way. In the end the American public will simply accept the results with no objections. Satan won another round!

  10. I didn’t wait last night for any of the results because I had big hopes for a red outcome. So disappointed, but stilll hope that a couple of Reps will inch forward to win a Senate seat. How could they vote for Fetterman? Discount the fact that he is in bad health, his policies are scary. I,like G. Flach above, graduated from H.S. in 1952. Those were the great times in our small town, teachers did live among us and were respected. Hope that 2024 will give us hope again.

  11. 50% or more of The US. Electorate and the Canadian Electorate are Dumbed Down. How else could these election results happen? And Trudeau being voted in twice? The Good vs Evil Battle has not been won by the good side. Maybe each of our countries need to experience much more Marxist pain, before the light bulb comes on. The media etc have won their goal of making Trump caustic. He needs to disappear for the good of the Republican Party. He will never win again, so just go golfing!

  12. I believe that if the debate between Fetterman and Oz would have taken place before the early vote, the results would have been different.

  13. Candidly, the Az Election results have a “PUNGENT ODOR” which mirror the 2020 election. The tabulation of “votes in” have stood at 66% for approximately 15 hours (subsequent to 10:00pm) with no changes to the votes for either Kari Lake , Blake Masters, or David Schweikert . Our polls closed at 7:00. Merrick Garland sent his people to AZ to monitor (?) for what?

  14. Can anyone explain how the voters of Georgia saw fit to elect their GOP governor and all others down the line in landslide numbers but when it came to the all important Senate seat, they voted against themselves? Not a chance. The fix was in. Same in Penn. The mentally deficient guy that dresses like he’s homeless defeated his GOP rival. Not a chance. Senate seats are Holy Grails. The fix was in for the Oaf too. Root for Walker in the run off when the Libertarian candidate will be gone!

  15. Disappointed the GOP didn’t win Senate, or not yet. Have to wonder if the Repubs didn’t boast too much which represented a “challenge” to Dems. But the Dems have globalists behind them, esp. in the US. I agree that a large percentage of citizens do get their info (on all things) from regular MSM. Too bad conservative media weren’t more spread/popular before mid-terms. Sad most folks aren’t even aware of such possibility. Disheartening. But do wonder how much Trump’s support was the issue.

  16. Trump and his activist base, who did his bidding and elected Trump’s endorsed candidates in the Primaries are at fault. They chose candidates who were not acceptable to people other than Trump and themselves. And THEY LOST. Going forward, the Trump endorsement has zero value. Stick a fork in Trump. DeSantis, Kemp, & Youngkin won because Trump had nothing to do in their races (Trump did his utmost to destroy Kemp) and they won, DeSantis with 60% – and FL is NOT 60% R. Wake up folks – before 202

  17. Three issues come to mind. Exit polls with large percentages of people saying that inflation and crime are huge yet voting for the people who brought those issues to us. When diesel is no more, the trucks, trains, and riverboats will stop…what then for the delivery of goods? Little is said about the use of fossil fuels to produce electricity. In Addition. Tesla has said that it is not wise to park EVs in a garage (especially an attached garage, due to the risk of a hot fire).

  18. The lines are deepening … The lines are broadening … The sides are taking shape … From November 09, 2022 to November 05, 2024 … Chaos will grow … It is going to get Ugly. “We Were Soldiers (2002)” – “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves” … Sergeant Major Basil Plumley. Never Back Down !!!

  19. Keep writing and speaking. Those of us who believe in liberty, privacy and a less intrusive government need a voice to teach the masses what’s at stake. Everything we enjoy in life that’s what at stake. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the Fourth Reich in sheeps clothing. Old Klaus is just another fascist. Keep writing and speaking.

  20. The results of last nights midterm elections reflects very badly on the culture in America today. Howard, keep on keeping on and never stop!

  21. Excellent editorial. You are 100% correct. I would mention the Trump train cost us the “Big Red Wave.” It is time for the R’s to move on —– of course Trump’s ego does not want to accept that fact. The seeds for yesterday failure were planted by Woodrow Wilson, FDR and many others. FDR’s co-president was a guy named Harry Hopkins —- he was a strong communist, he actually lived in the White House and he was FDR’s closest advisor, (look it up).

  22. Howard. Have a look at Emerald Robinson’s research and data on the voting machines yesterday. Very interesting. I have to do some research on this.

  23. Who didn’t sit in stunned silence as the results rolled in? How could so many Americans watch a lousy, dysfunctional MSM and government, over the last two years, bring destruction upon the nation in so many ways and then go out and vote for more of the same? I simply do not believe Americans are so unsophisticated they would bring such major damage to their own well-being. Unjustly, Donald Trump, America’s savior, will be the victim. Fortunately, another great man, Mike Pompeo, awaits the call

  24. Excellent Editorial. There were enough ‘[Flash Flags) ‘ that the distraction to the END GAME was accomplished. MYPOV. Unfortunately, MSM, Accadamia & the wOKE pulled them off. How ignorant & uneducated can a population be? People are no longer thinking for themselves & looking for accurate answers. Yes, we have been dumbed down…..almost totally & the ‘winners’ are dancing in the streets. We have everything to lose. God Help Us & as a PEOPLE we better be prepared.

  25. Good evening, Howard: What you wrote today is the most dead-on, complete, and most important article you have ever written. IMHO, you have identified every important thought on the 2022 election and have said it better than any other pundit I’ve read in the last two days. Thank you, sir!

  26. Regarding Dr. Oz, one of the big things going against him was that he just moved to Pennsylvania to run for the office. Even after announcing, he was still an NJ resident. Second, Oz should learn not to use a person’s physical weaknesses to beat him. It only brings out the PITY VOTE. Oz might have had a better chance if he would have just stuck to the issues and let the debate and appearances of Fetterman speak for themselves.

  27. As a ‘way outsider’ I am extremely disappointed that the red wave doesn’t seem to have come in light of all predictions. Maybe a bit of good news from what I am hearing that finally pelosi might get the shaft…let’s hope so. But my comment in ‘just how a population can be so uneducated (read stupid) be’…just watch the people of Victoria, Australia re-elect probably the most corrupt person ever involved in Australian politics, their ‘current state premier daniel andrews.

  28. People rejected Trump not trumpism. Hiis ego and rude conduct unnecessarily polarized alot of republicans and continues to do so. Bring on DeSantis. A trumpist without the mouth.

  29. As goes the USA, so goes Canada. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Trudeau would get a majority in Canada. Maybe God is finished with Canada and the USA. HE has had enough. I pray not.

  30. A sad night for North America. Did you see the video where the voting machine was dysfunctional and voters were told to place their ballots on the shelf below!! HELLO? Do I see voter fraud?

  31. Fedderman won – corruption. At this moment Kari Lake hasn’t lost; her opponent was in charge of the election. Large number of young people voted – Biden promised loan forgiveness. This wasn’t about Trump, he was only a minor figure, an illusion at this time. Problems with Dominon machines reported faulty in same states as 2020. Lesson to be learned: The Red Wave Hype…..don’t count your chickens before they hatch. The good positive side, Pelosi, Schumer and a lot of demorats have been neut

  32. Howard, I am 100% convinced that there was huge fraud once again in this election. When 75% of the country thinks we are headed in the wrong direction, there is no plausible explanation for so many democrats winning. The democrats saw the HUGE red wave approaching and did everything they could to suppress it. I am sending to you privately a commentary by an investigative journalist which I think you will find informative.

  33. The Communist Agenda & Fraud are responsible for the Fake Elections & the present destruction of America. The Dems USE Trump as an Excuse for everything! They FEAR him so much that they will do Anything & Everything to try to Destroy him, but he Keeps Coming Back! They are also trying to create dissension between Trump & DeSantis to divide the Republicans. Trump will soon announce that he will be running for President again & this will Create even More Tension & Issues! Go Trump Go! Amen!

  34. 1 most of these people are what we used to call ‘Yellow Dog’ Democrats. 2 we are slipping left because we have had so many wars that we have killed off a lot of our ‘Best’. 3 In the ’70 there was a push for nationalizing the police; Why do you think they are pushing to defund the police and pushing up the crime wave. Ahh; Locals can no longer deal with it! We need a National Police force! Watch out people! It is coming. I can see it in 3D and color! We went past the ballot box in 1995.

  35. so disappointing , i just have to remember that others just don’t see it the way we do, but I’m hopeful they will see the light someday.

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