Being Jerked-Around By Your Own Party


The Idea That A Human Failure Like Biden Is In Contention For Another Kick At The Can Is Unconscionable.

What it Says About the American Election System is Secondary to What it Says About The American Voter, who by all Measure has Become so Politically Dumbed-Down, So-Much-So, that to them, Elections Bear No Greater Importance to Society than the Score of an Athletic Competition . . . And Who On The Internet Is The Greater Influencer.

When The Size Of Kardashian’s Ass . . . or the Love Affair Between Taylor Swift & her Football-Player-Boyfriend (Travis Kelce) Rates More in Importance than who in America will be the Next Leader of this Increasingly Dangerous World . . . What Does It Say About The Average American Voter?

Personally – I Think There Should Be A Real Civics Test To Be Allowed To Vote.

Hollywood, Television, Reality TV, Rap Music, Magazines & Academia has Done a Fabulous Job Propagandizing our Nations, to the Point that What Should be Critical to all, Has Become Secondary, and what should be Inconsequential to all, Has Become The Epitome Of Importance.


In Spite Of What You Just Read In The Preceding Paragraphs, and in Spite of the Fact that Non-Registered Republicans (Independents – Many Of Whom Are Democrat Supporters) can Vote in the New Hampshire Primary . . . The People who are Indeed Going to Vote for Either Trump or Haley, are the People who are Better Informed & Fully Engaged in the Political Process, Whether I Support their Opinions or Not . . . They Are The Minority Future To America & To The Freedoms Of The World.

Unfortunately . . . To the Great Chagrin of the Over-Used Term “Democracy”, which Has Become Nothing More than a Political Slogan – The Vast Majority of General Election Voters are Ignorant of the Issues, the Causes of the Issues and the Politicians Responsible for the Issues.

Where Freedom Through The American Constitution Has Become Secondary To Political Propaganda . . . America’s Future, and the Future of the World Lies In The Balance Between the Winners of the New Hampshire Primary.

As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . Like His Personality or Not, Donald Trump is the Only Man Alive who Can Put the Brakes on the Communist/Elitist One World Government . . . By Fulfilling His Mandated By Fate Mission In Life.

If Nikki Haley Should Win, Which Is A Remote Possibility, But A Possibility No Less, she Will Win by Cheating . . . By Using the Votes of the “Enemies” of the Working People (Camouflaged Republicans [Democrats], Corporatists & Purveyors Of The One World Government) . . . who will Either Stick with Haley in the General Election because they will Know that she Has Already Been Bought & Paid-For.

. . . Or They Will Throw Haley Under The Bus & Vote For Who-Ever Will Be The Democrat Candidate.


In The Meantime . . . It Seems As Though I Am The Least Popular Galganov In My Household.

By Popular Demand – And I Really Mean Popular – And I Really Mean By Demand . . . The Following is a Photo of Falcon Taken Yesterday (Sunday, January 21, 2024).

Falcon Is Now 4 1/2 Months Old & Weighs A Touch Over 55-Pounds. By the Time Falcon is Full Grown, Falcon Will Most Likely Weigh 100-Pounds Or More.

Falcon Has Graduated From His 6-Session Puppy Class Course . . . and will Soon Begin a More Advanced 6-Session Intermediate Class.

After The Heartbreak Of The Magnificent Tavor (Through No Fault Of His Or Ours – It Was All In His DNA), Anne & I Pledged to Give Falcon Every Opportunity To Become A 5-Star Platinum Good Citizen.

We Take Falcon Everywhere . . . Even To Sam’s Club, Which Welcomes Well Behaved Dogs – Falcon is Literally A Rock-Star Amongst the Employees who all Know Falcon by Name – And Shoppers who Swarm Falcon Wanting Just to Get Close, Give Falcon a Pat & Speak to Anne & Myself About how Gorgeous & Well-Behaved Falcon is . . . And To Talk About Their Own Dogs.

Here’s An Interesting Fact . . . Tavor Was Never Happy. Not Even As A Puppy, Tavor was Always Serious & Suspect of Everyone who Wasn’t Anne or Myself. And Even though Tavor had a “Ton” of Doggie Toys . . . They Presented Very Little Enthusiasm For Him.

To The Contrary . . . Falcon Loves Everyone, Wants to be Engaged by as Many People as Possible & Plays Non-Stop with all of his Doggie Toys.

When Anne, Falcon & I Go Into A Store That Allows Dogs . . . Like Sam’s Club, Walmart, Lowes & Bass Pro (Just To Mention A Few) . . . We Know that a Few Minutes of Shopping Almost Always Lasts More than an Hour & Very Often More than Two Hours Because of the People Who Want to Get Close to Falcon, Which To Us Is Neither A Punishment Nor An Inconvenience.


Falcon Loves Anne & Myself . . . But Is 100% A Momma’s Boy – He’s Anne’s Dog.

Falcon Only Eats The Best Puppy Food According To Breed, Weight & Overall Growth. Falcon Gets a Great Deal of Outdoor Exercise (Almost All Walking) which Does Not Put Stress, Strain or Concussion on His Massive Puppy Joints . . . But that Written, Falcon is Already Learning How-to Walk-Through Tunnels, Balance on Elevated Roadside Curves, Climb Stairs & Already Managed to Maneuver Down a Child’s Slide.

By The Time Falcon Is 1-Year Old – He Will Be Enrolled In Agility Classes.

Even Though I Keep Begging Anne Not to Buy Any More Squeakies & Fluffies for Falcon, since I can Hardly Walk Between the Collection Falcon Already Has . . . There Seems To Always Be Room For One More Fluffy For The Spoiled Little German Shepherd Puppy.

And As Of Yesterday – Falcon Discovered that He Can Jump on the Sofa. The Bed, which is Somewhat Higher off the Floor than is the Sofa . . . Will Be Next.

If You’re Wondering Where Falcon Sleeps – Wonder No More . . . Between Anne, Myself & The Pillows.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Being a 52 year breeder of GSD’s, socialization can never be overdone. While they should not act like Golden Retrievers and need some level of aloofness, they are a danger to be on the offense/defense mood all the time, but you have had several and understand this. Love his photo! I hope Trump rolls in with a large statement in New Hampshire. There are truly no other options for what the country needs.

  2. Thanks for the picture of a beautiful “spoiled” dog —– keep up the good work. I just read the speech that Geert Wilder, PM Holland, recently gave in New York. Europe has a major problem that probably cannot be reversed and the USA is next —– if the Devos “Elites” don’t get to us first. Haley is a first class RINO and it is looking like she will not carry her state, SC —- where I live —-which is a good thing for the USA and Canada.

  3. Ah, the joys of having a “puppy”. Over the years I have enjoyed numerous dogs. The first was a collie. Laddie was a great herd dog and would gather the cows for morning and evening milking without me or my parents sending him out. This amazed me. He hated skunks, resulting in many unsuccessful washings. Most of the other dogs were shepherds or golden labs that had their own personalities, but were always great companions. A farm just isn’t the same without the presence of a dog.

  4. Love your puppy Falcon, such big feet! I can see why he is such a showstopper. Keep on spoiling him!

  5. AAAAAAH Thank you for the Falcon update, handsome picture and wise words on the political scene. This will all shake out. Progress on all fronts. Truth will always stand no matter how long it takes. We must be wise, prepared, hopeful, and steadfast. In God We Trust while we move our keesters.

  6. America is the richest and largest corporation in the world. Why don’t we demand resumes from all candidates seeking office? Let the voters know what lying, corrupt, money and power hungry most of these vultures are. We are spoon fed mush, meaning nothing. Biden’s resume would have read “bottom of his class, will do anything and vote for anything with payment, hand written by his daughter that he is a pedophile”. Now. Would you vote for this lying low life?

  7. At least talking about Falcon for a while makes us almost and I say almost about the crooked world we live in. At least, all this political broue-ha-ha is beyond what Falcon cares about and I would trade places with him in an instant.

  8. Perhaps the interest in Kelce & Swift, it’s likely more to do w/being “sick & tired” of political sparring/asinine rhetoric & opting for anything to give their minds a rest… Falcon is so cute & will no doubt be a very handsome full-grown dog. I’m not at all surprised he’s so popular in stores. Makes me want to get another German Shepard.

  9. “Never Trump” Canadian Jews had better pray for a Trump victory. And stop getting your news from CBC (akin to the antisemitic BBC) & pseudointellectual NPR radio (National Palestinian Radio). Israel is praying for a return of Trump, even the leftists. They all know that 10/7 would not have happened had Trump been in office. And that unlike Biden he would never throw Israel under the bus, slam the phone down on BiBi, nor warn Germany’s Olaf Scholz after he committed to sending arms to Israel.

  10. Falcon has changed my wife’s view about incorporating a new dog to our household. President Trump…wins. As to Israel vis a vis Hussein.Obama’s tools. Gaza has been duly disassembled. About 85% of the structures over and underground are destroyed. Accurately determined 10000 Islamic Iran Hamasniks are bagged and interned. 18000 wounded. Israel lost 520 soldiers. 320 on October7th, 193 during the war. 2300 wounded. There is zero chance to reach any solution other than termination of Hama

  11. I’m Canadian and what I would give for Canada to have a leader such as Donald Trump. What a Prime Minister he would make and besides having somebody who knows what he’s doing, our Canadian dollar would no longer be worth half the value of the U.S. Dollar. Trouble is, would Canadian voters vote for someone like Donald Trump? My guess, is Donald Trump will win the GOP and no need to worry about Nikki Haley. Personally, I still prefer Bill Haley & The Comets. (“Rock Around The Clock”)

  12. In the words of Goldilocks, this is “just right” — a bit of something deadly serious, followed by a bit of absolute joy. Falcon is one handsome fellow! Thanks for sharing the smiles.

  13. I owned 3 security dogs when I had my small horse farm. I had a full size arena for barrel racing and roping. I posted signs at the entrance and several other places that Security Dogs Present. 2 of my dogs were Jekyl and Hyde dogs, OK during the Day and very aggressive at night, and would attack on command. The other was a goofball wanting to play all the time. When I traveled my female rode with me, always on leash. I did not want folks to think my dog was a pet, more like a guard.

  14. Anne and Howard, Falcon is a beautiful Shepard and hope he will be with you for years to come. My experience with Tavor was great and we were sad to hear of his passing. Hope Trump does well today although he is not our saviour I hope that he will make the difference when elected to a 2nd term.

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