Where’s Democracy In The Judiciary?


Do Know What I Like? . . . I Like That He Says What He Thinks.

I Like It . . . That If He Says Things I Might Not Like To Hear . . . I Don’t Have to be Guessing What He Meant or Means When He Speaks, Because with Him, It’s All Out There, Like-It Or -Not.

How Many Other Politicians . . . Can You Say – Have The Same “Crude” Honesty?


At About 4:00PM Today, I’ll be Tuning-Onto Newsmax to Watch the Live Pre-Trump Speech at Waco Texas. I suspect there will be Many Tens of Thousands of People in Attendance to Hear & See Trump, the World’s Freedom Guardian at the Gate, Who The LEFT Are Terrified-Of, So-Much-So, that they Have Obliterated the Constitutional Rule of Law to Do Whatever they Can to Keep Trump from Regaining Power.


As Much As . . . Those Who Are Poorly Informed – Don’t Realize, the Developing Battle for the Leadership of the Republican Party Amongst those who Want to Lead . . . is Neither a Popularity Contest, a Sport, Nor Anything like Reality TV.

This Is For All The Marbles.

This Isn’t Hyperbole . . . Do we Know Anyone Who Could Have Withstood the Vicious Personal, Corporate & Legal Onslaught that has Been Relentlessly Hurled Against Trump . . . For More Than 6-Years?

If Your Greatest Enemy . . . To Your Life, Liberty & Pursuit Of Happiness – is So Feared by Trump’s Very Presence . . . Why In A Million Years Would You Want To Help Your Enemy By Removing Their Threat To Your Freedoms?

It’s Not As If Trump Wasn’t One Of The Greatest Presidents During His 4-Year Administration.


America Was Never Better Than Under Trump. . .  And The World Was Never Safer.

Why Would Anyone Ever Believe . . . That What Donald Trump Did Over Four Years of His Presidency, Figuratively with Both His Hands Tied Behind His Back . . . That He Can’t Do Again?


No One I Know Of . . . Owns Donald J Trump.

The Fact that the Closest Challenger to Donald J Trump to Win the Official Title as the Leader of the Republican Party is Ron DeSantis, who is Being Overwhelmingly Supported with Big RINO Media, Big Corporate Dollars & RINO Members of Congress . . . Frightenly Says It All.

At the End Of The Day . . . Do You Really Believe these Supporters of DeSantis Won’t Want Anything in Return for their Over-The-Top Financial Largess & Otherwise Support.

Do You Think Guys Like Karl Rove Are Patriots . . . Or Is There Something In-It For Them?

The Mess That Has Become America . . . Didn’t Start with Joe Biden or with the China Virus . . . The Communists Have Been Strategizing, Planning & Laying-Down the Ground-Game for Many Generations.

I Clearly Remember When President George HW Bush (43) Said with Great Pride Before Congress and at Many Other Venues as Far Back as 1990 . . . That We Are Entering A New World Order.

“What Is At Stake Is More Than One Small Country; It Is A Big Idea: A New World Order, Where Diverse Nations Are Drawn Together In Common Cause To Achieve The Universal Aspirations Of Mankind–Peace & Security, Freedom, & The Rule Of Law . . .” George W Bush.


“Peace Without Victory” . . . The Ridiculous Battle-Cry Of Woodrow Wilson Before WWI.

The Mess We’re In As A Continent (North America) . . . Started Long Before Joe Biden. Many Honest Historians will Point a Finger at President Woodrow Wilson (28) from 1913-1921 (More Than 100-Years Ago) . . . Who Failed at his Attempt to Create a World Body (League Of Nations) Akin to the United Nations, which was Thwarted by Conservative Republicans.

Then there was The Great New Deal by President (FDR) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (43) from 1933-1945, Who Launched America into the Realm of Socialism.

Followed By FDR was (LBJ) Lyndon Baines Johnson (36) from 1963-1969, who Signed the Civil Rights Act Of 1964 . . . ONLY With the Support of Republicans, that Included the Means to Create a System of Reverse Discrimination through Subsequent Legislation, which Created & Enforced Laws such as Affirmative Action, Enshrining Discrimination Against White People, While Dis-Incentivizing Black People to Reach for the Brass Ring on their Own Merit.

And Then Came Barack Hussein Obama . . . Who Promised To Fundamentally Change America.

Even Though The Foundation To Change America From A Free Nation Towards Communism . . . was Established by the Democrats, who Also Supported Slavery, who Also Created the KKK & Also Opposed the Civil Rights Act . . . Are Not The Only Political Party With The Stain Of Excessive Government & Communism On Their Hands.

The Bush Presidents & Their Acolytes Are With Plenty Of Fault.

So Why Would Anyone with a Brain & Even a Modicum Knowledge of History, Want To Bring Back The Backroom Bad Actors Like Karl Rove, who are Responsible for the Mess the World is in Today, When There Is One Proven Leader, Donald J Trump, Who Is Beholden To None Of Them?

As The Axiom Says . . . If America Falls – Freedom Falls & There’s Nowhere Else To Go.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. DeSantis needs to keep his commitment to Floridians & fulfill duties as governor for the four years, then he can run for president. As for the other GOP contenders, none can hold a candle to Trump & his ability to get things done. He’s the best negotiator (to US benefit) & the Biggie: he can’t be bribed because he’s already quite wealthy. My main fear is 3-letter agencies (commies) attempt on his life. He is vulnerable in all those MAGA speeches with thousands around him. Pray God’s protecti

  2. Ever pour gasoline on a fire? This is what the democrats are doing every time they attack Trump with some outlandish accusation. They are giving him more and more fuel for the fire which is his drive and energy for his running for president in 24. I don’t believe, in our history, there has been a president hit with so many false claims of breaking the law. I can’t wait for 2024.

  3. Great Editorial!! Trump 24!!! Our seniors, who know WWII, Korean War & Vietnam will vote for TRUMP. They did not fight wars to give everything away. And what has been TAKEN from the American People needs to be returned to them. We will again, earn Respect & yes, other nations will FEAR tromping on the USA. Power is within the PEOPLE. We have sat back as everything we cherished has been ‘almost’ destroyed. Watch Out for us OLD FOLKS!! Voting Places will be manned by OLD FOLKS!

  4. DeSantis is doing Floridians, himself and Americans a disservice by running for POTUS at this time. He should finish the job in Florida by fortifying conservative initiatives and strengths across the political spectrum, then enter the race for POTUS with the image of an accomplished, dedicated candidate, as opposed to someone vacating a promised commitment for a perceived greater role somewhere else.

  5. “The Mess That Has Become America . . . Didn’t Start with Joe Biden or with the China Virus . . . The Communists Have Been Strategizing, Planning & Laying-Down the Ground-Game for Many Generations.” Truer words. . . Excellent editorial! I pray that Mr. DeSantis is going to bide his time, meanwhile laughing up his sleeve at those who keep banging the drum for his candidacy. He has been so ‘right on’ with his leadership in FL, so I am hopeful he won’t tragically misstep at this juncture

  6. I’m with you, Karen, and the others. DeSantis has to honor his commitment to the Floridians who voted for him. He will do the country an immense service by simply biding his time.

  7. Koches, Rove, and the Bush clan are nothing but deep state, one world government, rino, demorats. They would sell out Israel and America in a heartbeat if it meant more money and more power. Just like the demorats.

  8. I’m A huge fan of DeSantis for President..And I will vote for him..in 2028!!! But first in 2024 he needs to continue his comment to the people of Florida, otherwise I will lose respect for him and won’t vote for him. If he lies to the people of his state, he can lie about protecting All Americans. 2024 it should be and can be again Donald Trump!!!!!! Hopefully we can finally drain the swamp, make decent chances,(term limits, just min wage,they pay their own insurance) close border, stop wokene

  9. The Presidency is a great honor. DeSantis has shown what he can do. But it will take a great leader to move us from the mess Biden has put us in. All of Biden’s cabinet were selected to support his idea of leadership, thus high inflation, expensive commodities, and higher taxes, nothing that can be sustained. At some point we will run out of monies to pay our debt and the vultures around the world will be at our throats. I believe Trump can pull us out without War, if not he can deal with War.

  10. If DeSantis would run as Trump’s VP that would provide 12 years of Republican power, almost assuring DeSantis would be elected President in 2028 and 2012. Why is this not the likelyhood? Any comments?

  11. There is one thing I admire about Democrats. They stick together. Not so with Republicans. Many bail because he is to crude even if what he has done was Great. We would rather have someone that is two-faced but uses nice words.

  12. What am I missing ? Does anyone think that Trump automatically wins , by continuously throwing insults at Desantis ?? If i was Desantis it would only motivate me more to run. I think alot of TRUE conservative voters are sick of HAVING to put up with all the egotistical kid stuff. If Trump doesn’t win the next race , and the dems come up the middle , he can take alot of the blame. Hopefully it won’t happen. Desantis is very capable. What’s the guarantee he wins in ‘ 28 if he waits ??

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