Why In Galganov.com Is It Almost All About America?


Before Getting Into-It . . . Here’s Some Blog Housekeeping.

I Sent Personal Thank-You Emails to all the People who Helped Galganov.com this Month through their Financial Support, as I Do with Every Person who Contributes.

But Not All Email Addresses That Come With Contributions Are Necessarily Accurate, which Means that some of the Contributors Might Not Have Received My Personal Thank You . . . But Please Understand, that if you Received my Email of Gratitude or Not . . . I Am Extremely Grateful For Your Support.


One Of The Readers Of Galganov.Com (One Of Several) Recently Contacted Me With His Complaint, that I Don’t Write Enough About Fascist/Xenophobic Quebec, where the Unrestricted Use of the English Language is Against the Law . . . And Becoming More Draconian With Every Passing Day.

Some Canadians are Also Upset that I Don’t Write Enough About Ontario where Anne, Tavor & I Live. And in Addition, Some Readers Want me to Generally Write More about the Rest of Canada & Less About the United States of America.

So In Response . . . Anne & I Were Both Born in Montreal (Quebec) from Parents who were Also Born in Montreal. Both of us can Communicate in the French Language, and Both of us Have Been Social & Financial Contributors to Montreal (Quebec) as Entrepreneurs (Employers), Property Owners & Contributors to our Community Wherever we Lived in Quebec.

Over The Years, At Least Since The 1960’s . . . Quebec has Steadily Become Hostile to the English Language and to Those who Speak-It, to the Degree that Quebec Has Created Ruthless Language Laws that Punish Those who Deal in the English Language & Contract in the English Language . . . Including On Public Issues Of Information, Health & Education.

I Stood-Up Against The Xenophobic Policies Of Quebec . . . And Became the Most Prominent Leader for the Anglo Civil Rights Movement Throughout the Province of Quebec, to the Point, that I Squandered Most of our Savings Fighting for the Rights of Others, Putting our Business in Jeopardy, and was Forced to Live with Armed Bodyguards for a Number of Years Because of Credible Threats Against Anne, our Horses, Our Horse Farm & Myself.

There Were Many People Who Supported What I Was Doing . . . But Too Few Who Ponied-Up to Help Pay even a Fraction of the Costs Incurred to Fight for our Freedoms. Out of Close to a Million Anglo & Ethnic Quebecers, Too Few Turned-out to Support Rallies & Boycotts for English Equal Rights, which was a Travesty and was an Awakening to Me of the Real Value, or Lack thereof that People Place on Freedom.

A Couple of Hundred Thousand English Speaking People Would Turn Out for the Santa Claus Parade, with the Same Number (Or More) of People Lining the Streets of Montreal for the St Patrick’s Day Parade . . . But Only Hundreds – And Sometimes A Few Thousand Would Rally For Civil Rights & Liberty.

And Then There Was The English Media Which Didn’t Want To Make Waves.

I Did This For Several Years (1995-2000) . . . Until I Realized that Unless Personally Affected by the Racist Language Laws of Quebec, the English Community was Not Prepared to Do What Had to be Done . . . And I Was More Or Less Swimming Alone Against The Current In Shark Infested Waters.

Enough Was Enough . . . I Was Bruised, Tattered & Far Less Financially Stable as a Result of my Socio/Political Activism. So In The Year 2,000, Anne & I Crossed the Provincial Border into the Province of Ontario . . .  Never Looking-Back.

Even Today – 23-Years Later, I get Emails & Read Newspaper Articles Wondering Where Is Howard Galganov? And Why Did He Leave-Us?

When the Santa Claus & St Patrick Day Parades are Thousands of Percent More Important to the People than the Very Freedoms of the People you’re Fighting To Defend, It IsThe Sign That The Rubicon Has Been Crossed . . . And In The Case Of Quebec, The Deal Is Done & There Will Be No Going Back.


As Much As Many Canadians – Perhaps Most Don’t Want To Hear This, Canada Is A Lost Cause.

Too Many Canadians (More Than Half) Have Bitten Into The Poison Apple Of Communism, Believing that Socialism & Communism are Two Different Things, and as a Result Have Become Intoxicated with the Concept of Something for Nothing . . . Not Realizing There Is No Such Thing & Socialism Is The Entry-Drug To Communism.

Until Such Time As The Pain Of “Canadian Communism” Bites So Hard That It Becomes Unbearable . . . Canada Will be a Lost Cause. And even After the Revelation Hits that Communism is a Destroyer of Freedom & Prosperity, The Damage Might Be So Great As To Be Irreparable.

It Won’t Be Until October 25, 2025 . . . Until Canada Goes Back to the Polls, Unless the Other Communist Canadian Party NDP (New Democrats Party) Calls for a No Confidence Vote that Could Force a General Election . . . Which Is Doubtful, Since The NDP Are No Less Drunk With Power Than Are The Trudeau Liberals.


As A Matter Of Fact . . . How America Will Go In Their 2024 Election Is How The World Will Go.


A Strong Real Conservative America Starting In 2025 . . . Will Force Canada Amongst a Plethora of Other Countries, which are Tripping on the Side of Communism to Reverse Themselves or Find Themselves Looking in the Rear View Mirror as America & America’s Real (Conservative) Friends, such as those in Eastern Europe, Israel, Some Arab Countries, Japan and Others in the South Pacific Cascade Back Towards Excellence.

So Why Should I Waste My Words & Time Writing About Ethnocentric Racist Quebec . . . which has Already Traveled Past the Point of No Return – Or Ontario & the Rest of Canada (Mostly Excluding Alberta & Saskatchewan), Which Has Become Inconsequential?

The Answer Is . . . If I’m Going To Back A Fighter, I Want To Back A Fighter Who Can & Will Fight.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well said. Howard. Except for a few Republicans (Jordan, Comer, Cruz, Josh Holey, Ron Johnson and very few others) Trump is bearing the brunt as a real fighter more so than all the rest of the Republican prospective candidates put together. I watched the censorship hearing yesterday and can’t believe the ignorance, stupidity, and mental disorder of the left. They do not think critically and you can’t fix stupid. Can’t believe they are being paid to destroy our country.

  2. Well said! You and Anne are the best of Canada which I’m sorry to see is going down the toilet under Klaus Schwab’s puppets Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland! Our family and friends remember what Canada was like before the downfall of these communist groups took power. We know who they are and we won’t forget them.

  3. I wish I could disagree with you about the direction Canada is going but I can’t. It made me chuckle to hear on Global news that Trudeau was booed yesterday. Of course at the end of the clip they threw in that Trump flags were flying. As if this makes a difference……….

  4. And now Obama’s DOJ (using fake charges) is working against Trump to literally outlaw him from running for president or any public office ever again. It’s showing how insanely desperate the left is as they swallow whatever ‘promises’ are made them by WEF as mouthpiece for OWO cabal (Rockefeller & Rothchild families) to get rid of Trump. Not to mention CCP’s threats with Biden in office. Not confident Congress (GOP) will do anything about any of it, or if they can w/slim majority in 1 branch

  5. Incredibly, Trudeau is likely to win the next federal election in 2025. There are 5 viable federal parties in Canada. If Trudeau forms an alliance with the NDP again, the other 3 parties cannot muster the votes to defeat the Trudeau/Singh fascist agenda. Americans should beware. If they adopt a multi-party system like Canada’s, they can kiss goodbye to their constitutional republic and learn to accept the absurdities that define a Trudeau-led pseudo democracy.

  6. Thank You Howard for helping the fight in the USA. You are welcome at my home anytime. John Morehead Las Vegas, NV

  7. Howard: Thank Anne & Howard for carrying the sword. It isn’t easy. I can relate because I also was born in Quebec. But I don’t blame French Quebecers. I blame Anglo Canadians for not standing for our rights. Of course the 4 wise men were dead set of establishing French rights. The ROC did nothing. I would hear from Anglos who would say what if they leave. Francophones are apparently smarter. They kept getting more powers until the small minority would actual control goverment & the civil s

  8. I am retired and live in Cranbrook, BC, in what is called the East Kootenays. It is very conservative, unlike the rest of BC, especially the Left Coast! I worked and lived mostly in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The demographics have changed significantly in Alberta, especially large cities like Edmonton and Calgary. The UPC won the Alberta election, but it was an election that was too close to believe. Sad to say, but most newcomers are not conservative voters. Socialists and Marxists! Sad!

  9. Hear. Hear. America will not recover until it cuts the strings of barry sotero and his communist traitors.

  10. Excellent analysis of Canada. The NIMBY Syndrome prevails and only first and second immigrants from the U.K. seem to care about our rights and freedoms. I know personaly what it is like to fight against the tide having been forced out of my high level job when Francophone hatchet men took over management from the English. I fully understand Howards concentration on America and how it will be our salvation or demise in 2024. Where is our John Galt?

  11. John Galt is here via DJT. But he too is getting tired of the endless fight of words, time for action. It is time to take up the sword, remove the idiots from office including the RINOs. Every vote must be cast and each counted, legal votes that is. Should we not prevail, this country will be in Civil War, like the one that happened so many years ago. Brother against Brother, Father against Son. Everyone will be impacted regardless of race. Even if the Feds decide to use F14s as Biden said.

  12. Quebec Population Jan/1/2023: 8.8 Millions. Ontario Population Jan/1/2023: 15.5 Millions. Need I/You say more about Ontari-aerie-ooooo. Allan

  13. Many of us in the USA are glad there are voices such as yours. You always speak the unvarnished truth. I know you value freedom of speech because you aren’t afraid to practice it and to encourage it. I only wish we could somehow take back our educational institutions in your country and mine from the communist loving socialist marxists and stop their brainwashing of our youth. As a long time public high school teacher, my job was to give students the tools and skills to think for themselves.

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