What’s An Adult Movie Star?


The American LEFT, Plus the Non-American Globalists (One World Government Advocates), Have Such Fear of Donald Trump & Such Disregard for the American Constitutional Rule of Law . . . That There Is Nothing Nefarious The LEFT Won’t Do To Stop Trump From Serving 4-More Years In The Oval Office.

A Disgraced Lawyer & A Cheap Whore Are The Best They Have Against Trump.


What’s In A Name?

Stormy Daniels Is a Porn Star . . . Or More Honestly Defined . . . Daniels is a Prostitute by Making Money through Selling her Body as a Commodity, which is No Different than Being a Call-Girl, which is Also No Different than Being a Street Hooker . . . Which In The Final Analysis Is A Whore.

Why Not Just Call Her For What She Is & Stop Calling Her An Adult Entertainment Film Star?

Before you Criticize Me for Using Harsh Terms Like Whore to Describe Women like Stormy Daniels . . . I Can Imagine How Proud Most Parents are, when they Boast that their Son or Daughter is a Lawyer, a Doctor, a Teacher – Etc.

But How Many Parents Would Brag . . . That Their Daughter Or Son Makes Her Or His Living By Screwing Strangers For Money?

I Have No Problem With Women Who Make Their Living Having Sex For Money.

But I Have a Serious Problem with the Media and the Courts who Take the Word of a Whore over the Word of a Successful International Businessman and an Extremely Successful Past President of the United States of America . . . Who Is Not Accused Of Doing Anything Illegal To The Prostitute, Especially since the Issue of Stormy Daniels vs Donald Trump had Already Been Settled Well-Beyond the Statute Of Limitations – Where The Plaintiff (The Whore) Was Ordered By The Court To Pay Trump Several Hundred Thousand Dollars (Circa $300,000) For Legal Costs.

And Then There’s Michael Cohen . . . Trump’s Former Attorney, who was Convicted on a Slew of White-Collar Crimes Including Perjury (Lying Under Oath), whose Word is Supposed to Put Donald Trump Behind Bars, on a No Longer Existing Issue – Which Was The Non-Disclosure Agreement Between Donald Trump & The Whore Stormy Daniels. Since When are NDA’S (Non -Disclosure Agreements) Against the Law?


Kabuki Theater Portrays a Hidden Story with Glamorous Costumes, Backdrops, Dance & Song, while Hiding the Real Story Behind the Scenes. In this Case, the Indictment of Donald Trump is the Kabuki Part of the Political Show to Rouse the Electorate, While The Practical Side Of The Show Is Three-Fold . . .

1 – Keep the Least Informed Voters Titillated by the Fancy Costumes, Music, Dance & Drama, While Doing All That Is Necessary For Them Not To See The Real Picture.

2 – Add to the Mountain of Nefarious Defamations that have Been Foisted Upon Donald Trump, Virtually Non-Stop from the Day Trump & Melania . . . First Descended The Escalator In Trump Tower In June 2015, in the Hope that More Drama will Dirty-Up Trump’s Candidacy on the Republican Primary, And In The 2024 Presidential Election, Should Trump Win The Primary.

3 – Distract as Much as Possible from the Gruesome Condition America and the Rest of the World is in Today, as a Result of the Worst Administration, Historically Imaginable in the White House.

The Problem With The Third Scenario . . . It‘s Only Going To Get Worse For Biden & America.


Desperate Things Usually Lead To Disaster . . . As we will Soon Enough See with this – Latest Get Trump Endeavor . . . Which is Going to Move Trump from Being the People’s Champion to America’s Freedom Martyr.

If You’re A Fan Of Shakespeare . . . You would Know that Everyone Gets their Full Comeuppance in Shakespeare’s Final Chapters. In the Case of Biden and the American LEFT, their Just Comeuppance is Around the Corner, as the Truth will Finally See the Light of Day, While The Curtain Begins To Close.

Our Most Serious Issue Now . . . Is as Biden Loses All Credibility & Trust – and the Media Can No Longer Propagandize for Him & Hide the Truth of his Total Lies, Fiction & Incompetence from the People . . . Who & What Is Next?


This Is What Happens When You Put The Lunatics In Charge Of The Asylum.

In Addition To Being Rudderless . . . America is the Only Major Vessel in the International Sea of Politics, that is Without a Captain, Or Perhaps Even Worse, With Multiple Captains, All Attempting To Steer The Rudderless Ship-USA In Multi-Directions.

I Have Great Trepidation . . . For the Future of The World . . . Before America Gets A Captain Of Leadership Repute, who Can Pilot America in a Direction Back to Safe Harbor. . . Where The World Will Once Again Be A Better Place.

The Last Chapter Hasn’t Yet Ended . . . And The Curtain Hasn’t Yet Fallen:

If We Survive The Next 2-Years . . . I Foresee the End of the Fairytale One World Government. I See the Total Collapse of the WOKE Generation, the Rethinking of North American Education, the Return to Conservative Social Values and a Scramble to Retreat from Today’s Sodom & Gomorrah . . . And The Wholesale Death Of The Democrat Party.


We Need Strength To Carry-On & The Belief That Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, of course there is Hope. Eternal Hope! Look beyond the sad affairs of this earth. Don’t ignore the issues of this mixed-up planet. You do a wonderful job of exposing them. We know that satan temporarily is in control. But rejoice that there is a redeemer, the one and only precious son of Yahweh who will return to correct all that is wrong. All who personally accept Him will join Him. Patience is not something many of us have, thankfully Almighty God is patient with us.

  2. This whole charade is being perpetrated by a woke D/A who refuses to prosecute actual criminals. He is well on the way of guaranteeing a Trump presidency. Keep the editorials coming Howard. I will help as best I can as a pensioner that does not get any raises and who’s bank account is under real attack by lieberal regressive policies.

  3. Now another contrived situation with Trump, staging for another Jan 6th I guess, but also huge banks either already bankrupt or close. Federal Reserve stepped in to save Silicon Valley depositors (worked w/gov’t to shut down non-conforming views) but also to save their own (Fed Res) financials since they bought $billions of high-risk mortgages from banks which will = 0 & threaten home values (AGAIN) if more banks fail. Fed Res actions caused this w/$$ printing-inflation then monthly rate hikes.

  4. Howard, you have spoken a truth. We have our faces to the ground, just where our GOD wants us and the only way to look is UP! What more can be said? I couldn’t agree with Alan Fraser more. There is HOPE!

  5. Hope is the human capacity to see beyond the chaos and the Incompetence and BELIEVE that tomorrow can and will be a BETTER Day.

  6. The Marxist-Leninists have achieved their ultimate goal – seizing control of the American federal government. They have legions of wacky “woke” morons as their foot soldiers, the mainstream media as their Pravda and Izvestia, academia as their willing enablers and Big Tech as their propagandists. The enemy is deeply entrenched and it will take a Herculean effort to root them out. Are we up for the job?YOU BETCHA! How do we do it? We spread the truth, just like Howard is doing. Simple, really.

  7. Our country is like a large jet liner with Biden/democrats as the pilot and copilot.The plane is in a steep nose dive and many of the passengers/citizens can look out the window and see what is happening. Too many of the other passengers are too engrossed in their phones or other interests but slowly, I think, more and more passengers are getting off their phones and interests and realizing what is happening. Only the passengers/voters can get a new pilot and save us from a crash.

  8. So well stated, Howard. And I agree with Alan of Alberta: Yahweh is our only hope.

  9. We WILL carry on, and our country, the U.S.A., will once again have a true leader at the helm. The ignorant fool of a Manhattan da does not even understand that he is being used by a master whose desire it is to get rid of Trump because Trump has and will again foil that master’s (Soros’s) plan to hold power over the U.S.A. Dredging up this old bone of a case —that was decided years ago—-reminder: the whore had to pay Trump’s court fees—is insanity and career-killing on the part of a

  10. well in a couple of days we have a meeting of the minds in Ottawa our illustrious Clown Prince and the Clown King of the USA, I can picture the both of the chatting with each other and nodding affirmatively when each speak, smiling while they are talking about different subjects, whew hard to face this level of leadership.

  11. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth( covered completely by the presenter and the first commenter). Great share by both.

  12. In a couple of days Biden will meet with Trudeau in Ottawa to discuss whyTrump is being arrested for screwing a porn star (true/fake doesn’t matter) while each of them have screwed a nation with impunity. They will probably watch videos of the J6 phoney insurrection and Trucker Convoy attack by the RCMP and Police while patting each others bums.

  13. Prostitution has been around for as long as people have been around. Should not be illegal. It has been a barter item to make things happen. Look at the WH, Congress, Senate and big business all have used it. SD was talked into telling a Story to destroy DT, it did not work. The Dems that put all of this together have had more than one President that have been involved with Prostitutes. It is an issue between a husband and wife, not for the public. If a wife does not care why should we as voters

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