How We (Anne & I) Voted


It Has Everything To Do With The Mood Of The People No Different Than Americans.

In Canada’s Convoluted Rank System Of Candidate Leadership Voting . . . The Best Candidate Doesn’t Always Win because of the Way the Percentage of Votes are Skewed & Divided Throughout the Ridings (Districts).

Also . . . The Way this Conservative Party Leadership Campaign was Structured by the Party Insiders, it was Slanted to Favor Anyone but Pierre Poilievre, the Most Capable & Outspoken Real Conservative.

So . . . Strategic Voting Becomes Quite Important, Which Forced Us To Vote Thusly.

Our First Choice (Anne & Me) was to Vote for Pierre Poilievre. Our Second Choice was to Vote for Leslyn Lewis. And our Third Choice was to Vote for Roman Babar. Our Supreme Hope was that it would Not Come Down to a Second Vote with Poilievre Not Winning on the First Ballot, Which Poilievre Did.

A Second Vote Could Have Ushered-In Jean Charest To The Chagrin Of Canada’s Real Conservatives.

I Really Like Leslyn Lewis, Lewis is a Very Articulate, Attractive Black Emigree (Jamaica) to Canada, who is a Lawyer & Parliamentarian, who Isn’t Afraid to Express & Fight for Her Conservative Values, who Currently Has a Seat in Parliament Representing Haldimand—Norfolk in Southeastern Ontario, On The Niagara Peninsula.

I Also Really Like Roman Babar, the Feisty Former Member of Ontario’s Legislature (York Center – Toronto), who was Kicked out of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario by Premiere Doug Ford, because Baber Wouldn’t Support Doug Ford’s Covid Mandates.

Like Leslyn Lewis, Babar is an Immigrant to Canada, but Unlike Lewis who Emigrated as a Child From Jamaica, Babar Immigrated as a Child with His Family from the Former Soviet Union (Ukraine) to Canada Via Israel.

Babar Doesn’t Have A Seat In Canada’s Parliament . . . What I would Really Like, is for Babar to Win a Seat in Canada’s Next Federal Election and be Invited Along with Leslyn Lewis, for Both to Have Prominent Positions in a Future Poilievre Cabinet.


When Poilievre Made His Victory Speech Immediately After Winning The Conservative Leadership . . . Poilievre Ended His Speech By Quoting Former Conservative Leader John Diefenbaker (Prime Minister 1957 – 1963), who is Barely Remembered Today, because Diefenbaker was a Conservative and the Liberals Have Held Power Over Parliament for Many Generations, Literally Obliterating Conservative Achievements in the Schools and the Media.

That Said . . . Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker – was the Most Significant Civil Rights Prime Minister in Canadian History, who Ushered in Canada’s Bill Of Rights, Named the First-Ever Female Cabinet Member to Parliament, Appointed the First Native to Sit in the Canadian Senate & Granted the Right to Vote in Canadian Elections to the Entire Native Population Of Canada.

Even Before Entering Politics – Diefenbaker Was One Of Canada’s Great Civil Rights Lawyers.

Anne & I Met Prime Minister Diefenbaker In The Early 1970’s . . . at a WWII Remembrance Day Event (November 11) in a Small Off Island Community – Chomedey, Laval (North Of Montreal), where I was Thrilled to Shake the Hand of John Diefenbaker the Former Great Prime Minister of Canada, who then Gently Put His Hand on the Cheek of Anne Declaring . . . “You Are Such A Lovely Lady”.

I Heard The Memory Of Diefenbaker Invoked During The Speeches, which was One of the Highlights of the Evening for Me, But it Took two Good Friends who Later Reminded me that it was Poilievre who Invoked the Memory of a Great Canadian Leader whose Name Should Never be Forgotten & Not by the Interim Leader of The Conservative Party – Candice Bergen . . . Which Harkened a Return to the Days When Canada was Indeed a Small, Great, Respected & Reliable Country . . . That Internationally Punched Well Above Our Weight.


There Has Been a Considerable Amount of Concern that the Woke Prince of England, Now that Charles is the King of England, will Usher-In a New Era of WOKENESS to the British People through the Throne.

Here Are Just Two Reasons Of Many Why Not . . .

1 – Even Though the Label of King is as Grand a Title as One Can Imagine, Especially in a Country with as Much Influence as has England; England is a Parliamentary Monarchy, where Over the Hundreds of Years (807-Years), since the Declaration of the Magna Carta, which was Signed into Law by King John In 1215 At Runnymede, the Power of the Monarchy has Become . . . All But Titular.

In Other Words, King Charles III, Just Like his Mother the Queen, has the Power to Carry-Out the Duties of State, which Parliament Sets Before Him. But None Other.

The Royal Deal With Parliament Is Simple . . . Parliament will Continue to Shower the Royal Family with Riches & Opulence, as Long as the Royal Family Behaves Itself, Stays as Much as Possible out of Scandals & Portrays the Centuries-Old Traditions of England, as the Royals Cut Ribbons & Speak the Words Parliament Wants the Royals to Speak, When & Where Parliament So Dictates.

In A Commonwealth Parliamentarian Democracy Such As Canada – The King or Queen of England is Our Head of State, which is Represented by the King or Queen’s Representative in the Title of Governor General.

However . . . It is the Prime Minister of Canada (Each Commonwealth Country) who Decides who will be the Canadian Representative of the Crown, and at that, Unless in the Most Dire Electoral Circumstance – The Governor General Of Canada Is Absolutely Without Power Or Authority Of Any Kind.

2 – As The Monarchy Stands Today . . . There is Sentimental Euphoria Surrounding the Crown in England, in Memory of the Queen . . . Who Reigned With Dignity & Aplomb For 70-Years.

But Remember This . . . It Wasn’t Long Ago when the Monarchy was on the Brink of Disaster . . . Even Before the Lurid Affairs Carried-On by Charles and his Divorced Wife Lady Diana, Who Died In A Fiery Automobile Crash In France.

If Charles Decides to Stray from the Parliamentary/Monarch Blueprint & Makes his Points of Socio/Political Views Known . . . It Will End The Monarchy As We Know-It.

Even Now – With This Phony Rapprochement Between The Brothers (William & Harry) and their Wives (Kate & Meghan) . . . The Monarchy is on Dangerous Grounds as this Exhilarated Moment of Royal History Unfolds Before our Eyes, and the Reality of a Brutal Life for the Subjects of the Crown will Become Unbearable in Just a Matter of Months, because of Gross Government Incompetence . . . The Crown Will Become Less Relevant In The Face Of An Impending Failed Economy.

If The Reign Of King Charles III Is Going To Survive . . . The Best Bet for Charles will be for him to Keep his Mouth Shut & Continue with the Pomp & Circumstance as if it Really Mattered & Pray for the Best.

In My Less Than Humble Opinion – I Wouldn’t Take Bets Either Way.


What I Care Most About Politically . . . If Not All About – Is the Election of Pierre Poilievre as the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and a Resounding Republican (Conservative) Victory On November 8, 2022.

The Royal Drama Is Nothing Short Of Titillating Entertainment For The Masses.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ditto on the poliviere win. Agree completely on the candidates you mentioned

  2. good editorial and that makes a lot of sense. Keep up the good work. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Ab/

  3. Re Polivier: it remains to see what he achieves. Remember we have a deep state still in control. Every thing you are hoping for depends on the results of the election in the US, both 2022 and 2024. Trump will not be able to wave a wand and recreate the society we want, not immediately. Too much damage has been done. To get the rot out of Canada to have to get rid of the polity of quebec and reconstruct Canada after Alberta separates. Sorry, my view.

  4. Congratulations on the Conservative win. Was doing some catching up with prior columns and discovered the phrase “The Big Cheat” in the 8/8 edition. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I emailed several of the candidates for the Conservative leadership and asked them: “If you were PM, would you disallow Bill 96, yes or no.” To his credit, Poilievre was the only one who responded. In part, his response reads: “As you know, bill 96 is a provincial bill. Overall, I believe there are better ways to protect and promote the French language than this bill. That said, the Quebec National Assembly, and not the federal Parliament, is responsible for the law.” Sorry, not a fan.

  6. I voted exactly like you and I am so happy we will have a real Conservative leading the conservative party. Concerning Quebec and the bill 96 I suggest that Pierre tell the province of Quebec to stop discriminating against English Quebecers. who can no longer do their GST report in English. The government of Canada should stop giving English Canadian tax dollars (from other provinces) as subsidies to Quebec until Quebec cancels laws (Quebec Bills) which discriminate against English citizens Dav

  7. I voted the same Howard. Hope we don’t eat our own. Conservatives tend to do that.

  8. Ditto. Now pray that PP has the balls to withstand the woke tsunami to come.

  9. I so hope for Canada’s sake, and the USA, that Poilievre lives up to expectations. A conservative administration here in the US will be so benefited by a conservative Canada – both of our countries has much to offer the other.

  10. Would it not be wonderful if Canada, US and Mexico combined as one country and put an end to the political BS that now rules each country so differently. Separate we all are in bad positions with the corruption in leadership. combined the resources each holds would make us a most powerful continent and militarily stronger. It is a dream, but only that. The folks that are in current power have destroyed the moral fiber of each country. We all are destined to die, nothing lives forever. Be Safe.

  11. Howard..I made the same choices as you and Anne.☺ My husband and I did it prayerfully hoping Pierre is the real deal. I hope he doesn’t pander to any group but be PM for ALL Canadians. As for the US, we pray for Donald Trump and his family. Concerning the UK, imho, I do not think Charles will be a good King but God raises up good leaders and bad leaders all for our good though we may think otherwise. May you know also, as Christians, we love and pray for Israel. GOD keeps His promises!

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