So How Many Are Not Heterosexual?


In These Troubling Times – Politically, Socially & Financially . . . I am Deeply Humbled by the People who Reached-Out to Support

I’m Hardly Going to Get Rich. And will Not Be Out of the Costly Internet Woods with your Support . . . But You Certainly Helped Me Remove Some Of The Weight Off My Shoulders . . .

. . . For Which I Am Extremely Grateful – Thank You!


3.5% Gay/Lesbian . . . 0.05% Transexual . . . The Rest Are Heterosexual.

If Just 4% Of The American Population Defines Itself To Be NON-Heterosexual . . . According to the Statistics I Have Been Able to Ascertain . . . Why Are We Turning Our Nations’ Culture, History – Etc Upside Down & Inside-Out . . . Because Of A Minority Within The Minority Of People Who Define Themselves As LGPTQ.

Understand This . . . Many, if Not Most Gay & Lesbian People, Just Like Most Heterosexual People Enjoy their Sexual Proclivity in the Privacy of their Relationships . . . Opposed To Forcing Their Sexual Lifestyles On Others.

It’s Not As If I Don’t Know Gay Men & Woman Who Are Normal People & Patriots.


How Injurious & How Bizarre Is This Truth? . . . That a White Male Jewish Journalist (Conservative – Wall Street Journal), Evan Gershkovich . . . Who to the Best of my Knowledge Never Took a Knee to the American Flag & Anthem . . . Is Currently Rotting In A Russian (Moscow) Prison On What Is Probably A Trumped-Up Charge?

While . . . A Black Lesbian Basketball Player By The Name Of Brittany Griner, was Justifiably Arrested by Russian Customs at the Russian Airport for Entering Russia with Illegal Drugs . . . Was Traded By Biden’s LEFT For One Of The World’s Most Egregious Weapons Dealers.

Know This . . .  Griner – Who Was Released by the Russians to Biden’s America in a Trade for a Global Murderer . . . Was Proud To Have Taken A Knee To The Flag & Anthem That Freed Her, while a White Jewish Male Patriot, Presumably Heterosexual, Rots in a Russian Prison, since there’s No Mention of Gershkovich Being Gay.


To Read, Hear & See The News & Demands For Social Justice, which are Rewarded with an Inordinate Number of “Privileges” . . . Surpassing their Worth & Population, You Would Have to Believe that the Black Community is a Socio/Political/Educational & Financial Powerhouse.

By Every Social Metric . . . The American Black Community is Probably the Most Failed Community to Have Ever Lived in the United States of America, In Spite of all the Social, Academic & Employment Advantages Through Anti-White & Anti-Merit Affirmative Action . . . One Could Never Have Imagined.

Why Should White People Be Penalized For The Black Self-Inflicted Disaster?


What They Didn’t Say . . . Including Fox News – Was that Hundreds Of MOSTLY BLACK YOUTHS Rioted in Chicago – Causing Pain, Destruction & Fear. Instead, all the News Networks, Including Radio, Television, Social Media & Print . . . Simply Called Them Youth.

Telling The Truth Becomes Racist With The LEFT . . . When The Truth Peels Back The Curtain.

Hundreds Of Mostly Black Youths Rioted In California . . . Sacking a Garage Station Bodega. Four Black Teenagers were Gunned Down at a Sweet-Sixteen Party in Alabama by as of yet an Unknown Shooter or Shooters – Want To Bet The On The Race Of The Shooter(s)? . . . I Might be Wrong.


Less Than 17% Of The Entire American Population . . . Including the Total Black Community and the Total LGBTQ Community are Scaring the Piss out of 100% of the Decent People of America (Black, Gay, Lesbian & All Others).

But To Make The Figures Even More Reprehensible . . . I Have to Guess, that it’s Only a Tiny Percentage of Black People and a Tiny Percentage of LGBTQ People who are Stoking the Flames that are Destroying the Fabric of Western Civilization Throughout North America – Specifically In The USA.

Disney Jumped On Board. Anheuser Bush (Bud Light, Stella Artois, Michelob – Etc) Took A Shot Too. Jack Daniels Is Another. And Nike Seems To Have Led the Way.

So Far . . . Disney & Anheuser Bush Took It In The Groin With Jack Daniels Soon To Follow.


The Only Way They Win Is If We Let Them.

Disney & Anheuser Bush are Two Perfect Examples of What Happens When we Fight Back. WE WIN . . . THEY LOSE, and it Doesn’t Take Billions of Dollars or Years in the Planning to Beat them to a Socio/Political/Financial Pulp.


Don’t Be Politically Correct. We Have The Power. Let’s Use-It. The Proof Is In The Beer.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Agree with you 2000%. Hopefully the blowback on Anheuser Bush will be the beginning of a growing withdrawal of support for all businesses, sports, etc., who push ESG. Biden’s doing the same kind of thing with fed gov’t workers. His administration knows when it’s tow the line or lose your job, 99.9% will tow the line. And the left’s demands will grow worse as a result.

  2. This is all about divide & conquer, divide & conquer, divide & conquer —— as taught by Sal Alinsky or taken directly from the pages of “The Art of War.” And, all paid for by G. Soros!!!! Any size splinter group can be led into this trap w/ $$$$.

  3. In that 4%, do we include for instance the “heterosexual” lesbians that do it just for the sake of arousing their “male partner(s)”?

  4. Why does such an eensy-teensy percentage of perverts have such power and control over millions of ‘normal’ Americans? It’s time for us to stand up to them. Really. Let our voices be heard.

  5. Another great article. But I believe that one of the biggest problems is the media! If somehow they would just ignore the “misbehavior” (I am being nice) of the minority they (the minority) would not continue to throw tantrums to seek more attention. If one has a child that throws a tantrum it would be, go to your room or get a spanking. I am old school.

  6. You are 100% right Howard. The tail is wagging the dog. Blame the leftist media. Blame Social Media but most of all blame the vile Democrat racists, who sit in Washington and spew hatred

  7. It is all about the destruction of Western civilization. With fertility rates below 2.1, a society cannot even maintain its viability. By promoting the neutering of a generation, the already low fertility numbers will drop even more. When men and women refuse to procreate, the end of civilization is near. That is what it is all about, the destruction of the Judeo-Christian world. Notice that the Eastern nations and the Arabs are not participating in this self-destruction.

  8. To Jeffrey: You don’t have to look to the east to see who is leading the way in procreation. Just look at the Arab nation immigrants being brought to Canada, 400k projected for 2023 and note the number of kids they have with them. Muammar Gaddafi, many years ago told us Islam will conquer the world, not with swords, or bombs, or guns, but simply by procreating. A male can have 4 wives, each can average 8 children; do the math folks. Canadians are woke but not awake. Have you done your duty?

  9. Look at the Middle East, they are vastly over populated. African Countries that beg for our money on TV to save the Children are vastly over populated. None of the Begging Commercials show Fathers in the ADs, most of these people lack any Morals. Just like most of our Dem Run cities with crime off the charts, Fathers do not seem to be in the picture, we give more money to women with more kids, hence the breeding program. Japan makes you pay more taxes the more kids you have, GREAT IDEA.

  10. Think it would be a good bet that most all breweries and corporations give money to the woke left. AB Am Bev (Europe) was just dumb enough to advertise it on a beer can.

  11. The worst culprit is Nike. Their trademark “swoosh” is everywhere. What makes this repugnant is their close association with the Communist Party of China. Anything for the almighty buck. I will NOT applaud a player or a team that sports the Swoosh. They and their fans are in league with the devil.

  12. You’re right as usual. But the USA has so many horribly dishonest, evil, unethical and immoral things being shoved down our throats, coupled with the Washington DC created inflation that people are trying to survive through – just where do we start? Us middle-aged and older Americans think it’s all too big, too corrupted and gone too far to fix for decades. Never in my 72 years have I feared my own country. It’s a horrible feeling to know what my grandchildren will be facing.

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