Blood, Guts & Victory


As Unbelievable As The Preceding Headline Is . . . Israel Survived Multiple Wars But Never Won.

Every-Time Israel was on the Cusp of Real Victory, Either the United States of America or the United Nations Forced Israel into some Semblance of a Ceasefire.

Even After The 6-Day War (1967) . . . Israel Didn’t Demand a Surrender from Her Multiple Enemies. Nor Did Israel Demand Surrender After the Yom Kippur War (1973). And Even as Israel Surrounded the Egyptian 3rd Army in the Sinai at Conclusion of the Yom Kippur War . . . Israel Was Ordered To Back-Off By The President Of The United States Of America.

After All Of Israel’s Non-Victories . . . Israel’s Enemies Rose To Attack Again.


As I See-It . . . Israel Has Just One Option – Complete Decimation Of The Enemy.

Israel Owes Total Victory To The Israeli People & To The Jewish Community Worldwide . . . Any Other Option is Unthinkable and will Only Serve to Perpetuate . . . What Has Been 75-Years Of Blood, Guts & Tears For The Jewish People.

No Country In The World Would Accept This Human Carnage Upon Its People – Why Should Israel?

Israel Is A Real Country, and Not just the Bum-Boy for the Likes of Joe Biden and the Mostly LEFTIST American Political Class (LEFTIST American Jews Included) . . . Israel Must Act with Action Opposed to Words & Show the Entire Anti-Semitic World What the Cost Will Be for Any and all Acts of Hostile Terrorist Anti-Semitism.

In World War Two In Europe, Near the End of the War, Bomber Harris, Marshal Of The Royal Airforce Ordered the Bombing on all German Structures, But Notably On Dresden, Which Obliterated The City.

The Argument, even Today, was that the Bombing of Dresden Served No Military Purpose and was Nothing Short of a War Crime, HOWEVER – the Bombing of Dresden Served as a Warning to the Germans and all others that the Cost of Making War Against England was so Brutal & Egregious, That The Next Person Thinking To Wage War Against Britain Should Think Again.

When Truman Ordered The Nuclear Bombings Of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, it was Argued Then & Today, that the Bombings Didn’t Have to Happen, and America Could Have Waited-Out Japan in a National Siege . . . HOWEVER – The Bombings Served a Greater Purpose than Just Ending the War – The Bombings Taught A Never To Be Forgotten Lesson To Anyone Foolhardy Enough To Go To War Against America.


If Israel Does Not Wipe-Out Gaza & Kill All Of Hamas – Israel Does Not Deserve To Be A Nation.

As Coldblooded As This Is . . . the People of Gaza Elected a Terrorist Government, and those who Did Not Elect Hamas to Govern them, Should Have Left The Sewer Of Gaza When They Could.

And Don’t Forget This . . . The Reason Why Abbas Hasn’t Called An Election Since the Death of Arafat (PLO), is Because the Palestinian Authority Ruled by Fatah Would Have Lost in Large Numbers to Hamas.

So Save Me Your Consternation & Bleeding Hearts . . . for the Poor & Downtrodden Arabs who Call themselves Palestinians, who Cheer, Dance in the Streets & Hand-Out Candies at the News of Israeli, Jewish and or American Slaughters, Such As The Arab World Did On 9/11 (September 11, 2001).

When the Arabs & Non-Arab Jew-Haters Take to the Streets Chanting Death to Israel . . . Substitute Israel For Death To Jews.

When the Anti-Semites Promote BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) Against Israel, they are Promoting a Fiscal & Cultural War Against all Jews.

And When The Jew-Haters ChantFrom The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free, it Means Death to all Israelis, Since in Much of the Arab World, Certainly in What the Arabs Call Palestine, Jewish Life On Their Territories Is Verboten.

Don’t Be Fooled . . . Not-All, But Most of the “So-Called Downtrodden Palestinians” Hate Israel, Hate Jews & Would Not Hesitate to Put Jews on Rail Cattle Cars, Into Gas Chambers & Cremate Jewish Bodies . . . As If The Jews Were Of No Human Value.

In Australia . . . A Large Mob Of Thugs Chanted Gas The Jews. In America, Canada, England & Elsewhere, Pro Hamas Signs Read . . . Hitler Was Right. So Where do We (Jews) Begin to Feel Sorry for People who Hate-Us so Much, That To Them, The Holocaust Was Richly Deserved By Us?

How Does Israel Bemoan The Death & Suffering Of A People Who Want A Second Holocaust?

Israel Did Not Invade Gaza. Israel Has No Authority in Gaza, there are No Jews Living in Gaza, there are No Israeli Check-Points in Gaza, Gaza Depends Upon Israel for Electricity & Water . . . And Employment in Israel Proper for Gazans to Make Enough Money to Feed their Families – So Where Comes The Demand From Global Anti-Semites For Israel To End The Occupation Of Gaza?

Let Me Make This Succinct . . . Bomber Harris Was Right. Truman Was Right & Israel Better Take Notice.

Anne, Falcon & I Will Be Heading South This Monday Morning. I Will Try to Write while we are on the Road. But Chances Are I Will Not. But, by November 1, 2023, we Should be Ensconced in Myrtle Beach, and by November 2, 2023 . . . I should Have a New Editorial Published.

Hopefully . . . By November 2, 2023 – Israel will Have Made Some Serious Progress & Mike Johnson, the New Speaker of the Republican House, will Have Laid-Down his Marker & Call Towards a Better America – MAGA.


We Know How Pro-Palestinians Behave . . . Click Here To Watch & Listen To How Jews Behave.

In The Meantime . . . Am Yisroel Cha – Israel Lives.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Islam Gaza is being pulverized. Will take bit to eradicate the beasts but they are lined up. Bunker busting ordnance being used. Signature. A grey billowing smoke cloud with a red fire bottom origin. I prefer full use of zhat before ground sweep. .

  2. Howard, Amen! Well written & I agree, wipe out Hamas. NO CEASE FIRE! Ron

  3. You are absolutely right Mr. Galganov. Safe travels to Myrtle Beach.

  4. I agree with you Howard. Unfortunately there are so many self hating Jewish people that will do everything in their power to prevent Israel from having a victory. Both in Israel and the United States. Also, Israel is going up against the one world government dynasty dedicated to no national pride or ownership of any land. Am Yisrael Chai! Ode Avinu Chai!!

  5. Seems the Gaza residents will have brought whatever happens to them on themselves. Having voted in HAMAS as their leaders, the Gaza, and West Bank, people are living in a 7th century age of massacre of enemies. Israel, being of the 21st century, can not do that but they can wreck the place pretty well and kill the fighters. Afterwards a blockade to keep the rebuilding of munition supplies and military structures should be implemented. Now, to neutralize Iran….

  6. I agree with you 100%. Israel needs to bomb Palestine right to the ground and everyone in it!!!!! It’s the only way this war can end. Hamas will never give up their desire to kill all Jews!!!!!

  7. I totally agree with you. Torah says thou shall not murder- not thou shall not kill. Killing Hamas and Palestinians is not murder, it is long term defence and required for the future of Israel.

  8. 100% Correct. NOW is Israel’s time to END ALL future attempts against her. Getting at Hamas control center in Shifa Hospital an absolute MUST. Israel WILL accomplish it. Israel WILL prevail. Amen. I wish you, Anne and Falcon a very SAFE journey to and from Myrtle Beach. Peace be with you.

  9. War is not a nice business. The Gaza Strip needs to be cleaned out and become part of Israel. If the peaceful Palestinians wish to leave, let them. If that message is not clear, then the West Bank would be next. Enough is enough. It is interesting to note that the Hamas leaders are supposed to be living in Dubai rather than the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. I wonder why??

  10. It’s the War of Independence all over again. Israel must rid itself of radical Islam. Then Iran is next. If they ever get the bomb, the world may lose a couple of billion folks. Biden has been funding both sides of this war. In 1929 Arabs butchered Jews in Hebron. They have never stopped. Now they will be sent to Allah!

  11. The leftist world is calling on Israel to back off. Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah are all still firing missiles and bombs at Israel but the leftist world is ignoring that. The missile that hit the hospital was one of many the Jihad were firing directly over the hospital. Israel has stated they are only targeting terrorists, not so for the “other team”. As long as Gazans allow terrorists to stay there Israel will be at risk. Happy trails.

  12. As I was watching a video about the horrible attack on Jewish individuals on HBO at The Tree of Life Temple (?) years back in Pennsylvania, in the middle of it they showed President and Mrs Trump coming to pay their respects to the people who were killed and/or wounded. Then, unbelievably, they tried to blame the shooters actions on Donald Trump! That he has incited all of this “white supremacist” violence! Unbelievable! The one president who supported Israel!!!

  13. As someone whose recently deceased father was both a bomber over Dresden (RCAF)and who flew for Israel in 1948 with Al Schwimmer’s troupe bringing in arms from the Czech Republic, it is my opinion that the Saudi and UAE leadership would love Israel to decimate Hamas(Iran) and thus establish itself as the main superpower in the Middle East. Then they would not have to rely on the incompletely reliable USA to protect them from Tehran. They would also like to see Qatar vulnerable. Am Yisrael Chai

  14. Drive careful baby Falcon aboard. Comment your trip to God and ask for His guidance and protection.

  15. Agreed. The haters are gonna hate anyway. The videos you’ve shared on the 26th and today are very moving – tears with today’s – all those beautiful faces. Thank you. Travel safely.

  16. The Bully has attacked Israel, they proclaim to want to Kill All Jews. Fight back will all you have, do not stop when they say UNCLE, Cease Fire my ass that just means “Stop while I reload”. Hamas should be treated like the Nazi War Criminals, shot or hung, period. The Hamas “leaders” that are in Dubai should be among those HUNG. Also, Don’t allow Biden to send Billions of Aide for rebuilding, it will be used to buy Weapons. IRAN is going to attack us, like a snake in the grass, with border

  17. Fully agree. Do NOT forget this disagreement & these battles have been going on since Mohammad —– he is the guy that started all this. And, it is not going to change as long a 20% of the Muslims (Terrorists / Hamas / etc.) continue attacking the Jews —– and, while the remaining 80% of Muslims remain silent. All this fits the game-plan to O-Biden, a Muslim, to “fundamentally change America.” He has been, and is being, very successful!!!

  18. Semetic definition: “relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.” This makes Jews and Arabs part of the same denomination. Therefore, arabs who are antisemites are also a bit anti-themselves in that sense. Since Islam values death more than life, it still makes sense, right?

    Actually – Anti-Semitism Has Morphed Over The Years To Exclusively Define Jew-Hatred – HG:

  19. Way to many brainwashed ignorramuses in the world , including the west. Multiculturalism on steroids has destroyed the reasons why the USA was created in the first place. If you don’t understand the constitution , don’t come , and if your already here and don’t like it , leave. There are hate rallies going on all over the world that would make Hitler proud. Hit Iran while they are weak and pray China and all the other Tyrannies don’t back them up , while a weak dummy leads the free wor

  20. Howard, please be save driving here to Myrtle Beach. I would love the chance to meet you both while you are here. My mom was so excited when she found out you would be in MB, she had so hoped to meet you too. Please reach out if it is possible to meet.

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