Casus Belli – Don’t Take The Bait


Is This The America The Democrats Want?

In this Dastardly Political World – FINALLY – There’s a Ray Of Hope – MAYBE? . . . And that Hope’s Name is Liz Truss, a Name we should all Remember, Who Just Won the Leadership of the Conservative Party of England.

Liz Truss will be Sworn in as the New Prime Minister of England by Queen Elizabeth II Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 6, 2022) at the Queen’s Summer Palace.

Liz Truss Will Be England’s Third Female Prime Minister In British History . . . So What Excites Me (Hopefully) About Liz Truss; that Separates Truss from all the Recent Past British Prime Ministers, Beside the Fact that Truss is a Woman, which is Irrelevant to Me, Is That Truss Wants To Emulate Margaret Thatcher.

I Never Would Have Supported Liz Truss Just Because She Is A Woman.

Elizabeth May (Former Prime Minister Of England) was also a Woman, who Pretended to be a Conservative but Governed Like a Liberal, Much Like the American RINOS and the Canadian Pretend Conservatives . . .

But Unlike The Phony Elizabeth May . . . Liz Truss is Trying to Convince the British People that she is Cut From The Same Cloth As Margaret Thatcher – The No-Nonsense Iron Lady. Who Told President HW Bush . . . “Remember George . . .This Is No Time To Go Wobbly” . . . as George HW Bush was Having Second Thoughts on What he was Going to Do with Iraq Vis-A-Vis Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait.

Also – When Argentina Took The British Falkland Islands . . . No One Expected Margaret Thatcher to Send Royal Marines Halfway Around the World to Defend a Piece of Rock with very Little Value Other than Being British Territory . . . Surprise – Surprise.

Truss has a Negative History of Voting Against Brexit and in Support of the WEF and the Green Agenda . . . BUT – Liz Truss Campaigned for the Leadership of the Conservative Party on a Firm Policy of Smaller Government, Less & Lower Taxes & Energy Independence, which I Have to Assume will Include Fracking, Nuclear & Hyper Drilling for Oil in the North Sea.

The Fact that Liz Truss Confirmed the Above Policy AFTER She Won the Party Leadership, says to Me, that Truss is Serious about Putting England Back on the Right Track, since the Campaign for the Leadership was Over and there was No Reason for Liz Truss to Re-Emphasize what She was Going to Do.

I Believe from all that I’ve Read about Liz Truss, that she is NO FAN of Joe Biden . . . Actually to the Contrary. And if Liz Truss is Even a Shadow of Margaret Thatcher . . . This Will Bode Exceptionally Well For England, Europe & Even North America.

I Give Liz Truss One To Two Months To Become A Second Margaret Thatcher as the Prime Minister of England, or Truss will Become an Abject Failure who Will Contribute To Forever Ending The Empire Upon Which . . . Once Upon A Time – The Sun Never Set.


Casus Belli Is Latin To Describe An Excuse As A Precursor To War.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS . . . In My Less Than Humble Opinion, the Democrats are Pulling-Out all the Stops to Officially Declare the MAGA Republicans, who are the Vast Majority of Republicans – Enemies Of The State, as their Casus Belli to Do One of Two Things . . .

1 – Create an Excuse to Keep MAGA Republicans from Running in the November 8, 2022 Congressional Elections.

2 – To Declare the Entire Republican Party to be MAGA Adherents, Making the Entire Republican Party Insurrectionists & Domestic Terrorists (In Their Propagandized Minds) Planning to Overthrow the Republic – Hence Declaring Martial Law To Protect America’s Democracy . . . by Suspending the Congressional Elections.

In All Reality . . . The Democrats are Without Question Void of any Positive Governance Other than Spending More Money than Imaginable on Wretched Policies that are Unimaginable.

There is Indeed an Insurrection Being Implemented as I Write this Editorial to Overthrow the Constitutional United States of America . . . But It Isn’t Coming From The Right.

And Given Their Way, the Democrats with their Elitist Corporations, which Own Virtually all the Media (Legacy & Social) – and the Weaponized DOJ, FBI & IRS . . . Plus the WEF, UN, EU and to a Great Extent Communist China . . . America’s LEFT will Stoop to Whatever Depth they will Find Necessary Not To Fight The Election In November, Which They Cannot Win Fair & Square.


The Only Question Is . . . Will The Right Give Them The Casus Belli?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The left has been doing all it can to goad us into armed/violent reaction so they and declare martial law and shut down elections to create a totalitarian socialist state…. We cannot fall for it……we must bide our time and vote in massive numbers to take back House and Senate……Defund all Bidens executive orders and retake presidency in 2024….Trump or DeSantis ….. Make America Strong and Powerful and Secure…..

  2. Thank You for the update, I feel that you are a trusted friend and we get to discuss politics and world events and I may leave saddened by the facts, but better prepared to face tomorrow. Sharon

  3. As for MAGA Republicans, I am one. 100%. I appreciate Donald Trump’s presidency and the influence he had on the R party. That said, I believe Trump has now become a liability to any hopes Rs have to win elections. Ppl like me want his perspective without his chaos. We are looking to the future, not at 2020. There are millions like me and Biden the fascist Leftist has tarred us all negatively. He and Trump have a symbiotic relationship. Screw them both. #Desantis2022 #Desantis2024.

  4. I hear from my British friends that Liz Truss is no Margaret Thatcher or anything close to it, she’s an empty suite. As to the left, they lie & cheat and we all know that, it’s in their DNA. However, the problem in the mid-term election is not the left, it’s the stupid Republican that don’t understand that the only language the left understands is a tough one , the Democrats always “confuse” kindness with weakness and the Republicans are failing with their messaging.

  5. Las Islas Malvina’s are Argentinean territory. Ref. Admiral Bedford mission to blockade and take over BA on behalf of the Queen. He was defeated but one MoW headed South and stole the Islands. About Biden… Hussein Soetoro ordered every attack on President Trump as well as Obama item in the WH actions.

  6. This is a nightmare, but bear with me. If Xi Xinping were the President of the United States and he and his minions in the Chinese Communist Party controlled both houses of Congress, they would have to do nothing other than what the Democrats are doing – with the connivance of the traitorous media and corporate fascists – to destroy America and establish the most powerful dictatorship the world has ever known.

  7. I live in FL, LOVE DeSantis. It will take Trump back in the WH, strong conservative states, & the UNCENSORED truth to destroy the evil in control now. AFTER the evil ones are defeated from all sides, DeSantis will be a wonderful choice to lead conservative FREEDOM forward. But NOT NOW!! ALL of TRUMP is needed NOW. Please leave the decision up to Trump and DeSantis to do what is best. They are both God centered men and our only hope. Support, calm, focus on solutions, we win!!!!!!

  8. Hitler did basically the same thing Biden is doing, Martial law would be a little difficult, believe me when I say this, there are a lot of people that would welcome a physical conflict w/ that low life and his 87,000 brown shirt thugs, American patriots are bouncing foot to foot waiting for a physical contact, there will be millions of firearms pulled up out of the ground, ready for use. Leadership is all that is lacking.

  9. All our countries are on the brink of disaster, all set up by WEF (Schwab) using CCP’s playbook. Some are finally realizing it’s CCP’s quest for world dominion that put this in motion decades ago. Xi is patient, can’t deny that. But he (CCP) can’t do it alone; that’s why the agreement between China, Russia, N Korea & Iran since the Russia-Ukraine fiasco.

  10. I have reservations on Truss. I will wait & see. We The People better be on our toes because the Alaska ‘temporary’ election was overturned from Republican to Democrat. The voting scams already taking place will be our ENEMY in the Mid-terms.

  11. For the past 37 months, private weapons, and gun, sales have exceeded 1,000,000 pieces. Yeah, they will take on Biden’s F-15s if he could get pilots to fly them against their countrymen and kin.

  12. Considering Liz Truss voted in favor of the WEF, she is not to be trusted. I hope that I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am. At least according to everything I’ve read lately. They have way too much power already.

  13. Urban Warfare has already started, in the Lib run cities, look at the crime rates. Homelessness is how the Libs seem to want folks, without a base it is hard to fight. I have seen via the commercials, movies, actions of HW, the acceptance of drugs, as the move to dumb down the weak minded and to overwhelm the hard working. The new IRS will be nothing more than modern Brownshirts, with unreasonable power. They will bring the fight to us and thus be able to declare Martial Law, causing resistance.

  14. A WEF supporter, maybe a member, anti-Brexit, Green New Deal, Climate changer. Liz Truss will be in bed with Trudeau and Freeland. No,No,No look to Canada to see the direction Truss will take the U.K. I wonder what her position was/is on lockdowns and jabs. Biden is a WEF, I’ve seen pics of him at their conferences. I doubt Margaret Thatcher would have been any of the above, she was a great freind of Regan; Does Truss support Trump?

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