Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose


Go Back To The Beginning Of Recorded World History & We’ll Find That Little Has Changed.

Instead of Sticks, Stones, Spears, Bows & Arrows – We Have Machine Guns, Howitzers, Drones, Fighter-Jets & Bombs that can Destroy all of Humanity.

We All Have It Within Ourselves To Be Soothsayers If We Know Enough About History. It’s Just a Matter of Connecting the Dots. Racism Has Been with Humanity from the Beginning of Time. So Has the Power of the Wealthy and the Influence of the Educators (Philosophers).

Hitler Didn’t Invent Evil . . . He Only Manifested Evil To A New Modern Standard.

Democracy Is Nothing New, as it Dates Back Thousands of Years to the Time of the Greek Philosophers. And Wars with Ever-Changing Allegiances Have Always been the Ultimate Socio/Political Deciders.

After WWI (1918), it was Determined that this War which was Called The Great War Would be the Last War of this Kind the World Would Ever Witness, Until Just 21-Years Later (1939) when the World Erupted Into a Much More Consequential War With Greater Untold Human Tragedies.

Nothing Changes . . . Only Names, Allegiances, Places, Casus-Belli & Temporary Outcomes Change.


Our Duty as a Civilized Cogent Human Society is to Unapologetically Stand Against the Currents of History, so as to be Prepared for the Coming Barbaric (Evil) Onslaughts which Has been Repeating for Thousands of Years.


In The Last Comment Section Of (January 2, 2024) . . . Howard Novick of Lake Placid New York Asked Me to Name Several of My Choices for Vice President (One Male & One Female) . . . And Who I would Like to See as the Next Secretary of State – Male Or Female.

Firstly . . . I Would Never Base any Choice I Would Have on the Gender, Monetary Status, Religious Belief or Educational Background of a Person I Would be Comfortable Having in  Power.


My First Choice For Trump’s Vice President Would Be Ron DeSantis, because DeSantis has a Proven Successful History as an Executive Leader in Government (Governor). DeSantis has Real Experience in Congress & Does Not Need to Pretend to Have Solid Ties to the Military.

Also – DeSantis Has Been Taking the Slings & Arrows from Trump, the Other Primary Candidates & Nikki Haley in Particular. And Even though I was Critical of the Campaign Money that Went to DeSantis . . . When the Allegiance of the DeSantis Insiders Waned and is Now Focused on Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis Didn’t Budge an Inch.

I Think Ron DeSantis Would make an Exceptional Vice President, which Would Lead Him to the White House in 2028.

My Second Choice For Trump’s Vice President Would Be Kristi Noem, Because she too has a Successful Proven Track Record as a Member of Congress, a State Executive (Governor) and a Proclivity for Hard Work & No-Nonsense Legislation. Also, Kristi Noem is a Great Campaigner, Beautiful to Look-At and a Pleasure to Listen To.

As Trump’s Secretary Of State . . . I Would Like To See The Return Of Mike Pompeo.


There Is A Question I Haven’t Heard Asked Or Even Mentioned . . .

On October 8, 2023 – The Day After the Bestial (Inhuman) Slaughter of More than 1200 Unarmed Innocent Jews . . . (Mostly Peaceniks) in Israel, Who Believed in a Two-State Solution for the Palestinians & Better Conditions for the Gaza Palestinians . . . The Most Ugly Expression Of Jew-Hatred Worldwide, Simultaneously Exploded Since The Holocaust. . . WHY & HOW?

How Out Of Seemingly Nowhere . . . Did Millions Upon Millions of Mostly Young People Worldwide Explode into an Orgy of Anti-Semitism? How in America & Canada, where the Jewish Communities Have Contributed so Much in Every Walk of Life Become so Hated & Undesirable?

I’m Not Writing About Immigrant Educators & Immigrant  Students – These Are  Home Grown.

But The Big Reality We Should Be Focusing-On . . . The Gaza War Will Not Rage-On Forever. And Whether Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Houthis, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq & Iran all Join the Fight Against Israel, which is the Only More or Less Secular (But Jewish) Politically Civilized Country in  the Middle East . . . Inevitably The War Is Going To Come To An End.


As Far As A Two State Solution . . . That’s Suicide For Israel & Is Not Going To Happen.

So What Happens To All The North American Jew-Haters . . . ? What Happens to the Hundreds of Colleges & Universities who Have Been Outed for their Endemic Anti-Semitism? What About the Students who Raised Hamas/Palestinian Flags & Banners & Marched in Lockstep Chanting Anti-Semitic Slurs as they Blocked Bridges, Roads, Airports & Seasonal Celebrations?

And What About the High School Kids who Have Been Inculcated by their Teachers in the Misbelief of Jewish Malevolence.

Will This Jew-Hatred Go Away Once The Fighting Stops In The Middle East? . . . NO! Will this Jew-Hatred be Confined to Israel and the Middle East? . . . NO!

As Much As I Focus On All Things North American – Anti-Semitism Has Become North American.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Please note that the US Constitution effectively prohibits the president and the vice president on the same ticket being from the same state. Ron DeSantis will not be Donald Trump’s vice president.

  2. Got to agree, Gov. DeSantis would make a great V.P. and a good follow on to the Trump presidency. MAGA!

  3. Damn you took the words right out of my mouth. I concluded long ago that life is similar now to the way it was thousands of years ago. There are groups of people vs other groups of people. The only things that have changed are the weapons. From rocks and sticks to bombs and bullets. Even with all of today’s technology offering one to accurately evaluate an issue bias and beliefs still erase intelligence.

  4. Well said. Our daughters came visiting. First time since October 7th. The war is shifting. Our eldest daughter is a Senior Nurse MSc specialized on trauma and oncology. First daytime off since then. Chali our second daughter is Director of International Logistics. They sense a shift as well. But the changes will take place. Major changes.

  5. XCLNT! If Sid is correct, Trump may have to buy a home in Texas and change residency to get DeSantis on the ticket. I do disagree with you on one thing, it wasn’t a bestial attack, it was demonic. Void of humanity. Jews around the world, especially in Israel and the N. Hemisphere better wake up. TIkum olam will not work in the current age of antisemitism and the goals of islam. Their destruction is preplanned by those they profess to help. Oct 7 is proof of that.

  6. Until and unless people stop ignoring truths, we’ll have much of the same and life will continue rotating on a circular disc. The one obvious constant that I am aware of that is here in the U.S. is the leadership of Donald Trump. With him as our President, our lives will be much richer and so much better than the planned world order of the globalists. Charity from the heart is so much better than forced and stolen charity.

  7. Yup,, history repeats because we didn’t learn from the past.

  8. 100% in full agreement —– this is exactly the ticket I’ve mentioned many, many times. Trump can move to make that ticket happen.

  9. Since Trump is being/possibly DENIED TRIAL WITHOUT A JURY present. This is a NOT allowed by Our Constitution. Trump & his attorneys are required to be heard by the jury. I pray the Federal Supreme Court will follow the Rule of Law. I have never been this concerned. What is taking place is listed as TREASON. We the People CAN take our country back and rid ourselves of the present government. I want DJT 2024.

  10. Whatever you want to call it, whatever it has been called since time immemorial, anti-Semitism is racism. I’ve heard a European friend refer to DEI as Discrimination, Exclusion, and Inequality. It certainly seems all the seeds of communism, socialism, anti-Americanism and everything else antithetical to the founding of the USA is in the open now and hell bent on destroying what they see and remaking it their way. It hasn’t worked for the tyrants of the past and won’t work now. God Bless US

  11. Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

  12. The most important person to reinstate in the next administration is Sec State Mike Pompeo. There is a good reason why he is the only American who has an Israeli wine name after him (Psagot Winery in the Judean Hills/West Bank). It is the same reason why there is also an Iranian Fatwah on his head. With him as Sec of State deterrence was at an all time high and the worlds’ bad actors behaved.

  13. My understanding of the Constitution is that the State Electors of any State cannot vote for the President AND the VP of that State. But if Trump gets a total of 350 votes including 29 from Florida, but the all the other States vote for DESantis for Veep, he would get 350 minus 29 equals 321 vote, which is more than the 270 needed, he would win the Vice Presidency. Of Course, does Trump want him and if he does, does DeSantis want the job. I have my doubts.

  14. Howard, This comes under nitpicking and from a great admirer. The media started this in the past few years but, as usual, they are misguided. The term is JET FIGHTER not fighter jet. Did we call WW 2 fighters, fighter props? No! Fighters are the aircraft designation determined by the mission they are most suited to carry out. Jet is the type of engine that propels the aircraft and a jet cannot fight anything nor could a propeller. I do not know much but I know this. Jack Marine Fighter Pil

  15. I like the WH selections. Quoting: What About the Students who Raised Hamas/Palestinian Flags & Banners & Marched in Lockstep Chanting Anti-Semitic Slurs as they Blocked Bridges, Roads, Airports & Seasonal Celebrations? end quote. No Emergency Measures act for rioting Palestinian supporters. Where is Trudeau and Freeland now? Witch hunt & even jail for some Truckers but absolute silence on flag waving ignoramuses who don’t know what or why they are chanting ‘From the river to the sea’. Go Tr

  16. The young Idiots that yell support for Hamas, should be kicked out of school, tried just as the Jan 6 folks were and locked up. Open up the closed facilities for the Insane and fill them with the Idiots. Like Israel, we need to make Military Service for 2 years required for All, before you can go to college. DJT has a very large group to choose from for VP and does not have to comply with DEI bs. Anyone and Everyone that was in WA serving under Obama, Biden must leave WA. DJT doesn’t need them.

  17. I agree with your choices for VP although I think Mike Pompeo would also be a good choice for President with his excellent experience and success as Sec of State, coming at the top of his class at West Point, and his understanding of geopolitics. I’ve read that Israel’s military successes are not studied at military academies including West Point because they make no sense militarily because they should have lost all of their wars. What makes the most sense is God is on their side.

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