I Was Born White & I’m As Guilty As Hell


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I Am A Second Generation White Jewish Canadian . . .

I’ve Lived with Hardship, Racism in the Guise of Anti-Semitism & Struggles to Get Ahead.

I Owe No One An Apology For Who I Am.

My Grandparents on Both Sides were Immigrant Ethnic Russians from the Former Soviet Union (Russia & Ukraine), Who Came to Canada in the First Decade of the 1900’s with no Appreciable Skills, who were Unable to Speak English or French, Who Labored to Raise their Children as Best they Could . . . Anne’s Family History Is Also One Of Grandparents Who Immigrated From Europe.

Having It Easy Was Not In Either Of Our Lexicons.

I Had A Full Time Job Since I Was 12-Years Old . . . Going to Protestant School Until Mid-Day, and From Mid-Day Until 5-Pm I Worked at a Sports Store Cleaning & Fixing Bicycles. And During all of this . . . There was Always Time for Me to Attend Religious Studies in the Evening, and on the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday) at the Synagogue.

In Essence . . . There was No Time in my Life, Even Before I Became a Teenager When I Didn’t Work Literally Full Time.

I Owned Businesses. And Over the Years I Employed Hundreds of People. I Had a Myriad of Successes, and I had Some Spectacular Losses. I’ve Eaten at Gourmet Restaurants, Flown First Class & Wore Tailor-Made Suits. But I’ve Also Worried About Covering the Rent (Mortgage), Making Car Payments, Affording Fuel for the Car & Putting Food on the Table.

Basically – What I Just Wrote, In One Way Or Another Is Likely Your Story Too.


Topping The List For Me Would Be An Attack On My Jewish Heritage. But Aside From That . . .

1 – I Have White Privilege Because I Was Born White.

2 – I Am A White Supremacist Because I Don’t Agree With Socialism (Communism).

3 – I’m A Misogynist Because I’m A Man.

4 – I’m A Racist Because I’m Neither Black Nor Brown.

5 – Whatever Success I Have Is Because I Treaded Upon Black, Brown Or Female People.

I Have NEVER . . . Let Me Repeat This . . . NEVER Have I Had A Racist Or Sexist Inclination.

THAT WRITTEN . . . Because of the Racist Media, Controlled Almost Exclusively by Ignorant Self-Hating White Men & Absolutely Stupid Anti-White Racist Black & Brown People . . . I Want Nothing To Do With Being In Or Around Black Communities.

When I’m Walking & See a Group of Black People Gathered, Especially Young Black People, I’ll Walk the Other Way. SO WHO’S FAULT IS THAT?

In A Few Weeks . . . Anne Tavor & I Will Start our Long Drive South to North Central Florida, About an Hour and a Half North of Orlando, where we will Spend Most of the Winter with the Possibility of Spending Some Time in our Beloved Texas, if we Can Afford the Extra Miles and RV Costs.


Anne & I Aren’t Blind . . . We See the Violence on Television News and on Internet News Sites Every Day, where Mostly Black Thugs – Younger & Older, Boys & Girls . . . Regularly & Routinely Beat-Up & Rob Innocent Victims.

We Love Tavor Because We Love Tavor, who . . . as our Hundred Pound German Shepherd Dog Family Member, Tavor is Gorgeous. But we Also Love Tavor Because Tavor is a Carefully Bred European Working-Line German Shepherd Dog, who is None-Too Friendly with Strangers, and a Complete Misery to Anyone who Would Do Either Anne or Myself Harm.

With Tavor . . . No One Is Going To Sneak-Up On Us Or Do Us Harm With Any Type Of Impunity.

When Traveling . . . I Also Carry Pepper Spray, A Blackjack & Keep Tavor Close When Fueling Gas, and I Won’t Let Anne out of My Sight Even when Anne Needs to Go to the Convenience Store, which is a Demented Way to Live, Since Over The 72-Years Of My Life Until Now, This Type Of Thinking Was Unthinkable.

My Sister Suggested That Perhaps I Was Being Overly Paranoid . . . To Which I Responded . . . Ask the People who Have been Robbed, Beaten, in the Hospital or Have had to Bury a Loved-One because of the Rampant Crime Polluting America like a Contagious Virus.

One Of The Major Complaints From Socialist Bleeding Hearts Has Been . . .

There is a Hugely Disproportionate Number of Black Men & Women Locked-Up in Jail in Comparison to Incarcerated White Men & Women, which Ushered-In the War on Police, Defund the Police, Less than $1,000 (Dollar) Thefts with No Criminal Charges and No Cash Bail for Just About all Crimes in Too Many Cities & States.

If You Didn’t Know Before . . . You Know Now, Why So Many Black People Were In Prison.

Don’t Get Me Wrong . . . There are No Shortages of White Thugs & Criminals Too. But Proportionately, Based Upon the Per Capita Number of Both Races, the Number of Black Thugs in Comparison to White Thugs is Way-Over-The-Top.

Besides . . . No One is Targeting White People to Hate-On White People because the People are White, Opposed to the Democrat Government, Legacy Media, Academia & Social-Media, Which Are All Encouraging Anti-White Rhetoric To The Max.

As Sad As I Feel Over This Paranoia . . . I Would Feel Much Worse If I Became Another Statistic.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Tavor is BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!! Must take after his “Mom and Dad.” tee hee Thank you for the picture. Florida will be so happy to see you!! You are wise (except for the evil jabs), prepared, and blessed. And this is going to get crazier. Drink 3 cups of stinging nettles tea every day. I know, none of my business, but I want you safe and healthy!!!!

  2. Statistics show the obvious yet politicians and media ignore reality. Sadly, blacks cringe during every newscast. Skin colour has been manufactured to a level now making news media sources afraid to state the obvious. Reality: There is no gun problem but there is a race problem.

  3. What a gorgeous dog! Although one shouldn’t pet him, he looks very “huggable” and has beautiful eyes! Totally agree with your Editorial. It’s so sad that there is so much discord in our Society these days and that everyone has to be on their guard when going out in public. Thank you, O’Biden, et al! There is still HOPE, however, because we have a chance to change things in November. The “Rules for Thee and not for Me” theme can change then. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. We are RVing from Norfolk to Michigan right now to see our son, grandkids, and great grandkids. Fear of danger weights heavy. Taking precautions. We are 75. Never felt this uneasy about travel before. Also, we learn many things from your blog. Did not know Merckle was from East Germany. Explains a lot. Did not think about that the queen could have given the throne to Charles. Smart woman. Be safe.

  5. Thanks for speaking up Howard. The issue of being a racist is complicated. I have never held racist views about Blacks, but with what I’m seeing in the US I would probably not go anywhere near that declining country, but if I did would act the same as you around Blacks. Racist? No different than avoiding a white motorcycle gang. My city has been overrun by wealthy Chinese who are not trying to assimilate, are bad neighbours, and basically anti white. I resent them. Racist?? I don’t care.

  6. ^what a handsome German Shepherd! I read all your editorials and agree completely. I wish you, Anne and Tavor a safe journey to Florida. A donation is on the way. Ann Brown, Lake Toxaway, NC

  7. Handsome dog with a “don’t touch me or mine” look in his eyes, alert & ready. No doubt he will warn you if anyone approaches your trailer after dark especially. Hope you all have a safe & actually enjoyable trip to & in FL over winter; & hope you’re able to make it to TX. This racist mess is beyond ridiculous but division is part of plan toward causing eventual war in streets so martial law can be used. Denies freedom, likely push mail-in ballots again so Dems keep Congress, etc., you name

  8. Great Editorial. Tavor is beautiful….he may not like being called beautiful, but he is!! Yes, this is a heck of a way to live. I always walked alone & never told anyone where I was walking (my route for the day) now I let everyone know the night before. I loved walking before the sun cane up, I no longer do that. It must be FULL sun or daylight! I carry a ‘should bag purse’ but it is now looped around my neck as a cross body. In the winter, the purse is under my coat. God Bless

  9. Our daughter just moved to a suburb on the outskirts of Boston. I must admit to being worried about her safety. LK is a no-nonsense Albertan with a penchant for speaking her mind, but I am hopeful she will not be so quick to speak up now. I enjoy your editorials & usually agree with you. For many years I’ve wanted to visit NYC again, however, with all the crime there, I really have no desire to go. Tavor is gorgeous inside & out. His eyes tell you that. Safe travels to you, Anne & Tavor.

  10. My wife is pushing me to get a dog, where we disagree is that I want a Rot or Shepard like Tavor. We live in ID and have recently seen an increase in all nationalities. Can not go to a store without hearing languages we do not understand. After being raised in the South by a mother who welcomed everyone to our table, I was in the Army. I was mugged by two black thugs, and only because another GI came to my aid I am here. Yes, I avoid certain areas, groups, and I carry a defense weapon. I’m a ma

  11. I don’t have a TAVOR anymore, but I have a .45 that does me and mine quite well. It is with me wherever I go. I agree with you 100% at being born white and am guilty as hell too. At 82 and still physically able to golf and go to the gym three days a week, my main concern is staying safe and being aware of my surroundings. Living is Las Vegas we stay away from the strip and still maintain a good life in our community. Family and friends visit us as we do of them. Enjoy the USA Howard. Take care

  12. Tavor is a handsome fellow. Twenty-seven years ago I drove, alone, from the Pacific Northwest to the Lowcountry of SC. While I was cautious and always aware of my surroundings, I was unafraid. Other barriers notwithstanding, I would NOT be comfortable making such a trip across the US today. That saddens me, a LOT. Wishing you, Anne, and Tavor a pleasant and uneventful trip South. Also, I love the improved appearance and typesetting on your site.

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