First I Said I Didn’t . . . Then I Did


Yesterday Late Morning . . . I Wrote that Anne & I Haven’t Been to a Movie Theater for Many Years (At Least 4-Years & Maybe More) . . . And then We Got a Phone Call from Some Good Friends Asking us if we Would Wanted to Go with them to Cornwall (Ontario), which is a Small Town of Fewer than 50,000 People . . . To Watch The Anti-Child-Sex-Trafficking Blockbuster Movie . . . Sound Of Freedom.

To Our Great Surprise . . . Anne & I Weren’t Even Aware of this Movie Theater, which Turned-Out to be a Throw-Back to Our Youth, which is Used to Show All Manner of Specialty Performances.

The Theater Sat About 300-People, which Included a Small Balcony in the Rear of the Main Floor that Might Have Seated Another 50-People. The Ticket Window was at the Front of the Entrance to the Side, Which Was The Size Of A Small Bedroom-Closet Where We Paid The Owner’s Adult Son Just $5/Ticket.

There Was Also A Small Snack Bar Manned By The Owner Of The Theater & A Woman Who I Assume Was His Wife. The Snack Bar Had the Usual Kinds of Movie Theater Snacks like Popcorn, Chips, Chocolate Bars & Soft Drinks.

And to My Surprise, there was also Beer, Wine & Hard Alcohol . . . And To My Greater Surprise – All The Snacks Were Reasonably Priced & Affordable.

When I Met The Owner . . . I Asked Him If We Just Stepped Through A Time Warp?


The Movie (Sound Of Freedom) Did Not Disappoint.

Sound Of Freedom – Lived-Up to Its Hype, and for the First Time Since Anne & I were Last in a Movie Theater, this Sold-Out Audience Sat in Complete Respectful Silence with No-One Whispering, No-One Fidgeting with their Cell Phones . . . and Very Few People Left Before the Last Credit Rolled . . . And Until The Special Message At The End Of The Movie Was Completed.


The Movie Was Really Well Done . . . Especially Since It Was Based On A True Story.

The Message the Movie Portrayed Was Poignant. It Dealt with the Horrific Reality of Child Sex-Trafficking Throughout the World, But Specifically in America, which is a Real Issue.

And According To All Statistics Which I Was Able To Garner . . . It Seems to Me that the Amount of Money that Changes-Hands in the Child Sex-Trade Surpasses the Money that Changes-Hands in the Drug Trade. The Value Of The Child Sex-Trade Is Reportedly In Excess Of $250-Billion Dollars.


The Problem Today . . . Is that We Have the Ability through Hi-Tech and the Media to Do Something About the Trafficking of Child-Sex . . . But We’re Way Behind The Curve, since Hi-Tech and the Use of the Media, Especially the Social Media is Used for the Sick Promotion & Distribution of the Child-Sex “Industry”.


Further-On . . . I’ll Answer Why I Think Disney – The Groomer-Kingdom Refused To Show-It.

The Owner Of The Sound Of Freedom Was Disney . . . which for Some Incredible Reason Decided Not to Bring Sound Of Freedom to the Movie Theaters – WHY NOT?

Had It Not Been For Goya Foods CEO & Billionaire Bob Unanue, Who Isn’t Afraid to Say that He is Conservative, and Would Not Cower . . . Even When The LEFT Tried To Cancel-Him & His Products Because He Stood With Trump.

Bob Unanue Bought & Paid For Sound Of Freedom Because Unanue Who Created “Goya Cares” . . . Cares About Saying & Doing the Right thing Regardless of the Consequences. Just As An Aside – When the LEFT Went After Goya Foods Because of Unanue’s Support for Trump, Goya’s Sales Multiplied Significantly.

From The Last Count . . . Sound Of Freedom Has Surpassed $100-Million Dollars At The Box Office, which is Incredible, Given that the Sound Of Freedom is Pretty-Much Only Playing in Small Theaters with Very Limited Seating Throughout North America (USA/Canada).

AlsoThe Sound Of Freedom Has An Extremely Small Marketing Budget . . . With its Best Marketing Strategy Being Word of Mouth.

Why I Think Disney . . . The Grooming Kingdom Didn’t Want To Show Sound Of Freedom.

We Know That Disney Is Involved As A Proponent To Some Really Sick Child Exploitation, Whether Criminal or Not. And We Also Know That 5-Years Ago, Trump was Trying to Move Heaven & Earth to Build His Wall to Stop Illegals from Invading America through Mexico from South & Central America, Where Most Of The Trafficked Children Are From.

We Know that Trump Tried to Stop the Flow of Drugs Into America, And To Stop The Trafficking Of Children Across The Border.

We Also Know That The Left (Democrats) Poo-Pooed Trump’s Efforts To Seal The Border.

Had The Voters Known Then, Just How Evil The Open Southern Border Was . . . And How Integral it was Then as it is Now to Have Finished the Wall . . . And How Right Donald Trump was to Have Wanted the Border Sealed, It Is Very Possible In My Opinion, that the People Would Have Given Trump Four More Years In-Spite of the Election Cheating . . . Had They Seen The Sound Of Freedom.


I Never Heard Of Country Singer Jason Aldean Until Yesterday . . . Who Just Released His New Country Song Called . . . Try That In A Small Town.

CMT (Country Music Television) Took His Song, that Described Dystopian America, Off Their Platform because Some LEFTISTS Called it Racist & Pro Vigilante . . . Which It Wasn’t.

Try That In A Small Town . . . Is Now The Number-One Song On iTunes . . . Which Can Be Purchased for $1.29 (Canadian). To My Great Pleasure – Anne was Thrilled to Buy the Song as Quickly as she Could Find Out Where (iTunes).

If We Don’t Fight Back & Support The Fighters Who Are In Our Corner . . . We Don’t Win.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. On July 27th 1981 Adam Walsh was kidnapped, that was just 6 miles from our home. It sent major shockwaves throughout our area! Our Son was just 7 years old then. We’d go to that mall many times.The outcome for Adam & his family was HORRIFIC! One day our son decided to play in the store, he hid under a shelf, 5 seconds he was next to us then gone. Calling franticly for him he popped out and said here I am. He was laughing WE WERE NOT, Nauseating! Sound of Freedom depicts that Depravity & Horro

  2. This story should be on main stream news like fox or Onan I think it’s called good read .

  3. Can’t wait to see. “Sound of Freedom”. Heard a lot about it but nothing in my area. Are all these perverts multi millionaires? They say Money corrupts. I will never have that problem.

  4. To understand why the Left has gone apoplectic concerning this movie claiming it peddles QAnon conspiracy theories and why Disney shelved it for 5 yrs after obtaining its rights via purchasing 20th Century Fox in 2018, one must be aware that in 2022 a Disney whistleblower claimed that hundreds of Disney employees have been arrested for sex crimes against children. Disney cannot afford this pedophilia spotlight on itself. Read Judd Garrett article in the July 19 Rip McIntosh online newsletter.

  5. I went to see “Sound of Freedom” yesterday, had to buy my ticket a day in advance due to showings being soldout. I watched not for the ‘entertainment’ but rather for the information. After the movie, it took me about an hour to get my head back on a straight line. This evil needs to be dealt with in the strongest and harshest way possible. God’s children are not for sale. It is becoming more evident each day that liberal leftist ideology is a mental illness. Everyone, GO SEE THE MOVIE

  6. Why gyrating about zhe issue. Either the beast is jailed for life without recourse or his organs removed and jailed. In specific cases, execution.

  7. My wife, some friends and I went to see Sound of Freedom yesterday. Bought tickets online, we were told it would be sold out. There were maybe 100 folks in the theater, room for 300. Over the years we have heard of kidnappings, sex trade, and slavery. Why has our gov’t not done something about it? Big money is involved, the LBGQT+ folks are fighting for our kids, not all, but many. When you have Perverts in Gov’t, they will push their agendas not the ones that protect the weak or lost.

  8. Kudos on the post. I live in Polk County Florida which is next to the vile immoral kingdom county. Our sheriff, Grady Judd, one of the best, has a special task force to ferret out this evil. When he publicizes those caught, without fail, there is at least one of the immoral kingdom employees snared. Supporting disney is supporting this vile act and the lbgqt+ abberation. There also is an organization called nambla. They are part of this atrocity as well.

  9. Just watched a trailer. Can’t wait to see it in Cornwall. Tks Howard

  10. Saw Sound of Freedom last week; then 2 showings daily. Soon went to 3, & now they have 4 a day. My thoughts as to why it was shelved 5 yrs was exactly what you thought. But it has shattered the market, & I’m So Glad. The sick fact the US is the biggest market is why the rich pedos are trying to give it a new (less obvious) name &/or even talks, I read about months ago, to legalize it. In positions of authority? Indeed!! SICK!! Jason Aldean’s song is right on; small towns protect their own.

  11. I have not yet seen Sound of Freedom, and in looking on YouTube for Jason Aldean’s song, which I have not yet heard, I immediately came upon “Sound of Freedom” posted on YouTube by Angel Studios, for free viewing! 2 hours, 1 minute, 54 seconds. Wow! Angel did that with “The Chosen”, also — another one I highly recommend. I suspect that the massively unexpected revenue from the huge response, plus the difficulty in getting theaters to match the demand drove their decision to make it availa

  12. We lived in Florida, me—since I was a young girl of 5), and we learned that Disney is not our “friend.” It’s a freeloading company that not only enjoys paying nothing to the state in taxes through a sweetheart deal, but it is a company that also charges ridiculous prices for everything Disney. Better pack your own food and drinks!! As for the movie they kept under wraps for 5 years, that is more proof of their perversion loving ways. Can’t wait to see Sound of Freedom and support innoc

  13. In Canada the sound of freedom is SILENCE. The Trudeau/Singh dictatorship has cowed the huddled masses into a state of apathy. This is where Obiden and his apologists expect to be two years from now. Thank God for the brave visionaries who resurrected this extraordinary movie. In their frantic efforts to downplay the film’s success, the fascist left are exposing their evil designs.

  14. Watching the Sound Of Freedom is definitely worth seeing! Pay it forward!

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