Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death


The Die Was Cast.

At The Second Virginia Convention On March 23, 1775 . . . Patrick Henry Declared – “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” . . . which became the Bedrock Foundation of How Far the Soon to be Liberated American People were Prepared to Go, to Win & Protect their Near Biblical Belief in Freedom Through Independence.

It Was That Day – At Least In My Opinion . . . When America Was First Born.

In Less Than 2-Years Later On July 4, 1776 . . . With the Signature of John Hancock; the Framers of the United States of America Accepted The Declaration Of Independence, Upon which the Words . . . “Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness” became the Hallmark of the Newly Established United States of America.

No One Ever Succeeded By Underestimating The Resolve Of The American Appetite For Freedom.


For The First Time In More Than Several Generations, I See America Making a U-Turn Away from the Woke Destinies of Previous Presidents & Congresses with the Exceptions of Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump, Where The Bedrock Of American Freedom Is Being Resurrected.

I See a Resurgence of American Ideals Beginning Again to Stand for the Principles of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Goals of the Declaration of Independence.

I See More than Just a Glimmer of Hope in the Declaration of E Pluribus Unum (Out Of Many – One), as Men & Women of all Cultures, Races & Religions Begin to Rally for the American Melting Pot Versus the Multi-Cultural WOKENESS of the Fascists’ Belief (Communist) in One World Government.

I See Christians, Jews, Hindus, Moslems & Assorted Legal Immigrants to America, Standing Together to Protect the American Dream into Which they were Born . . . Or Chose To Adopt In Place Of The Tyranny Of The Governments They Fled.

For The Very First Time In My 73-Years . . . I am Bearing Witness to the Spirit, Sacrifice & Commitment that was the Benchmark of America 247-Years Ago. I am Watching Americans of all Descriptions . . . Poor or Rich, Educated or Not, Rural or Urban . . . Black, White,  Brown or Asian Begin to Lock Arms in What I Believe will be the Final Long-Term Battle for the Soul of America.

I See Panic In The Faces Of The American LEFT, as their Fairytale Dream of Creating a Global Shangri-La Begins to Whither on the Vine of Reality, as they Openly Strike-Out at the Foundational Meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

While The LEFT Wallows In The Past & Creates Fissures Of Discontent Amongst American People . . . Conservative Americans & Americans who are Becoming Conservative, are Forward Looking, Nationalistic in their Belief that America is Indeed the Land of Freedom & Opportunity, all of Whom will No Longer Accept the Propaganda of the LEFT.

If You Need Proof . . . Look No Further than the Demise of Anheuser-Bush, Disney, Hollywood, Woke Streaming and the Beat Down of LEFTIST Laws at the Hands of the Supreme Court of America.

Then Look At The Juggernaut We Know-Of As Trump. . . Who Won’t Take A Knee & Won’t Back-Down.


Biden Is An Imbecile Who Gives Total Credence To The Truism . . . Fool me Once Shame on You. Fool me Twice Shame on Me. How Many Americans Do You Think Want To Be Shamed-Again?

Kamala Harris Who Can’t Put A Sentence Together Without Ridiculing Herself, who Only Got to Where she’s-at because she Slept her way to the Top with Willy Brown, and was Hand Picked by the Democrat Insiders because she was Black, Female & No Threat to the Democrat Establishment.

Even Her Handlers Couldn’t Believe How Stupid She Was (Is).

Pete Buttigieg? . . . There are No Words to Describe the Ineptitude of this Creep who’s Claim to Fame is that he’s Gay, has a Gay Partner, a Child . . . and has No Idea or Experience in Running Anything other than a Small Town (South Bend) in Indiana, Where He Couldn’t Even Manage The Potholes.

And Then There’s Gavin Newsom . . . The Governor of California, whose Greatest Singular Accomplishment in Politics is Heralding the Near Total Destruction of the Once Upon-A-Time Dream-State of America.


Of The Small Army Of Republican Primary Candidates . . . Virtually any of them are Head & Shoulders More Competent & Capable to Run America . . . Than Any Of The Aforementioned Gang-Of-Democrat-Fools.


In Spite Of all the Polling Crap Vis a Vis Donald Trump, which Says Trump Can’t Win In 2024Take It From Whom & Where It Comes.

Donald J Trump is the Embodiment of the American Dream and the American Attitude . . . Ask No Quarter, Show No Mercy & Never Surrender.


I See The Resurgence Of The American Dream & The End Of America’s Enemies From Within.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard. Right back at you, Happy 4th! We all see the tide turning and a great many Americans are supporting Donald J. Trump. Hopefully another revolution without a shot being fired, to get our country back to where it was under Trump’s leadership.

  2. I hope this does happen, but there are still some other things that need to happen. Republicans need to control the House and Senate, the Rhinos need to get booted out, and then they need to go after the Biden just like the Demonrats kept going after Trump. The Republicans need to learn how to fight dirty just like the Dems!

  3. I hate to be optimistic but I think, from the few sources of truth and accurate information available, that our populace is beginning to see some light thru all the blackness created by the liberals. I would like to see, in these person in the street interviews, one question asked, “Name one thing that is better because of Biden.” My opinion above would be reiterated every time that question is asked.

  4. The Demorrhoids, their corrupt media allies and the retards who support them are FASCISTS and fascist sympathisers. No other word better describes these cretins than FASCIST. Period. Surely freedom-lovers everywhere can unite with unshakeable resolve to rid the world of the vermin who seek to destroy us and our way of life. Howard, you are our leader. I would follow you off a cliff.

  5. Just posted on my FB page. Thank you for loving the USA more than a lot of US citizens. That’s a sad thing to say, but it’s true. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this mess. I sure hope & pray we will have our liberties, freedoms, originally-intended Constitution & Bill of Rights firmly re-established at least by our 250th Anniversary in three years. Trump will right our ship. Happy Birthday America, & Happy Independence Day everyone. God bless America & those fighting for our freedom & liberty.

  6. Totally agree Howard and all above. Pray we are strong enough to out vote any election cheating that is sure to happen. God and President Trump are our last best hope for the United States.I truly believe God worked through President Trump the first time, I pray He does the same if he is elected for the 3rd time. God Bless America!

  7. This is a superior take on the downward spiral path the democrats have chosen to take in order to keep their “power.” But you are correct. More and more Americans are recognizing who and what is destroying our country with their cover-ups, outright lies, and criminal acts which have exposed the democrats’ dirty underbelly. On this July 4th, I remain ever hopeful that we WILL restore America to its place of glory. 50,000 people came to support Trump last Saturday. He will MAGA.

  8. Happy & safe 4th to you as well. I pray that you are correct & the USA can be reversed. —– that same pray applies to Cananda as well. We MUST overcome the crooked voting system(s) otherwise 2024 will be a repeat of 2020! I do not hear a single R saying a thing about how they will correct it —- not a damned word!!!! But there are hints and nudges coming from many different directions, e’g’, the fall of France and Clarence Thomas’ recent ruling!

  9. The naysayers who say Trump cannot win as well as Trump haters are clueless as to what is at stake. Benjamin Franklin said about the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “Either we hang together, or we hang separately”. Ensuring our freedoms, we need the fortitude of the citizens and a strong leader. We need President Trump to help reclaim our Constitutional Republic. Happy 4th to all, and G-d Bless America!

  10. Happy Fourth of July American (Howard). II Chron.14:7 God will save America. No one else can.

  11. Congress should pass a law that anyone convicted of election tampering should be guillotined. There was massive interference in 2020 to the point that the election was stolen with absolutely no consequences. If there are no future consequences which the Democrats now know then the same corruption will happen in 2024 only worse. America will not survive another stolen election assuming the country is not already toast.

  12. The fraud and cover up that we are experiencing in our gov’t is unreal. If something is not done with our voting laws we are going to see a repeat of 2020 election. Our country will not survive another Biden 4 years nor a Lib President. What is going on in the Blue Run Inner Cities is just a taste of the Carnage that will spread across the US. The brazen acts of the LBGQT+, BLM, Antifa and more will bring this country down unless Honest folks ban together and fight them. God has given us freewi

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