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Do You Remember Katarina Witt – The Brazen East German Beauty, who Captured the Heart of the Figure Skating World as one of the Greatest Singles Female Figure Skaters of all Time.

Katarina Witt . . . Won her First Olympic Gold Medal in the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics, with Beauty, Grace, Brashness, Sexuality and a Tremendous Level of Skating Accomplishment . . . But Katarina Witt Looked Nothing Like The Fascist/Communist Country (East Germany) She Represented.


When Asked In An American Interview, why Katarina Witt was Able to Own a Car, which in East Germany was Unavailable to the Mass Population, Why she was Able to Have her Own Apartment and a Dacha (Country House), which was also a Luxury Reserved for Very Few East Germans & Why she Got to Wear Extremely Fashionable Clothing in a Society where Fashion was Frowned-Upon – Her Simplistic Answer, Effectively – Was . . . Because I’m Katarina Witt.

I Know What She Said . . . Because I Saw The Interview.

The Questions We Have To Ask Are . . . Why Katarina Witt? And was Katariina Witt the Only East German to Get the “American” Lifestyle (Treatment), in an Elitist Communist/Fascist Country Governed by a Supposedly Egalitarian Government?

The Answer Is No, Since in that Elitist/Fascist/Communist Country, Only the Insiders Lived the Lives which were Denied to the Overall Population.

But To Expand Upon East Germany After WWII & Nazi Germany Before WWII . . . To Convince their People that their Societies were the Best in the World, the Two Germanys used Propaganda to Tell Lies and to Withhold Truths.

And Both Societies Cheated at International Sporting Events to Convince their Populations of their National & Cultural Superiority, which Spurred DNA Testing of Athletes Not that Long Ago, since Both Germanys Used Male Athletes to Compete in Female Competitions to Win. Does That Sound Familiar?


You Can’t Make Me Create JobsYou Can’t Make Me Build What I Don’t Want To Build . . . And you Can’t Make Me Learn your Truth if that’s Not What I Want to Accept, Especially if I Have Access to Learn from Various Competing Points of View.

But That’s What’s Happening In North America & Worldwide.

We’re Slipping Towards A Pseudo Egalitarian Society . . . Where our Choices are Limited-To Passive Acceptance . . . Or To Fight Like Hell – Ignoring All The Rules Of The Marquis Of Queensbury.

In Krav Maga . . . There Is Only One Rule In Combat – WIN By All Means Necessary.

I Hope You Won’t Feel Too Badly Of Me For This Opinion . . . When your Life and/or the Lives of those you Love are On-The-Line – What Won’t You Do To Eliminate The Threat?


We Can’t Fight Like Ladies & Gentlemen While Our Haters (Enemies) . . . are Doing all they Can to Rip our Throats Open by Any Means they Can.

We Have A Simple Choice – Play By Their Dirty Rules . . . Or Make Our Own Dirty Rules – by which we Will Force our Enemies to Play . . . if that’s What it Takes.


But First – Not That I Am In Any Way Condoning-It . . . Let me Tell you About Putin’s Missile War on Ukrainian Civilians . . . What Putin Is Doing Is Beastly . . . but has Been a Military Tactic Since the Beginning of Recorded Warfare.

The Nazis Knew They Could Never Defeat England With A Land Invasion . . . But they also Believed, that with Enough of a Continuous Arial Bombardment (Blitzkrieg) Against Major British Cities, they Could Weaken the Resolve of the British Government to Fight-On . . . And It Almost Worked – Had It Not Been For Sir Winston Churchill.

In February Of 1942 – Air Marshal Arthur Travers Harris – Best Known as Bomber Harris . . . Took Full Control of the British Air Command, who Also Knew that British Troops were No Match for the German Army, Especially On The European Mainland.

Harris Also Knew that Strategic Bombing of German Military Installations & War Producing Factories were Too Costly as Targets for his Out Gunned, Out-Manned & Outnumbered Bombers . . . So Harris Took The Next Best Step, and Like the Nazis, Harris Dedicated his Bombers to the Total Destruction & Annihilation of Major German Cities, which the Luftwaffe Couldn’t Sufficiently Defend.

Bomber Harris Said – When – “The Only Thing That Matters Is You Win . . . You Bloody Well Win!”

Even In Mid-February Of 1945, as the War was Coming to an End, with Hitler’s Nazi Soldiers & Luftwaffe all but Decimated – Bomber Harris Ordered a Savage Bombing on Dresden, which by all Modern Standards would Have Amounted to a war Crime, as Many (No Shortage) of His Other Bombings would Have Also Been Considered.

However . . . To Harris’ Belief – “I Do Not Personally Regard The Whole Of The Remaining Cities Of Germany As Worth The Bones Of One British Grenadier”.

Harris Understood War – You Fight to Win at all Costs, even if it is a Loss to Your Humanity, Because Losing Is Not An Option. Harris Also Wanted to Leave the Germans with Something to Think About, if they Ever Wanted to Wage War Again, and to Punish all Germans for the Hell the Nazis Wreaked upon the World.

Today . . . By Many Historians – Certainly German Historians . . . Bomber Harris Was A War Criminal, However, to Most German Officers Near the End of the War, they Understood that the Greatest Defeat the Germans Suffered Wasn’t their Loss on the Russian Flank, Nor was it the Invasion of Normandy . . . It Was The Relentless Savage Bombing Of Bomber Harris’ Command.

Forget The Geneva Convention . . . Because I Can Tell you About War Stories I Heard Firsthand by Canadian, British & American WWII Veterans whom I Have Met, who Weren’t Shy or Reluctant to Reminisce About the War Crimes Committed by Our Side, to the Point that the Overly Vaunted Soldiers of the Reich Wet their Pants When they Knew who they were Fighting & What Awaited for them If & When they Lost.

Here’s The Bottom Line . . . Whether we Want to Believe it or Not – We’re In An Existential Battle For Our Freedoms Against A Relentless Foe, Which To Date Has Resorted To All Dirty Means Possible.

Are We Going To Be Bomber Harris – Or Are We Going To Be Surrender-Monkeys?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wow! Very enlightening!! That’s why we need Trump back in office. He’s the only one who can be our Bomber Harris. If only……..but they are out to destroy him any way possible. If only he would stop helping them and keep his comments about certain things to himself….and stop giving the left ammunition to use against him. Let’s Go Brandon!

  2. So what are our options, do we have any? Voting doesn’t seem to get much done so what’s left?

  3. While the left wing voting dupes lose prosperity for all of us, the elites and their pampered puppet politicians live in ever increasing luxury.

  4. “If Someone comes to kill you…rise up and kill him first”. The Babylonian Talmud/Tractate Sanhedrin ( Portion 72; Verse 1)

  5. This was very enlightening and TO THE Point! Thought provoking for sure!

  6. I’m old and decrepit and will not see the resolution of the current ills but as Jefferson said 235 years ago it will come to blood shed or slavery for my heirs. It was not my intention to leave them so ill prepared however the times are evil and changing too fast. The madness has to be stopped.

  7. stand up, talk and defend yourselves/ ourselves, you should not to be afraid of defending your personal beliefs in either of our countries, don’t be shouted down by their noise, believe in yourself and your convictions

  8. To beat the corrupt fascist bastards we need to fight dirtier than they do. Call me a redneck. Please.

  9. I been wondering WHEN people would once again STAND UP for OUR beliefs. No one has a right to ‘cancel our culture.’ Men cannot have babies. Men are NOT women because they SAY so. White people are NOT the cause for all the ills in the black community. TIme to REFUSE to accept these false statements and NON-science. Emperor has NO clothes – REMEMBER????!!!

  10. Benito Mussolini once said “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of the state and corporate power.” In the actions of the governments of Ottawa and Canada, we are now able to clearly see the previously hidden face of global Fascist totalitarianism, by which I mean the fusion of the power of large corporations with the power of the State- as Facism has been defined by Mussolini.

  11. There are folks in WA that love power and money, live better than most and could care less about the folks that voted them into office. Elections are FIXED, we are not going to get control and if we do there are enough RINOS that just give us the feeling we won but will do what they want. We are being crushed by our economy on purpose. Hitler did the same thing after promising Prosperity. Once we are cold, starving, begging for help, the civil war will start. Biden is letting millions illegals

  12. Just call me “Harris”, and I will support Trump because he has proven he can lead, especially in foreign affairs. Our very lives and countries depend on it.

  13. Today, we live in a society, whereby, if someone breaks into your house, threatens you, assaults your wife, and you beat the living crap out of him, YOU are going to jail, because our Liberal judge will look upon you and say,” I’m sure if you talked to your ,(alleged), assailant, there could have been another way to handle this situation”. That’s why there are no more Bomber Harris’s.

  14. We need the Bomber Harris’s today. When people see what Biden’s two years left will bring, even with a so-called change in the House majority, many more will be ready to take up the fight. The House majority is a “barely” so won’t mean a thing due to RINOs. Big Corporations have taken over Congress via $$$ & influence/power. Don’t count on them allowing Trump to win in 24. We The People must be ready & that may just be the final straw.

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