Our Money – Our Blood & Guts – Why?


To The Bitter End . . . Nancy Pelosi Self-Aggrandized In Her Own Swamp Of Delusional Rhetoric.

One Can Only Hope . . . That it will be Many Generations Before a Nancy Pelosi Clone will Ever Darken the Door of American Civil Rights & Constitutional Liberties.


That Said . . . Russia & Ukraine Have Been at Each Other’s Throats for a Thousand Years. My Paternal Grandparents were Russian/Ukrainian Citizens, who Identified as Russians, who Fled Ukraine at the Beginning of The Early 1900’s to Escape the Ukrainian Violence of Jew-Hatred.

It Wasn’t Much Better For Jews In Russia.

During The Reign Of Stalin . . . The Russians Created the Great Famine Between 1932 & 1933 Called the Holodomor, which was a Word Created from Two Ukrainian Words “Holod” which Means Hunger . . . And “Mor” which Means Extermination, Which Resulted In The Death (Starvation) Of Millions Of Ukrainians.

Not To Make This Sick & Sad Reality Of The Holodomor Part Of This Editorial, but because of What Happened About 100-Years Ago, Thousands of Miles Away, is Happening Throughout the World Today, Not with the Ferocity of the Holodomor, But Possibly with Similar Results, as Communist Government Leaders in Formerly “Democratic” Countries like Holland & Canada, are Doing What Stalin Did to Create a Collectivist Farming Industry, where the Government will Dictate & Decide who Grows What and by How Much.


In Countries Like Holland, Canada – Etc . . . These Governments are Passing Laws Determining How Many Crops their Farmers Can Grow Based on the Size & Location of their Farming Acreage, and How Much Fertilizer is Acceptable to Grow our Crops, Coupled with How Much Methane Gas is Acceptable from the Livestock Industry.

Since When In A Free Society – Does The Government Have This Degree Of “Collective” Power?

Instead of Using Blunt Force as the Russians Used Under Stalin to Curtail Independent Agriculture, these Affected Countries are Using the Power of the “Democratic” Process to Destroy Our Agricultural Freedoms.

Do You Understand Why I Detest The Word Democracy? Since the Very Word (Democracy) is Used as a Blunt-Force Political Instrument to Bludgeon Freedom, Which Is The Antithesis Of Freedom.


When America Stops Being A Constitutional Republic & Begins Being a Democracy, Kiss America Goodbye.

Ask Yourself This . . . Why Are the Communist Chinese, Bill Gates & Other One-World Government Types Buying-Up Hundreds of Thousands of Acres of Prize Agricultural Farmland in North America to Sit Fallow, while the Chinese Communists are Also Buying-Up Major Meat & Poultry Food Processing Plants Throughout the United States of America?

Food Is The Greatest Non-Military Weapon Known To Humanity.


I’ve Had Many Ukrainian Friends. They are Very Hard Working & Tough People who Won’t Bend a Knee, which we are Seeing Every Day as the Ukrainians are Doing a Real Number on the Russians.

But Not That Long Ago . . . One of the Worst Holocaust Slaughters Committed by a People who were Not Part of the Nazi German Regime, was Perpetrated with the Participation of Ukrainians in a City just Outside Kiev, Called Babi Yar, where a Massive Number of Jewish Ukrainians (Estimated At 34,000), were Taken to a Deep Trench (Ravine) . . . Where The Jews Were Slaughtered Like Diseased Cattle.

Even Though the Elected President of Ukraine (Zelenskyy) is Jewish, Doesn’t Mean that Extreme Anti-Semitism has Waned in Ukraine.

Explain This To Me . . . Zelensky is Putting Enormous Pressure on Israel to Send Military Armaments to Ukraine for Ukraine’s Fight Against the Russians. However, Israel has to be Very Cautious with What Israel Does to the Russians, even Remotely, Since the Russians are Serious Players in the Middle East in Syria (Iran, Lebanon – Etc) with Strategic Military Bases (Army, Airforce & Navy), Where the Russians Turn a Blind Eye to Israel’s Use of its Military (Airforce) to Curtail the Spread & Use of Iranian Weapons in Syria.

The Last Thing Israel Needs Is A Face To Face Confrontation With The Russians.

That Written . . . Even Though the Israelis Won’t Send Armaments to Ukraine – Israel was Amongst the First Countries to Send Food, Medical Supplies and Set-Up Field Hospitals to Care for Wounded Ukrainians, just as Israel Accepted Large Numbers of Ukrainian Refugees (Mostly Women & Children) into Israel, who were Fleeing the War.

So How Do The Ukrainians Explain . . . Why they Voted to Sanction & Condemn Israel at the United Nations on Friday November 11, 2022 . . .

. . . While Simultaneously Begging Israel To Get Sucked Into Their War?


The Other Seemingly Undeniable Truth . . . Is that Ukraine is Possibly the Most Corrupt Country in Europe Next to Russia, where the Oligarchs Play All Sides Against the Middle.

How do We Know Where the Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars we’re (The West) Showering the Ukrainians with are Going, Since There Is No Accountability To How The Money Ukraine Has Received Is Spent?

How Many Major Corporations (Weapons Suppliers) & Politicians . . . Are Sucking-Out Huge Amounts of Money & Armaments Destined for the Ukrainian War Machine, from an Already Financially Beleaguered (Mostly American) Population, which Believes their Hard-Earned Tax Dollars are Going to the Fight for Justice & Freedom?


There’s Nothing True In Government . . . That The Government Wants Us To Believe.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Democracy” look how many times Biden used that in his recent made speach for him. Also all the democrats “we need to protect democracy”. What a lie they spin in doing that destroying Freedom. Freedom comes at a cost and we better get at it or we will loose it again. Great truth Howard in your blog.

  2. We must reject a 1000 years of Insane European War. No longer will we send our children to die in their wars that will eventually start again. What do we say to teenagers and young men who died on Normandy beaches? Opps, Sorry, you were just a reprieve for 1918 and all previous wars? We are starting again. Europe, Russia, China. Not with my Grandchildren. Not on my Watch. If they fight it will be defending Canada on Canadian Soil … passing me more Ammo.

  3. HG, you nailed it, as usual. So did Jeff Bogaerts above. World War One was originally known as the Great War, or the War to End All Wars. So natch, it led to World War Two, which ushered in decades of Communist tyranny. Now, World War Three is just around the corner. The Military-Industrial Complex is a ravenous monster that must be fed, no matter the cost in human suffering. When will we ever learn?

  4. I’m 75—A Vietnam Volunteer Vet– I served my 4 years active duty and learned that my government was lying every day about the war!–I’ve been denied any “service connected” health benefit since I first applied 2 years after discharge in 1973. If I sound bitter, it’s because I earned it! If I had to do it over again–I would have dodged the draft and fled to Canada like a lot of my generation—But I’m a patriot–and would still die for my country, despite my age and poor health! Fool

  5. Israel owes Ukraine nothing. Ukraine always voted to condemn Israel in the United Nations. The Ashkenazi part of my family originated from that corner of the world. The Ukrainians and Russians have competed for centuries on who could kill more Jews. The Ukrainians were some of the most effective guards at the concentration camps during the Holocaust. Doesn’t anyone remember Ivan the Terrible who was deported from Michigan to Israel to stand trial not too long ago?

  6. War, what is it good for? Population Reduction? A place for big companies to make money? A place for Politicians to make Money? I also volunteered for the Army in 71, to fight Commy’s. But all we did is manage to spend Billions and Kill 55K plus good young people. Also, ruin the lives of untold more. But LBJ and so many others got Mega Rich from Viet Nam. We as a World will always be at the edge of War due to Politicians, Money Whores and in the name of Religion. Shameful.

  7. I’m lost for comment as I must agree with all the letters above. I was too young for Korea, too old for Nam but I did spend three years in the Army joined not drafted think I could do something for my country. My Army time was a waste I was the company armorer after I got out no machine guns to repair. Some disappointment with the elections but WE did get there……let Nancy go to Italy and stuff herself. 1984 is alive and well………….

  8. For years now, the USA is referred to a democracy.. It grinds my insides because it’s ignorance or to do away with our Constitution. Even though the difference according to dictionaries is small, in the US our Constitution & Bill of Rights set forth the real difference for a Republic. So what have politicians been doing, esp Dems? Simply ignoring any & all laws & esp the Constitutional restrictions on Fed Gov’t. AND They Get Away with it. WE NEED TEA PARTY BACK!! & not to dump tea in harbor.

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