They’re Getting It All Wrong


In Spite Of The Polling – November 8, 2022 Is Going To Be A Red/On Blue Slaughter.


The Above Headline Presents Two Simple Questions . . . Which should be Responded to with One Simple Answer . . . LEFTISTS. The Same Simple Questions Must Also be Presented to Canada in the Same Manner with the Same Answer . . . The Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau with the Signed Collusion of the Socialist Party (NDP) Led by Jagmeet Singh . . . LEFTISTS.

In Short – LEFTISTS, Liberals, Socialists, Communists . . . Call Them What You Like, Since They’re All One-In-The-Same, are Fully in Charge of the United States of America & Canada . . . All of Whom Inherited Great Economies & Safe Countries Before Taking Office . . . Where Are We Today – And Who’s To Blame?


Anne, Tavor & I Are Not Standing On The Corner With Tin-Cup In Hand . . . At Least Not Yet.

In About Two & A Half Weeks, Anne, Tavor & I will be Heading South to North Central Florida Between Ocala & Gainesville, where the Three of us will be Spending the Winter.

We Just Came From A Costco Shopping Trip . . . to Buy the Supplies we will Want to Stock-Up with Until we Turn the RV South, so we Can Direct our Efforts to the Things we Need to be Doing Before Heading South.

Anne & I Are Probably More Like You Than Not. We are Careful Shoppers Looking for Best Values. We Don’t Buy Luxuries. We Don’t Buy things we are Not Going to Eat. And we Don’t Squander Money on things we Neither Need Nor Can’t Afford.

Have Our Pensions Which We Paid Into . . . Gone-Up Several Hundred Dollars A Month?

Imagine How We Felt . . . When our Costco Food Order that will Sustain us for About Two and a Half Weeks, Cost us About Two Hundred Dollars More than what it Cost us Just a Year-Ago.

Thank God We Can Still Afford-It . . . But For How Long?

Like You & Most People . . . Anne & I are Doing our Best to Maintain an Affordable Decent Lifestyle. As For Saving Money, that Went-Out the Window with the Election of Trudeau in Canada. And as we Head South to the United States of America for About 6-Months, any Savings we Used to Enjoy Being in America, Went Into the Crap-Can with the Election of Biden and the Socialist Democrats in the House & Senate.

Anne & I Did The Math . . . And as Much as the Cost of Travel will be to North Central Florida (About 1,400-Miles) Including the Cost of Gas & RV Parks . . . The Trip South will be Similar in Costs for us to Stay North in the Cold Winter Temperature of Southeastern Ontario Without the Cold & the Snow.

When We Travel . . . We Don’t Eat-Out. I am the Designated Sandwich-Maker, which I Prepare the Night Before we Drive to our Next Location. We Don’t Drink Soft Drinks for Two Reasons . . . They’re Not Healthy & Not Worth The Cost. We Bring Fruit, Cheese, Kettle Chips & Bottled Water in the Truck to Eat & Drink While we Drive.

Believe It Or Not . . . Eating While We Travel Is One Of The More Pleasant Parts Of The Drive.

We Don’t Spend Our Money On Sweet-Tooth Extravaganzas Like Chocolate Bars, because they too are Expensive, Not Healthy & Not Even Real Chocolate, Especially Given the Fact that I am a Diabetic. We Used-To Eat That Stuff . . . But Not For The Longest Time.

We’ll Be Getting Together With Family & Friends In Florida On Election Day & Night, To Celebrate The Beginning Of The Return Of Sanity To Our Nations.

I Would Like To Say Otherwise . . . But Anne & I Won’t Be Eating-Out. We Can’t Afford-To.

Except For One Planned Deli-Meal . . . with a Friend in Boca Raton, which He will Pay, because it’s a Bet on How Well Trump’s Endorsed Candidates are Going to Do on November 8, 2022 . . . I Took Trump – He Went The Other Way.

It Was A Sucker’s Bet . . . Besides The Fact That He’s Going To Lose – I Know He’ll Lose Happily.

All Of Our Meals Will Be Planned, Prepared & Cooked by Me In & Out of the RV, which will be Delicious, Plentiful & Affordable.

I Apologize For Being Braggadocious . . . But I’m One Of The Best Cooks I Know.

Anne & I Can Cook a Delicious Meal for Six with all the Trimmings, with Plenty of Leftovers at a Cost Comparable to What it Would Normally be to Eat for Just Two at an Average Restaurant . . . And That’s Before Tax Or Tip.


What I Just Wrote Is The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Whether You Want To Believe This Or Not, the LEFT is on the Ropes; Exhausted, Beaten, Battered & Devoid of any Hope on November 8, 2022. They Know they will be Slaughtered at the Polls In-Spite of all What the LEFT will Do to Lie & Cheat . . .

. . . Their Ass Will Be Grass & Conservative Republicans Will Be The Lawnmower.

There Will Be Blue Blood Flowing In The House Like Water . . . And Also, In-Spite of the Polls, Don’t Count-Out A Red Senate Going Into January 2023 . . . And Don’t Take Bets that McConnell will Hold Onto the Republican Senate Leadership.

All The Hardships We Are Facing . . . From the Poor to the Middle Class, and for those who are on the Cusp of Wealth . . . They (We) can Literally Thank the LEFT and the Media for all the Misery Befalling our Two Nations. And People Are Waking-Up.


There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel . . . And It’s A Conservative Locomotive Coming Full Bore.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I wish I could share your positivity. You are correct in the Left being on the ropes, more than ever. But the general public is still very misled and still need much coercing to realize they’re being screwed. America is not in the crapper enough yet to wake people up. My fear is that the leftist media and electronic giants will do like in 2020 and call upon all the zombies of the nation to still support Biden.

  2. I know that our house is out of the way, northeastern Wisconsin, for your trip south, but if you like you can stop here overnight no problem. I would like to meet you both and play with Tavor in our big yard. email me.

  3. Howard, Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Re: election. Hope you are right. However, I see massive voting fraud already beginning to be exposed and don’t under estimate what the left will do. On Fox & Friends or Maria’s program, it was indicted ballots in PA will not require to be dated. What voting corruption exists in PA.

  4. I agree with J.E. Same goes for Canada. Too many people have swallowed government fear and division. Just what our little tyrant pm is hoping for !

  5. That Conservative Locomotive is chugging along. . . Woo! Woo! I’m with you 100% – there’s no way the Blue will win – either the Senate or the House. Safe travels!

  6. “November 8, 2022 Is Going To Be A Red/On Blue Slaughter”….this SHOULD be true, from everything we are seeing. However, I still wonder how much chicanery the democrats/leftists/socialists/commies will try and possibly get away with, since they have proved they know how to steal an election? We are happy to welcome you, Anne and Tavor back to the U.S. in 2-1/2 weeks. My husband and I can identify with your frugality, Howard. It becomes a necessity.

  7. I agree with Karen, It should be a landslide but the LIBS will do anything to cheat. Look at Fetterman and the BS the Left is doing to cover this BOZO. Why would anyone vote for such an idiot. Except if he wins and cannot do the job, the Lib Governor can put who he wants in the seat. Good trickery is it not. Get the bleeding Hearts to vote for a person who should not hold office for his views but for his Disability (Stroke) and then replace him with a SBird Lib. The Election will be rigged.

  8. GOP Landslide Nov 8!!! Enjoy your winter down south. I hope you will be okay at your Florida winter stay. At least you will be further north than the path Ian ravaged. I have a friend down there helping shelve supplies, food stuffs, etc. for those families who lost everything. You’re right about costs doubling. Gas is rising again as are food prices. Your electric hook-up will likely cost a chunk more too. But, like you said, costs in Canada over winter would be same & IT’S COLD. Safe trip.

  9. Wishing you guys “safe travels.” I am still very, very concerned re: the Dominion Voting (rigging) systems.

  10. For the most part, I agree with what you have written in your editorial. I have one gigantic fear: the ability of the Dems to lie & cheat their way to victory. Although all the signs point to the fact that many people, including Blacks & Hispanics are aware of the possibility of a fraudulent election, I do wonder. But I am ever hopeful that enough their seats in both houses to finally rid the USA of these lying cheats. Then we Canadians have to work on our own problems. Safe travels!

  11. Safe travels to you both and Travor. I hate the fact that I can’t afford any extras now, either in clothing or food. I did better back in the 50’s when I was earning $48 a week as a secretary. If the dumb people vote for the dems again, they’ll get what they vote for. Can’t believe that the liberals think everything is fine. I hope they wake up and help us get our country back. God watch over us!

  12. May I suggest you stay at least overnight in one of the oldest small cities in Florida–Micanopy, just south of Gainesville across Payne’s Prairie–which actually is a lake that drained into a sinkhole overnight and used to be accessible by riverboat from the St. John’s River. While there try floating down the Ichetucknee river just north of Gainesville and don’t forget to hike down into the Devil’s Millhopper sinkhole! William Meeks–lived in Florida all my life!

  13. Went to Michigan for a few weeks. Husband drives the 32 foot Class C RV and I drive our Van. Gas was a fortune. Cost us over $1000 for gas. Most we ever spent for this trip. We save all year for these trips north. Good thing. We have a son, grandchildren, and great grandkids in Michigan. As for election we vote conservative. Safe travels. We spend conservatively but the gas prices are wicked.

  14. Thanks for your educated optimism! My greatest wish is that conservative Americans will show up at the polls and vote IN PERSON – much harder to manipulate that kind of vote – so that Joe Biden and his progressive enablers will spend the next two years with their hands effectively tied. Safe travels on your trip South!

  15. I respectfully disagree with the naïve concept of Payback. The Republicans are not capable of inflicting the type of (well deserved) pain upon the Democrats that the latter has brought upon conservatives. It is not ingrained in the DNA of the average hard working American who is too busy earning a living and paying taxes to support the other side who will use this money to stay at home and generate more trouble, especially if they don’t experience their desired outcome in November.

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