I Think We’ve Crossed The Rubicon


I Was Thinking . . . Because I was Exhausted – “I’m Getting Too Old For This Crap”. And then something that Could have Been Dreadful & Life Changing Happened to Anne, Myself & Stryker this Past Friday The Thirteenth, that Made me Rethink, that when it comes to Living – WE’RE NEVER TOO OLD . . . TO WRITE, DO & SAY WHAT’S RIGHT & NECESSARY.

In my last Podcast, September 13, 2019 (Don’t Let The Jerks Get You Down), I Opined about being Tired & Basically Overwhelmed with Information Overload . . . But More Specifically With BS-Overload.

You Can’t Turn on a News Report without Lies, Lies & More Lies, or the Constant Refrain of BREAKING NEWS OR NEWS ALERTS, which were “Broken” or “Alerted” many Hours Earlier, if not Days Before.

It’s All Sensationalist Crap . . .Designed by the Programmers to Entertain the “Mob” for the Purpose of Ratings, Wealth & Political Power.

It’s Gotten So Bad . . . It’s Hard To Tell The Difference Between Real News & Reality TV.

I’m Seeing Déjà Vu . . . between Today and the Roman Coliseum of Caesar’s Time, just before the Barbarian Hordes Penetrated the Gates. When the Media-Of-The-Day (Propagandists) Entertained the Plebeians through Death Battles between the Gladiators & Titillation of the Mob by Throwing Christians to the Lions.


Eventually . . . The People Will React In One Of Several Ways.

1 – Many of the People will Become Numb to the BS. And they’ll Surrender to the Handlers of the Entertainers, Or As In George Orwell’s 1984To Big Brother.

2 – Sides will be Drawn, as they Already Are, and the Final Result will End in Mass Social, Political, Property & Life Destruction . . . Which I Fear is where we’re already Heading.

Think Thomas Jefferson & The Tree Of Liberty . . .

Unlike in a “Civilized” Contest (Sports), where the Rules of the Game are Clear & Enforced by a Referee . . . in our Current Socio/Political Circumstance, there is no Referee, just “Teams” Vying for Dominance, Making-up the Rules as they Go Along.

It Is Mind Boggling . . . That in this Day & Age, we are Picking Candidates to Lead our Societies on the Person’s Good Looks & Fake Public Relations.

In Canada’s Circumstance, we have a Prime Minister who NEVER held a Permanent Job before becoming Prime Minister. Who Never Finished anything of Consequence. Who has Desecrated the Country’s Budget. And Spends Tax Dollars on Himself as if the Public Purse is his own Piggy Bank. But Justin Trudeau Has Great Hair & Loves Selfies.

Remarkably . . . On October 21, 2019 – Trudeau Might Get Re-Elected.

BUT FORGET CANADA . . . America is Bearing Witness to a Battle for the Leadership of the Democrat Opposition Between Liars, Cheats, Scammers & At Least One Woman of Ill Repute, who got to where she is by having Sex with a much Older, Wealthy, Well-Connected Married Man (Willie Brown) 31-Years Her Senior.

It Is Scandalous . . . That A Near Imbecile like 76-Year Old Joe Biden, who Never Accomplished Anything of Real Benefit to the American People, other than Getting Himself Re-Elected for a Lifetime in Politics, who is an Uncontested Plagiarist, A Bumbling Buffoon, a Liar, and Man who Abused Government Power & Prestige to Further his Drugged-Out Son’s Nefarious Business Dealings . . . To Be In The Running For The Leadership Of The Democrat Party, Let Alone Ahead.

Then There’s Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren), who Lied & Cheated about her Nonexistent North American Native Heritage, which she used to Get Ahead, using the Benefits of Affirmative Action & Electability.

And Bernie Sanders, the Self-Hating (Anti-Semite) Jewish/American Communist Millionaire, who Rails Against the Wealthy, Who Himself & Wife Own Multiple Homes.

And All Of This . . . As The World Roils In Global Corruption & Incompetence.


I Have a Great Many Readers who seem to Depend on me for what I Write & Say. And every time I ask for Financial Support, I make a point of Saying, that if you can’t Afford to Help Galganov.com Financially, without Compromising your own Comfort, since many of the Galganov.com Readers & Listeners might not be in a Generous Financial Position . . . DON’T SUPPORT FINANCIALLY.

I Also Always Write . . . That even if I don’t Receive much Financial Help, I Will Write, Speak & Advocate Nonetheless.

But Recently . . . The BS Seemed Endless, and it Began to Feel as those I was Standing in front of a Tsunami, Hoping to Hold Back The Water, to the Point, that even after Investing all the Time, Effort & Money it took to Remake Galganov.com, Maybe it was Time to Stop Writing, Speaking & Advocating . . . BUT THEN IT HAPPENED THIS PAST FRIDAY 13TH.

The Day Started-Off Swimmingly Well – I couldn’t Get an Appointment with the ENT Surgeon who has been Helping me for the Past Plus-Dozen Years. So I checked if I could get an Appointment with an ENT Surgeon in Austin TX, and I could, at the Price of about $700 (Canadian) for a 2-Minute Procedure, which was very Depressing to me for the Cost.

And Then Anne Checked With A Private ENT Surgical Clinic In Montreal, which still allows some (very few) Private Healthcare Services, And Bingo . . . There was one. An Appointment was set for Two Weeks before we Leave for Texas. And the Cost was $125 (Canadian). This was a Great Start to the Day.

I Produced A Podcast . . . Loaded the Truck with Some Guns, Ammunition & Targets, and Anne, Stryker & I Headed for the Range, where we Met with some Friends (Unplanned) and did some Fine & Fun Shooting. It was a Perfect Day.

From the Range, at a bit after 5-O’Clock . . . Our Biggest Problem, was whether we were Going to Order a Pizza over the Phone, so it will be Ready at our Favorite Greasy-Spoon Pizza Joint, waiting for us when we got there, or Order a Pizza when we got there, and we would wait for it to come piping-hot out of the Oven.

AND THEN A YOUNG WOMAN RAN A STOP SIGN . . . About 50-Feet from where I T-Boned Her at about 80-kms Per Hour (50 Miles Per Hour).

I Had Just Enough Time To Yell Oh Shit! . . . Hit The Brakes So Hard, that 2-Days Later, the Sole of my Right Foot Still Hurts. I turned my Relatively New F-250 Super Duty, as hard to the Right as I could to Avoid Hitting the Other Car Smack-Dab on the Driver’s Door.

And When We Hit, It Sounded As If A Bomb Went-Off. The Other Car was a Mid-Size Late Model Toyota, which Spun in the Air for At Least 50-Feet, Landing in the Opposite Direction. My Truck Bounced to a Stop Across the Road, Facing the On-Coming Traffic Lane.

I Yelled To Anne To Make Sure She Was OK . . . She Was. And so was Stryker, who was Sleeping at the Time on his Side in the Rear Cabin. I threw the 250 into Park, left my door open, and Ran for the Toyota. I Feared the Worst for the Occupant(s) of the Car I Hit.

As I Ran to the Toyota, I heard a Woman Scream, as it turned-out, it was to her Husband – Call 911! And she ran to the Toyota as well. When we got to the Car, the Woman who Screamed to call 911 was on the Passenger’s Side. I was at the Driver’s Side, and saw that the Driver’s Side Airbag Deployed, and there was a Middle Aged Woman (44-Years Old) Sitting There, near Comatose, Strapped-in, with her Windows Shut and the Doors Locked.

Years Ago – I Used To Teach First Aid For The RLSS (Royal Life Saving Service).

I Yelled To Her To Open The Door . . . She Made a Feeble Attempt, and her hand Collapsed. I Yelled at her Again to open her Window, since her hand was Near the Window Controls, and she Managed to open the Window about 4-Inches, just before she became Completely Comatose, which Enabled me get my Hand-In, just Far Enough to Unlock the Doors.

While all of this was Happening, Anne got Stryker out of the 250, and was on the Phone with 911. The Woman in the Toyota Stopped Breathing, her Eyes were Glazed-Over & Half Opened. The Woman who was at the Passenger Side kept the Toyota Woman’s chin-Up, giving me enough time to get the Airbag out of the way, while I Rubbed my Knuckle in the Center of her Back to Wake Her-Up.

I Didn’t Want to Take the Chance of Moving her Right Away, for fear that her Neck or Back was Broken. Then, when it Appeared that all was lost, she moved her feet and started to Breathe again.

It Seemed as though EMS Help took hours to Arrive, but in all Reality, the Fire Fighters, Ontario Provincial Police, an EMS Worker & the Ambulance were Probably on the Scene in About 5-Minutes.

As They Started To Do Their “Work”, I Stepped Aside . . . & Suddenly Realized how Stressed & Tired I was. My Neck Hurt from the Whiplash & my Stomach was Sore from the Seat Belt. And Anne was Terrified for my Well-Being, Since All We Really Have Is Each-Other.

I Didn’t know Whether To Sit Down Or Lie Down . . . So I Stood. I was also very Lucky that I am Pretty-Much well known in the Area, and the Firemen Relieved some of the Stress by Lightening the Mood. One of the Police Officers was Happy to tell me that he was a Galganov-Supporter. And the Chief Investigate Detective gave me his Incident Report File Number & Personal Phone Number for me to give to my Insurer, so my Insurance would Immediately be Notified that the Woman driving the Toyota was at Fault.

To Add Insult Upon Injury For Her . . .  She Got A Ticket For Running A Stop Sign.

I Didn’t Really Care At All About My Smashed-Truck. And I wasn’t Concerned at the Time about who was at Fault, since all of us could have Easily been Killed, Especially the Woman Driving the Toyota, had I Not Been Able to Hit the Brakes as soon as I did, when One Second Later, especially if I couldn’t Steer the 250 Somewhat to the Right, she would have been Hit Broadside, and she wouldn’t have Survived.


I’ve been Given a Great Gift to Communicate. I’m Neither a Great Writer – Nor am I Great Speaker. But I have the Ability to Communicate in a Fashion to Stir the People with the Truth.


We All Get Tired & Overwhelmed . . . but that Doesn’t Give me the Right to Quit. It gives me the Right to take a Break every Now & Then . . . and it gives me the Right to Bitch & Complain . . . But It Doesn’t Give Me The Right To Quit.

So . . . As I Always Say – If You Think What I Write, Say & Advocate, has Merit. And if you can Afford to Support Galganov.com . . . Your Financial Help Will Be Most Appreciated.

As long as you Want to Read & Hear my Opinions . . . I’ll be there Writing, Speaking and Advocating. It’s The Least I Can Do.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, first and foremost, thank God that you and family are O.K and nobody died in the accident. Many times I felt like you about quitting writing and talking to people about what is happening in Canada, USA, etc… as sometimes it feels that I am talking to the wall. But as long as there a breath in us, we continue in our quest to tell the truth. Will send my contribution by mail. Steve Acre, Montreal

  2. Your instincts and rapid reflexes may well have saved several lives. I can imagine your libtard enemies assuming that the accident was your fault and the overwhelming evidence of the other party’s guilt would not be enough to persuade them of your innocence. Like the pack-a-day smoker who quits the habit twenty times a day, I’m tempted to throw in the towel all the time. What keeps me going is the challenge, not to mention duty, of exposing libtards who are obviously impervious to reason.

  3. WOW!!! Glad you all are ok. Time for a new truck. Keep doin what you do. When your post pops up on my email, I get excited to read what you have to say. KEEP IT GOING—THANKS FOR THE DAILY DOSE OF REALITY.

  4. Thank God you’re all OK, and apparently so is the woman in the Toyota. We’d hate to lose you for any reason. Know that your articles are valued by your supporters, and we look forward to years more from you. Thank you!!

  5. glad to hear you and Anne were not injured in this misshap,, it is shocking to realize have fast things can change, and not for the better, hope you and Anne recover quickly from this.

  6. Howard, Thank God you, Anne and Stryker are OK. We thank you for continuing the good fight of telling the truth and keeping us informed.

  7. You never know what you will do in an emergency. Reaction Time seems to be the key. Glad you, Anne & Stryker are ok. How is the DRIVER of the Toyota & her passenger? Things can be replaced, but a LIFE can not. Never Give Up!!! God Bless

  8. Wow! I’m so glad you and Anne are ok! Sorry about your truck though. Things sure can change fast in life. A few weeks ago here in London, a 23-year old drunk driver drove over a power line which ended up damaging 8 homes, one completely, and the people lost everything though no one was killed thank God. I have a feeling this drunk driver will end up with a slap on the hand after causing many people to lose everything. I will pray for you and Anne that you will heal completely from this accident.

  9. Thank the Lord that both of you, including Striker, are fine!!! We never know what life will bring us. I also have been feeling poorly about the political climate. I am fearful of the 2020 US election. Trump has not been doing as well, lately. I am afraid that he is more interested in making a legacy of himself & his presidency, than simply doing what he was in the beginning, MAGA. He seems to not be doing well overall & that can spell disaster for a 2nd term. I am worried.

  10. From out of nowhere, last Sunday night–A Toyota Sierra driven by a drunk driver who was barefoot doing 50 mph in a residential cul-de-sac where I live hit my neighbor’s car dead on from behind, crossed my lawn onto the street in front of my house–missing my son’s truck and my cross street neighbor’s travel trailer only to hit my boat trailer parked in front of my house! No injuries to anyone but the driver!–Nobody is guaranteed the next breath. God likes to remind us of this I think.

  11. Howard, So sorry for you, Ann , and Stryker. Glad everyone appears to be ok. You are a friendly and honest voice from the wilderness. Hope you can keep up with your editorials. Not too much truth left in the world! I feel like President Trump was truly divine intervention without which the USA would already be lost.

  12. I’m glad no one was seriously hurt in the accident. Do not despair! There is much left for you to do. FYI, a conservative group ran a genealogical search on Pocahontas’s family tree. She has two ancestors who are documented as Indian fighters! At least one got a commendation for his service in that area.

  13. A traumatic day. Glad you are all OK. :)) I think TRUMP is still doing an amazing job…Just fighting off the oposition daily is more than most could do…The LEFT tell lies about him and his accomplishments or lack of everyday. Just like you Howard , he gets up daily and just keeps on going & going. We must NEVER give up or give in. Some days I want to boycott the news as my brain is on overload but then I do not want to miss something that might REALLY be impotant!

  14. Don’t pack it in. The difference between us and them is they are insane. This is why we grow tired and they don’t and only sink deeper into insanity. For this reason we must continually push back and lift the rocks to expose and send them scurrying. Common sense is still prevalent among many people. We all must keep up the fight.

  15. So glad you are all right!!!! We would miss you so much if you couldn’t come back to Austin !

  16. We appreciate every article you write. Luckily there were no fatalities. Never give up.

  17. Howard–you, Anne & Stryker have great Guardian Angels who protected you in the accident.Glad to read that you’re all okay!It is very NORMAL for a person to become EXHAUSTED, from time to time, when involved in CERTAIN things.It’s a sign that you should probably take a “little break”.However, today’s Editorial is GREAT and encouraging to those who would EASILY give up in their own challenges.Your “writings” are more HELPFUL to YOU & others than you can/could ever REALIZE! Don’t give it up! AMEN!

  18. Thank the Lord you are all OK – I imagine you and Anne are sore in places you hadn’t thought of for a long time – after the adrenaline wears off, the aches start making themselves known. I hope you, Anne and Stryker are doing well as the days have gone past. You are so right about continuing on in spite of the exhaustion and hopeless outlook – our prayers and pushing forward to make our world better and knowing that others depend of that hope, is what keeps us fighting for the future.

  19. So glad you, your wife and the pets are O.K. keep up the work, don’t quit, never give up, never surrender.

  20. A vehicle is only a vehicle. Thank God you guys are okay. Moves the political battles including some clown shows and some serious legal and/or ethical issues back to secondary importance where they belong. Best to you and stay safe.

  21. Miracles do happen and we are all thankful. Otherwise please take care of the health detail. We do not always comment but always read your articles and comments. Quitting. Not in the realm of the likely for you. Or us… Too much is at stake. The future. Reason, sanity and grit will win. With God’s help. Let me quote a Gaucho friend. It is the chaff that burns first… And fast. Be well, all of you. Gaucho Sam

  22. I too am glad/thankful you all are okay. It helps to have a higher-built truck when you’re in an auto accident. Thought it’s no guarantee, it does help. We, your readers, are all grateful things turned out as they did. Hope your neck gets back to ‘normal’ quickly. As for your article, life does distress to the point of giving up at times, but we seem to find/see a reason to keep going while there is still breath in us. God bless.

  23. So sorry for the accident. So grateful that neither you 0r Anne or your pet were hurt more than you are. I will pray that your neck and foot heal quickly. We do need you, as you are the ONLY news I feel is as accurate as it could possibly be. I always put your articles on Facebook and wish every one would do the same. Shalom and may Elohim bless you, Anne, Stryker and your lives.

  24. Howard, I am very happy that you, Anne, and Stryker all survived what could have been a very nasty disaster. Keep on writingas yours is the only commentary worth reading, the rest is garbage.

  25. Greetings: HOWARD… YOU ARE VERY LOVED AND RESPECTED! Your fast reflecting saved this driver’s life! I hope she REALIZES that!

  26. Thank God you are all OK & nobody was seriously injured.Thank God also for your clear-minded thinking. The whole world seems to be having problems of one sort or another – it is discouraging but we must not allow ourselves to be so discouraged that we quit altogether. We all have to do whatever we can to expose the evil deeds & thoughts – this has to be done, no matter what!! Just glad that this has not broken your resolve to keep going.

  27. So glad you, Anne, Stryker are OK! Seems like lately we have ALL been feeling exhausted from the constant information overload, lies, and constant garbage coming out of the M.M. and Washington. I’ve been taking ‘mini breaks’ from it. Seems to help. Sports figures use Arnica cream/ointment for sprains/bruises. Works wonders. Should be found in most drug stores/health food stores. Before you head for Texas, maybe a visit to a Chiropractor for your neck? Thank you for ALL your excellent articles.

  28. on our way to art class fri we had to detour around a tee bone accident just as you described. it was in the cross walk of our school but luckily no children were hurt. I cant say the same for the driver who took it in the door. all I can say is persevere and stay the course as we all depend on your shining light. NO ONE KNOWS how much time we have. Royce S.D. CA.

  29. Howard, thank God you, Anne and Stryker are all okay. And thank God your reflexes kicked in at the right time. After reading all the comments and where they are from, you are loved and respected all over our world. Keep up the good work and know you will never give up. But do take a break and relax and pray your neck and foot are okay.

  30. Another reason I like driving my 2500HD…glad you and Ann weren’t seriously injured. Howard a Question: So what the difference between the last days of Rome and Society of today? Answer: We don’t wear Togas.

  31. Those motorcycle honed reflexes will always be with us. What an experience just before Rosh Hashona. Thanks God for looking after my friend and his family. Brotherly huggses from your biking buddy. Andy

  32. Glad to read that you are all OK. Keep writing pal, I look forward to each article.

  33. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE UP! A quote from someone who was greater fighter than us. We have got to keep fighting, or go under. With the Socialists owning the Media/Newspapers, we have got to have every free voice we can get. God gave us Trump. He got in the way of their takeover Hopefully Canada will have a “Trump” to oust Trudeau and save Canada. We must get back control of our schools and education. Oust the radical teachers/professors.

  34. So glad you are okay….it reminded me I had promised to send you some money when I sold some property…which I just sold. I think the dims are looking more ridiculous each day, such as today with the Kavanaugh slander…a joke!

  35. Thank you dear Lord that all were alright in the accident cars and trucks can be fixed bodies must work harder to do so. So, the Lord was with you that day.for certain. As for you giving up your writing that would be a very sad day for all of us., let alone it would mean you giving up on yourself. That is for sure a no, no.I wish. I wish I could send you lots of money but I cannot afford to do so sir. Thank you for allowing me to read your Editorials. Wishing you and Anne all the very best.

  36. God bless you, Anne & Stryker. Please be well and never quit. Your story made me cry, as my husband & I are dealing with identity theft and thieves who stole all we have. I was ready to quit today myself but reading what happened to you has made me stiffen my spine and march on until our mess is straightened out. Please never quit…so many of us need your truth reporting. Thank you.

  37. Even though I am now only 70, I drive like an old man, verrrry slow.

  38. I’ve read today’s edition a number of times looking for the words to describe it. I finally figured it out. In my mind, your last paragraph is the “Galganov Manifesto.” It perfectly describes your belief and intention to continue what you do. And we, your readers, do appreciate it. Thanks much, Howard!

  39. Quick thinking and lightning reflexes saved everyone in what must have been an incredible crash. Congratulations Howard and happy to know everyone is o.k.. However, get that whiplash checked: I have arthritis in my neck from a head-on (I was passenger) 50 years ago. Take a rest and a more time writing, quality before volume, age is catching up on us.

  40. Howard, Anne and Stryker, so glad you’re all okay. Battered and bruised I’m sure. Your guardian angels must have been working overtime that day, thank goodness. I know how difficult stress can be. Feel free to vent to your readers anytime. Our shoulders are large when all combined. Take support in knowing that we’re here for you and your family.

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