Islamophobia My Ass – Another Guise To Screw The Jew


It’s Beyond Time For Biden & The Rest Of His Mob To Stop Insulting Jews & Israelis.

We Are Not Savages . . . We Are Not Beasts – We (Jews) Know Right from Wrong. We are World Leaders in the Humanities – And We Do Not Deserve To Be Conflated With Hamas Brutes.

I Hate Using The Term Democracy, because Much of the Pain that has Roiled Humanity Throughout History, Has Been Caused in the Name of Democracy . . . However, Using the Best Definition of the Word Democracy – Israel Has To Be One Of The Most Democratic Nations In The World.

Taking That Definition Of Democracy As It Applies To Israel – Israel Needs No Lessons from Anyone, Especially from a Meathead like Joe Biden to Talk About Waging a War in such a Fashion as to Avoid as Many Human Casualties as Possible.

And Should I Remind & Ask The Putz-In-Chief (Biden) . . . which Nation was the Country that Murdered An Entire Afghan Family With A Drone Strike, just Before Running from Afghanistan like a Beaten Cur with its Tail Tucked Between its Legs?

Israel (Jews) Is Fighting For Its Existence. Israel Did Not Start This War. Israel Did Not Slaughter Arabs. Israel Does Not Lecture America on all of America’s (Biden’s) Abysmal Domestic & International Policies.

Which Other Country is America (Biden & The LEFT) and the World Community at Large, Warning About Being “Kind & Gentle” to its Citizens & Enemies?

Iran, which Murders its Own Citizens – Especially Women, Arrests Foreign Visitors for Political Purposes & Finances (Supplies) Global Terror . . . Is About To Head The United Nations Human Rights Commission.

How About China, with the Communists Waging War on Chinese Moslems (Uyghurs), Who are Forced into Concentration Camps, Forced into Labor Camps, and are Used for Transplant Body-Parts . . . Which Is Just The Tip Of The Chinese Abusive Iceberg?

But There’s More . . . Lots More, Including Countries like North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and any Number of African Countries Including South Africa . . .

But Israel Fighting To Survive? . . . That’s Just Too Much.

In The Final Analysis . . . Israel is Spending a Fortune in Blood & Treasure Fighting for the Existential Existence of Freedom Throughout the Entire Middle East, because, if Israel Dies, the Hope of Freedom & Democracy Dies with Israel Throughout the Middle East all the Way to . . . And Including Turkey.


Nothing Short Of The Entire Obliteration Of Hamas & Like-Minded Terrorists Will Be Acceptable.

This Is Like A Bad Movie That Keeps Repeating Itself. Historically, the Moment Israel Had Taken the Advantage in Any War, the International Community, Always Led by the United States of America, FORCED Israel to Back-Off & Create a Ceasefire, which Almost Always Allowed Israel’s Enemies to Reconstitute & Repeat the Same Bad Movie for Israel . . . All Over Again.

Israel Can’t Afford To Live In A World Where Every Challenge Could Be Its Last.


A Few Days Ago . . . Christopher Wray Declared Under Oath that Jews Constitute Only 2.4% Of The Total American Population . . . Yet Face at Least 60% of all Racist Threats & Attacks Throughout America.

So How Do The Governments Of America & Canada . . . Justify their Individual Focus on Islamophobia, which is Barely on the Horizon of Racist Attacks in Either Country?

Why is it Necessary in the United States of America & Canada to Tie any Support for the Jewish Community & Against Anti-Semitism, to Give Special Support & Particular Attention for America’s & Canada’s Moslem Populations?


On November 1, 2023 . . . A Self-Made Freak Of Normalcy – Jessica Rosenberg, who was Born with a Penis (Probably Still Has One), Grew Tits (I Think), Wears a Dress, Sports a Goatee & Claims to be a Rabbi, Interrupted Biden’s Kiss The Ass Of Minnesota Moslems Address . . . To Proclaim & Demand . . . A Ceasefire By Israel Now!

If You Want To Know Who Supports Hamas? . . . Well There You Have-It.

I’m Jewish. I’ve Been to Israel Purposefully During War (2000 – Intifada). I Broadcast Live Radio Shows Across the United States of America (WHAM Conservative Radio Network) & Canada (Corus Radio Network) from Jerusalem and from the Top of Masada.

I Went To The Most Northern Limits Of Israel Bordering Lebanon & Syria. I Walked the Grounds of the Golan Heights. I Drove Along the Border of Gaza. I Drove Through Moslem Towns in Israel, and I Spent Time in the Palestinian Territories Kitty-Corner to Jerusalem.

I Met & Spoke With Israeli Jews, Israeli Moslems & Israeli Christians . . . I Need No Lessons from Ignoramuses who Know Nothing About the History of Israel & Jews in the Middle East – Or The Treatment Of Non-Jewish (Moslem/Christian) Israeli Citizens.

I Don’t Speak Or Write For The Jewish People – I Write & Speak For Myself.

No-One Like The Freak-Show Who Calls Himself Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, Has the Moral Acumen to Speak on Behalf of the Jewish People, Much Less The People Of Israel.

If That Is The Voice A Jerk Like Biden Takes His Marching Orders From – God Help Us All!

The Good News . . . In Spite of Biden and his Pathetic Secretary of State’s Best Efforts (Antony Blinken) to Force Israel to Take a Pause & Back-Off from Israel’s Comeuppance for Gaza . . . Netanyahu Told Biden & Blinken To Shove-Off!

Finally . . . Our Gloves Are Off, And It’s Our Turn To Make The World Right Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Praying every day for the Jews. Post a picture of Falcon so we can smile.

  2. Israel must not compromise and must keep up the struggle until Hamas is liquidated. Gaza should be resettled with trustworthy people, i.e. Jews and Arabs who have absolutely loyalty to the state. Those Gazans who are left should be sent to the Sinai, or better still to Devil’s Island or Antarctica. Then Israel should go after Fatah and disarm them and if they cannot be deradicalized, that’s another problem. Also get rid of UNWRA.

  3. One of your best posts ever! Thank you for clearly writing what many of us are thinking! God Bless you and Israel.

  4. You are correct. I have also been all over Israel, 4 different times. Keep telling it like it is. I encourage everyone to forward your blog to as many as possible so more people read the truth.

  5. In the USA, and Canada too, its all about the muslim vote because they outnumber Jews by a country mile. This is why the Biden Administration is trying to soothe them with the ass-kissing Islamophobia BS. Secondly, does Israel really have to wait for Hezbollah to launch a major salvo first? One that kills a lot of Israelis since their missiles can strike further into Israel? How about we ‘silence’ or ‘neutralize’ that terror and death cult, and their leaders, first!

  6. My Lord was born a Jew and died a Jew. God his father made a covenant with the Jewish people thousands of years ago. We must continue our prayers to him to protect Israel.

  7. I am not the brightest bulb in the room but it seems that 80% of the sheeple and sheeple politicians don’t seem to understand what a phobia is! A phobia is being scared of something so yes I am Islamaphobic, I am afraid of the terrorist Islamist arabs that are creating these monstreous attacks and then the sheeples try to blame the Jews, W*F !!!! This in 2023 with most having internet and having no clue how to use it, unfreakenreal !!!!

  8. Praying for Israel! Praying for the world to regain its senses, though pretty certain it will not. I have never seen the level of ignorance and hatred that’s currently being displayed in the US, while many ‘in authority’ turn a blind eye. Good for Mr Netanyahu! Thank you for your faithfulness to keep telling it as it truly is.

  9. Spot on. What we all have seen happened on October 7… is Islam true soul in action. Murderous beasts on the loose. Islam is poison staining civilization. Israel determinants. Islam Hamas being crushed. At a cost but no choice. North Gaza razed. Disengagement voided. Oslo kaduque. The pa leadership routed out to origin. Iran. A quarter turn of the corkscrew away from a full one. No half measures. Hezbolla first.

  10. If the Arabs wanted peace they never should have allowed Hamas to take power. I too get tired of this non-stop propaganda about their “casualties”. There are more foto-ops of supposed “victims” on display than in a B class movie..

  11. Excellent blog Howard. But you left out an enemy that is hard to defeat. The Judenrat. They sell their souls for money/power and life at the demise of others. I am of Jewish heritage. I also have driven same roads as you in Israel. The existence of Israel and the Hebrew people is not just a war betwn Jews and Muslims. It is a war betwn the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob versus the muslim god, satan. It will end at Armageddon. I know who the Victor is and who the victorious people are.

  12. It’s impossible to deal with emotional idiots. Man , are they ever coming out of the woodwork now. It’s the so called leaders that use them , whom need to be dealt with. There are new rumours that Iran just might have the bomb. What then Joe ? Your just a power hungry fool like the rest of them.

  13. The rabbi of our temple has to be suffering with his mind’s great divide. He says hamas must be wiped out, but he so hates Netanyahu, that he claims the government is doing nothing to fight hamas-it is the people of Israel that are fighting against the terrorists. Really? These reformist liberal Jews need to face reality.We Jews—just like we Americans — ALL have to support leadership that knows what it takes to lead countries in positive waysTrump and Netanyahu are those who know how to le

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