The Tipping Point Is Upon Us


I Don’t Wake Every Morning Telling Anne That I Love Her. Anne Doesn’t Start Her Day by Expressing How Much She Loves Me Either. And Neither of us End the Day by Declaring our Unmitigated Love for Each Other.

This Is Not To Say That Our Mutual Love For Each Other Is In Question. What it Does Say . . . Is That After More Than 50-Years Of Marriage . . . We are So Confident in Each Other’s Love, Fidelity, Trust & Loyalty . . . That We Don’t Have To Be Proclaiming It At Every Moment.

I’ve Known Couples, Some of Whom were our Friends, Some of Whom were our Business Associates, and Some of Whom were Casual Acquaintances who were Constantly Proclaiming their Love for Each Other in as Public a Way as they Could.

And In Many Of Those Cases . . . Those Great Public Demonstrations of Love were Smoke Screens for Infidelity on One Side or the Other, or a Cover for a Love that Wasn’t there, just to Keep-Up a Front for Friends & Family because of Shame or for Whatever Other Reason.

If You Believe In Your Relationship You Don’t Have To Constantly Prove-It.


To Use This Shakespearean Phrase In A Somewhat Different Context . . . The More Someone, Being an Individual, Group or Government Bangs Away at Enforcing Something that Should be an Unspoken Truth . . . The More One Has To Question The Supposed “Truth”.

I’m Writing About The Left’s Insatiable Claim Of Defending Democracy . . .

Who Or What Are The LEFT Defending Democracy From, because from this Side of the Great Socio/Political Divide . . . It is Obvious to Me, that the Only True Threat to our Freedoms Comes Almost Exclusively from the LEFT, who are Using Every Counter-Freedom Policy they Can . . . To Save Their Propagandized Idea Of Democracy By Shutting Down Democracy.


We Don’t Have To Look Far Or Hard To Remember The Tyranny Of The Covid Lockdowns.

We Don’t Have To Pass A Genius Test . . . To See How the Judicial Systems in the United States of America & Canada Have Truly Been Weaponized to Curtail Freedom of Expression.

George Orwell Warned-Us . . . Ayn Rand Wrote A Roadmap To Future Dystopia.

Almost Three/Quarters Of A Century Ago (1949) . . . British Writer George Orwell Wrote the Classic Story of 1984 . . . from Fear that the Dual & Competing Philosophies of Nazism & Communism (Same Coin Two Sides) would One Day Become the Future of the Free World.

More Than 7-Decades Ago . . . Orwell Wrote About the Dystopic Prospect of What the Future of Freedom would Look Like in a Totalitarian World. Orwell’s Prediction of When we Would Enter Into a Totalitarian World was Wrong by a Number of Years (39-Years) . . . But Orwell Wasn’t Wrong About Our Socio/Political Doomsday Destiny.

Ayn Rand Also Wrote About The Collapse Of Our Societies In Her Classic Book – “Atlas Shrugged”.


Ayn Rand Succinctly Coined the Terms which Defined who the Leeches Were at the Time When Her Book was First Published . . . And Who Are The Enemies To Freedom & Meritocracy Today . . . The Makers & The Takers.

The Supreme Difference Between George Orwell’s 1984 & Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged . . . Was that Orwell Saw No Way Out, Where Big Brother Broke-Down the Story’s Hero, While In Ayn Rand’s Masterpiece . . . One Man (John Galt) Successively Stood Against The Corporate/Political Machine.

Both Novels (1984 – Atlas Shrugged) Are Compelling & Deliver Important Messages.

Of The Two Novels Which Were Both Prescient . . . I Find Hope in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Not Because I Don’t Believe we Could be Socially Destroyed as in George Orwell’s 1984, but Rather, Because I Would Prefer to Believe that there is a John Galt Out there . . . Who Could (Would) Literally Save Those Of Us Who Want To Be Saved.


What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger.

As The Unrelenting Propagandized Media . . . Democrats, Judicial Powers & RINOS Hammer-Away at Donald Trump, it Feeds Trump’s and Our Narrative that We Do Not Want to Become Slaves of Government Within Our Own Societies.

If The Only Way To Prove A Person’s True Mettle Is Through Trial By Fire . . . And How a Person Performs Under Maximum Pressure . . . Donald Trump Has Thus-Far Proved Two Things . . .

Donald Trump Passed His Test By Fire . . . And Donald Trump Is Indeed Our John Galt.


For The Republican Primary Wannabes . . . If they Use this Latest Attack (Indictment) on Trump in the Hope that it Could Somehow Further their Campaign to Win the Primary, I Have News For them – By Using This Sacrilege Of The Constitution Of The United States Of America By Piling-Onto Trump . . . They Will Seal Their Fates.

When Trump Says They’re Going At Him To Get To You – It Isn’t Hyperbole.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well said. And it is on stages all over not just in the abysmal US and Canada but also here. The Obama canker has reached all over and must be faced up front.

  2. I love my country, but I hate the government. Trump is the only one who can save the USA and thus the world.

  3. There is one factor unmentioned here. God brought the hammer down on Israel on at least three major occasions, for their disobedience, their spitting in His face, their adoption of the worst practices of the culture around them (including baby murder!). As He did then, so will He do now, especially to the U.S., for very similar reasons. He is the ONLY one Who will save those who want to be saved.

  4. Oh silly mee…. As I read further, the image of transposed South African by way of Kingston, Canada, Elon Musk, appeared large. Trump is significant and heroic, for sure… But, on a different level, Musk certainly would fill Ayn Rand’s John Galt character with ample grace. Ya think?³

  5. I am currently reading “The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic” by Michael Medved. I highly recommend it. American history shows that, at critical times and in crucial moments, God raised up some of the unlikeliest men and women to intervene in the direction of this country. God bless America, and God bless Donald Trump. May God also bless you, Mr. Galganov, and other voices who trumpet truth from the walls and watchtowers in this land.

  6. Historians of the future will wonder in amazement how it was that the great US of A degenerated into a third-world banana republic. If they dig deep enough, they will discover that America fell victim to a self-inflicted disease called wokeism. For a time it was called political correctness. Then the powers that be decided that “woke” embraced a wider cross-section of leftist ideology, thus enabling them to claim that they spoke for the majority. In reality it was the Lie of the Century.

  7. We know that Trump has the glandular fortitude to turn our nation around, Musk has ability to read his adversaries and the money to compete all of them, but the Lord God Jehovah only has to speak the words “Let there be”, and there is (no questions asked). To God be the glory, Amen.

  8. If you’ve read 1984 and Atlas shrugged, now read “The Real Anthony Fauci” to understand how the evil elites (Soros, Gates, Fauci, Obama, Freeland and Trudeau et al) have been brainwashing the Lemmings for more than 50 years, culminating in the pandemic hoax of the last three. Be aware, climate Change (boiling climate now) is a huge hoax and the human contribution is miniscule compared to nature. It’s all propagan designed to depopulate the planet folks, Bill Gates said so. Excellent analogy

  9. Recently in CA, a Bio lab was found. The evidence shows it was run by Chinese. They found multiple Viruses stored there plus Rats that had been infected with Covid 19. These spreaders could be launched in poor areas and spread like the Black Plague. Who is behind this, our Gov’t by allowing Chinese to buy property across the US. The VP slipped and mentioned Population Control, Bill Gates has said it. Only the Rich are to survive. The millions who died due to taking an unproven Vaccine. Look out

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