When Victims Are Victims Of Themselves


This Is The First Few Days . . . that the Province of Ontario has Allowed Limited Camping (RVing), Where Anne, Stryker & I are in Ottawa (Canada’s Capital) as I’m Writing this Editorial.

We Are In Our Smaller Air-Conditioned RV, Taking Advantage Of Our New Found “Freedom”.


April The Cat Is At Home On The Farm In Air Conditioning, because April is Old (18-Years Old). We Didn’t want to Take the Chance of Having April in a Very Warm RV while we Traveled.

Anne & I Decided to Take a Few Days to do Nothing but Relax on this Weekend, along with some Friends, who Joined us at the RV Park in their own RV . . . And Then the American Liberals & Canadian Wannabes Ruined it for us, simply Because they’re Stupid, Dangerous & Deadly . . . . And Must Really Be Confronted With Immediacy.

Hence This Editorial.


Slightly More Than 50-Years Ago . . . (It Seems Like Yesterday) I worked as a Junior Salesman in Canada for an American Company Called GBC (General Binding Corporation), which Manufactured & Sold Commercial (Office) Paper-Handling Equipment, by way of In-Office Machinery & Supplies for Binding & Collating Reports – Etc.

Our Biggest Competitor Was Xerox . . . Which Contracted An American University to Develop a Course to Train & Teach their Sales Force on how to Sell Most Efficiently.

The Course Xerox Paid to have Developed was so Successful, that Xerox Later Marketed the Course as a Separate Business – Called The PSS-Course (Professional Selling Skills Course), which I Took & Later Taught.

I Won’t Go Into The Xerox Course . . . Because The Entire Course Can be Summed-Up In Two Simple Ways.

1 – ASK FOR THE ORDER . . . Because Most Salespeople Make their Presentation & Never ASK For The Order, Mostly I am Guessing out of a Fear of Rejection.

2 – DON’T TALK YOURSELF PAST THE ORDER . . . This is Really Important, because Many Salespeople who are Excited to Get the Order, Don’t know when to Shut-Up & Just Take the Win, which Far Too Often Leads to the Customer having Second Thoughts.

I Am Writing This For Two Reasons . . .

The First Is . . . What Are The Purveyors Of Black Lives Matter Selling? Before you can Sell Something (Anything), you have to know what You’re Selling. What’s Your Product? In the Case of Black Lives Matter – What I Assumed What Was Their “ASK” . . . was for the Removal of a Bad Cop who Needlessly Murdered a Black Thug, Which Was Caught On Video.

If 100% Of America Didn’t Agree With That Black Demand . . . 99% DID.

Also – Remarkably . . . As Fact Bears-Out, More White Unarmed Thugs are Killed by Cops Each Year than are Black Unarmed Thugs. And Not all Shootings of Unarmed Thugs are Caused just by White Cops. So, Black People weren’t and aren’t the Only People who Want to Weed-Out Bad Cops, Not That All Shootings Of Unarmed Thugs Is UNWARRANTED.

Everyone (Black & White) Would Like To See Police Forces As Professional As Possible. And Here Comes The Rub. Most Police Forces are Fabulous at what they Do Under Most Often Extremely Difficult Conditions. They Don’t Need all the Garbage that’s Being Thrown their Way.


The Black Community . . . Allowed Themselves To Be Talked-Past The Order By Agitators They Thought Were Friends.


It All Begins Here . . .

Educators . . . Adult Men & Women Who Never Left School. Who have been Trained, Trained & Retrained to believe in a LEFTIST Utopia by the Government, which is Subservient to the Wealthy & Politically Powerful Teacher’s Unions.

Media . . . Mostly Young Men & Women who’ve been Educated (Inculcated) by Educators who Never Left School and have ZERO Real World Working Experience.

Actors . . . Men & Women who Dedicate Themselves to being Anyone they are Really Not. To them, the Roles they Play are their Realities, Infused with a Massive Belief in their Intellectual Self Importance, because of the Small Army of Writers, Directors, Producers & Fans which Dote on Them.

On Stage Performers . . . Men & Women who Know how to Entertain. How to Command the Adulation of Audiences through Song & Dance; To Massive Ego-Pumping Cheering Throngs, giving On-Stage Performers the Same Illusion the Actors Revell-In . . . that they are Special, Smart and Have to be Listened-to.

Athletes . . . Football has become a Predominantly Black Sport. Basketball is Virtually an Entirely Black Sport. And many of the Other Team Sports are Heavily Populated by Black Athletes who have Become Rich, Famous & Influential, Not because these Players are Smart & Well Educated, but Rather, because the Players can Run, Catch, Block, Throw, Dribble, Field, Bat, Punch – Etc . . . As Good & As Better As Anyone Else.

Believing Their Wealth & Notoriety Makes Them Smart . . . Somehow Gives Them A Special License To Be Thugs.

Politicians . . . Men & Women who Win Office, who Within the Blink of an Eye Forget who Serves Whom. And in their Private Life – Their Level Of Importance Is Irrelevant, where all of a Sudden, the People have to Answer to the Politician.

I Should Mention that in the Case of the United States of America . . . Politicians are Bought & Paid-For by Special Interests.

In Canada . . . Even though the People Vote for who they Want to Represent them in Parliamentary Elections, it is Exclusively the Party which Chooses who will Run Under the Party Banner, Limiting Real Choice from the People. In Canada, There Are No Primaries.

Bureaucrats . . . Men & Women who in Far Too many Cases are without Working Consequences, Protected by Public Unions, whose “Jobs” Become Well Paid Entitlements from where they can Generally Never be Fired.

If We Were Magicians . . . All The Preceding Would Be The Worst Role-Models We Could Conjure.


Everything that is Substantially Wrong in the United States of America, Canada and Elsewhere in what Was Once The Free Post WWII World . . . Can be Traced to One Source . . . It is the People (Parents) who Allowed Educators to Poison the Minds of their Children.

It Is We The People Who Close Our Eyes To The Education Of Our Children.

THIS LEFTIST BULLSHIT . . . That it Takes a Village to Raise A Child is Not Just Wrong – It Is Dangerous Thinking. It Takes Two Parents To Raise a Child. In some Circumstances where there is Only One Parent . . . It Takes That One Parent To Do The Complete Job – Not A Village . . . And Certainly Not Teachers.

The Nazis Believed . . . The State Should Form The Values Of The Child. So did the Communist Russians. So do the Communist Chinese. So do the Communist Cubans. So Do the Islamist Iranians . . . And On & On.

Pol Pot – The Cambodian Communist Mass Murderer Understood That Educators Were His Greatest Enemy – So He Killed Them.

What Is Happening Across America Today . . . Has Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Black Rights, and Everything to do with the Overthrow of the American Dream, Caused by the Most Intellectually Dishonest & Ignorant People Imaginable.


To Refresh Your Memory . . . It Wasn’t Buying Human Beings because they were Black. It wasn’t Working Black Men & Women, Including their Children to Death. It wasn’t Beating, Whipping, Lynching Black Men & Women, or Chaining them like Animals, or Starving them, or even Raping their Women . . . IT WAS TEACHING BLACK MEN AND WOMEN HOW TO READ & WRITE!

So What Happened?

If Real (Even Fundamental) Education was such a Threat to the Slave Owners, Why in this Day & Age – More Than 150-Years After Black Emancipation, and after Affirmative Action, Mega Billions of Dollars “Invested” in Black Education Grant Money . . . is Education for Black Americans so Undervalued by Men & Women (White & Black Liberals) who Purport that Black Lives Matter So Much . . . That Education Is A Failed Black Cause?

Look At How Many Millionaire Black Players There Are Who Can Barely Read, Write & Speak Cogently. They’re Role Models – Where’s The Success in That?

America & Canada Are Reaping The Crop Of Educational Malfeasance Practiced Over Several Generations.


BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . Has Nothing to Do with the Promotion of Black Americans in Terms of Real Education & Real Social Advancement, Because if it Did . . . Black Americans WOULDN’T be Leading the Entire American Educational System with Startling Bad Grades, where so many Blacks Leave School without Being Able to Properly do Math, Read, Write or Know Much of Anything about the History of the United States of America . . .

. . . And How Much So Many White Americans Did For Black Americans Since The Civil War.


AND NOW . . . Black Americans Have Allowed Themselves To Be Duped As Useful Tools For A COMMUNIST Movement . . . that has had the Effect of Setting Black/White Relations Back Decades – if not Several Generations with an Outright Lie (Fiction) about White People and what Could have Only Been Described as an Integrated Professional System of National Police Forces.

I Can’t Imagine Greater Insults To The People Of The United States Of America Than . . .

1 – Anyone Tacking A Knee To The National Anthem & The Stars & Stripes.

2 – Extorting Billions Of Dollars From Terrified Corporate America For Black Lives Matter.

3 – Rampaging, Burning, Beating, Intimidating, Looting & The Desecration Of American History & Icons.

4 – And Now The Playing Of The Black American National Anthem Before NFL Games.

I’m 100% Certain That There Is No Shortage Of Decent Educated Black People Who Are Just As Saddened As You & Me.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. as the old saying goes,you don’t shoot the messenger the truth is you shoot the criminals who sent the messenger.God bless America {and Canada}.MAGA.

  2. Exactly the thoughts of my family, most friends, and associates. Perfectly stated Howard!

  3. Hit the Nail on the Head! Trump 2020 We need Sloan for Canada

  4. LeBron James is a tool of the Chinese Communist Party. He is also a role model for millions of young Americans. Therein lies a disgraceful inversion of morality, thanks to the nation’s teachers and corrupt media.

  5. Howard, your title and subtitle say all there is to say on this topic. They are the truest and soundest words spoken since these nonsensical riots broke out. Anyone with half a brain and one eye can see that. Liberals of course stick whatever brains and eyes they may have in the ground and keep their rears high in the air to lead them.

  6. The question remains Howard, when will this end? When will the 80% of sheeples still sound asleep finally wake-up? When will we start fighting back even if it brings us to civil war? Most on the left don’t have guns and don’t know how to use them, it’s mostly Conservatives and people on the right that have the guns. This would be the shortest civil war ever. Yes there would be victims and killings. Most that were killed would be useless fiberals that bring nothing to society except destruction.

  7. A Black rapper has agreed with me and encourages everyone to read the BLM website. It tells you exactly who they are. They have a communist manifesto, they are against the nuclear family, they are pro-LGBTQxy+z, and really don’t care about the BLACKS living in America or Canada. The Black Movement is a tool for them to turn the country communist and the young -under fifty – fall prey to it. God Bless America.

  8. Your right but when they skip school or run away from it is it due becasue they are scared to be there? That their ego & pride are so low they feel like they cannot do this? I think that is why I did not like shcool.Was told you are so pretty but not very smart, so I ran away from school a lot thinking I can’t do those things, and I did not nothing made sense to me.Do you think that could also be their reasons? Have a nice week end sorry April could not go with you both Happy week end be safe .

  9. Perfectly described. Now comes the what to do. South Africa should serve as illuminating trail blazer. The tribes outnumbered the White population. And become the rulers. The Tribal way. And will end up as Zimbabwe. I lived there during the transition. In the US they are not the majority and their rule test was provided by the false hybrid administration … of Seotoro Obama. African American is a telling name. They must not be allowed to make of the US an African disaster.

  10. My education began in LA, where if you were a trouble maker a paddle quickly grabbed your attention. At 10, our family moved to CA, I and my sister sat in classes that were then about a full year behind in education. Going through school, I knew that if I screwed up I would be disciplined. Now that does not happen at school or home for kids. Time outs are a joke, there is no control of young punks male or female, I’ll call the CPS if you touch me, not I’m sorry I will not do that again, ruined

  11. POLITICIANS DO forget WHO serves WHOM and they are BOUGHT & PAID FOR by Special Interests! There are many “INTELLIGENT IDIOTS” these days. People are NOT ‘gauged’ by how SMART they are anymore; it’s about how much MONEY they have. Also, if Black Lives Matter so much, why aren’t the Blacks doing something about CHICAGO where Blacks are murdering Blacks? Ruining other people’s properties will NOT RESOLVE Black problems. It’s very sad for the Blacks who ARE educated and good people! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  12. Hey Howard. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are both Marxist/Communist/Socialist organizations. The recent “protest” marches marches went through the cities like tornadoes with pallets of bricks left out to help them. They left nothing behind but destruction. BLM has never stepped up to help people in distress. They exist only to destroy. Enjoy the clean skies and summer sunshine.

  13. Howard, you are so right. I started to take notes before I realized that the entire article deserved it. I worked with a black man who was a college graduate, (football player), who was as dumb as dirt. He became a manager due to affirmative action but spoke Ebonics. He could not form a coherent sentence. Since he was unable to function at his new level, a new position was created where he had no authority. It was a disgrace to intelligent blacks who deserved promotion I witnessed a lot of that.

  14. EDUCATION or indoctrination. When I was a kid in communist Hungary I was a young komsomol a politicised boy scout wearing a red kerchief around my neck, a symbol of the red flag of communism. About two years ago AFTER my usual Holocaust presentation during Q/A, 3 leftist teachers took umbrage when I expressed my disdain for the left. They threatened to lodge an official complaint against me. I said “please do” so we can have an HONEST dialogue. You guessed it. They left huffing and puffing.

  15. Perhaps the “unhappiest” July 4th Independence Day I can remember. We are not, as a nation, celebrating. Instead we are being TOLD we must wear masks, STAY 6 feet away from other people, leave home only if you have to, etc., etc. Places we normally mini-vacation to celebrate are MANDATED Closed, even restaurants & stores are limited in # of people who can go in. IS THIS FREEDOM? Bureaucrats have seized an opportunity to rule, remove freedoms, using fear. It’s NOT independence or liberty!

  16. Add Fauci, Tam, Tedross, Gates,Trudeau, AOC, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler to BLM and Antifa to see what President Trump is fighting to save America and Canada. I may have missed a few but you get the drift to globalism, one world order, Big Brother 1984.

  17. Howard, you covered most of the corrupt bases very well. You forgot to include the legal system that has become a total frustration for the good police that try to do their job. Western society is in shambles and if one looks a how other cultures collapsed it was from the inside. That is where we are at in North America. WE ALL need to wake up! Get down on our knees and ask for guidance an humility.

  18. What I observe going in the states looks like sooner or later will be a civil war. This won’t be the northern army vs the southern army…but citizen to citizen. Ideal to ideal…now it’s a battle for one’s mind…how soon before it becomes something more?

  19. When you get down on your knee(s) you have submitted yourself to a higher power. I won’t get on my knees for anyone or any thing!

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