Who Are Today’s – America’s Maccabees?


Anne & I Will Be Lighting Our First Chanukah Candle Of Eight – Tonight . . . As The Sun Sets. And we will Sing the Short & Ancient Hebrew Prayer Celebrating Our Freedom.

Today . . . To The Jewish People Worldwide, Is The First Day Of The 8-Day Celebration Of Chanukah, which to Many is Known as the Festival of Lights & the Festival of Dedication or the Festival of the Maccabees.

Simply Stated – To Me . . . Chanukah Is The Jewish Festival Of Freedom – Since it is Freedom Through Insurrection that Created Chanukah.

I Won’t Go Into The Long Story Of Chanukah Other Than To Write The Following:

Nearly 2,500 Years Ago (Circa 2nd Century BC) . . . The Jewish People Throughout What is Now Known as Israel, but Focused on the Jewish Capital of Jerusalem and the Second Temple, which the Moslems Now Call the Dome of the Rock, which before it Ever Existed was Known as the Temple Mount . . .  the Assyrian Seleucids (Hellenistic Greeks) Forced the Jewish People to Abandon their (My) Monotheistic Beliefs . . . To Pray To The Greek Gods & Accept The Greek Language & Culture At The Threat Of Death To Those Jews Who Wouldn’t.

Just A Bit Of History – Many of the Ancient Jews Sided with the Hellenizers, which is a Sad Part of the Jewish History, which Seems to Repeat Itself Amongst Too Many Jews, who in this Day & Age Gravitate to the Hard LEFT as their New Chosen Religion, Who in the Case of the Jewish Hellenizers Two and a Half Millenia Ago, Threw Away their Jewish Beliefs in One God, to Grasp the Greeks’ Belief in Many Gods, And What Was In Fact An Otherwise Enlightened Greek Culture.

The Important Part Of The Story Of Chanukah – Not All Jews Took A Knee To The Hellenizers.

After Years Of Resistance . . . The Maccabees, Led by Yehuda Maccabee Stormed the Second Temple, Winning the Temple Back from the Seleucids (Hellenizers).

The Maccabees Rededicated The Temple Back To Judaism & Freedom . . . By Use of the Sanctifying Oils, which Purportedly Burnt for 8-Days & Nights, which by the Amount of Oils Available, should Have Burnt for Far Less Time than that.

Some Jewish Historians Argue . . . that there was No Miracle of Oil, but What We’re Celebrating is the 8-Days & Nights, which the Maccabees Used to Sanctify the Temple by Rededicating it to the Jewish Monotheistic Belief in One God and the Governance of the Torah.

It Doesn’t Matter To Me Which Of The Versions Are True Or Accurate, Since all that Matters to me, is that a Small Rag-Tag Army of Jews, who Refused to Take a Knee, who were Outnumbered, Out-Gunned & Out-Trained . . . Stood Their Ground And Were Triumphant, Which Is The Most Important Part Of The Story Of Chanukah.

Jews Worldwide – Observant or Secular, Light Chanukah Candles . . . Every Night During this Period of Time for Eight Nights, to Commemorate our Freedom . . . Which Was Won For Us Virtually 2,500-Years Ago . . . And In One Way Or Another For All People.


On June 15, 1215 . . . The Population of England Led By Barons Faced King John at Runnymede after the Barons Seized London, When & Where (At Runnymede) King John Acquiesced to the Demands of Freedom from the Monarchy, and the Imposition of Rules & Laws, For & By The People, which Led to the Magna Carta, which has Become the Secular Foundation of all Modern Laws & Rights of Humanity.

On July 4, 1776 . . . The American Declaration Of Independence was Consummated in Philadelphia, Which Led To A Bloody 7-Year War With England That Ended In 1783.

Like The Maccabees, the American Patriots were Outnumbered, Out-Trained, Out-Financed & Out Gunned. However, Like The Maccabees, the Patriots Fought their Fight, while Not all Colonialists were on the Side of the Patriots. We Know & Celebrate The Outcome Every Year On July The 4th.

On May 14, 1948 . . . Israel Declared Israel Independence Day as Israel’s Re- Renewal of the Ancient Nation of the Jewish People, After More than 2,000-Years Of Exile Forced by the Hand of the Romans in 70-Ad, Leading to a Series of Vicious Wars & Terror Attacks Against the Jewish State by a Hugely Disproportionate Number of Arab/Moslem States, which Also Had an Equally Disproportionate Number of Trained Soldiers & Military Equipment. Yet – Like The Maccabees . . . Israel Reigned Victorious & Free.

Please Bear In Mind – The Laws of the Torah, Followed by the Laws of the Magna Carta, which were Followed by the Laws of the US Constitution . . . are the Laws of Freedom, which we are Obliged by the Basics of Decency, as are Spelled-Out in the Ten Commandments, Which We Are To Protect & Preserve.


Today . . . We Lovers-Of-Freedom (Conservatives) in North America & Around the World, are Having our Freedoms Challenged Like Never-Before, by Elitist Socialist/Communist/Fascists, Who are Determined to Govern the World as a Collectivity in their Own Intellectual Self-Image.

Like Chanukah, The Magna Carta, The Declaration Of Independence & The Return Of Jews To Israel . . . We in North America (The United States Of America & Canada) are Out-Spent, Out-Numbered & Have Been Out-Maneuvered by the Enemies of our Freedoms for Generations . . . But Like The Maccabees . . . Many Of Us We Will Never Take A Knee.


History Tells-Us . . . We Don’t Have To Surrender Or Take A Knee . . . And Victory Will Be Ours.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy Chanukah to you, Anne, and your four-legged family. We must all be Maccabees now.


  2. Again Happy Chanukah to you, Anne and Tavor. December 25th is used to celebrate Christmas because, after some research, I found out that December 25th is the day we celebrate light so which symbolized Christ being the light of the world. I spelled Chanukah properly this time. How is Florida? In the battle we are fighting right now, we are failing miserably and are losing on many fronts. This is being reminded to us every Sunday by Mark Levine !!!! Sheeples wake up or lose Canada/U.S.A. !!!!

  3. I say amen to that and one and all peace. Happy chanukah to everyone. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta

  4. I wish you, Anne and Tavor. Happy Chanukah and all the Best for the Coming New Year. Your editorials always provides something for people to think about. Thank you.

  5. May you, Anne and Tavor, as well as your Jewish friends, have a blessed Chanukah. Indeed, we do not have to take a knee. For those of us who have accepted the shed blood of Christ for our sins and accepted Him as Savior, we look forward to being with Him when we leave this earth. Death has no sting, nor power over us because of Him.

  6. Howard. Thank You for the history lesson. Very well said. Happy Hanuku! John

  7. HAPPY CHANUKAH! To you and Anne and to all my Jewish friends. May God Bless you all..

  8. In a way, the US owes its existence to Chanukah. At Valley Forge Washington was considering throwing in the towel. While walking along the tents of freezing soldiers, he observed a chanukiah being lit by a Jewish soldier. He inquired and was told the story of Chanukah. This story inspired him to keep fighting. After the war, he had cast a special medal for this soldier as a way of thanking him. This medal can be seen at the Jewish Museum in NYC.

  9. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Never give in, or give up.

  10. Our Jewish neighbor, read us the story of Chanukah a few years ago. We have been honored when we were asked to join her family and friends in lighting the candles. History will repeat itself as there are so many folks who have been dumbed down with drugs. I am ready to defend our freedoms in the coming Civil War. I know the gov’t is vastly underestimating the number folks that are part of a well armed militia that are ready to fight. When and where the Shot heard around the world be fired?

  11. There was a revolution in America with far less justification than today. It’s been proven that the election was stolen with Trump winning by 16 percent and nothing happened except imprisoning and demonizing the legitimate patriot protesters. The government is a union of government, corporations, and media which is the definition of fascism, all led by an unaccomplished, corrupt, senile clown. America is officially a totalitarian State and no one even noticed. History repeats itself.

  12. Happy Hanukkah! What a wonderful, much needed editorial this is. Thank you for beautifully explaining the history of the battles we Jewish people have had to fight in order to maintain our freedom and preserve our way of life. Too many of our people stick their heads in the sand and conveniently forget that we have to be vigilant against our enemies—especially the sly, sneaky ones who will hide their true colors to keep their “sheeple” followers.

  13. Happy Chanukah to you, Anne and Tavor. And after the 1/6 announcement today, where are the Maccabees now? We better show up.

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