Is A Little Disinformation Less Bad Than Big Disinformation?


If You Can’t Believe The Little Things In The News Media, What Makes you Think you can Believe the Bigger things you Read, Hear or even See in the News Media?

I Like Newsmax & Often Refer Newsmax To The Readers Of Galganov.Com.

At 8:00Am Today (August 3, 2023) . . . a News Reader from Newsmax was Reporting on the Separation of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from his Wife Sophie Gregoire, Stating that Justin Trudeau was the Only Canadian Prime Minister who was Separated from his Wife While in Office. NOT TRUE!

It’s Not A Big Deal . . . But Mis-Reporting Is A Big Deal.

Justin Trudeau’s Father . . . Former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau Divorced his Wife Margaret, Justin’s Mother, while Pierre Elliott Trudeau was in Office.

It’s Not A Big Deal . . . But if they Can’t Get Something that Simple & Benign Right, How Can we Believe they Can Get the Bigger Things Right?

Two Nights Ago . . . I was Watching Greta Van Susteren, also on Newsmax as she was Doing the 6PM Early Evening News, when her Guest, who was a Trump Hater Made the Claim that Because Of Trump On January 6th . . . a Law Enforcement Officer (Or Perhaps Several Law Enforcement Officers) was (were) Murdered at the Capitol Building.

Van Susteren Said Nothing To Correct That Blatant Lie.

However . . . Van Susteren’s Next Guest, Just Before the End of her Show, Made it her Point to Correct the Last Guest by Stating the Truth . . . That No Law Enforcement Officer (Or Officers) Died At The Capital Building During The Riot.

Had It Not Been For The Second Guest Correcting The First Guest, and the Silence of Van Susteren, Anyone Not Informed Would Have Believed The Big Lie. How Does that Help the Trust & Integrity of the Media?

Getting It Right Some Of The Time Is Not An Option. And Getting the Little things Wrong is Just as Bad as Getting the Big Things Wrong. Media Should Be All About Accuracy & Trust In All That The Media Reports.


Trudeau’s Soon To Be Ex-Wife . . . Sophie Gregoire was Married to Canada’s Narcissist (Communist) In-Chief Justin Trudeau for 18-Years.

Gregoire Is Pretty, Well Spoken, A Good Representative For Canada & Presents Well Publicly . . . The Only Question I Have About Sophie Gregoire is in her Judgement. Why Did it Take 18-Years for Gregoire to Figure-Out that Justin Trudeau is a Jerk, When It Took About 70% Of The Canadian Electorate Virtually No Time At All To Come To That Conclusion?

Maybe Now that Sophie Gregoire has Finally Decided to Give Justin Trudeau the Old-Heave-Ho, the Rest of Canada will Follow-Suit. We Can Only Hope.

PS – Since I’m Already On The Subject Of Canada’s Parliamentary Disgrace (Justin Trudeau), I should Mention that Trudeau has Changed-Out Most of his Cabinet in a Significant Cabinet Shuffle . . . that in all Realty is Akin to the Captain of the Titanic Rearranging the Deck Chairs . . . While The Ship Was Heading Straight For The Iceberg.

Also – In The Latest Canadian Polls . . . Trudeau is Losing in all Categories Against the Conservative Party of Pierre Poilievre by Ten Percent.

If The Pro-Communist NDP (New Democrat Party), which is Propping Trudeau-Up by Keeping Trudeau Safe from a Non-Confidence Vote Smells Liberal Blood in the Water & Decides that it’s Time to Cut Trudeau-Loose . . . Canada Might Be Going To The Polls This Autumn – Again . . . I Can Always Hope.


Trump Had No Idea What the Swamp was Really Like When He Won the Presidency in 2016 & Took Office in 2017 . . . But He Does Now.

FORGET THE POLLS. They Lie, Obfuscate & Tell the Story the Individual Pollster Wants you to Believe, Like Biden is Tied with Trump in a National Election. If I Truly Believed That . . . I Would Stop Writing & Throw In The Towel.


If I Believed that Half the American People were that Stupid as to Want a Proven Liar, Ingrate, Incompetent & Thief who Very Probably Sold-Out his Office & Country to Make Money for Himself and his Despicable Family . . . There Would Be No Reason For America To Continue As A Country.

Several Readers Of Galganov.Com Suggested That Elon Musk Might Be John Galt.

While That Might Indeed Be True . . . We Should Rejoice in the Knowledge that America Might be Blessed with Two Exceptional Men who Have the Intestinal Fortitude, Brains & Courage to be Ayn Rand’s Fictional Savior – John Galt.


At 4pm Today . . . The Insurrection Against President Donald Trump Continues.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It took Madame Trudeau 18 years to discover that her husband is queer? She’s quite the slow-learner. This has been common knowledge among us keen Ottawa-watchers since before we figured out that Princess Justine is the illegitimate spawn of Fidel Castro. As for the Capitol riot, none of the protesters were armed. Shame on Van Susteren, and bravo to the patriot who called her out. Simply telling the truth is an act of bravery these days.

    Barry – Not To Be Too Critical But . . . We Might Assume That Justin Trudeau Is A Homosexual, But That Is Neither Here Nor There. Also, We Might Assume That Trudeau’s Daddy Was Fidel Castro, But That Too Is Neither Here Nor There.

    What We Can Be Certain-Of, Is That Trudeau Is A Disaster As The Leader Of Canada.

  2. Greta Van Susteren is a huge George W Bush supporter. So her not correcting a bold faced lie about January 6th is not at all surprising. She is the reason I won’t watch Newsmax in the evening.

  3. The only person killed, murdered, in the Jan 6 so called insurrection, was Ashli Babbitt by MICHAEL LEROY BYRD.

  4. Excellent. Obviously Sestern is a Trump hater. If she wasn’t she would have immediately corrected the lie. A lie is a lie no matter how big or small. If only the addage “liar, liar, pants on fire” was a reality! Most media would go up in smoke just like most politicians.

  5. Re Ayn Rand: HG, superb editorial, as usual! I grew up (as you did) as a Montreal Liberal, due the influence of our local political environment. In 1978, I read Ayn Rand’s “Virtue of Selfishness”. It changed my world and I joined the Libertarian party. I have since evolved to become a proud Conservative (Except for unfair abortion laws) and am politically more comfortable than ever!

  6. Governor Aloe, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina was said that he would nominate for election his horse. Peron’s era. Everyone knew it would have “won”. Evita told Aloe… not go. Too much. About the same happened in the US and Canada, but Evita was not there to stop the disgraces to be Obama’s tweets.

  7. Howard, Keep Speaking Your Mind …. Be Yourself Always As the Truth Sets You Free. All The Best, Tony

  8. I for one don’t believe that Elon musk is a John Galt, how would you explain him appointing as his president for Twitter, the woke woman he did. Also I am challenged with his close ties to China, just saying. As for Trudeau let’s hope Singh sees an opportunity although I have my doubts, he sees anything and stops supporting the liberal government.

  9. Thankful we have you, and a few others like you, who keep an eye on these things and call them out. It’s not good for my blood pressure when I try to listen to the “news” so, for the most part, I generally rely on the voices that I trust, and try to give a bit of grace if I believe a misstatement to be an honest error, and an exception to that person’s usual character.

  10. I believe there is NO TRUTH in media any longer, nor has there been for decades, Except those few (Newmax, OAN, Epoch Times and a few less known). The gov’t has controlled MSM beginning back in the 1960s or earlier even. The internet made finding that out possible, but even that (search engines) has been largely also taken over as well. The only way to find tidbits of truth is via lengthy search by secure search engines that use other than controlled (i.e.,Google) search engine sources (a few).

  11. My strong advice for all Trump fans is to listen to the latest Honestly Podcast where Bari Weiss interviews Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, the 37 yr old millennial Republican candidate. It is heartwarming for a Baby Boomer like myself to listen to a millennial of such intellect. He should be your VP choice for Trump, with no worries that he would be a heartbeat from the Oval Office, literally the opposite of Kamala Harris. Talk about Meritocracy!

  12. It does not surprise me that Trudeau is suspected to be queer, his manor and actions indicate that. Who he has supported and what he has done to Canada is deplorable. He like Biden has appointed the most incapable persons into his cabinets. They all seem to be inept. With all that is coming out about Hunter and Joe it is amazing that both are not going to prison. DOJ and FBI are bought and paid for protection for them both. Why does Hunter show up with a 5 car security team, paid for by us?

  13. Max Bernier is the perfect guy to keep the conservative party … conservative. Or did the Conservative Party of Canada already forget about the last election ? I’d rather have a true liberal in power than a fake conservative if thats the direction Pollievre wants to go in. I pray not but sometimes some tough love is in order.

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