If It’s Peace Through Strength – Biden’s America Is Lacking Both


You Don’t Guard The Flock With Chihuahuas – That’s The Job Of German Shepherd Dogs.

And You Don’t Breed Puffball German Shepherd Dogs Who Are All Bark & No Bite, who Run Away at the First Threat & Challenge of Violence . . . You Want The Best Trained & Meanest Defenders There Are . . . To Guard The Flock.

And What Does America Have? . . . Biden who Probably Never Threw a Punch in his Life, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin who Wants a Woke Military to Bitch-Slap America’s Enemies, who Went AWOL During a Time of Crisis – And Secretary of State Antony Blinken who Can’t Figure-Out Who’s on First – Let Alone, Who Are America’s Allies & Who Are America’s Enemies.

Then There Are The Talking Heads . . . Karine Jean-Pierre, the Little Black Lesbian with the Hideous Orange/Red Shock of Hair, who Flaps her Lips while Providing Very Little Information that is Either True or Accurate . . . Not that I Mean to Disparage Lesbians or Gay Men . . . Other Than To Say I Really Despise Men & Women Who Trade On Their Skin Color (Race) And/Or Sexuality.

As for John Kirby who Flubs his Way Through Interviews & Jake Sullivan Who Couldn’t Hit a Slow-Pitch the Size of a Basketball with a Baseball Bat . . . Are All Of Whom Are Biden’s Chihuahuas Guarding The Gate.

Why Are They (The Propagandized LEFT), Who are Always Saying Biden Takes the Security of America Seriously? Should That Be Without Saying? Or do they Say it Because they Know that it Simply Isn’t True . . . Just Like Biden’s Tall Tale Of Corn Pop, While Staring Down Corn Pop’s “Bad Boys”?

Funny Thing About Trump – No One Had To Confirm That Trump Took  America’s Security Seriously.


People Like Biden Always Find Others To Blame For The Messes Of Their Own Creation.


Nikki Haley . . . Next To The Tub Of Lard Chris Christie . . . And Next To Taylor Swift, Is The Best Election Pro-Democrat Surrogate The LEFT Can Hope For.

Haley Has Gone From Chaos Follows Trump Everywhere Trump Goes, to Trump Ageism, to Trump Being Cognitively Challenged, to Trump Being Unhinged, to Trump Being a Lame Duck President in His Second Year if He was to Win in November, because Trump Already Served a One Year Term (2017-2021) as President . . . To Repeatedly Implying That Trump Is Petulant.

All These Anti-Trump Haleyisms Will Play Great For The Democrats Once The Real Election Reaches High-Gear.

When Haley Says Chaos Follows Trump – She’s Right – Because Trump is such a Threat to the America-Haters, that Wherever Trump Goes . . . The Chaos which the LEFT Spreads Follows-Him-For-Sure. And Haley, Whether She Believes It Or Not . . . Is 100% Part Of The Chaos.

Once Haley Drops-Out . . . And President Trump Goes Head-To-Head Against Whoever will be the Democrat Candidate, he or she will Use the Haley Anti-Trump Slurs to Prove that Trump is all the Horrible things Haley Said He was . . . What Is Haley Going To Say Then? – I Didn’t Mean-It.


Don’t Look At UNRWA – Move-On . . . Because There’s Nothing To See There.

One Would Have To Be Dumb, Deaf & Blind . . . Not to Understand & Believe that Out of the 13,000 Employees Of UNRWA In Gaza (30,000 Total), Most of which are Palestinian Arabs . . . That Only A Dozen Are Violent Jew-Haters.

If I Was A Betting Man, I Would Take the Bet that out of 13,000 Palestinian Arab Gaza UNRWA Employees Just TWELVE Wouldn’t Be Jew Haters, who “Might” be Incapable of Participating in such a Barbaric Act, as What the Gaza Palestinians Did on October 7, 2023 To More Than 1200 Innocent Israeli Jews & Thousands Of Other Jews Left Wounded.

You Don’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know That The UN Hates Israel With A Sick Passion.

Former UK Prime Minister (Conservative Party – 2010-2016) Who Is The Current Foreign Secretary – David Cameron . . . is Proposing Giving the Palestinians Recognition of Unilateral State-Hood After the Palestinians Conducted the Worst Slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust.

In Addition . . . What Cameron and a Slew of Other Jew-Haters are Implying to Israel . . . If You Want Your People Back (Hostages), and the Bodies of your People who Didn’t Survive the Gaza Palestinian Onslaught, who were Viciously Kidnapped by Hamas Palestinians which Included Members of UNRWA – Israel Should Reward The Savages With Statehood.


Why should I be Surprised with Cameron’s Declaration, since England Broke Every Pledge England Made to the Jews Concerning the Establishment of Israel Before the End of WWI (Balfour Declaration – 1917) . . . and Before the Beginning of WWII (Peel Commission – 1937).


Not Only Did England Not Honor Their Written Commitments As The Mandate-Holder Of Regions Of The Post Ottoman Empire’s Middle East . . . England’s Regional Governor & British Troops Did their Best to Demilitarize the Jews (Jews Owning Firearms Was Illegal Under The British Mandate In Israel) as the Arabs were Gunning-Up to the Teeth, in Anticipation of Wiping-Out Israeli Jews the Moment the UN Passed the Act that Recognized Israel as a Sovereign Nation State (May 14, 1948).

So Why Should I Be Surprised . . . That The Take-Away Of The October 7, 2023 Jewish Slaughter, is to Reward the Slaughterers of the Jews with a State that will Become the Precursor of . . . “From The River To The Sea – Palestine Will Be Free”, which Means the Total Expulsion of Jews from Israel?

Like America – Israel Doesn’t Need Chihuahuas At The Gate . . . Israel Needs Shepherds With Teeth.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The world is run by fools, elected by incompetent, uncaring, uninformed idiots. If it was/is not perfectly clear that Biden is completely unable to administer the country then we don’t deserve anything better. Sad but true.

  2. Watching the morning news, Cory Bush is under investigation for misuse of funds, no surprise. Why is it folks in government feel that they can use Tax Payer money for their own personal use. It is rampant in government, and that is why no one gets more than a bad note in their BS file. Time to start hanging these individuals with Jail Time. I see another Vietnam War on the horizon, send troops with their hands tied having to ask permission to shot back. Time to Bomb Iran, destroy their money pit

  3. As always, another excellent Editorial, Howard. Thank You for telling it like it is. If not mistaken, when President Trump took Office back in 2017, one of the first things he did was defund UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) because Trump knew UNRWA was an extension of Hamas and anti-Semites. Strange how the world is crying for a “ceasefire” by Israel. On October 6, 2023, there was a “ceasefire” BEFORE Hamas brutally attacked and murdered Israelis.

  4. I agree with Ken. If you still vote democrat your just too plain stupid to get past all the bs. Like Andrew Wilkow says, “ you can’t bring THERE over HERE without THERE becoming HERE. “. More and more people are walking over each other in Canadian and American cities every day. People who are Republican or Conservative that don’t vote make me sick.

  5. Great Editorial!!! Nikki is showing ‘some’ of her true colors. Another Mitt Romney. She should be very careful slinging the nasties at Trump because they will all come back and bite her. The weaponized politicos are throwing everything at Trump to shut him down & leaving the crooks run loose. Open your eyes folks, we have a government hell bent on taking over the USA. And I believe today’s protestors are tomorrows terrorists. Hang on it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  6. EXCELLENT! On target on all points. Haley is a stooge of the one world government anti Israel/America camp. Cameron is a traitor to Christians everywhere. He is an insult to the Church of England and the Catholic faith. I pity him when he stand before Creator G-d on judgment day. I do not see him correcting his and GB’s errors. The top levels of our government are occupied by fools, idiots, and traitors. Including DOJ, State, and CIA.

  7. You get what you vote for–unless!…No one would listen to charges of voter fraud–I remember when no court or state would even look at anybody’s evidence–but kept recounting the same bogus vote totals and declaring the vote for Biden legitimate. Funny how that can happen when absentee voters make up the majority of votes and nobody has to show ID in person! I have MY doubts about the 2020 election, I just pray we don’t get the same crap in 2024!

  8. This is the period I believe mankind is in now: 2 Thess 2:9-12 (NKJV) The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs & lying wonders, & with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  9. Ad Hominem won’t phase Trump. Anyone who knows how to get it going, pls start a go-fund-me to pay the $83million for trumped up accusations (no pun intended). Attempt to bankrupt Trump is not the ultimate weapon but will cause a lot of grief & problems. Trump is able to stand strong against all the slings and arrows that have been used against him, suggests divine intervention to reinstall the President who will save America. To Picki Nikki, age is not a problem, incompetence is, re Biden

  10. I agree with all of your comments except the very first paragraph. If you really want to guard the pasture get a Great Pyrenees. These mountain dogs are bred to protect flocks of helpless animals. Casper is a Great Pyrenees from near Atlanta, GA. To protect his small flock of sheep, he had to take on 14 coyotes, killing 11 of them. The breed is the kindest, and most gentle when it is around non-threatening people and other animals. However, when a predator is around – WATCH OUT.

  11. I vote for telling the UN to pack their bags and get out of NYC. They have lost the purpose of why the UN was established. Think the building would make great condos. This place cost the tax payers big bucks each year not to mention the privileges they get away with. Trump had it correct.

  12. Well said! Arrogance, hatred, and hubris, mixed with a huge helping of ignorance – I think you touched on every ingredient of this ugly stew. The more I read and the more loose threads I follow, the more bad actors I learn about. Lots and lots of wolves in sheep’s clothing, so your analogy is absolutely on point!

  13. Just to show you how much Stupidity still exists in Canada – recent polls show 27% still support Trudeau and his Socialist/Marxist Team. Absolutely insane!

  14. U.N. hates Israël ???? Yeah rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt !!!! They are the ones who created it in 1948 so B.S. U.N. Like you wrote Howard: “Moment the UN Passed the Act that Recognized Israel as a Sovereign Nation State (May 14, 1948).”

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