Fox News Isn’t Always Bad – It’s Just Not Always Trustworthy


A Media That Is Mostly Honest . . . is like Having a Spouse that is Mostly Monogamous. On that, How do you Build a Relationship? Later – Near the End of this Editorial, I will Publish a Link that was Sent to me that Really Questions the Honesty of Fox News and the Integrity of Tucker Carlson. Remember What I Last Wrote About, Concerning On-Air Talent Allegiance.


Has America Become Such a Shithole Country That The People Want Shithole Leadership?

It Boggles The Mind, at How Academia & the Entertainment Industry . . . from the News Media, Music, Television & Hollywood has Been So Successful to the Dumbing-Down of the American People, So As To Prove George Orwell (1984) To Be So Prescient.

Only The Most Stupid People Would Vote For An Imbecile To Be The Commander-In-Chief.

Weren’t The People Listening? . . .

. . . When Robert Gates, the Former Defense Secretary Under President Barack Hussein Obama Said . . . “Biden Has Been Wrong On Nearly Every Major Foreign Policy & National Security Issue Over The Past Four Decades”.

And If That Wasn’t Enough . . . What About Barrack Hussein Obama, who Said of Joe Biden . . . “Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability To Fuck Things Up”.


How Utterly Stupid Do You Have to be NOT to Have Listened to People in the Know Through Experience, to Have Elected a FOOL to Lead Not just the United States of America, But Rather The Entire Free World?

Let Me Make This Clear . . . In-Spite of the Gargantuan Lies Being Fed to us from the Propagandized Media on the LEFT, and the Cowardly Media that Purports to be on the Center or the Center Right . . . the Two and a Half Years of Biden has Been the Single Largest Unmitigated Debacle the United States Has Ever known.

There Is No Forgiveness For The Imbeciles Who Elected This Moron To Power.

The Most Incredible Thing . . . In Biden’s Warped Mind – Biden Thinks that he’s the Greatest American President that has Ever Been. While it is True that President Donald Trump Did Inherit a LEFTIST Mess from Barack Hussein Obama, Trump Didn’t Waste his Time Laying Blame. Trump Rolled-Up America’s Sleeves & Got To Work From Day One.

In Contrast . . .  For Every Disaster Made by Biden, Which Numbers All Of Them, the Imbecile-In-Chief Gives his Demented Smirk & Blames Everyone Else Around him.

In Just Slightly More Than Two Years . . . Biden Wrecked the American Economy, and so Severely Smashed America’s Energy Industry, that It Might take Several Presidencies to Recover Both . . . Only If America Can Survive That Long.

Biden Lost Afghanistan. He is on the Brink of Losing Europe. And South America is Becoming the Backyard to China & Iran. He’s Placed Asian Countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam & Even Australia in the Crosshairs of China.

And Just as Israel was Making Tremendous Headway with the Abraham Accords, To Quote Biden’s Old Boss . . . President Barrack Hussein Obama . . . Biden’s Fucked That Up Too.


When Janet Yellin (Secretary Of The Treasury) said the Federal Government Won’t be Bailing-Out the Silicon Valley Bank . . . Yellin Lied Through Her Teeth, just as she Did When she Proclaimed that Inflation, which Started Under Biden’s Despicable Presidency a bit More than Two Years Ago . . . That Inflation Was Transitory.

And as Biden Said in his Two to Three Minute Press Conference, the Morning After the SVB Collapse Became Public, that he Has Made all the Arrangements to Guarantee the Return of all the Money Deposited, Even Above the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Maximum $250,000 Insurance Guarantee.

So . . . If the Hundred-Plus Billions of Dollars Owed Above the $250,000 Insurance Guarantee is Guaranteed . . . And the Government is Not Going to be Paying for it According to Biden and Yellen . . . Who Will?

Let Me Tell You Who Will . . . One Way Or Another, The Money Is Coming Out Of Your Pocket.

I Promised at the Beginning of this Editorial, to Give you a Link to a Report that Shows the Mendacity of the Media and the Media’s Acolytes. This was Sent to Me a Few Days Ago from a Friend who Lives in Kingston Ontario.

It’s Worth The Viewing. Afterwards . . . You Be The Judge – Click Here To Watch.


If You Like Trump & You Believe Two Things . . . 2020 Was Stolen & You Want Him Back In 2024.

Another Canadian Friend of Mine from Toronto, Sent Me this Link that Could Very Well be a Huge Election Campaign Anthem for Donald J Trump. It’s Possible that you Already Saw & Heard this Before . . . But Just In Case You Didn’tClick Here To Watch & Listen.

I Promise You . . . It Will Bring A Smile To Your Face.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. With respect to FOX news, I highly commend them for having allowed Mr. Levin to do his latest exposure piece on Mr. Farrakhan and his disgusting openly anti-Semitic speeches at a recent packed conference of his thousands of disciples. The videos are all telling and rival the speeches of Hitler leading up to the Holocaust. Not a peep on the other mainstream media. These videos undoubtedly reveal why the majority of physical attack hate crimes in the USA are Black on Jew.

  2. You sure got this mess right on ! I am 77, and this is the worst I have ever seen it !! Never been worse!! I am seriously expecting the bombs to fall on America ,,,any second now!!! I served in Nam, and was involved in the Pueblo incident in 1968, and I am not looking forward to our so called future!!! What a MESS !!!!

  3. News? Reporters? – Seems like it’s about editorial… and generating revenue (or getting gov. $$)… Not so much about reporting the news.

  4. I am 92 and served in the army in the Korean conflict. It is frightening to me that our choices of leadership is so limited that I harrdly want to vote for any candidate supported by a major political party. It seems to me that both parties in USA politics are just as corrrupt as is the media. I even remember when the media repported the truth. Editorials were identified as “opinion.” How can we end this mess?

  5. Joes election has already come with bad consequences and they just keep getting scarier . The doomsday clock sure as hell isn’t going backwards. Bidens ‘ piss poor foreign policy is leading us all down the road to armegedon. North Korea and now Iran with nukes backed by China and Russia ?? Pretty tenuous at best. Get rid of that moron and his party before there is no country left to govern.

  6. Let’s not forget Biden’s latest debacle…dropping the ball with Saudi Arabia and sending them into the arms of Iran. That is a tremendous loss for the Middle East, Israel and America. This changes the entire dynamics of the region. An ally for many years, now gone because of faulty leftist, American leadership. The stupidity and incompetence of liberals never cease.

  7. You were right on, Howard. That last video did bring a laugh. One question…was that video of the Shaman at the front doors before or after the “tour”? I’m not the brightest crayon in the box! What am I missing? Neglected to see if there was a time stamp.

    I Really Don’t Know – But Does It Matter, Since The Message Was Clear? – HG:

  8. 💥 Trump Won ✔ EVERYBODY w/ normal Gray Matter Inside the Cranium knows it ! 💯% Gray matter is primarily responsible for processing and interpreting information, without a healthy & sufficient amount one could believe Joey-Obama won.

  9. I love that song. It’s very catchy and very true! Trump won and you know it. I know it, you know it, we know it, they know it, everybody knows Trump won! Even biden knows it. He doesn’t know much with that pea brain of his, but he knows TRUMP WON!

  10. Howard, it’s not just the U.S. that is in big trouble. The so-called “western culture” is on the ropes. We have a socialist dictator in Canada backed by compliant officials that should be in jail. The U.S. has a deranged senile puppet at the helm, also backed by similar power-hungry control freaks. Both are controlled by outside forces working towards a one-world government for people living in a protected upper echelon that we can not fully imagine.

  11. I find it offensive that 1000 Illegal migrants rushed the border and got away with it. No other country would just stand by and watch their country be destroyed. Now the idiot Mayor of New York wants to give illegals free college, along with all the little lazy kids that have been playing instead of studying and now want US to pay for their loans. This is just another way the Dems want to get their vote in 24. The work ethics have gone, most want to stay home and get a check to support them.

  12. It breaks my heart for what this administration & leaders in Congress have done to this country, its reputation, stability & standing around the world. We are more vulnerable than we’ve ever been; & it’s deteriorating rapidly. Our enemies would be amiss not to take advantage of this situation, a fearful thought. Dems have become quite adept at doing whatever it takes to win & push their one-world agenda & getting away with it for decades. Yes TRUMP is only answer for 2024.

  13. I believe we did NOT vote for this fool. The election was stolen, and there is plenty of proof that it was. 81 million of us voted for Trump!! And I hope tens of thousands more have had their eyes opened and either vote for a man we KNOW can get the job done or stay home. However, not voting isn’t a real choice. I advise you to hold your nose and vote for Trump in order to get our country back on track. Above all, be a PROUD PATRIOT LIVING AMERICAN—proud of our nation again!

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