How Bad Is It? How Bad Is It Going To Be?


Make No Mistake About-It . . . This Is For All The Marbles.

It’s Almost Impossible for Me to List the People who have Been Positioned Through the Generations in our Own Countries, Starting with Academia by Communists, who Have Waited their Turn to Uproot All the Freedoms we Have Not Only Become Accustomed-To, but Have Taken for Granted, because we Didn’t See the Socio/Political Evil in our Institutions as the Evil Slowly Permeated Throughout our Society.

We’ve Been Purposefully Misled, Conned, Lied-To & Seasoned Like Lambs Before Roasting by the People we Trusted the Most – Who With 20/20 Hindsight – we Should Have Trusted the Least, which is Now Like Water Under the Bridge . . . BUT IT’S NOT TOO LATE.

I Wrote In The Previous Editorial To This One . . .  that England’s Brand-New Prime Minister (Liz Truss) Has at Best – One to Two Months to Prove her Worth, Before she will Go Down as Just Another Rank Political Failure Amongst Many . . . Or Become The Reincarnation Of Margaret Thatcher.

I Was Wrong.

Liz Truss Has just One to a Few Days . . . Basically From The Get-Go . . . to Prove Where she Stands on Critical Policies, which Include CRT in England, How Truss will Deal with Green Energy & Who Truss will Name in her New Cabinet Based Upon Quality Opposed to Race & Gender . . . Before Absolute Judgment Will Fall Upon Her Leadership.

If Liz Truss Shows herself to be Just Another One World Government Flunky . . . It Will Be Good Night Irene – And That’s All She Wrote For England. It’s as Simple as that.

Right Now, After Hearing & Reading just Some of the Anticipation Surrounding Liz Truss & Viewing her Cabinet Picks, I’m Leaning in the Direction of Expecting a Huge Disappointment. Hopefully I’ll Be Very Wrong – But I Don’t Think-So.

All That Said . . . It would be Great if there Would be Another Major Political Player Standing Up for Conservative Values. But When it Comes Right Down-To-It, Truss Or No Truss, the Job of Saving all that we Hold Near & Dear . . . Will Fall Upon The Shoulders Of Just One Man.


I Wrote In My Last Editorial . . . that the Future of the Entire Free World Rests Almost Exclusively Upon the Shoulders of Donald J Trump, which Explains Why the Entire Globe is Desperate to See Trump Fail.

As Much as Many Republicans (Conservative & Centrist) Might Want to See a DeSantis Run at the White House in 2024 . . . Ron DeSantis Is Not Donald Trump.

I Really Like Ron DeSantis. And I am Absolutely Convinced, that in 6-Year’s DeSantis will be a Wonderful President, Being More Than Capable Of Keeping America Great.

However . . . Right Now, America (The World) Doesn’t Need a Great Conservative Administrator. What The World Badly Needs Is A Two Fisted Street-Fighter, Willing, Able & Ready to Step into the Back Alley of Politics & Take-On all Comers . . . In A Bare-Knuckle Last Man Standing Winner Take All Brawl.

And the Only Man or Woman Who I Can See, with that Type of Attitude & Ability . . . Is None Other Than Donald J Trump.


You Don’t Like Trump’s Tweets, Demeanor & His Braggadocios Style . . . ? 


Prior To D-Day, When the Americans, Canadians, Aussies & Brits Stormed the Shores (Beaches) of Normandy . . . There was an American General who was Brash & Very Much a Rogue Player, who was Literally Ex-Communicated Militarily Because his Superiors, all the Way to the President of the United States of America Didn’t Like His Character. So They Pieced-Him Off & Kept Him From WWII.

His Name Was General George S Patton . . . Who, When it Came to Invading Sicily & Defending Against the German Battle of the Bulge . . . Patton’s Gruff Demeanor Took A Back Seat To Patton’s Ability To Lead, Fight & Win.

In 1973 . . . Another General who was Also Not Part of the Gentlemanly Establishment, who was Cited for Insubordination, Saved the Day for Israel by Maneuvering his Tanks Against Orders in the Sinai Desert to Encircle the Egyptian Third Army.

He Was Ariel Sharon – Who Later Become The Prime Minister Of Israel.


Don’t Believe The Propaganda . . . There Will Be A Red Wave This November.

The LEFTIST (Democrat) Strategy Is Clear . . . The LEFT Have Nothing to Campaign-On Other than Distortions & Lies About What the Democrats Have Done During the Past Two Years (Which Was Making A Great Situation Worse) . . . And However the LEFT Can Lie About the Character of Republicans . . . Who Are Determined To Make America Great Again (MAGA) They Will.

Remember . . . In Obama’s First World Apology Tour, When Obama Stated for the Entire World to Hear . . . “That America Was Not An Exceptional Country & Had A Great Deal To Apologize For” . . . Nothing’s Changed.

The Global LEFT Needs to Diminish America, so the One World Order Can Accomplish their Goal of Making all Nations Subservient to the LEFT’S Global Will.

It Seems To Me . . . That the Only Way the Democrats, with the Continuing Unfettered Help from the Biased LEFTIST Media can Hope NOT to Get Completely Slaughtered in the House, while Losing Control of the Senate at the same Time on November 8, 2022, will be to Convince a Majority of the Country that the LEFTIST Lies are in Fact LEFTIST Truths.


They Lied About The Polling In 2016 & 2020 – Why Believe Them Now?

They Lied About Russia, Russia, Russia – They’re Lying About Hunter Biden, They Lied About FISA Subpoenas, They Lied About Donald Junior. They Lied About the Ukrainian Phone Call, They Lied About the 2020 Riots that Looted & Destroyed Businesses, Smashed Police Forces, Murdered People & Burned Cities . . . While the Democrats Led the Charge to Defund the Police.

The FBI Clearly Said . . . It Was Not An Insurrection.

They Lied About BLM (Black Lives Matter) & Antifa . . . And Now they’re Lying About January 6, 2021 as if it was a Trump Led Insurrection Against the Newly Elected Biden Government, As If Biden Really Won The 2020 Election Fair & Square.

Don’t Buy The Bullshit . . . MAGA Is Great. Trump Is Great – The LEFT Are Lunatics.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. True and I am concerned for President’s Trump life. The Obamatoids will not relent. Only a crushing blow against the toids in two months may curb that. Yes. Biden’s last screaming fit said. War.

  2. Howard, you hit the nail on the head! I like DeSantis too! But, as you said, “What The World Badly Needs Is A Two Fisted Street-Fighter, Willing, Able & Ready to Step into the Back Alley of Politics & Take-On all Comers . . . In A Bare-Knuckle Last Man Standing Winner Take All Brawl.” I have had disagreements with my friends who like DeSantis, but, will vote for Trump if they have to. We do not have room for the Queensberry Rules. Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.

  3. Hunter Biden’s incriminating lap top and his former partner’s three cell phones have disappeared into the corrupt FBI’s black hole. Just in time for the judicial enquiry. Dems have stepped up the daily BS attacks and no doubt will fraudulently take the next election .

  4. Trump will win but look for the left to bring out mostly lies against Trump. In the last general election, the Left hired China to build a disease that would kill most anyone and sent it to America to take our mind off of the election so they (the left) could cheat to win. If the left should try this again and win there will be war a civil war. The left is not beyond trying to kill Trump. In the mid-term elections coming up, I’m sure that there will be very few Democrats elected.

  5. I feel exactly the same about Pierre Poiliviere as you do about PM Truss. He absolutely must come out of the chute with fists raised to fight the libtard Terdo cabal and with piss and vinegar flying from his mouth. I believe he will but you never know. I’ve been saying exactly the same thing to whomever has bothered to listen to me. Additionally only one man can save the entire world right now and everyone here knows who that one man is. Just as you have clearly identified today..Donald Trump.

  6. Howard, you are so right! Of all current conservative politicians, Trump is the only one who has EVER openly identified, called out and defeated the overwhelming, ruthless evil attacking him from all angles. He put everything on the line and risked it all for us. If we aren’t grateful enough to remain loyal to the best leader we’ve ever had, what does that say about our character?

  7. “What The World Badly Needs Is A Two Fisted Street-Fighter”! So well said Howard! America has one, a very good one, and someone the scheming, devious, communist leaders of the world fear more than the devil himself. The world cannot be righted without someone his demeanor and braggadocios style.

  8. I’m almost afraid to ask “How Bad Is It Going To Be?” anymore. Every time it seems that it can’t get any worse under these power-mad Leftists, it gets worse.

  9. We do need Trump, but the DOJ just ‘leaked’ a Nuclear Secret Document. Didn’t the judge say no more reading within the DOJ of these documents until SPECIAL ‘seer’ goes through them? They intend to get him out of the running any way they can. The more I learn of the DOJ and FBi I know Trump is needed to clear the SWAMP. BTW: In channel searching I discovered THE VIEW & Hillary & Chelsea…the woman is a consummate liar & people believe this CRAP. I am terrified for my country.

  10. WOW, Howard! This your best one yet out of a long line of your best editorials!!! Keep up the our hopes and enthusiasm for this November 8th. I will serve as a Presiding Judge along with some other great people at one of our polling sites here in Texas. I will be looking forward to some wonderful news later that night and next morning. You keep MY spirits up as well as so many others and we give thanks for what you do.

  11. You mentioned Patton, he was bold, Ol’ Blood &Guts, he had the guts to spill your blood. His downfall was slapping a private, and then telling WH “We are here, Let me just go into Russia now and finish this mess”. They killed him. Donald J Trump is a Bold and Brave man, yes he can be crass but the truth hurts. I’m with you as he is the only one for right now. Life is going to get much harder for a long while, But there are still fools supporting the Left agenda. Boise ID is turning Liberal

  12. MHO, the means of dismantling a Trump resurrection is already implanted in the USA by way of total chaos of the southern border distraction, while the Biden administration is hiding so called refugees being brought in and and quietly settled in strategic locations. The target has been placed, be aware the threat on (2), Mr. Trump AND Mr. DeSantis. God help us. Thanks Mr. G. Great article.

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