A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.


On June 16, 1858 . . . Illinois Senate Candidate Abraham Lincoln Said In His Nomination Acceptance Speech . . . “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”.

166-Years Later . . . Not Only America, but the Rest the Free World is Dealing with their House(s) Being Divided between Conservative Nationalists & Global Communists, All Of Which Is Tearing At The Fabric Of All Of Our Societies . . .


Make No Mistake About . . . China, Russia, Iran, North Korea – Etc Are Not Our Greatest Threats.

We Are The Greatest Threat To Ourselves . . . We in Our Nations who Have Been so Socio/Politically Bent, so as to Become our Own Nation-Haters . . . Have Become The Threat From The Inside We Have To Fear The Most.

While It Is Indeed True . . . That China, Russia . . . Etcetera are Enemies for Whom We must be Totally Vigilant . . . They are a Military Threat we Can Handle, to the Point that they Know that Attacking us (NATO) Militarily Would be Suicidal . . . So They Won’t.

But Our Inculcated (Brainwashed) Population From Within, which Has Been Groomed for Generations through Academia, Hollywood & Television – Is The Threat That Can Destroy Us As A Nation.


The LEFT. . . Led By Barack Hussein Obama – Launched what I Believe the LEFT Thought Could Have Been Obama’s Successful Thrust to Overwhelm the American System (Constitution) Once & For All, by Overwhelming Some 250-Years Of Constitutional Strength As The LEFT Shouted From The Rafters . . . That They Were Doing All That Was Possible To Save Democracy  . . . As they Surreptitiously Did all they Thought they Could Get Away-With to Destroy Democracy.

And As Prepared As The LEFT Thought They Were . . . Something Incredible Happened to America in 2016 . . . “On America’s Road To Damascus”, when the Most Unlikely UN-POLITICAL Person with the Most Un-Political Campaign Came to the People & Simply Said . . . Vote For Me Because I’m Not A Politician & I Will Make America Great Again!.

Donald Trump Had To Fight-Off The Most Powerful RINOS In The Republican Party Primary, which Included Massive Amounts of Money Set Against Him.

Trump Also Had to Beat-Off all the Insider Republicans who Used Slings, Arrows & Daggers to Bring Him to Heel. And In Spite Of The Hurricane-Strength Headwinds Coming Against Trump, The Insiders Fell Spectacularly.


In-Spite Of All The Experts . . . The Fawning Media, the Use of the Deep State (Justice Department, FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS – Etc) and Against a Deluge of Money – Trump Did The Impossible . . . He Upset The Applecart Of The Insiders On Both Sides Of The Political Divide.

And Now . . . After More Than 3-Years Have Passed Since The Presidency Of Donald J Trump Ended – The LEFT Have Pulled-Out All the Stops to Make as Certain as Possible, That There Will Not Be Another 4-Years Of Trump From 2025 . . . Too Late!

As I See-It . . . The Only Way for the LEFT to Stop Trump, Would-Be with a Bullet, which Would Elevate Trump Far Beyond the Reach of Trump’s Social, Political & Mortal Enemies, which Inevitably Would Lead to an American Civil Conflagration, Not Seen Since the Civil War . . . And If That Was Ever Going To Happen – God Save The LEFT, Because Nothing Else Will.


The LEFT Awakened The American Lion . . . They Panicked, Got Greedy & Crossed the Line of No Return from Where there is No Going Back. They Showed their Globalist Hand Expecting an Entirely Different Result because of the Apathy that has Run Rampant Amongst The Distracted People for More than a Generation, But Surprise – Surprise . . . The LEFT Never Contemplated the Blow-Back from their Detractors – as the LEFT Did all they Could to Usurp the American Dream by Overwhelming all Manner of the Social Fabric of America.


In 2016 . . . I Threw-In Entirely With Donald Trump Once He Was The Chosen Candidate.

The Reason Why I Was About 100% Certain . . . That Trump was Going to Beat the Crap out of Crooked Hillary in 2016 In-Spite of Everything the LEFT and Republican Insiders Did to Stop Trump, Was Because Of Trump’s National Momentum.

Trump Had That Uncanny “Big-Mo” In 2016 & Even Bigger-Now “Big-Mo” For 2024.

“BIG-MO” (BIG-MOMENTUM) . . . Is Far More Powerful than Any of the Polls that Show Trump-Up by a Few Points Here & There since Trump’s Support Base Continues to Grow with Each Insult to the People’s Right to Share-In the American Dream.

The Insiders Keep Saying That Much Of Trump’s Base Is Somewhat Soft . . . which Can’t Even be Close to True, No Matter How Much Biden’s Sicko-Lying Press Secretary (Karin Jean-Pierre) and RINOS Like Karl Rove, Chris Sununu – Etc Say-So, Since with Every Assault on Trump . . . Trump’s Numbers Grow Exponentially . . . How Does That Convert Into Soft Support – Somewhat Or Otherwise?


The Good News . . . They’ve Just About Played Their Full-Hand & We’re Sitting With A Royal Flush.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Nothing could make me and mine vote for anyone but Trump!

  2. Spot on Howard.( Sal Zenlinskl) ?? Or whatever his name is has proven how to take down the USA. Hillary robbem Clinton and her cohorts are working feverishly to see that it done. Sumbitches.

  3. All future elections remain in question until the entire voting system is completely cleaned up. For example, tractable Paper ballots, picture ID to vote, no computers or scanners, no mail-in voting except the Military, no early voting, etc., etc. Of those currently in power, who is going to fix the system? You be damned sure not one person in Washington (R or D) want the system corrected. Happy New Year to all.

  4. For decades now I’ve been watching current events not from the point of view of a collapse from within but watching the planned destruction of the U.S. by China and the old Soviet Union as revealed by KGB agents who defected. This point of view allows you to know what will happen next which all is coming true. Decades ago you could see the infiltration of the government, churches, academia etc. After watching Trump come down the escalator I knew that he would immediately be demonized etc.

  5. Modern Leftism/Wokeness is a mental sickness. Too many people & institutions subscribe to it because they are weak & misinformed. They have lost ability for reason & independent thought. They preach nice-sounding theories like “diversity, inclusion & equity for all” without any depth, context, reason, reality, humanity or history attached, so people mindlessly follow. These are simple, shallow, meaningless notions with little bearing in reality. They are basically a child’s mindset.

  6. Howard, It appears that Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” are in effect. Biden and the Democratic Party are trying to overwhelm the system and destroy everything America stands for.

  7. Time to do a new country called CANUSA with 4 more years of Donald Trump as President and Prime Minister of Canada with Candace Owen as Vice-President, then Owen and Leo Terrel and then Leo Terrel and Kimberly Klacik. Again I will reiterate that the left, again, will cheat like there is no tomorrow and again try to steal another election. Will the American sheeples be ready to accept that again?

  8. I like your column and I hope that you are right. Your first sentence is, Trump is no a politician. I say amen to that. I would like to see our man win again and this time be a little more of a politician. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta

  9. When Obama Bin Laden was elected, things declined quickly. With the Collapse of our Economy, I picked the wrong time to start a business. In 5 months I was Out of Business, Economically Destroyed, Facing Bankruptcy, almost losing our Home. Small Handyman jobs came in. I Thanked GOD For Them. America has been in a slow burn. Morally Bankrupt, and with the Endocrinal Schools, we’ve lost 2 generations.What did Vladimir Lenin say? Just give me One Generation AND I will transform the World.

  10. Wasn’t it Pogo who said “We have met the enemy and it is us” ?

  11. I for one don’t think NATO has any strength to defend itself either against Russia or China. They basically lost the war in Ukraine, the Russians, probably now have the most battle hardened army and also some of the most sophisticated armament that NATO has no defence for. The USA itself, quite possibly in 2024 or 2025 could experience a civil uprising. It sure would be nice to see another Trump presidency time will tell.

  12. What America better be waking up to is the fact there are Millions of anti-America saboteurs crossing our southern border by the tens of thousands daily. Scattered strategically across our Nation and throughout our Cities. Who is planning this wide scale maneuver of locating, housing, feeding and clothing. These empty handed ‘southern border’ intruders. In these sub freezing temperature Norther States. Now who is funding these Billions of Dollars ” ARE WE NEXT” on The HAMAS List” As was

  13. Question put forth to Mr. Galganov: We know who your pick is for president. Now who is your pick for Vice President, who will be one heartbeat (or bullet/or fatwah) from the presidency? 2 choices please. One female and one male. Also one choice for Secretary of State (male or female). Please give reasons why.

  14. Enjoyed this! Two thumbs up! I should like to make the observation, however, that the house divided statement is much older than 166 years, and was likely used by President Lincoln because he was a student of the Bible. You can find the language in a parable Jesus told, recorded in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 3, commencing at verse 23. History does indeed repeat itself. We need to keep emphasizing our Judeo Christian roots, and encourage and support our churches to speak out.

  15. I see what the Media wants me to see. I listen to the Talking Heads from multiple stations and come to the conclusion that they all have Opinions like a certain part of the anatomy which at times emits foul odors. We are in trouble as a Country. Our “Leadership” is Corrupt with a few exceptions. Money does that to folks. DJT, not being a Politician, was righting many wrongs with Great Resistance from within, was cheated out of a 2nd term. Civil Unrest at some level is now unavoidable in the US

  16. I’m near USA/Canadian border. Canada under attack too from illegals like the US from the south. So many are finding a way from southern border to Canada. I know, I see new faces every day, 99% young male groups in Malls and stores carrying back-packs. Who are those people? Why are they here? Quite simply, trouble & votes for Biden, Trudeau & more. I have no confidence in a turn-over come next election in US or Canada. Hope I’m wrong. Optimistically, oust Biden & Trudeau. Trump for CanAmerica

  17. Troubling times for sure. This country was a Judeo-Christian nation before we allowed one woman (Madeline Murray O’Hare) to get her way & have prayer removed from public schools. We’ve gone quickly downhill since then. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is our answer: “…if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, & pray & seek My face, & turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, & forgive their sin & heal their land.” It starts with true Christians & goes from there.

  18. Great one, as always, Howard!! There is a lot going on elsewhere that we aren’t being told. Someone I know was in Budapest recently and s/he said you can get three baskets of groceries for what it costs here for one. Zelenskyy is the worst of the dictators. There is buying and selling of oil using the currency of their own country; the petro-dollar is being phased out. T-bills are not selling well at all. As above, Obama Bin Laden (Thanks, Mr Canzone!) is running everything, including AG/DOJ.

  19. Thank you for giving us the truth of what is actually going on in this world today! God Bless You!

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