Before It Metastasizes . . . Or It Will Be Too Late


This Isn’t About My Health. It’s About Our Health. And It Isn’t About Cancer.

There Was A Longtime Swelling On The LEFT Side Of My Neck (Throat), which I Believed was Nothing More than a Fatty Deposit, which was Developing because I was Gaining Weight, Until a Dentist Friend of my Sister & Brother-In-Law pulled me Aside at a Cocktail Party Anne & I were Hosting in our Home, And Told Me . . . “Don’t Wait – See A Doctor About The Swelling”.

I Didn’t Take The Dentist Seriously For Several Reasons.

One – I Had no Pain where the Swelling was. Two – I was Gaining Weight, and I was all but Certain that was the Cause of the Swelling. Three – I Had No Symptoms Other than the Swelling. And Lastly . . . The Swelling Had Been With Me For So Long Before The Dentist Said Anything, That I Hardly Ever Noticed-It.

I Wasn’t Going To See A Doctor Because I Didn’t See A Problem . . . But Anne Did.

And Whether I Liked-It or Not, Anne was Going to be Bringing Me to the Doctor if She Had to Knock-Me-Out & Personally Drag Me to the Medical Center.

I’m Going To Make A Long Story Short.

Being Canadian, Even 30-Years Ago – Meant that Prompt Visits to Doctors & Medical Testing Could take Months to Arrange, because of Canada’s Socialized Medicare System that Forbids Most Private Healthcare.

Not To Be Deterred . . . Anne Was Not Taking Delay For An Answer.

And Because Of Anne, What should Have Taken Months to Diagnose, Took a Few Weeks. And Again – Because Of Anne . . . Surgery & Cancer Treatment Happened Within One Week After Diagnosis.

After The Surgery . . . The Prognosis Was Startling.

What the Surgeons & Oncologists Initially Assumed from the Tumor that was Removed from My Neck, Was That It Was Benign, that Once Removed, there would be No Consequence Other than a Standard Recovery from Surgery . . . But Within This Benign Tumor, Unbeknownst to the Surgeons & Oncologists, they Discovered an Extremely Aggressive Malignant Tumor About to Breach (Break-Out) and Metastasize.


How Far Was The Malignant Tumor From Breaking-Out? . . . Measure It In Microns.


The Bottom Line Was This . . . Had the Dentist Not Insisted that I See my Family Doctor. Had my Family Doctor Not Sent me to an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist. And Had Anne Not Acted as Aggressively as She Did – to Insist & Advocate for an Immediate Diagnosis & Treatment . . . I Would Have Died Within Two Weeks Once The Malignant Tumor Escaped The Benign Tumor & Metastasized From My Neck To My Lungs.

Answer To The Immediate Preceding Question . . . According to the Surgeon, the Oncologist and the Radiologist, the Benign Tumor that Caused the Swelling was the Size of a Montreal Bagel, and the Malignant Tumor were Probably in my Neck (Throat) for a Substantial Number of Years.

I Never Saw It Coming . . . And When I Did – I Didn’t Want To Admit-It.


I Didn’t See The Writing On The Wall & I Almost Died.

As Much As I & Others Are Ringing The Warning Bells, it Seems to Me, that there is a Massive Number of People Within our Populations who are Avoiding our Political Disease, while in the Background, Just Like A Cancer . . . It’s Treatable Before It Isn’t As It Metastasizes.

I Don’t Know If We’ve Already Crossed The Rubicon . . . But if we Haven’t Yet Crossed the Point of No Return, We’re at that Point where we are Just One or Two Steps Away. And if we Cross the Line, it will be a Political Cancer that Has Metastasized where the Prognosis is Nothing Like we Want to Contemplate.

Through Luck, Advice & Anne’s Unstoppable Advocacy I Came Microns From Crossing The Rubicon.


I Can’t Begin To List The Litany Of Communist One World Challenges . . . From Where they Begin & Where they End, Other than to Write . . . If The Side Of Freedom Does Not Address This Political Metastasis, Before the Prognosis is Cast in Stone, Everything our Ancestors Struggled & Sacrificed to Pass-On to the Next Generations Will End In Oblivion.


About 150-Years Ago, America Fought A Bloody Civil War Which Even Today Resonates With American Progeny. And as Bad as Was the War Between the South and the North . . . The Coming Revolution Will Be That Much Worse.

And Make No Mistake About-It . . . This Time it will Not just be a War Between the American States, as Much as it will be a War Between the LEFT & THE RIGHT.

It Will Be A War Of Ideologies Between Real Individual Freedoms & The Rule Of Tyranny . . .

It Won’t Be Contained On The Southern Side Of The 49th Parallel – Canada Will Not Be Immune.

As The Cancer Throughout The World Grows & Metastasizes, but Mostly in the United States of America & Canada . . . Our Choices Will Become Bleak.

Once I Recognized the Truth with Great Help from Strangers, Doctors, Friends, Family – And Mostly From Anne That I Had Cancer . . . I Did The Painful Things That I Had To Do To Survive.


Are You Ready To Do What Has To Be Done, So We Won’t Cross The Rubicon?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wow. The stars aligned for you. Glad everything is going to be alright. As far as the current political picture, I hope people heed your warning.

  2. My sense is that most folks who are not retired (w/family at home) are too busy to REALLY be that aware of what’s happening. They don’t realize we are on the edge of the cliff. I dare say most of your readers (as I am at 81) are too old/physically incapable of literally fighting. We can try to share what we believe & ask them to pay attention, search/watch/discern what the real motives are behind actions of those in power & how they see us citizens, be open to talks & Pray for God’s help.

  3. Excellent analogy. I fear too many people still do not realize the seriousness of the disease nor anticipate the suffering and painful death of our Nation.

  4. The question I ask my like-minded friends; are you prepared to hit the streets? I’ve done that with the truckers, on behalf of Jordan Peterson AND as a member of the JDL. But none of my like-minded friends have or will do the same.There are brave people that leave homes in countries where they may never make it back but too many of us in Canada and the USA will not show up when mortal consequences are not even on the table.Shame on the many for leaving the truckers to twist in the wind alone.

  5. In the race to World Economic Stupidity, Justin Trudeau is ahead by several lengths. His incredible ignorance was noted by Krause Schwab early on. Trudeau is the posterboy for liberal voters that want to lose freedoms for all but the world elites. Biden’s record of destruction to the USA versus Trump’s record of gains has them tied if there were an election today? WTF?

  6. So sorry for the health problem,. Thank GOD for Anne. That was a Terriffic comparison. We need to take heed!

  7. “The time has come, The Walrus said to speak of many things….” But how many of either country are open-eyed, alert, or even willing to admit their ignorance? God help us!

  8. I have made my decision, I will fight to the death when it comes. I am at 71 still in a physical condition to take up arms if need be. My children are aware of my stance but do not believe we will have Civil War. They acknowledge the issues but believe we will work out of them, if DJT wins, I agree, but what happens if he does not win as they cheated him in 2020. There are areas that Crime is beyond control. Taking away guns from honest folks will just make them into targets for bad folks.

  9. Precisely said. We must inform good people and at this time President Trump is the viable standard bearer. Civil and not that civil strife? Almost certain. Putin and his line up is waiting for general Winter to do as needed and Poland is next by Belarus. China should by then be ready for Taiwan. North Korea is a wild card that will back both. The US is about ripe. Obama knows there will be no second time. Not more Bidens in stock.

  10. I agree with Arlene and am grateful that you found a doctor to take away your cancer. Unfortunately, I and everyone I talk to seem to have no idea how to fight this cancer that is destroying our world. Thank you for all you have said and will say. I just hope we can get our heads out of the sand and learn how to fight before it’s too late. Sharon

  11. How perfectly stated is this editorial. I pray every night that we don’t reach the point of no return. I will not give up on hope; nor will I give up onTrump winning in 2024. We will prevail against communism, socialism and marxism.

  12. The under 30 voters only watch TikTok and want to be sure abortion is available. The 30-40’s are trying to get ahead in the world however they can; they have no time for politics. The 40-50 year olds are very divided: the extreme liberals and the conservatives. The 60-year olds see the dangers, but are looking at retirement and don’t want to rock the boat. The 70+ year olds see the warning signals but are now worried about their health and don’t have the stamina to fight. We’re screwed.

  13. So happy you are healed from cancer, Anne is a specail lady. I really do not know what more to say that is going on in our planet. Earthquakes, floods, fire, hurricanes.liars, thieves, on both sides of our Politians. Power hungry men & woman.Paprwes Magazines. radio stations. Who do we believe sir? We all need to pray for help from our God. We have a sad week end coming up here in the states one we Americans should never forget what happen 911. Stay care have a safe week end.

  14. Canada and the U.S. are at the stage well described in the old saying that “The Muskovites were dancing when Napoleon was at the gates”. We have corrupt, incompetent clowns for leaders, unrepayable debt that continues to climb, castrated militarys, populations that prefer to watch guys chucking balls and pucks instead of guarding the gates and brainwashed younger generations that prefer Marx to the founders. History tells us it’s all over. I’m glad I’m old.

  15. We The People elected & re-elected the very ‘people’ who are DESTROYING us. We are, as Mr. G. said (my interpretation) just microns away from metastasis. Thank God For Anne seeing the greater problem & did due diligence to get the job done, with the right Medical Professionals. And we must due our due diligence. No more waiting. Trump 2024

  16. I heard Kamala Harris indicate on a talk show yesterday that Biden and She will win. Her tone and attitude was that of certainty. ie the fix is already in!

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