The War That Should Be On The Media


Do You Think Perhaps The Deal Is . . . Hunter Goes Free & Joe Doesn’t Run In 2024?

Just ThinkIt Basically Took 5-Years To Give Hunter (Joe) Biden . . . a Get-Out of Jail Card for Several Crimes that would Have Wound-Up Putting People like you and me Behind Bars for God-Only Knows How Many Years . . . for Influence Peddling, Non-Payment of Taxes, Lying-On a Federal Application and the Illegal Possession of a Firearm.

Do You Think It Would Have Taken 5-Years To Put Us Behind Bars For These Open & Shut Charges?


That Arnold Schwarzenegger Compared January 6, 2021 To KRISTALLNACHT – Says It All.

Because Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Prominent Anti-Nazi who has Condemned his Father’s WWII Nazi Past – Doesn’t Give Schwarzenegger a Free-Ride to Make Ludicrous Statements such as . . . January 6, 2021 Is Akin To Kristallnacht.

Every Jew From November 9th To November 10th In 1938 In Austria & Germany . . . Was an Open Target of the State Sponsored Hate-On, which Caused Theft, Beatings, Rape, Murder & Property Destruction Throughout these Two Countries.

It Was Government Sanctioned Open Season On All Jews & All Property Owned Or Operated By Jews . . . which Included all Jewish Owned Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, Synagogues – Etc . . . Which Became a Two Nationwide Orgy of Hate Featuring all of the Above Including Arson & Broken Windows.

The English Translation Of Kristallnacht Is “Night Of Broken Glass”.

For Schwarzenegger To Compare A Simple Riot At The Capital Building, where Damage was Insignificant Given the Circumstance – And that the Only People who Died were Two Unarmed Female Demonstrators at the Hands of the Deep-State of America, is a Slap in the Face of the Two Victims, and an Insult to Common Sense, to the Intelligence of the American People & Most Profoundly to the Constitutional Rule of Law.

Schwarzenegger Exhibited Absolute Ignorance & His Political Bent In Making This Sick Comparison.

That’s The Way It Is With The LEFT, and Make No Mistake About-It, Schwarzenegger, Like so Many RINOS, Sells-Himself as a Republican who uses the Moniker Republican for Political Reasons . . . No Less Than Many Republicans In The House & The Senate.


I Have Been Receiving a Crap-Load of – I Hate Trump Emails – From Several Conservatives who Convinced themselves that Trump is the Loser-In-Chief, the Man who Lost the Elections in 2018, 2020, 2022, as if the Overwhelming Propagandized LEFTIST Media, Cheating Democrats, and the RINO Branch of the Republican Party Had Nothing to Do with those Losses.

They Use The Title Of Loser & Call Trump A Whiner Who Can’t Take The Loss & Move-On.

Worse . . . They Scour the Media Finding Articles that Reinforces their Sick Beliefs . . . And Then Forward These Articles To Each Other & To People Like Me.

They Also Look for Approbation from Former Workers of President Trump, Like Bill Barr, John Bolton & Others, all of Whom Cut their Eye Teeth in the Washington Swamp.

I’ve Had Enough . . . And Yesterday, I Sent an Email to the “Friends” who Claim they Don’t Really Hate Trump, but Hate Everything About Trump, (Figure That One-Out) – That they are to No Longer Send Me their Anti-Trump Rhetoric (Screeds), with the Simple Disclaimer . . . That We Could Still Be Friends If I Receive No More Of This Bullshit.

If I Wanted A Steady Diet Of Trump-Hatred . . . I Could Turn To The Mainstream Media.


I Watched The Brett Baier Trump Interview On Fox News Last Night (June 19, 2023) . . .

Baier Kept-On Insisting That Trump Lost The 2020 Election. Trump Kept-On Insisting that He Won The 2020 Election. Knowing What we all Know, Or Should Know About The Level Of Cheating & Corruption, which Included Sham Anti-Trump Investigations from the Justice Department & FBI, Sham Impeachments, Plus the Self-Admitted Collusion of the Media to Destroy Trump’s Campaign, and the Mega-Millions of Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, Ballot Harvesting & Late Ballots Counted . . . You Would Have To Be A Super Special Jack-Ass Not To Believe The Election Was Rigged Against Trump.

Trump Has To Let It-Go Because No One Cares Anymore – Bullshit!

Millions Upon Millions Of People Care – I Care, Because if it is Acceptable to Win the Most Important Election on the Planet by Cheating . . . We Might As Well Pack-It-All-In, And Pick Our Tribe To Govern Us The Way They Do In Afghanistan.


It’s Not OK, And I Don’t Want To Get Over-It, Because If I Take That Attitude Why Bother?

There Are Those Who Tell People Like Me To Get-Over The Holocaust. It was Horrible they Say, it Happened, It’s Done . . . So Let’s Move-On. Yet, there is a Vast Army of LEFTISTS who Say that We Must Pay Massive Reparations to Black People for Something that Ended More than 150-Years Ago . . . What Happened To Let’s Move-On?


We Have No Reason To Believe That The 2018 & 2022 Elections Weren’t Rigged Either.

If the LEFT Honestly Believes in Democracy, they would Move Heaven & Earth to Guarantee Free Elections with Trusted Outcomes. And for Republicans who are Fed-Up with Trump . . . Because Trump Won’t Let-Go of the Fact that the 2020 Election Was Rigged . . . They Are Fools, Ignorant & Totally Mis-Understanding Of The Critical Importance Of Free, Fair & Trusted Elections.


Brett Baier Made A Big Deal That Trump Can’t Win The Vote Of Independent Women.

Does Brett Baier & Other Never-Trumpers . . . Really think that Independent Women Don’t Want the Same things Conservative Women, Conservative Men & Independent Men Want vis-à-vis Affordable Food, Affordable Housing, Affordable Energy, Safe Streets & Communities, the Equal Application of Law & Order, Honest Education for their Children and a Far More Politically Stable Planet – Etc?

The Media Want You To Look At The Glitz Instead Of The 800-Pound Gorilla.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You know, I miss Fox news. I really is a shame that they have gone to the dark side. There is a movement in Canada to have them “banned” from Canadian cable. The banning thing I abhor, but since I no longer consider them as reliable, I really don’t care. But I should. We need a truth teller in the media. Not Pravda.

  2. I agree whole heartedly, Trump won in 2020 but lost due to cheating. He has my support always

  3. Howard. You are so right. I cannot get over the lying and cheating that went on with the last election. Trumps interview with Baier was very good. Trump did not back down and neither should we. I do believe he would/can reverse most of the damage very quickly. He said drill, close the border and the economy are the first 3 things he would attack. People will see those things change quickly when we re-elect him to be President. Now we must get that done.

  4. Jesee Watters, on FOX, seems to be picking up where Tucker left off! Check him out. Sean Hannity has had President Trump on twice recently. Hope they don’t get fired!

  5. The fact Trump is anti-globalism is the issue with leftists/Dems. He is pro-freedom, independence, self-government, all things that make for individual liberty in a republic. Those things are what globalists need to strip away. They want us in need & dependent on gov’t. Compliant citizens are necessary for one-world gov’t w/one-world leader – the globalist aim. I dare say most leftists aren’t aware of the “end game” intent; & they wouldn’t believe that truth if presented. WE Fight for Free

  6. Well spoken, Howard one of your best articles ever.

  7. Great reading once again, Howard. I will back Trump all the way to the SCOTUS! I will be more than happy to accept his sarcastic tweets and have $1.75 gasoline again!

  8. We are finally going to a Trump rally and are excited!! Having just moved to Salem, SC, our President will be 25 minutes from our new home!! My husband and I call ourselves “FOREVER TRUMPERS.” As for that foreigner, Schwarzenegger, he is another loser RINO. And as for the media, those of us get the cheapest deal for a local newspaper from Palm Beach County, FL. And they have real low sales problems—so much so they have stopped printing an opinion section 2 days a wk!

  9. Brett Baier is nothing but a rino Trump hater. Arnold is a nazi in sheep’s clothing. Zero use for muscle brain.

  10. Another stupendous editorial!! IMO, Trump is a litmus test for a healthy ego. The healthy egos place substance over style, however, those with an unhealthy ego choose the reverse.

  11. It was obvious to me that Baier was pushing DJT on the 2020 election. Like many folks Baier believes the BS that it was an Honest Election, BS. Too many videos, whistleblowers, and solid info saying it was not. Like most Has bens AS put his 2 cents in and was and is wrong. You can not compare what happened on 1/6 to any of WWII crimes. Hunter is getting away with Crimes, as is most Libs who commit them. Liars like Adam Shifty is destroying this great land, as is Biden and his cabinet.

  12. Does anyone have knowledge of when Bret Baier is going to have a interview with Joe Biden?

  13. It will only be by the grace of God that we have honest elections in the U.S. and Canada. The fear mongering media is alive and well in both countries. Wasn’t it Brett Baier and Dana Perino who called the election early in Arizona for Biden? Never cared for either of them. IMO Sean Hannity (which was one of my favorites on Fox along with The Five) is a back stabbing, phony Trump supporter. Trump seemed to think highly of him. Excellent editorial as always. Thank you.

  14. A sherif in Wisconsin found that 100% of the residents in nursing homes in his county voted in the 2020 election. Furthermore, expanding on this discovery he found that this happened in every county. With probably a quarter of the patients suffering from dementia or Alsheimers, one has to suspect some very serious cheating.

  15. Cheating did not have to be at the ground level in election stations, it most definitely happened by media and social media. Via algorithms, censorship, media manipulations, false stories, outright lies, constant dissenting, undermining, etc. All these served to sway public opinion and plant seeds of negativity. Who cares if they weren’t true, they have been sufficiently planted into the heads of the general public to create unassuredness and nervousness about Donald Trump.

  16. Another great article. I feel the same way every time someone sends me similar articles condemning Trump. Makes me angry but I grin and bare it……….for now anyway.

  17. Marvelous, marvelous editorial!! God Bless You for your strong principles and your strong spine in telling the idiots out there to take a flying leap! I admire you more every day; I just wish more people had your courage & good sense. Thank you so much for never backing down & telling the truth!!!

  18. Changing election laws @ the last min by people who did not have the authority is against the law except if you are democrat. This did take place. I for one, will encourage people to do a write in for Trump if the dems get him off the ballot. I will follow my own advice and write Donald J Trump for president on my ballot. God save the United States of America.

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