Negotiating Human Lives Like A Commodity

THE BIG CANARD . . . Trump Can't Win Independents & You Need Independents To Win.

“No One Wants To See Another Contest Between Biden & Trump” . . . That’s the Narrative of the LEFT, Globalists and the Ignorant Masses who Believe Whatever is Fed to them . . . But It’s Not True.

I Know A Great Deal Of People . . . And there is No One I Know who Says they Don’t Want to See Another Contest Between Biden & Trump. But I Do Know No Shortage of People who Think Biden is a Disgrace to the Presidency, and is the Worst President in their Memory – And Probably throughout the Entire History of the United States of America . . . But I Never Heard A Person Say Trump Shouldn’t Run – Unless That Person Is Part Of The Lunatic LEFT Or A Republican Trump-Hater.

THE BIG CANARD . . . Trump Can’t Win Independents & You Need Independents To Win.

Do You Know Who Says That? . . . The Same People who Say that the US Border is Closed, that Trump Made Immigration Worse, that the Streets are Safe, the Economy is Good for the Middle Class (Who Can’t Afford Housing, Food & Fuel) . . . And The Back Of Inflation Is Broken.

Are We To Believe That Voters Choose To Be Independents Because The Government Is So Good?

It Seems To Me, that the Only thing Worse in the Minds of the Electorate than Placing their Trust in the Political (Bureaucratic) Process . . . Would Be Stepping Into Excrement On The Street With Your Brand-New Shoes, which Literally Goes for Most Democrats & Republicans.

These are the Same People who Said Trump Couldn’t Win the Vote in the Iowa Caucus, since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with DeSantis’ Massive Financial Support from the Insider Class, who Virtually Invested all his Time, Effort and a Huge Amount of Money was Campaigning . . . Along with the Vocal & Participatory Blessings of the Anti-Trump Governor of Iowa (Kim Reynolds) who was Touted to be the Most Popular Governor (Ever) in Iowa.

The Bottom Line . . . Trump Scored the Single Largest Victory Ever-Recorded in the Iowa Caucus (51%), Winning all but One of the Iowa Counties (98 Out Of 99), Losing The 99th County (Johnson County) By Only 1-Vote.

If You Heard It From The Media & Nikki Haley, Trump’s Iowa Landslide was No Big Deal, since the Caucus had a Smaller Turnout than in the Past. So If It wasn’t a Big Win for Trump Who Won by More than 51% . . . How Small was it a Deal for Nikki Haley Who Finished Third . . . 30% Less Than Donald Trump . . . After Ron DeSantis who Was Trailing Behind Haley Until the Votes were Counted?

So . . . If More Than 50% Was No Big Deal For Trump – What Does That Say For Haley At 20%?

Then There Was New Hampshire . . . Where Haley Flooded the Media with an Enormous Amount of Campaign Advertising Dollars ($30-Million), Outspending Trump ($15-Million) by Two to One, while Haley Campaigned Hard with New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who Campaigned with the Type of Enthusiasm One Would Have Expected if it was he who was Running to Become the Nominee.

And then there were the Huge Number of Votes which Nikki Haley Received from Democrats who Temporarily Listed themselves as Independents to Vote for Haley, Along with a Large Number of Non-Affiliated Independents, RINOS, Insider Corporatives & Never-Trumpers . . . Who Also Voted For Haley . . .

Yet . . . Trump Won More Than 70% Of The Republican Votes . . . And Trounced Haley by Winning More Than 54% Of The Primary, With Haley Coming In Last With A Dreadful 43%.

And Should I Mention, That This Primary Set All Records For Turnout & The Size Of Victory?

SO I ASK YOU . . . Do you Really Believe that Independent Voters are So Stupid & Immune to the Incredible Hardships Caused by Corrupt & Incompetent Leaders, that they Won’t Vote for Donald Trump, who has Already Proved Himself as being the Best Steward America Has, with which to Guide the World in a Direction that Benefits Almost Everyone . . . Except The Global Billionaire Class Of Elitists?

Do You Really Believe That Barack Hussein Obama, through his Bum-Boy (Biden), Has Already Succeeded in Fundamentally Changing America to the Point that America Can’t be Saved?

If Trump Doesn’t Win In November 2024, That Could Very Well Be The Case. But I Strongly Contend that there are Still More than Enough Americans who will See-Through the Propagandized Media and all the Lies Taught through Academia . . . that Come Election-Day this November, In-Spite of all the Cheating the LEFT will Attempt (And Get Away With), This Will Not Be A Stolen Repeat Of 2020.


Trump Is Leading In Literally Every Category . . . in Virtually all the Contested States, and by Huge Demographic In-Roads Amongst Blacks, Hispanics, Suburban Housewives, Youth & Probably Jews . . . All Of Whom Used To Be Taboo-Voters  For Republicans.


Are The People Not Getting-It? Where is the Humanity in Holding Human Hostages for Purposes of Negotiation? If you Don’t Like that Question – Try This One On For Size . . .

What Would The Anti-Semites Say . . . if it was Another Group, like Members of the Red Cross, WEF, UN, EU or WHO . . . And Not Jews who were being Held by Palestinian Thugs, as Collateral for the Palestinians to Have their Demands for More International Charity Met?

What If The Palestinian Butchers Were Holding Klaus Schwab Or Bill Gates?

What Would These International Anti-Semites Say . . . If More Than 1200 Of Their Family (Husbands, Wives, Brothers, Sisters, Children, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends & Neighbors) – Were Savaged In The Most Bestial Ways Imaginable?

Now That Hamas Palestinians Are Taking The Beating They Deserve . . . For the Bestial Outrage they Committed Against Unarmed Innocent Jews, the World is Demanding that Israel Agrees to a Ceasefire (Surrender) & Rewards the Butchers and the Supporters of the Butchers, with their Two State Solution, which is Nothing Less than a Springboard for the Death of Israel & the Inevitable Expulsion of Jews from the Entire Middle East.


There Is Only A One State Solution Which Already Exists . . . ISRAEL- From The River To The Sea.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. On another note, Tucker Carlson gave presentations in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta on Jan 26. The reaction of the Liberals/Leftists/Marxists in something to behold! I think some of them might have to be admitted to Mental Health institutions! We need more Tucker and less Trudeau!

  2. More Tucker and less Trudeau !!! Amen to previous poster. I fully agree 100% / Thank You.

  3. The only thing keeping Haley in the campaign is the $$ support of leftists. A billionaire donor stopped his support after her primary loss. They are finding that money doesn’t always buy what they want (a RINO in this instance that is easily manipulated). Let’s hope KY voters will no longer vote for McConnell or perhaps even start a Recall for that RINO. Sure glad his bill failed. As for Israel’s battle, I agree Hamas & their Iranian-sponsored ilk need to be obliterated.

  4. Your articles are right on ! The only complaint I have is that my wife has tried twice to receive your daily (mostly) articles and has not received any. Now she has me forward them to her. Keep the course.

  5. Trump will win in 2024, and, yes, the Independent voters will support him. And I suspect RINOS won’t vote for him, and few of THEM will vote for any democrat either. (I have it on good authority that democrats aren’t loved by RINOS either.) RINOS will not vote for any one for president and may write in their own names. .)

  6. The world is going down a dangerous path without any thought for where that path is heading! I think that Jan. 27 is Holocaust Remembrance Day. If one doesn’t learn from the past one will repeat it again! (:o(

  7. The upcoming Nov election will be won or lost on so called “mail in ballots”. The panicking Democrats are now gearing up for every possible way to pull off the “win after the loss”. The Republicans must mobilize masses of tech/IS/AI personnel to monitor the polling locations and servers during these days which is when the shenanigans will play out. Nobody sleeps this time.

  8. I listened to Biden talking at a Brewery, he was almost incoherent. The folks laughed as if he was telling a joke, when they should have been crying to see the President sound so pitiful. The folks behind him, including his wife( the make believe Doctor) should be charged with Elder Abuse. Politics is a Dirty Vocation, where else can you lie about another and then want them to just ignore what you said and ask you to join them in running this country. DRAIN THE SWAMP IN 2025, NO RINO’s.

  9. That’s the problem here Howard, 80% of the sheeples are totally brainwashed by the left’s corruption, they don’t keep up with everything happening in either the U.S.A. or Canada on a daily basis, should be prevented from voting, it will never happen. Sometimes you see informed people asking questions in the street about what’s going on and most don’t even know the first amendment of the Constitution which is very scary and these sheeples vote and have no clue why they vote the way they vote

  10. You are so right Donald A. His wife is a bigger joke than him knowing the fact that he is not all there..That’s what power does

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