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I Will Write About The New Hampshire Primary Tomorrow – Hopefully About A Trump Victory.


“There Can Be No Peace Without A Two State Solution” – The One World Order.

This LEFTIST One World Government Canard . . . of Creating a Two State Solution Between the Palestinians & Israelis . . . is Like Beating a Dead-Race-Horse, Expecting it to Rise from the Grave & Win the Triple Crown.

Which Sane Government Would Want to Encourage or even Agree to the Creation of a Neighbor-State, whose Whole Rai​son D’être (Purpose) for Existing, is to Murder as Many of your Citizens as Possible, While Taking-Over The Entirety Of Your Country?


That’s The Solution Biden Is Trying To Force Down The Throat Of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . . . Imagine – The Most Failed Leader Ever of the United States of America, which Also Means that he (Biden) is the Most Failed World Leader Ever – Who Surrendered Afghanistan To The Enemy Without Firing A Shot Wants To Lecture Israel . . .

The Above Is A Threatening Message . . . Coming Directly & Indirectly from the European Union, The United Nations and from the Democrat Party (Biden) of the United States of America.

Canada’s Liberal Government (Trudeau) Showed Exactly Where It Stands Vis-À-Vis Israel . . .  As Trudeau Made It As Clear As Mud, that Canada, Under Trudeau’s Liberal Government, is Too Cowardly to Make it Clear that Canada Stands with the Palestinian Savages, While Pretending To Be Even Handed.

On October 7, 2023 . . . Palestinians Under the Guise of Hamas – Massacred (Murdered) Infants, Children, the Elderly and the Infirmed, while they Slaughtered, Beat & Raped Mostly Unarmed Jewish Civilians, as these Same Palestinians Pillaged Vast Swaths of Kibbutzim (Collective Enclaves), Inhabited Mostly by Israeli Peaceniks who Campaigned Vigorously on Behalf of the Same Palestinian People who Ravaged their Lives.


This Is Not About The Hostages Who Were Brutally Kidnapped By The Palestinians.

More Than 1200 Mostly Jewish Israelis Were Brutalized On October 7, 2023. More Than 200 Israeli Troops Have Thus Far Been Killed Fighting the Palestinians in Gaza, with More Israeli Troops who will Also Die Fighting for Jewish People Worldwide.

Yes . . . You Read That RightIsrael Isn’t Just Fighting For Its Own National Survival, but Rather, Israel is Fighting for the Safety, Dignity & Survival of Jews Worldwide, Where Without Israel . . . Who Will Defend Jews From Existing & Future Pogroms?

If I Told You 6-Months Ago . . . That Legacy Universities & Colleges Worldwide, but More Specifically in North America, would Become Psychologically & Physically Dangerous to Jewish Students & Jewish Professors . . . You Would Have Said That I Was Nuts.

I’m Not Nuts . . . And It Isn’t Just Academia.

This Is Neither Conjecture Nor Empty Rhetoric . . . Jews Throughout the World are Under Attack as I am Writing this Editorial. We Jews are Under Attack by Communist Countries, the Mainstream & Social Media, Academia, Islamists & Ignorant Thugs like Black Lives Matter & Antifa, who are Doing the Violent Work on Behalf of the Jew-Haters.

Just Recently . . . Jews Were Beaten-Up In London  For Being Jews – The Police Didn’t Respond.

As Much As My Heart Breaks For The Israelis Being Mentally & Physically Tortured In Captivity, with Many, if Not all the Jewish Women Being Routinely Raped by Palestinian Savages . . . Millions More Would Be Massacred In The Most Egregious Manner Imaginable . . . If Israel Is To Bend A Knee.

I Can’t Imagine How Destroyed The Families & Friends Of The Israeli Hostages Feel . . . But they Represent Only a Smattering of Jews Who are Already Paying the Price Fighting the Palestinian Monsters in Gaza, the West Bank and in the North. What Makes the Lives of these Jewish Hostages . . . Any More Important Than The Lives Of The IDF Fighting These Monsters?

Let Me Make This Abundantly Clear – Israel Cannot Afford To Bend A Knee!

I Am A Canadian . . . Anne Is A Canadian – Our Parents Were Born Canadians, Yet that Doesn’t Stop the Jew-Haters from Hating People like Anne & Myself, because we are Guilty of Being Jewish, Whether We Are Religiously Observant, Secular, Or Atheistic.

Jews Who Converted To Christianity Before WWII . . . to Avoid the Depredations of Anti-Semitism were Still Nonetheless Murdered in the Holocaust. . . For Being Genetically Jewish.

General Dwight D Eisenhower Made It A Mandate . . . For American War Correspondents to Record as Much of the Holocaust as Possible because . . . Eisenhower Knew that in Time the World Wouldn’t Believe this Monstrosity.

Less Than A Day After The Palestinian October 7, 2023 Massacre Of 1200 Jews, and the Destruction of Whole Communities . . . The Jew-Haters Are Saying It Never Happened.

Whether in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iran or Wherever they are, Who Have a Hand in Killing Jews, there Can be No Respite for them . . . Israel Has Only One Obligation . . . Fight To Win – Or Die Fighting – Compromise Is Neither An Answer Nor A Solution.

I Realize The American Election Is Tantamount To World Freedom . . . But So Is Stopping A Second Holocaust.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’ve always supported the Jewish people and Israel; and, I always will !

  2. Another Gem. More good news. Canadian Courts have declared Captain Crayon’s invoking the emergencies act and making Canada a temporary third world country has just been declared unconstitutional. Let the fur fly on this one.

  3. Joe Rogan said it, “Canada is now a communist country under Trudeau and Freeland.” and if slicky Nikki win the nomination, it will just be the same WEF person, who has control! Same as you have now with Obama Biden.

  4. For those who want to see it, Israel is the only nation exposing the truths about Palestinians and their destructive supporters worldwide. And the only country with guts enough to fight back. For those too ignorant or hateful to understand what is flying, they will keep their heads in the sand until their own destruction follows. Remember that the louder the Arabs shout and protest, the bigger their crimes. It is only because they are detracting from how wrong they are.

  5. IDF body count as of today :536 brave IDF soldiers. May Hashem grant them eternal peace.

  6. Another top-notch excellent Editorial, Howard. It is not possible for a so-called “Two State Solution” when Israel is all for peace while its neighbours, Palestine, wants Israel (and Jews) eliminated “from the river to the sea”. If that is clearly what Palestine and Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran, etc…are seeking, how in God’s name can Israel accept a “Two State Solution” knowing full well “Palestine” wants Jews killed? I stand with my Jewish friends who say: NEVER AGAIN / GOD BLESS ISR

  7. 100% what you said. God bless you and yours for keeping us informed.

  8. You are correct as usual. So why hasn’t Israel stood up kicked their ass and won already? Something does not add up!!!

  9. The sad reality is that Hamas has been torturing and will kill all Israeli male hostages of military age. They have also been raping the women daily and will probably not let them out alive to tell the story. The Israelis are already preparing for the return of women who will be pregnant upon release. This will constitute a difficult psychological dilemma for these women. The only revenge if they decide against abortion is to raise these children as Jews who will serve in the IDF.

  10. You are 100% correct !!! We are living in an upside-down world where delusion is running rampant. Were we not seeing-hearing it for ourselves, I would have a hard time believing it. But this whole scenario is prophesied in the Bible. God will intervene but it will first become devastating for all Jews & Christians as well. Saw an article today that a worldwide jihad may come soon due to current Jewish hatred & pro-Hamas. I just hope we reach Jan 20 w/Trump before to stop it in its tracks.

  11. Howard, you’re right in what you say, but you don’t go far enough. Jews must take up arms against anyone who attacks us as individuals. Luckily, here in the US we have the wherewithal to carry a weapon to protects ourselves and our loved ones. Do NOT kowtow to the ignorant and the anti-semites. Never give up. Stand up proud as a Jew and carry the “equalizer” as they did in the early days of our country. The leftists want to defund the police. Don’t depend on the police but protect yourse

  12. Nobody should listen to that addled brained fool ,Biden, Netanyahu knows what he is dealing with, God gave Israel to Abraham and told his son Issac, (changed by God to Israel) that the Jews would inherit it forever, NO sharing, of the land or Mt. Moriah (the Temple mount) in any way or form, Israel should be strong, and listen to Prophecy and God’s warnings lest you have happen what has happened in the past and what has happened now, because you did not listen to Gods words.

  13. I live in the City of Miramichi, N.B. Our population is just over 17,000. I was appalled and shamed by our Mayor and Council who allowed Hamas sympathizers to fly their flag in the town square. Very difficult to believe that these “so called Leaders” can stoop so low. But considering that they fly the gay flag and parade in their silks every year, I guess nothing is too low for them. One thing I know for sure, the Mayor, who is queer and the Councillors go out of their way to avoid meeting me.

  14. No one should believe nor be LED by Biden. Bibi let everyone know that the WAR is not over until Hamas & Hezbollah have been totally eliminated. Thanks to BIDEN, Iran is ‘flush’ with cash & all of OUR Equipment is being USED against Israel. Iran is full NUCLEAR, is receiving Russian Jets & can pay any and all proxies to hit Israel from every where. Regarding the hostages, there are already pregnant ‘returned’ women. Israel WILL prevail.

  15. GOD is now and has always been in charge of what happens on this “ball of life” we humans inhabit! That said, raw naked force has always settled conflicts throughout history and will settle this one! Like it or not, the USA WILL BE INVOLVED, because we can wield the biggest stick in the game and cannot sit on the bench! —OHRAAH!

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