Jews Against The World . . . Again


This Isn’t Nazi Europe, East European Pogroms, Inquisitions Or The Communist Iron Curtain.


This Is 2023 . . . And Even Though the Ugly Face of Anti-Semitism Has Risen Worldwide, Thankfully Not Without Serious Pushback from People who Are Not Israeli or Jewish . . . But Possess A Moral Compass & An Understanding Of History, World Jews Aren’t Standing Alone as in the Past.

That So Many Millions Of Americans, Canadians & Europeans are Rallying to the Cause of Anti-Semitism (Jew-Hatred) on Behalf of Despicable Murdering Nazi-Like Palestinian Thugs, Unfortunately . . . This Does Not Surprise Me.

Global Anti-Semitism Is A Disease That Escapes Reason & Even Real Definition.

Nor Does it Surprise Me that a Collective Number of so-called Educated University Professors & Students Numbering in the Millions Rally with Horrific Jew-Hating Mobs, Because That Is What Academia Has Been Indoctrinating For Generations.

Even Yesterday (October 25, 2023), at a Press Conference with Biden and the LEFTIST (Labor Party) Prime Minister of Australia (Anthony Albanese) . . . Biden Couldn’t Help Himself But to Send a Nasty Message to the People of Israel, Referring to Many of them as “Extremist Settlers” . . . That They Should Not Target Palestinian Civilians.

Are Biden’s Israeli Extremist Settlers Akin To Biden’s Domestic Terrorist School Board Parents?

I Wasn’t Surprised When Albanese Brought-Up Australia’s Concern For The Well-Being Of Gaza Palestinians, by Pointing-Out the Millions of Dollars Albanese is Sending to the Gaza Palestinians, Much like Biden also Wants to Give $100-Million to the Palestinians, No Different Than Trudeau Who Already Committed Millions To The Palestinians.


To Read all of this and Hear of the Great Concern LEFTIST Governments and their Leaders Have for the Palestinian People – You Would Have To Believe That The Palestinians Have To Be The Injured Party.

But It Wasn’t Unarmed Palestinians Who Were Slaughtered In Their Homes By Homicidal Jews.

The Talk Now – Is that the Israel Created the Big Lie that Israel was Attacked, Tortured, Raped, Murdered, Mutilated & Kidnapped – Against all Evidence Displayed by the Palestinians themselves, that Showed the Palestinians were 100% Responsible for the Horror (Nightmare) that Murdered & Defiled . . . More Than  1400 Innocent (Mostly) Unarmed Jews.

So If You Can’t Believe The Word & Images Of The Perpetrators, Who Can You Believe?

The Media Morphed The Dread Caused Upon Innocent Jews . . . to the Deaths of Palestinians in Gaza Under Israeli Bombardment . . . Even Though Israel Warned the Palestinians to Leave their Buildings, which were Inevitably Going to be Bombarded.


Make No Mistake About-It . . . Biden & A Large Number Of Democrats Are No Friends Of Israel.

I Wrote . . . The Day After The Slaughter At The Kibbutzim (Plural For Kibbutz), that Biden will in Some-Way use the Slaughter of Jews to Further his Blood-Lust for the War Between Russia & Ukraine. I Wasn’t Wrong!

Thank God . . . Or Mostly, Thank The Republicans, for Finally Voting-In a Speaker of the House, Especially a Speaker of Outstanding Conservative, Constitutional & Family Values (Mike Johnson), who has the Moral Integrity to Make His First House Bill, A Bill To Fully Support The IDF Without Tying It To Ukraine.


When The Two Democrat Israel-Hating Presidents – Obama & Biden Made Statements About Drawing “Red Lines” (Obama) or “DON’T” (Biden) . . . What They Were Actually Saying was Pretty Please . . . Or We Might Get Upset.

When Netanyahu & Trump Leveled a Directive at an Opponent, there was Never a Question of – Or Else What?

Since The Or Else What Was Going To Be A Painful Punishment.

Today . . . The Bullshitter-In-Chief – Is all Over the Board Making Contradictory Statements About Whether he (Biden) Asked, Suggested or Told Netanyahu Not to Go into Gaza Yet, or How to Go into Gaza to Make it as Safe as Possible for the Palestinians, Or To Play For Some Kind Of Ceasefire.

Truth Be Told . . . I Have To Assume The Israelis Couldn’t Give A Rat’s-Ass About What Biden Says.

As I’ve Previously Written . . . Israel Will Do What Israel Will Do, With or Without  Approval from the Schmuck in the White House, Who in Biden’s Mind’s Eye & Voice, Took-On the “Nefarious” Gang Leader Corn Pop, in the Parking-Lot of the Community Swimming Pool Where Biden was a Lifeguard . . .


“Corn Pop Was A Bad Dude. He Ran A Bunch Of Bad Boys”  Biden Continuously Retold the Story of his Bravado, as he Went-On to Tell How Corn Pop & Three of his Boys Met Biden in the Parking Lot with Razors, while Biden Held a Four Foot Chain Around his Arm.

Great Story . . . But Did Biden Ever Throw Or Take A Punch In The Real World?

Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad & Company Aren’t The Fictional Gangs Of Corn Pop, and Netanyahu is Not the Delusional Liar-In-Chief like Biden. Netanyahu was a Company Commander of One of the Best Trained & Deadliest Commando Units in the World of Special Forces . . . Sayeret Matkal.

If You Had To Choose Between A Bullshitter Like Biden & A Real Warrior Like Netanyahu . . . Who Would You Choose?

The Palestinians Teach their Children How to Hate & Want to Murder . . . The Following Link is What Jewish People Want for their Children. The Juxtaposition Is Self-Evident.

I Dare You To Watch This Israeli Video To The End & Not Shed A Tear.

Thank You To All The Non-Jews Who Make This World A Little Less Lopsided For Jews Like Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are spot on Howard. Israel fights real enemies and not imaginary. The “or else” is the slow walk or total cutoff of the ability to purchase munitions and hardware. Israel’s 9/11 has proved my statements before the election to have come to pass. Not a prophesier but just looking at fact and truth. You want one of the best Israel support groups? Look up Gentile Ministry. Am Yisrael Chai!!

  2. Howard, this is an excellent article. Thanks. I want to add that the antisemitism which has clearly reared its ugly head since 10/7/23 is clear evidence of the decision to stop EDUCATING our school aged children and college students of the horrors that were experienced in WWII and the rampant anti-semitism that spread throughout Europe during that time. I never thought I would ever see that same attitude displayed so openly and freely here in the USA. Absolutely shocking and disgusting.

  3. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Psalms 122:6 God hasn’t forgotten His chosen people. Mike Hendrickson, Lewiston, Idaho

  4. In business session last night at our country church (120-150 attendees), high in the northwest corner of NC, it was brought up by one of our most gentile ladies that we needed to help our Lord’s homeland. Our Pastor, who has made multiple trips to Israel was seemingly quite pleased. After a discussion it was voted on without a dissenting vote to immediately get $10K on the way to our Pastor’s friend there and love offerings over the next month to be taken up to follow.

  5. How’s this for a classic case of dishonesty and hypocrisy: Democrats are horrified at the wanton brutality of Hamas, condemning them for the gruesome slaughter – even the decapitation – of babies. BABIES! At the same time they openly advocate the same treatment of unborn infants and call it reproductive health care.

  6. Why is it taking so much time for Israel to start their attack to flush out hamas? The same should be done for Hezbollah.

  7. Netanyahu did not manage national defense. He himself may have been a fine fighter but the national defense establishment was ruinously mismanaged. Made hugely disastrous policy decisions since voting four times to approve in 2004 5 the catastrophic General Sharon brainchild. DISENGAGEMENT. From Gaza etc. Islam Hamas prospered since. Five times they attacked us from there and were Cease Cease fired & rebuilt. Ended up with Ocober 7th. Gantz and other generals fueled the disaster.

    Shmuel – Your Extreme Disdain For Netanyahu Is Both Unseemly & Not Helpful. With Comments Such As Yours, Seeing Everything Wrong With Israel . . . Anti-Semites Don’t Need Much More To Push Their Hatred For Israel – HG:

  8. Excellent Editorial. The Video was beautiful as sung by these youngsters. Stand By Me was sung by Ben E. King in 1961 & Many loved this song, as have I. It was written by King and 3 others. With what has befallen Israel & ALL Jews, this song definitely is PERFECT. We WILL Stand by Israel and the the Jewish people. Someone asked why is Israel ‘waiting’. They are mapping out their tactics & preparing. Sponge Bombs & robots to block tunnels. etc. Israel WILL Prevail. God Bless.

  9. “I Have To Assume The Israelis Couldn’t Give A Rat’s-Ass About What Biden Says.” Well the guy is 100% senile and those who are using him are committing elder abuse. The fact that anyone gives a tiny amount of credibility to this guy is far beyond any level of comprehension. Just as anyone who think Trudeau is credible.

  10. The phrase..”NEVER AGAIN”…these are are nice words but also meaningless as long as most Jews just ignore it. Every Jew should take these words seriously and do some material thing to insure “NEVER AGAIN” means “NEVER AGAIN”.

  11. Knowing that what you have written here is the factual truth and having to listen (via livestream now as we moved to a different state) to our reform born-in-Israel rabbi praise biden and denounce Netanyahu, I want to scream, “Are you crazy? You and your followers are marching toward boxcars again!” I fear it may be too late if Jews don’t wake up to the truths you write about in each editorial. Bless you for being a voice of sanity.

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