Stop Trying To Influence The Elections Of Allies


No Matter How Bad We Think It Is . . . For The Millions Of Victims Of Hurricane Ian It Is Much Worse.


Anne, Tavor & I Will Be in North Central Florida in a Bit Less than 5-Weeks, and Anything Anne & I will be Able to Contribute to Rebuilding the Lives of Floridians, in Any Way Possible . . . We Will Do.

We Answered The Call Several Years Ago (5-Years) . . . After Hurricane Harvey Destroyed Houston & Environ, when we Raised & Personally Donated More than $5,000 to Finance Pet Rescue from Houston to Austin.

We Will Assess What Needs To Be Done That We Can Do, And We Will Do Our Best To Help In Whatever Way We Can.


So Let Me Introduce Ben Gvir, who is an Israeli Far Right Politician, who was a Keen Supporter of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was the Founder of the New York City Jewish Defense League (JDL); and After Moving to Israel, Kahane became the Founder of the Israeli Kach Party, which has Been Banned in Israeli Politics because It Was Deemed Too Extreme.

Gvir is a Firebrand with Some Far-Out Ideas Concerning Israeli Politics Vis-À-Vis the Defense of Cultural/Social Israel, which Includes who Should & Should Not be an Israeli Citizen Depending on One’s Loyalty to Israel.

So Let Me Make Myself Clear.

I Was A Proud Member Of The JDL (Jewish Defense League) In Montreal . . . when I Joined in 1968 (18-Years Old). I am Still Proud of Myself and the Other Members of the Montreal JDL for Standing up Confrontationally to Montreal Anti-Semite Thugs with Voices & Fists.

And I Am Grateful To Rabbi Meir Kahane For Having The Courage To Stand For Jews Against Physical Jew Haters.

But That Doesn’t Mean I Support Ben Gvir In Today’s Context. But it Also Doesn’t Mean that I am Opposed to Gvir Running to be Re-Elected to the Knesset, where Gvir Currently has an Elected Seat in Israel’s Democratic Parliament. And it Doesn’t Mean that Gvir Should be Denied a Cabinet Position in any Parliament . . . If That Would Be The Will Of The People & The Sitting Government.


No Country, Including The United States Of America . . . Should Have the Right to Interfere in the Democratic Election Process of an Allied Country, or any Democratic Government for that Matter . . . Which Has Been The Dastardly Habit Of The American Left For Far Too Long.


The American LEFT, Under the Presidency of Obama, Weighed Heavily in Canada to Make Certain that Uber Liberal Justin Trudeau would Beat Conservative Stephen Harper. The American LEFT Also did Whatever it Could to Help Defeat the British Brexit Movement, Which They Thankfully Failed In Achieving.

In The Last Israeli Election, the American LEFT Didn’t Even Try to Camouflage their Interference & Participation in the Defeat of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But this Type of Election Involvement isn’t just Here & There, it is Wherever the LEFTIST Government of the United States of America Deems . . . Where they Want a Certain Party or Candidate to Win.

I Seriously Doubt That The Biden Schmucks Are Happy With The Victory Of Giorgia Meloni In Italy.

But Here’s The Current Deal With Israel . . . The Israelis Tried A LEFT Leaning Suck-Up Coalition Knesset Comprised by a Hugely Disparate Group of Political Parties Including Members of the Far LEFT, the Moderate Center, an Anti-Israeli Arab Party and a Whole Bunch of Hangers-On – who were In-It just to Be In-It.

It Was A Dog’s Breakfast That Failed Spectacularly.

So Now There Is Another National Israeli Election This November 1, 2022, And to the Great Chagrin of the American LEFT, Including Jewish American Socialists, it Appears that Benjamin Netanyahu will Score a Majority Victory, Because That’s What & Who The Israeli People Want.


Ben Gvir Heads A Right Wing Party . . . Which Seems Likely to Win 5-Seats in the Coming Election, which will be Critical to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party for Likud to Form a Secure Majority Government in Israel. But for Gvir to Join with Likud, to Give Netanyahu the Government Majority, Gvir Will Want To Have A Cabinet Seat At The Table, Which Is Terrifying The American LEFT.

So The Biden Government Through Proxies & Prominent Jewish LEFTISTS Is Already Warning Netanyahu . . . that Gvir in a Cabinet Position will be Totally Unacceptable to America and will Cause Serious Damage to American/Israeli Relations.

Pardon Me – But What Gives the American LEFT the Right to Dictate Who Gets to Sit in a Duly & Democratically Elected Parliament (Cabinet) of a Sovereign Nation?

It’s Bad Enough that the American LEFT is Busy Telling Israel Where they Can Build Housing & Communities in Israel & Where Israel Cannot Build in its Own Country, so as Not to Offend Palestinians & Other Israel/Jew Haters . . . But To Dictate Elections . . . ????

How Would Biden & His Gang Of Hypocrites Feel & React . . . If Israel Told them that Anti-Semites Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and all the Other Democrats who Vote to Censure Israel & Cut Off Military Aid to Israel Shouldn’t be Allowed to Sit in the House, Senate, Cabinet or on Committees . . . Because It Pisses-Off Israel?

There’s An Awakening Coming & It Can’t Come Too Soon.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I will be in Israel for the Israeli election in November and will be back in Florida for our election on 11/8. I’m hoping to be celebrating heartily both nights!

  2. And in the past couple Israeli elections, attempts were made by the left to take control. In the last one for example, one of the newer parties, hired the famous or is in infamous, Lincoln Project to help them win seats in the election. Obama also sent help in several years ago. Leftist in the US who hate Israel and are embarrassed by Israeli victories of all kinds are really working for its destruction. Little do they know. They will cease to exist long before Israel and the Jewish people do!

  3. Funny how the US Left got all up in arms when they fantasized about Russia interfering in US elections but then arrogantly do the same. Also, if the Israeli parliament can permit Arab parties to run, hold seats and be part of coalition govts, then they can certain allow Ben Gvir or any Jewish party to do the same. Being too “radical” by modern leftist standards is not an excuse to stop people. Set your laws to prevent the rise of another “Hitler” and let the people have their legitimate vote

  4. Biden said yesterday (sure what was written by the left) that the conservative win in Italy was a “dangerous” thing. Think the People are waking up.

  5. In the peacenik 60’s despite my love for Israel and the pride I felt in ’67 when she kicked the Arab world’s asses I thought Meir Kahane a huge obstacle to peace.Fast forward a few decades where as a more mature man I realized that Kahane was right all along just ahead of his time in getting his message re Israel’s path to survival into young heads like mine.No nonsense leaders like Golda Meir and Menachem Begin were my catalysts to wake up. Israel sorely needs leadership the likes of Gvir

  6. read Conrad Black in todays NP Platformed. A thoughtful discription of the worlds move away from left wing ideology. I can’t give the link per this sites requirements.

  7. America’s LEFT’s time has come to an END. Almost. Their fingers have been in some of the most insidious activities that I scratch my head that FOREIGN POWERS have not told them to BUTT OUT! We may have been the World Leader, not the DICTATOR as the Left wants. I pray for positive election results in Israel and America. Excellent Editorial. Thank You.

  8. November 2022 – the turning point for Israel and the US, away from blatant leftist policy pushing back to reasonable, common-sense decisions, spending, and running of FREE nations. It cannot come soon enough. England, then Italy showed the quite but effective uprising of freedom-loving peoples CAN make a difference.

  9. Israel needs to toughen its stance against the Palestinians whose mentality is to continue resistance despite the fact that they have lost several times. Once they cooperate it will be a win-win situation for all. They must get rid of the corrupt Palestinian leadership and get back control of Gaza as well as Judea and Samaria. Arabs, Muslims, and Islamists understand strength, not appeasement.

  10. Folks this just shows proof positive that there is an International Cabal, Howard has mentioned this before. They want one world order of super elite rich people who lack common sense and morals. Our Left Wing Politics are just plan Socialists with a total lack of Morals, just look at abortion, Trans gender, Gay Rights and the like. They do not want us owning guns for a reason, a well armed Militia will defend the constitution against all Enemies Foreign and Domestic. I am one of many.

  11. There is racism all over the world but I still don’t get why with 15 million Jews in the world are still a big target for racism and antisemitism in the world. There is a lot of racism toward the black community but their numbers in the world are about 1.2 billion which is 80 times bigger. Once I was told that antisemitism is dûe because the Jewish said that they are God’s chosen people. Is that all for all this hate? The sheeples on this planet at 80% have no common sense or logic!

  12. Amazing, we have all kind of rules supposedly protecting the privacy of Citizens but our gov (turdeau) can freeze the bank accounts of all the freedom convoy participants, spread there names around for surveillance, call them fringe characters, when it now becomes obvious he’s the one on the fringe to all Canadians

  13. Thank you so much for helping the homeless pets last time!! It meant a lot to them and means a lot to me. The LEFT needs to sit down, shut up, and stay in their own lane. Personally, I am thrilled Giorgia Meloni was elected! I watched a couple of her speeches and read transcripts and I’m hoping she and Italy do well together. IMO, everyone over there needs to take back their countries, just like we need to take back ours! Hurricane Ian brought out the best in America and Canada.

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