Stop Calling Ukraine A Democracy


Nikki Haley & Other Wannabe Republican Leaders Push The Big Lie – Ukraine Is A Democracy.

Maybe Ukraine Is Worth Fighting-For . . . Maybe Not. But What I Can Guarantee, is that Ukraine is Not a Democracy, at Least Not in the Sense of Having a Constitutionally Elected Government which Answers to the People.

In The True Sense Of My Understanding . . . Democracy Only Means Rule By The Mob (Majority).

Ukraine Is A Corrupt Country With A Long History Of Aggressive Anti-Semitism, which Partnered with the Nazis During the Second World War. Ukraine is Also One of the Countries that Blatantly Contributed to the Biden Crime Family Debacle.

It’s Fascinating How Ukraine Removes Cabinet Minister After Cabinet Minister, even High-Ranking Military Officers, for Allegations of Corruption as the Russian/Ukrainian War Rages. Just Over The Last Few Days, Zelenskyy Arrested & Imprisoned one of his Political Opponents . . . Because Zelenksyy Didn’t Like What He Had To Say About Ukraine & Russia Being One Of The Same People.

Isn’t That What The Never Trumpers Are Trying To Do To Trump?

Also – In What we Consider (Believe) to be a Democracy, there is Freedom of Expression, Especially Freedom of the Press, Which Doesn’t Exist Whatsoever In Zelenksyy’s Ukraine.

For the Likes of Nikki Haley to Say that America Has to Prostrate the Money of America’s Taxpayers Upon the Altar of Ukraine is Reprehensible. But It Isn’t Only Haley & American Legislators . . .

In Canada, Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, who Purposely Hid the Fact that her Father Was a Major Ukrainian Nazi Supporter During WWII, is Also Onside to Lavish Canadian Treasure (Taxpayer Money) Upon Ukraine.

If The Europeans Are So Gung-Ho On Fighting Ukraine’s Battles . . . Why Aren’t the Europeans Leading the Charge Politically, Financially and with a Deluge of Equipment to Ukraine. And Why Are They Still Awash With Russian Oil & Natural Gas?

I Was Highly Insulted . . . When Ukraine Came Demanding that Israel Contribute Sophisticated Weaponry to the Ukraine Military, Especially After the Ukrainians Voted as Usual at the United Nations, to Sanction Israel for Whatever Crime the United Nations Manufactured Against Israel on that Day.

The Ukrainians Think Israel Owes Them Something Because Zelenksyy Is Purportedly Jewish. What Does that Have to Do with the Price of Tea in China?

Zelenskyy Doesn’t Live A Jewish Life. He Baptized his Children, which isn’t a Bad Thing if he wasn’t Jewish, because Jews Don’t Baptize our Children. At 12-Years Old, Jewish Girls  Have Bat-Mitzvahs. For Boys Of 13-Years Old . . . they Have Bar-Mitzvahs.

Zelenksyy Is As Jewish As George Soros, who Aided & Abetted the Nazis During WWII, who Also HATES Israel and is No Friend to Worldwide Jews . . . Not To Mention That Soros Does Not Consider Himself To Be Jewish . . . Just Because He Was Born To Two Jewish Parents.


How Much Blood & Treasure Does North America Have To Spend Again To Save Europe From Itself?


Are These The Same Experts Who Said Trump Couldn’t Win The Republican Primary For 2024?

Are They The Same Geniuses . . . Who all but Coronated Ron DeSantis to be the Uncontested Winner of the Republican Primary Before DeSantis even Declared his Candidacy? Or are they the Same Insiders who Said that Trump Couldn’t Possibly Beat Biden in a One-On-One Rematch?

How About the Masterminds . . . who Joined the Ranks of the Never Trumpers in their Brilliant Opinions, because Trump Couldn’t Win the Black, Hispanic, White Suburban Female or Youth Vote? Did They Not See The Latest Polls?

No One Wants To Be LEFT On The Platform After The Train Pulls-Away From The Station.

Sooner Rather Than Later . . . We will See the Likes of Most Never-Trumper or Anti-Trumper Republicans Eat Crow, as they Quietly Begin to Move Towards Trump & Away from the Trump Can’t Win Mentality, Because They Know That Trump Can Win & Will Win In 2024 . . . No Matter Who The Democrats Put On The Ballot.

In Saturday’s Family Research Council’s Pray Summit Straw Poll Vote, Trump Won 63.9% of the Votes, while all the Other Speakers (Candidates) Hardly Registered.

With Every Poll Taken, Virtually From Day-One . . . Trump Gets Stronger & Stronger.

The Only Poll I Recently Saw That Favored Ron DeSantis, the Number-Two Primary Candidate who is More than 40% Behind Trump. . . was at the Same Family Research Council’s Pray Vote, Where Ron DeSantis Received 25% of the Straw Poll To Be The Vice President In 2024, just a Few Percentage Points Above Tim Scott who Won About 19%.

The Never-Trumpers Keep Pointing To Trump’s Astronomical Base As If That’s A Bad Thing.

There Isn’t A Candidate Or A Political Party On Earth . . . Who/Which wouldn’t Surrender their Eye-Teeth to Have a Political Base a Fraction as Big and as Loyal as the Many-Many Tens of Millions of People who will Ride with Trump From Here to Political Eternity.


Every-Time The Twerp With The Crazy Red Hair (Dildo-Head) Karine Jean-Pierre . . . States for all to Hear, that Biden has thus Far Had the Best & Most Productive Presidency on Record . . . In Just 3-Short Years – I Can Puke.


If Pissing Away Trillions Of Dollars On Bullshit, Dividing the Races, Eviscerating the American Judiciary, Destroying the Borders, Flooding America with the Detritus of the World, Wiping-Out Energy Self-Sufficiency, Tearing Apart the Nuclear Family, Choosing a Freak-Show of Transgenderism Over Normalcy & Creating the Greatest Financial Challenge (Runaway Inflation) in Recent History, all While Committing the Greatest Military Surrender in American History . . . THE DILDO’S RIGHT . . . Biden Has Had The Most Successful & Productive Presidency In American History.

I Will Be Sending Personal Thank You Emails For Your Support Over The Next Few Days.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Listening to Karine Jean-Pierre reminds me of hearing Baghdad BOB spew his lies about U.S. Forces as they passed him on the street.

  2. You speak truths that need to be spoken. Zelenskyy comes to the USA when he wants another 24 billion of our tax dollars. I’m sick of seeing my money wasted on a greedy man (there is no oversight and our money goes unaccounted for)—war only exists to fill pockets of greedy men. Israel owes nothing to Zelenskyy. The people deserve better-a real leader doing what a great leader does. In 2024 the USA will have a great leader once again-Trump. Hope Canada gets a great leader, too.

  3. Prepare for Civil Unrest unlike we have ever seen. Listen to the PD in Chicago, LA, Seattle, Detroit, Dallas and so many other Blue Run Cities, Crime has passed all time highs. Common folks are afraid to go outside after dark. If you so lock your cars in a garage at night you are likely to lose it. Folks are robbed, mugged, raped and/or killed Daily. This is what happens in a 3rd World Country. Hunter is part of the Drug and Owe Me Culture. Now they want to make Hard Drugs Legal??

  4. The Ukraine Russian war proves the level of indoctrination in our country. The msm and others over here portray Zelensky as a modern day Churchill. My guess is that the vast majority of Canadians would agree. Both sad and scary. WW3. No big deal , eh ??

  5. No American can point a finger at Zelenskyy. America’s election was stolen which means it isn’t a democracy, Biden is arguably the worst and most corrupt president not to mention a compulsive liar and child molester, the FBI, CIA, IRS, and DOJ, all intelligence agencies, and the media are owned by the Democrats and we are about to witness Stalinist show trials for Trump who Hilary accused of being a traitor while the Americans still call their country the greatest country in the world.

  6. Thank you Howard, as always you send us the best honest News. Your funds should have reached you by now from us. Will check with mail. As for all the countries fighting one another and asking for more money this is a mad, mad, world we are sharing with one another. Satan is a crafty you know what you will not let us say bad word.Not that I would we all know he is bad. But our Lord is going to take care of it all. Sorry your country being sold down the creek as well. It is so beautiful.

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