If You’re Not Angry Now – When?


If You Don’t Detest The Current Governments Of The United States Of America And/Or Canada. . . You Neither Love America Nor Canada, Because the Two Governments (Biden/Trudeau) Leading the People of Both Countries . . . Are Leading The People In A Direction . . . The People Have Never Agreed To Follow.


When We Continue Hearing From The Media, For The Last 2-Years, How the “Migrants” Streaming Across the US Southern Border are Immigrants, “Migrating” to the USA . . . Networks like Fox News, which Keeps Repeating the Canard that the Biden Administration Has to Go to the Border to see the Inflow of “Migrants” for Itself, Tells Me That Fox News Is Ignorant, Or That Fox News Believes That We The People Are Ignorant.

And I Don’t Believe For A Second That Fox News Is Ignorant.

Fox News Is Permanently Stationed On The Southern Border. Fox News Has their Drone Images. Fox News Goes on Ride-Alongs with the US Border Patrol . . .  by Horseback, Boat, Helicopter, ATV, Truck & On-Foot.

Fox News Captures the Visuals of “Immigrants” Swimming Across the Rio Grande, Drowning in the Rio Grande & Being Hauled by Border Patrol onto Border Patrol Boats from the Rio Grande.

Fox News Shows the Massive Waves of the “Migrants” on the Roads, Under Bridges and at Detention Centers . . . And What Does This Audience Generating Coverage Cost Fox News? . . . BUBKES.

It’s All About Drama, Audience, Numbers & Ratings, which is Not to Say that there Aren’t Fox News Reporters & Anchors who Really Care, because I am Quite Certain Many Do . . . But That’s Not What It’s All About. It’s About Money!

Every Time Fox News Demands To Know . . . Where Is The President?

“Where is the Vice President? And Where is Mayorkas? Don’t they Know that the Southern Border is Being Swamped with Migrants”? . . . Fox News is Playing with You, Because Fox News Knows the Truth . . .

They Knew The Truth From Day-One Two Years Ago. They Just Refused To Say-It.

What’s Happening on the Southern Border isn’t Caused by Incompetence or Ignorance . . . The Invasion of America is Planned and is Being Executed Brilliantly as Per Plan. It is Not a Mistake that the Biden White House & Biden’s Handlers are Allowing this Invasion to Happen . . . It’s Happening Because this is the LEFTIST One World Government Strategy . . .

I’m Picking-On Fox News . . . Not Because Fox News is Any Worse than all the Others, Since they’re all Dreadful, But Rather, I’m Picking-On Fox News because Fox News is Playing its Audience for Fools, Giving the Impression that Fox is all over this Border Issue, which it is, But Not For The Reasons Fox News Wants To Convince Its Audience.

I’m Not Suggesting that Fox News isn’t a Really Entertaining Station & Doesn’t Have Informative Shows, Because it Does . . . What I Am Saying, Is That Fox News Plays The Game Like All The Others.

I Live More Than 2,000-Miles North Of The US Southern Border (Eagle Pass) In Canada.

As a Canadian, I Saw What was Happening on the US/Mexican Border – Exactly For What It Was . . . The Invasion of Illegals Was (Is) A Preplanned, Incredibly Organized Invasion of Illegal Aliens Flooding the United States of America as Part of a One World Strategy . . . And Biden’s Administration Was (Is) Leading The Charge.

And I Guarantee . . . With All The Brain-Power At Fox News & The Other Media, They Knew-It Too.


These Are Not Migrants – These Are Invaders. These Are Not Asylum Seekers. These Are Illegal Invaders Looking to Skip the Immigration Line & Grab What Isn’t Theirs. These Illegals Will Change the Face, Culture & Politics of the United States of America Forever . . . Which Is The Absolute Goal Of The Globalist One World Government.


The Blueprint For What’s Happening In America Was Written Long Ago.

If You Ever Read “Das Kapital” By Karl Marx, Father of Communism, which was First Published in 1867 in Germany, You’d Recognize the Strategy, which was the Foundation for the Thinking of Politicians Like Barrack Hussein Obama & Hillary Clinton.

If You’ve Ever Read “Rules For Radicals”, Written By Saul Alinsky & Published In 1972, You would Understand Exactly What the American LEFT is Doing to Overthrow the Sovereignty of America by Overwhelming the System.

Spending Trillions Of Dollars Like Monopoly Money Isn’t Incompetent Economics, it is Part of the Foundation of the Communist Manifesto. It is at the Very Heart of the Things Saul Alinsky Wrote About in his Rules For Radicals . . . How To Overwhelm & Destroy The System By Collapsing The Value Of The Dollar.

Do You Think “Rules For Radicals” Was Just A Story For Hillary Clinton Who Wrote Her Thesis On It?


Ever Wonder Why The LEFT Uses The Word Democracy & Rarely Constitutional Republic?


What I’m Writing About Isn’t From Conjecture. I’m Not Pre-Supposing & I’m Not Making Any of this Up. The Story we are Living with Today was Written Well Over 100-Years Ago. And this Isn’t Something New, since Going Back to London England in 1884, there was the Fabian Society, a Society Founded by British Elitists Who were Dedicated to Turning England into a “Democratic Socialist State”, which has had a Profound Influence on British & Global Politics, Even Today.

Why Do You Think The British Elitists Hated Margaret Thatcher So Much?


They Don’t Hate Trump Because Trump Writes Mean Tweets, or Uses Colorful Language, or is Braggadocios & In Your Face Confrontational.

They Hate Trump – Because Trump Knows Who & What They Are . . .
. . . And He’s The Only One Who Can Stop Them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent piece, Howard. The flood of illegal aliens – I don’t use the word immigrant because I am a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen – is a travesty that can destroy America. I disagree that Trump is the only person who can stop this. My SuperGovernor Ron DeSantis, if he chooses to run, also has the cojones – or baitzim if you prefer – to meet this head-on. He also has the additional quality of being able to win a general election, a quality that Mr. Trump no longer has. #DeSantis2024

  2. In my opinion, all of these ideas that persuade people to adhere to a philosophy that is controlling and not at all beneficial to their well being is due to the fact that people have never had an education in how to think and determine reality. People, in a way, are like a bunch of chalk boards and whoever writes on the chalkboard and whatever is written on that board/person stays forever unless that person erases whatever is written. Only knowing how to determine reality can correct matters.

  3. You finally hit the jackpot, Howard! “One World Govt” headed up by none other than Klaus Schwab. Leader and founder of the “World Economic Forum” w/ the Clintons, Kissinger, Soros. Gates and the Biden Gang, and your favorite Son, Trudeau. as members in good standing. Klauses father was a friend and confidant of Adolph Hitler. Wikipedia has some info on Jr.

  4. Wow! Excellent article, Howard. I agree 100% with everything you said. I’m amazed that, generally, people are not getting this picture of why these aliens are really entering the USA and how it will eventually destroy the country and us in Canada too!!!.

  5. I grew up in border towns as my dad was a Customs Inspector, mostly in Arizona. It can’t be anything BUT an invasion. They’ve ruined the southern parts of all of the four border states. The only way we can win (without cheating) the next election is to clean up the voter rolls. All the knocking on doors and making phone calls in the world can’t beat fraudulent ballots!

  6. Everyone knows that the Dems cheat at the polls, that is a fact. the mail in ballots are coming from paid folks that get a list of names and ballots. They fill them out and drop them and get paid for doing it. They claim they are helping those who cannot read, move or are dead and wish to vote. I am mad as our gov’t is doing nothing about it ad they are doing nothing about the border. Life is going to get real tough for many this winter, but it is going to even tougher for the stupid ones.

  7. Excellent and Spot on Howard! How do you cook a Frog?Very Slowly, as the water gets hotter the Frog Adapts.UNTIL it can no longer adapt, then it DIES! There has been many pivotal times in our History.One of them was, in the 5th grade 1962 (I was 10)Bibles were in the Public Schools.In the 6th grade They Were GONE.On 1-9-66 the NYT posted GOD is DEAD.You can hear a pin drop, no protests, no comments from Clergy! After WW-1 we fell asleep. WW-2 the sleeping Giant woke up!Only to fall into a COMA!

  8. Fox News is a business as a provider of information.Theyre not perfect but still way better than any others in that they show and tell whats really happening, in this case, at the southern US border.They have a large degree of credibility.But what more should they or can they do? Should they then go on to urge us to leave our homes and gather down there, or in our own local city streets to peacefully protest in the tens or hundreds of thousands just as the brave Sri Lankans and Brazilians? ???

  9. What you have written, Mister Howard , is the clear and unvarnished truth! I have no doubt that it is Obama who is completely in charge of this crazy third term, intent on altering and planting the seeds which will lead to the destruction of the America we have known. So many American voters have proven their stupidity; Will they be smarter two years from now? I would not place a bet on it… AEN

  10. Read an Epoch Times article awhile back that the UN rounds up international citizens wanting or willing to come to USA & then our State Dept pays the expenses to get them to Mexico & the border. Klaus Schwab/WEF has been drilling into world leaders for years steps to take to better the world economy (likely their personal wealth as well). Then the Great Reset was introduced for the population (not the elite). You will own nothing & be happy. It’s all OWO steps, sped up after Trump prez.

  11. Spot on Howard! I’ll be quoting an except from this fine text (“If your not angry now”) on my Monday morning radio program. I am proudly displaying my MAGA Trump flag, outside my Woonsocket, RI home, ever since Trump announced he will be running again! Enjoy your winter in Florida.

  12. I agree with “most” of your editorial…all networks want to make their news interesting & often over dramatize events to do so! But, if FOX NEWS didn’t SHOW us these everyday happenings…the tremendous number of illegal immigrants crossing into our country in addition to the thousands of criminal “get-a-ways” plus the drugs, drownings & suffering of adults & children, how would we EVEN KNOW it was happening? The other liberal networks have totally ignored the entire “DISASTER”! WHY??

    You’re Right!- HG

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