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I Read Everything Sent To Me By Email & Comments On Galganov.Com. And I Take It All Seriously.

Yesterday . . . In the Comment Section – Bob Pytel of Vankleek Hill Ontario, Commented that there are Plenty of Great Up & Coming Non-RINO Republicans in the Names of Huckabee-Sanders & Ron DeSantis.

First Let Me State That I Know Bob Pytel, and Long Before Meeting Bob Pytel Many Years Ago, I Knew his Father Paul, with Whom I did Business as a Customer and as an Advertising Supplier.

I Like Bob Pytel & I Can’t Say Enough Nice Things About Bob’s Late Dad Paul, who was one of the Finest Gentleman I Ever Met.

That Said . . . Bob Is 100% Correct, that there are Many Great Up & Coming Non-RINO Republicans who Can Do the Job. Further-More, if a Man Like Ron DeSantis or a Woman like Nikki Hayley Would be Able to Win the Upcoming Republican Primary, They Would Get My 100% Unconditional Support, for Whatever that Support would be Worth.

What Galls Me . . . Is How So Many Previous Pro-Trumpers, Haven’t Just Turned their Support Away from President Trump, which is Not Only their Right & Freedom to Do-So, But Rather . . . Have Lent Their Voices To His Evisceration.

One Of My American Republican Friends, with Whom I Have Not Communicated for Months (My Choice), was Never Really a Pro-Trumper, but was Certainly Pro-Trump’s Many Incredible Achievements, Specifically, Trump’s SINGULAR Decision to Move America’s Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

And To Declare That Jerusalem Is The Undivided Capital Of The State Of Israel.

I Don’t Care that this Florida Friend of Mine Decided to Go All-In for Ron DeSantis . . . What Really Irks Me – is How this Friend & Too Many Others Decided to Savage & Demean Donald Trump as if Trump was the Enemy of all Things Good, because they Don’t Like Trump’s Tone & Campaign Strategy, Which Wasn’t A Problem For Them When Trump Was Delivering The Goods.

Several Of This Friend’s Buddies . . . Admitted that Trump was a Great President in as Much as What Trump Achieved for America – And Even for the Rest of the World, but have Decided that Trump’s Time was Done, and it was Time to Move-On . . . Which Is Completely Their Prerogative.


What Is Exceptionally Offensive To Me . . . is the Deluge of Anti-Trump Vitriol these People are Publishing all over the Internet, Basically Branding Trump an Enemy to all Things Decent, Who According To Them . . . Is Also  A Loser Who Will Destroy The Republican Party.

Let Me Make This Clear Again . . . I Believe Trump is the Best Choice . . . To Defeat The LEFT In The 2024 Presidential Election, If There Will In Fact Be A Fair Election In 2024.

No Matter Who Wins The Republican Primary For 2024, the LEFT will Move Heaven & Earth to Cheat & Eviscerate their Republican Adversary by Any Means Possible.

Just To Close This Segment . . . I Have Never Held Back Criticism of Democrats, RINOS, Canadian Liberals, Canadian Conservatives, Canadian Socialists (NDP), or Israeli Liberals . . . But I Have NEVER Tried to Destroy their Humanity . . . Not Even the Humanity of Pieces of Work Like . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Or Mitch McConnell.


So Here’s A New Galganov.com Policy . . .

I Will Publish A Link To As Many Trump Campaign Ads As I Am Aware-Of . . . Starting With This Trump Ad Featuring Where Trump Stands On Energy.

If The Never-Trumpers Won’t Give Trump A Fair Ride . . . We Should.


1 – There is a Lot of News About the Hospitalization of Senator John Fetterman, Without any Real Information about his Condition. But that’s Not the Point of this Comment.

It Appears that all the Media, Including Fox News & Even Newsmax, after Reporting on the Hospitalization of Fetterman, End their Reports –  with . . . We Wish The Best For Fetterman And His Quick Recovery . . . WHY?!

Why Wish Anything Good For A Man . . . Who Literally Stole an Election by Hiding Who he Was & What he Was as Fetterman Conned his Way through the Campaign with the Maximum Aid of a Propagandized Media and a Treacherous Leader (McConnell) of the Republican Senate?

Do these Media People Not Realize, that Fetterman is Anathema to What the Senate is Supposed to Represent for the Freedom & Benefit of the American People?

Interesting How The Media Wishes Only The Best For One Liar & Expulsion For Another.

2 – There Is A Hysteria – To Kick-Out George Santos, the Republican Congressional Liar out of Congress, because he Might be the Most OPENLY Dishonest Member of Congress Ever . . . But Focus On My Word “Openly” – Since Santos is No More a Liar and a Cheat than so many Other Members of Congress . . . Who Are NOT Open About Their Lies.

If They’re Going To Start Kicking People Out Of Congress For Lying – Start With Senator Richard Blumenthal . . . Who Stole Military Valor.

At Least George Santos Isn’t Trying to Destroy the Fabric of the American Constitution, which is Part & Parcel of the Strategy of the American LEFT . . .  And Isn’t Maligning Israel & Jews.

Want To Start Throwing-Out Liars & Cheats? – There’ll Be A Pretty Empty Congress.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I had no use for Trump until I heard his campaign stands. When I saw how he was the first person in politics to do what he said he would do I know he is the best chance all our futures. I have seen over 8 decades of good and evil so I know of what I speak.

  2. I can understand why the sheeple here in Canada have nothing positive to say about Trump as daily, we are spoon fed pure propaganda against him and have limited access to balanced news, but I don’t know why Americans would turn against him. Have they forgotten that easily all the great accomplishments he gave them? Often, I wished Trump would come to Canada and straighten out our corrupt leader. I would trade sock boy any day for Trump. Thanks Howard for another good article.

  3. Spot on. I look forward to your insights. Response to Fred Dimmick: Yes, that is one thing that floored me with Donald Trump: He actually followed through on what he said he would do. I felt his word could be trusted. Robyn Berry Reston, VA, USA

  4. Your last statement is SO VERY TRUE!! Throw all liars/cheats out of Congress & dare say the chambers would be empty except for the true conservatives. They would be ‘echo chambers’ whenever anyone spoke. BUT I’d love to see that happen. Get back to basics of honesty, morality, & patriotism. Throw out the bill allowing basically unrestricted donations to candidates; we see the results of bought-off politicians putting SELF before the needs of the voters & country. Majority are in it for the $$

  5. I agree 100% with what you are saying. Trump is the ONLY one who has the guts to fight for America. He is so sure of himself (well actually concieted) enough that he just doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He has an incredible instinct that few have, and he is right more than wrong. I too think we are just showing a lack of knowledge about the 95% right that he does and whinning about the 5% that he maybe was wrong on. No one, not even DeSantis could take the abuse he has taken.

  6. Why would a person who obtained a Law Degree go into Politics? It is all about the money and power. A good lawyer (not many) makes millions in their trade. As a Politician, they make so much more in the Lobby money, power brokering and influence pedaling. All without going to court, lying to us and rubbing elbows with Rich Elite. Trump is a business man, makes money by building and creating. His personal tweets and comments are his, some may offend you, but I rather be offend than lied too.

  7. Wow, another great one today, Howard! This one will also get posted in my news blog. One thing though: you might want to do some checking on Nikki Haley. There has been some great reporting on how she is not the person she says she is. And she has evidently flipped-flopped several times on supporting Trump.

    It’s True About Nikki Haley. And I Don’t Forget how Haley was the First Governor to Go After the Icons of the South. And I Don’t Discard how Haley Wasn’t particularly Loyal to Trump. But Haley did Well at the UN, and No Matter, she will be Better in Office than any Democrat – HG:

  8. Outstanding analysis, Howard!!! We are in the biggest war against our Republic in our History. I will fight and stand with God and President Trump. God will always work WITH us but will not do it FOR us. It is past time for the fence sitters to choose a side. Following the crowd has never produced great results. If you are not with us, you are against us. Expect the whirlwind!!!

  9. Fabulous column which I will carry with me as my weapon against the loony leftists who surround me. Your words will be my ammo. The part about Santos and Blumenthal is precisely on the mark. Thank you for this, and for all of your splendid columns. Heidi McCauley

  10. I don’t comment much but I read all that you write. Reading your words and the reader comments lets me know I am normal living in an insane world. We also are older and pray, I mean really pray, that we get our freedom in check or die before it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

  11. I’m not a teenage drooling groupie of DJT ( who BTW is arrogant & pompous), but he is the only man of steel who can look evil in the eye & say “get off my USA turf or else..”. Trump is a capitalist rich businessman who happens to believe in the God of Abraham & loves his nation. I’m done with politicians for while & no one else has yet risen to the level of filling Trumps shoes. So people should stop being fickle & remember who’s trying to restore a land of milk & honey, the rebel DJT

  12. The same Republican Globalists and the Club For Growth who support Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush are the same Globalists supporting DeSantis and Nikki Haley. If you do some research you will find out more info on DeSantis as a Congressman. Nikki Haley is not trustworthy. DeSantis may be the Manchurian Candidate beholden to the Globalist financiers. They are “controlled opposition”. Only one financially independent man has proven himself and he is Trump.

  13. One of the most important things that maybe our Greatest President EVER has done is, began the great awakening to the truth of what has been going on for years! With a nation of naive, sleeping programmed normies, comfortably numb living in their bubbles, have begun to question, look and see what is going on. There are millions of people that have awakened because of the presidency of Donald Trump. 
The swamp still needs to be drained…Desantis and or Trikki Nikki would put the plug back in!

  14. It’s sad that some folks “need” to tear others down, to build themselves or their choices up. The election is over 1 1/2 years away – a lot can happen in that time. Governing a state is not the same as administering the country from the Oval Office. Trump has experience in the job, and a clear idea of the scope and competencies (or lack there of) of most of the actors. Could Trump be more “polished”? Yes,, but who cares. I want Conservatives to WIN and Trump is the head of the spear!

  15. Well glad to see you are standing strong as a Patriot for Trump. As we enter this third year of the Biden disaster of America. Trump’s Presidential worthyness is best proven by the hatred of the evil regime called, the DEMONcrat Party. Everyone including their constituents and voters are aware of all their lies and their constant acts of traitous acts against our Nation. Yet by their delusion of their propaganda koolaid rations of DEMocrat grandure. They continue to sip up and sell us out.

  16. People forget that in 2012 Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for 10 years. When asked about his lies, he said “well, he didn’t get elected did he.” I don’t like either of these asshats but the Dems are just downright dirty. Santos might be the catalyst to open up all the lies by these holier than though people who are enriching themselves while taking the good folks down. Do they have Social Security/Medicare like us. No they have their own Cadillac plans. Why!!!

  17. No to Nikki Haley, she often criticised Trump, did one year as US Ambassador at UN, quit and joined Boeing for a year, and quit that company. Haley was good at the U.N but she is unreliable. Don’t be misled becaue she is a good looking woman.

  18. Super Editorial. I will vote TRUMP. i do NOT trust Haley. Santos may actually have learned a lesson and turn out to be a ‘responsible’ REP. I hope he does NOT quit. The Florida Governor needs more time in the trenches, he is NOT ready, only his STATE popularity is seen. As an attorney, he does know how to VERBALIZE. Look at his personal history in the ‘work force’ it may change your mind about the POTUS position. Trump is the man for POTUS.

  19. Excellent as always. Love reading the comments. (“IMHO, Trump is arrogant and pompous”) for one. Trump is who he is. Will people allow some Politicians ruin their country just because they are nice? If most people dislike you, you’re probably doing something right. I agree with Arlene Burch, I’ll take Donald Trump any day compared to who we have in Canada. Imagine voting for someone because of their looks! Politics in Canada and US is becoming more like a Soap Opera every day.

  20. We choose to support Trump. The day Governor DeSantis was sworn in as Governor for a second term, we received snail mail from a man in Miami asking if we were ready for President DeSantis—requesting a donation. I immediately wrote an email to DeSantis—we voted for him both times—and asked if he was aware of this request from this man. Never heard back, but I said that if it’s true, DeSantis will just be another Charlie Crist—not completing a term of office in order to move to a higher

  21. I will be voting for Trump again, hoping that Desantis runs in 2028. We need Trump in to hopefully fix this country before we are high saluting. Forget all this woke garbage. As for Fetterman, he never should have been allowed to serve, as a human being I hope he’s okay and I believe that’s why others are saying that too, however, I don’t think he should stay in Washington, he should Slither back where he came from.

  22. We have to many deep state Rinos. Th Koch bros. only want someone who they can control and who will throw money their way. The rest do not want someone who does what he says. Republican party is full of anti-Israel almost as bad as demorat party. I will vote for Trump, DeSantis, or Nikki Haley. A Trump/DeSantis ticket would be good as well as a Trump/Hayley ticket and so would a DeSantis/Hayley ticket.

  23. If they want to remove political liars they should start at the top! Santos’ lies are almost parallel to Biden’s, but Biden has produced thousands more of them and the consequences of his are far more injurious to America and the World! TRUMP 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I tried to watch the Trump ad, but all I could get is a green screen with sound. May be a problem in my computer.

  25. Trump is the only candidate who can clean up the dirty swamp because HE HAS NOTHING TO LOSE! he is a self made millionaire did not take a Presidential salary. He was not placed in politics by a “party” or by George Soros/Twitter/Bill Gates/Zuckerberg or the CCP. No one “owns” Donald Trump. If elected he will be in a lame duck position this would be his last years in politics. So he can clean up this dirty swamp and not worry about his future career. DeSantis for 2028 Trump for 2024

  26. We all have our opinions, and my opinion is this: I would never vote for Nikki Haley for anything. She started the movement to remove and desecrate everything that my ancestors stood for in their lifetimes. My people didn’t fight to protect rich men’s slaves; they fought to protect their states from invaders, for at that time in history, loyalty to the state was first. Nikki Haley backstabbed President Trump repeatedly; she is a first class RINO and she is a power hungry anchor baby. NO N

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