There Is No Excuse For The LEFT


I Don’t Write This Casually & I’m Not Being Flippant . . .

Our Societies Are Literally Hanging Over The Edge Of The Cliff, as we Watch the LEFT, which Includes a Massive Population of People we would Normally Consider to be Intelligent & Our Friends – Push Our Freedoms Beyond The Brink.


We are Watching Politicians who Supposedly Work for the People, but in all Reality Work for themselves or for their Elitist Handlers, Most Of Whom Refuse To Answer To The People.

We Are Bearing Witness To A Pravda Style Media Worldwide, but for my Personal Interests, I Care Specifically about what is Happening in the United States of America, Canada, and Israel . . . They are Propagandizing Information, Leading an Already Inculcated (Brainwashed) People to a Path of Cultural Self-Destruction.

Never In My Lifetime, would I Have Imagined a Period when George Orwell’s Classic Book – “1984” . . . would Actually Become a Standard Primer for our Freedoms, Where & When Students – All The Way To Married Adults, Believe that Free Speech (Freedom Of Expression) is an Assault on Democracy . . . And Should & Would Only Apply To Speech A LEFTIST Society Would Agree-With.

How Did The Art Of Debate Become An Act Of Treason?


Do You Know What Happened With The More Than 2 Years Of Covid Shutdowns?

Let Me Spell It Out As Succinctly As I Can . . . The Government Essentially Told us to Stand-On One Leg & Spit Nickels. And Do You Know What We Did? – We Asked the Government which Leg we Should Stand-On & How Many Nickels we should Spit?

Once The Government Realized Just How Compliant We Would Be, The Sky Was The Limit.

In all Honesty, Canada’s Constitution is a Mumble Jumbo of Useless Words. which are Cast in Pablum, Only to be Interpreted by Judges with their Own Agendas, Opposed to the United States of America, Whose – Constitutional Rights Are Cast In Bedrock..

So Not To Compare Apples To Oranges, I will Only Write About the US Constitution, Which Leads-Off With The First Amendment . . . GUARANTEEING Above all Else . . . the Freedoms of Religion, Expression (Speech), Association, Mobility – Etc.

So Which Freedoms Did The American Government Violate First? . . . ALL OF THEM!

Literally Overnight . . . The American People Lost all their Constitutional Rights Listed Above with Mandates that Forced all Manner of Compliance, with the Suspension of the Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms of Expression, Opinion, Debate, Religious Practice, Association, Mobility . . . Etc.

Even the Right that is Guaranteed in the Constitutional Preamble, which Promised all Americans . . . Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness . . . was No Less Torn Asunder.

If Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness . . . Can Be Destroyed In America? Where’s The Hope For The Rest Of The World?

I Am All But Convinced . . . that the Chinese Pandemic was Only the Catalyst that Enabled the Global Elitists to Spread their One World Government, as Literally Every Free Society on the Planet Marched in Lockstep with One World Mandates to Virtually Control all the Freedoms Enjoyed by Humanity.


Our People Have Been so Inculcated & Dumbed-Down by Academia, that even those within our Society who we Always Believed were Relatively Intelligent, Informed & Shared our Values, Have Indeed become the Enemy from Within . . . Perhaps Not Understanding that the Decisions they Either Make or Ignore Today, Are The Decisions That Will End Their Own Freedoms As Well As Ours.

I Don’t Care What Happens To Their Freedoms – I Care What Happens To Ours.

We Keep Hearing, Especially from the LEFT, How we all Have to Learn to Get Along. And How Bipartisanship is Essential in a “Democratic” Society. But what the LEFT Doesn’t Say, Is That Getting Along To Them, Means Bending a Knee to Those who Will Take-Away our Freedoms . . . And Bipartisanship Is Either Their Way Or The Doorway.

It’s Not Too Late For Us To Beat Them Before They Totally Destroy Us – But The Clock Is Ticking.

Remember This . . . Every Successful Conflict . . . War Or Revolution – Was Won by People who were Willing to Sacrifice & Fight . . . Even If Conflict Meant Fighting Their Own.

I Marvel at the Canadian Truckers who Defied the Trudeau Mandates (Communist/Fascist) . . . and the American Moms & Dads who Stand for Freedom at their Schools, who are Willing to Take the Slings & Arrows . . . To Keep Their Children & The Future Of America From The Final Push Of The LEFT To Be Under The Thumb Of Big Brother.


We Can’t Fight Ghosts . . . And We Can’t Fight Enemies We Don’t Recognize As Enemies.


Not Everything Is Alright Or Acceptable . . .

We Can’t Accept the Feeling of Guilt for Standing-Up for the Values of Morality & Against the Values of Immorality & Debauchery.

We Have A Choice . . . And I Think We Are Finally Choosing Well.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Who was it who said that democracies last 250 years? In the case of America, let’s see now … 1776 plus 250 equals 2026. Hmmm, that means 3 years to go. Actually the decline and self destruction is ahead of schedule which should come as no surprise when the FBI, CIA, DOJ conspired to overthrow a democratically elected president (Trump) all of them with the lies of 51 intelligence agents, all of the mainstream media and re-electing treasonous morons like Schiff, Waters, Swallwell etc.

  2. All over the world. In Israel the traitors substrate lost the elections so now are menacing with murdering, factual, murdering elected officials.

  3. Another top-notch excellent Editorial, Howard. I don’t get a chance to comment as often as I should (loong story)….but I had to tell you how much I agree with you and THANK YOU for telling it like it is. I’m only in pain right now because the TRUTH hurts !!! >>> OUCH <<< Somebody get me a doctor !!! – Brucester

  4. When I came to Canada 30+ years ago I Was happy that I escaped the socialist / communist regime. Herer we are again, just I do not know where to run

  5. Aside from the mindless & lazy populace, we have reached the point where the puppet-masters have become puppets themselves. Elites and leaders that use the leftist agenda for control have too now become slaves to the beast they created. They can no longer think for themselves and follow blindly & mindlessly into the abyss of their own self-destructive and oppressionist ideals, like robots. No one escapes. They are now victims of their own anti-freedom agendas, living in gilded cages is all.

  6. NEVER compromise. NEVER!. When right compromises with wrong, who wins? Wrong, of course. When good compromises with bad, who wins? Bad, of course. Compromise is for patsies with no backbone. Never, never, ever compromise. NEVER.

  7. Am I lost or is the Biden Admin doing what they wish. More than 1 million dead from Covid, over 150K dead from Fentenal and they are building Safe Injection Sites?, our under 30 population #1 cause of death is Murder by persons under 30. Biden Admin is allowing the illegal population in as replacements? He is clueless, tomorrow he will say how great we are doing as most of us live pay check to pay check and can only afford necessities, and or fuel. Our country is on the edge of collapse.

  8. Sometimes I wish there was a “like” button so I could recognize some great comments as well as your editorials!

  9. So far, the population of earth doesn’t have any other options–other than to solve our problems here, or accept totalitarianism and oppression like they have in CCP/Russia/NK! Our only real non-bloody option is to hope GOD has his own idea!

  10. There is no viable reason for liberals to breathe oxygen. All they do is give us a death by a thousand cuts and commit treason.

  11. Howard I have been thinking the exact same thing as what you have expressed in your editorial. I feel like I am the only one who actually cares. I can hardly look a Liberal in the face and I blame them for the breakdown of our civilization. I’m so frustrated and angry.

  12. Am I wrong to feel where US fed gov’t is today was begun under Obama’s “fundamental change” of America. Hard to accept it went that far that fast, but seems to have. There were slight hints under Bush & 9/11, etc. As for whole society being like Orwell’s 1984, there are lots of folks (in shadows mostly) who haven’t bought into what we hear every day as being the new status quo. I know I haven’t joined that conclusion yet. We’ll keep fighting, verbally at least, until We Get Our Country

  13. If Joe is made to sit down for only 30 minutes of tough questions ( without any microphone in his ear ) , the house of cards will come a tumblin down AND he’s going to need to resign ( probably out of embarrassment alone ). He’s in no condition to talk his way out of it. Congressional oversight really needs to dig in , even if it goes nowhere in the senate.

  14. I agree with conclusions on this one subject, but it is one of a 1000 heads of this beast. We have to kill the body of the beast and not get eaten by any of the heads as death of us is their mission. Meet half of the team at ONRV resort.

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