Too Big Not To Fail


If You Didn’t Believe The 2020 Election Wasn’t Rigged – There’s Nothing You Won’t Believe.


The LEFT Are So Desperate To Stop Trump, that Destroying the Constitutionality of the 2024 Election Process Isn’t Beyond them . . .

It Proves That There Is No Low Too Low For The LEFT To Go  – By Invoking an Obscure Law that is so Far Fetched from Integrity and the Reality of the 21st Century (Section 3 Of The 14th Amendment) . . . That Was Established 155-Years Ago (July 9, 1868) After The American Civil War . . . The LEFT Are Hitting Rock-Bottom.

Believe This . . . There Is Nothing The Left Won’t Do To Try To Stop Trump!

If the LEFT can Prove that Trump J-Walked Against Some Law Somewhere Within the Confines of the USA, it Wouldn’t be Too Much of a Stretch to Imagine that the LEFT Would Try To Keep Trump Out The 2024 Election For That Reason.


The Following Is Neither Secret, Conjecture Nor Propaganda.

Knowing All That We Know About The Self-Admitted Collusion Of The Media Against Trump In The 2020 Election . . . The Massive Use of Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots. The Unsecured Use of Ballot Drop Boxes, and the Illegal Strategy of Ballot Harvesting . . . Not to Mention Unverified Vote Counting and the Number of Now Proven Illegally Processed Votes from People who Didn’t Live in the Voting District where they Voted, and the Number of Votes Cast in the Names of the Deceased . . . How Can It Be Determined That The 2020 Election Wasn’t Rigged?

They Will Destroy “Democracy” In The Pretense Of Saving “Democracy”.

But Now . . . Given The FACT that the LEFT (Democrats) are Using all Manner of Lawfare Against Donald Trump . . . Simultaneously At Civil, State & Federal LevelsThere Is No Question Whatsoever – That The LEFT is Abusing as Many Facets of the Law in the Image of a Banana Republic, for the Purpose of Defeating a Viable Opponent (Trump) by the Scurrilous Excuse of Saving Democracy . . . That There Is No Longer Any Viable Pretense – That It Is Being Done For The Betterment Of “Democracy”.

They Hate Trump Because Trump Won In 2016 . . . They Hate Trump Because Trump Did a Fabulous Job as America’s 45th President . . . And they Hate Trump the Most, Because Trump Caught The LEFT Cheating In 2020 & Called Them-Out On It.

No One Who Voted For Biden . . . Is Really Proud Of What (Who) They Voted-For.

But Mostly – They Really Hate Trump Because the Man (Biden) they Put in the White House Instead of Trump . . . Has Ravaged America & Caused The American Dream To Become America’s Nightmare.

Their Hatred For Trump Has Become A Cancer In The Minds & Soul Of The LEFT.


All Of A Sudden . . . Right After The Palestinian Hamas Slaughter Of Jews On October 7, 2023 . . . Jew-Hatred was Manifested in the Guise of Supposed Israeli Aggression Against the Poor Palestinians who Only Want to be Free . . . From The River To The Sea.

There Is No Such Thing As All Of A Sudden . . . Anti-Semitism Doesn’t just Happen. Jew-Hatred is Cultivated for Generations in the Shadows & Under the Rocks of Humanity, just Like it was in Nazi Germany & Much of Europe . . . Before, During & After WWII. It Only Needs A Catalyst To Explode Into The Open.

I’m Jewish . . . And I Know That The Jew-Haters Will Hate Me No Matter What.

They’ll Hate Me Whether I Support Israel Or Not. They’ll Hate Me if I Pound a Drum, Wear a Pro-Palestinian T Shirt & Chant in Unison with all the Other Jew-Haters . . . From The River To The Sea.

They’ll Hate Me for Building A Successful Business, for Being an Employer or an Employee. They’ll Hate Me if I Excel Educationally as a Teacher or as a Student. They’ll Hate Me for What I Build and for What I Build Better. And They’ll Hate Me for my Political Views No Matter on Which Side of the Socio/Political Divide I Stand.

So Let Me Be Clear . . . They Will Hate Israel if Israel Stops the War Tomorrow, which the Palestinians Started, Or if Israel Fights Until Hamas No Longer Exists. So Why Should Israel Stop?

The Vast Majority of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank Support the Murdering Savages of Hamas . . . So Why Should Israel Stop Until The Last Palestinian Is Driven-Out Of Gaza?

Where Is It Written That Jews In Israel Or Elsewhere Need To Be Punching-Bags?

It’s Not As If Gaza Was Occupied By Israel Before October 7, 2023 . . . After Israel Completely Pulled out of Gaza . . . Lock, Stock & Barrel (August 15, 2005), Leaving An Incredible Infrastructure For The Gaza Palestinians To Build Upon, Which They (The Palestinians) Destroyed In The First Week.

They Hate Israel Because Israel Is Jewish . . . And No Matter How Much Israel Will Bend to the Demands of the Arabs Who Call Themselves Palestinians . . . The Jew-Hatred Will Never End . . . Even If Israel Ceases To Exist.


All Of Us – Not Just Jews Are Surrounded By Evil . . . The Choice Is Clear – Fight Or Submit.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Israel doesn’t cave and sticks with it until Gaza/Hamas is completely destroyed!!!!

  2. Howard, I say the same things about Jew hatred. Whether or not Israel agrees to a ceasefire and (in lack of a better word) – let’s Hamas off the hook, Israel and Jews will still be hated and antisemitism will continue to rise no matter what. Where is all this hatred coming from? I say it’s jealousy. I’m not Jewish but I know evil and I know jealousy when I see it and witness it all around me. Israel must continue to fight until Hamas is completely destroyed. GOD BLESS ISRAEL

  3. This comes to you all from about 140 miles from Gaza and 45 from Lebanon. We have three family members soldiering in Gaza. Today PM Netanyahu again presented to what is left of Islamic Jihad Hamas with its choices. Surrender and return the hostages, or, die. The bestial Islamic monsters already lost 4000 prisoneers and 12000 killed. Fatah is alsor stomped. Gaza will not return Hamasnik. Or Fatahsnik.

  4. Howard, Brave, Bravo, Bravo. The one thing true about Trump, when everyone relentlessly went after him, falsely accused him, tried to remove, undermine or destroy him, when they told lies and chased negative fantasies about him, when they accused him when he was innocent and ignored him where he was right, when ignorant masses shouted him down, and when they made him their punching bag for everything negative, was that he now knows what it is like to be a Jew.

  5. Hamas & Hezbollah are Siamese twins! Both needs Wiped‐Out! Iran has always been the element that tied “Sunni Hamas” and “Shiite Hezbollah” together.  Thousands of Hamas militants have reportedly trained at Revolutionary Guard bases in Iran and Lebanon, while Hamas opened an office in Tehran.  Iran has reportedly provided millions of dollars in funding and advanced weapons as a frontline resistance in Lebanon against Israel.  Hezbollah developed close ties to Hamas w/Tehran’s spon

  6. When the “chips are down” I feel we have only ourselves to count on and we have shown our resilience countless times, Although not very observant, I rely on the words of Isiah 8:10 Make your plans, all will be annulled, because G-d in with us!

  7. Carlos has it right; God be with us, and God be with all his believers and guide us through these troubled times. I pray that Israel prevails and Jew hatred be abolished on this earth.

  8. The rubbish main stream news says “antisemitic protesters” instead of the truthful “pro terrorist protesters”.

  9. I watched and re watched the presentation by President Donald Trump on January 6th, I could not find any reference to creating an insurection. In fact, if I recall correctly , he said stay peaceful. Respect the laws of the Country. Or words to that effect. I fail to understand where all this vindictive is coming from.

  10. Shmuel HaLevi: It is of paramount importance that your fellow citizens do not allow the likes of previous leftist PMs Barak/Olmert to return Israel to a divided state before Hamas has taken its last breath with Netanyahu’s boot on its neck. The Biden (BiBi hating Obama) administration is already making efforts to replace him with another compliant Lapid-like puppet who will sell Israel out short of complete victory. They will give away the store just like the recent Lebanese gas field deal.

  11. Isn’t it ironic that the Dems rail about how “out of date” the Constitution is, yet will skew the interpretation of it when it suits their purposes? I agree Israel needs to continue the fight until Hamas is obliterated. And as I’ve said before, hatred of Israel, especially in Arab nations, is due to Israel’s ingenuity and success. Since 1948, they rebuilt their country’s structure and their land’s usefulness out of nothing, making it fruitful once again.

  12. On some level, I have always been aware of the “fact” of antisemitism, much as I have known there are many who hate Christianity, but, until now, I never understood the depth of it here in North America. Hundreds of years and we have learned nothing! It’s both heartbreaking and sickening. Thank you, again, for being a contributor to my continuing education.

  13. A scary truth is beginning to emerge. Justice is no longer blind. How can higher court judges even think like that ? It’s supposed to be something you only see in despotic nations. What’s going on ??

  14. Remember Cologne, Frankfurt, Dresden and Berlin? Or how about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We bombed them into the stone age and nobody blinked. If the leaders of the free world had the stones, they would do the same to Gaza.

  15. Thank goodness you’re spreading the truth. Until I found your editorials, I felt like I was a Jew on an island alone—that my fellow Jews were repeating the same actions of our past history—-marching blindly toward those “boxcars” that would take us to our ultimate demise. Hopefully actions seen around the world AFTER the horrific, barbarous acts of hamas will open the eyes of those blinded by falsehoods and untruths. Amir Tsarfati “Tells us What’s next for Israel” in an amazing

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