Obama Is Determined To Get His Two State Solution


Biden Is Faust . . . The Useful Idiot Who Sold His Soul To The Devil (Biden).


In Biden’s Case . . . This Reprehensible Reprobate (Biden) Struck his Faustian Bargain With The Devil . . . Obama – For him (Biden) to Become the President of the United States of America, so Obama would Get his Third Term as President and his Desired Two State Solution (Sell-Out Of Israel), Also In Exchange For Obama To Continue His Transformation Of America.

Why All Of A Sudden In Every Biden Speech – He Includes The Necessity Of A Two State Solution?

Jews Were Just Battered, Raped & Slaughtered By The Hundreds (1200) . . . More than 200 Israelis & Others were Kidnapped and are Being Held Hostage in the Most Draconian Fashion Imaginable by Human Animals (Hamas Palestinians) . . . And What Is Biden So Concerned With . . . ?

A Two State Solution To Reward The Perpetrators Of This Horrific Crime Against Jewish People.


When Pelosi Was Speaker Of The House, the Democrats were in Charge & Calling all the Shots. And Now that the Republicans Hold the Speakers Gavel, The Democrats Are Still In Charge & Calling All The Shots.

If Trump Doesn’t Re-Win The White House . . . The Nefarious Deal will be Done, and the American Dream will Live Only in the Memory of People Old Enough to Remember the Way it Used to Be.


Haley Isn’t The Super Honest Conservative She Pretends To Be.

I Have No Idea What’s In Nikki Haley’s Heart, but I do Know that when she was the Governor of South Carolina, Haley Led the Charge Against Southern Traditions, History & Pride, by Doing Everything Possible to Bury the Stars & Bars, Confederate Civil War Statues and the Names of Men who Fought & Served for the South Against the North.

Nikki Haley was Born in the United States of America to Immigrant Parents from India. So What Generational Connection with the South did Nikki Haley Have to Give her the Right to Wipe-Out the Essence of the History of South Carolina.

After Nikki-Haley’s Drive To Suppress The Stars & Bars . . . The Process Started.

Nikki Haley Boasts of her Husband (Staff Officer Michael Haley) who Serves as a Major in the US Military, Giving the Impression her Husband is is a Warrior, Opposed to being a Military Consultant for the American Government in the Horn of Africa.

It’s Not That I Don’t Applaud The Fact That Michael Haley Serves His Country In A Military Capacity. However, that Doesn’t Give Nikki Haley the Right to Create the Impression that her Husband’s Service isn’t What it Seems . . . And Is Actuality A Non-Deserved Cliché.

Nikki Haley was Taken from National Obscurity as a Used-To-Be Governor of a Small Southern State (South Carolina) by Donald Trump, to Become a Nationally Known Entity as the American Ambassador to the United Nations.

I’m Not Suggesting That Nikki Haley Didn’t Do A Good Job In That Position, since in My Mind, she Did a Fabulous Job as America’s Ambassador to the United Nations. However . . . If It Wasn’t For President Donald Trump, Haley Would Still Be An Obscure Political Actor.


In 2020/21 . . . After the Presidential Election, which was so Rigged Against Donald Trump by the Democrats (LEFT) – Haley First Demeaned Trump, Before she Threw Trump Under the Bus, Vocally Siding With The Galoots Who Literally Stole The Election.


I Think The Never-Trumpers Have Given-Up On Ron DeSantis As Their Great Hope.

To Stop Trump . . . I Believe the Insiders, Including the Mainstream Media, are Throwing it all in on Nikki Haley, who I am all but Certain will Play Ball with the “Old Boys” if she was to Become the President.

How Else Can It Be Explained . . . that all of a Sudden, Nikki Haley and her Family are Being Profiled Everywhere? And in a Head-To-Head Contest Against Biden, Hailey is Far Ahead of Trump in the Polls . . . I Don’t Believe That – Any-More Than I Believe In Any Of The Other Anti-Trump Polls.

Let Me Write This For The Umpteenth Time . . . There Is Nothing The Never-Trumpers (Democrats, RINOS & Insiders) Will Not Do To Stop Trump From Winning In 2024. And that Includes Propping-Up Whomever the Never-Trumpers Believe Can Stop Donald Trump, Who In This Case, They Believe Is Nikki Haley.

The Enemies To The American Dream Are Everywhere . . . And Will Stop at Nothing to Retain Power in the Guise of “Democracy” – No Matter What It Takes, And Regardless To How Much Damage They Will Leave In Their Wake.

Let Me Make This Succinct . . . The End Is Close. Let Us Not Be On The Wrong Side Of History.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I too believe the end is near, and I surely don’t trust Nikki Haley. Trump is our only chance. I pray we are on the right side of history.

  2. Biden/Obama is Israel’s Number 1 enemy. Follow Biden’s dictates and they will be extinguished. When the next Hamas attack comes Biden will blame Israel for all of it. Ten Thousand Jews could die and Biden will scold Israel for breathing air that according to him belongs to Hamas.

  3. No GOP wannabes have a hope to unseat Trump and so I wish he would make clear in his rallies that when he’s back in the White House Israel be given every green light it needs AND the US will ride shotgun for her. Such an announcement would send shivers down the Democrats backs and start the 100% countdown to the end of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Ayotollah. The Obama-Biden nexus to push for a two-state solution would be placed on life support as the clock runs down over the next 11 months.

  4. Hamas has almost reached the end of it’s temp cease fire. Israel needs to make three points. 1) All living kidnap victims returned now. (We don’t know how many Hamas has murdered.) 2) All Hamas tunnels under Gaza destroyed. 3) All Hamas involved in Oct. 7 brought to justice. After Hamas has been purged Israel can set terms for resettlement of Gaza by proactive Palestinians, not more generations of UNRWA supported terrorists and so called refugees.

  5. The book of Revelation is all about the end of creation as we know it & Jesus setting up his kingdom. Nowhere is USA named or even alluded to. Under feckless Biden’s minimizing the US to a ‘nothing’ or powerless nation, it seems a possibility that Revelation may begin playing out in 2024. As for Obama, his alliance has always been pro-Muslim/anti-Israel because Jews are God’s chosen people. And YES, establishment RINOs only fight to stay in power, & Not FOR the people – are re-elections rigg

  6. Here’s what Israel should do immediately. Line up 300 or 400 of the Palestinian prisoners on some Main Street, so everyone can see them, including live TV. Advise Hamas that they have 48 hours to return all hostages. If not, all those in the lineup will be shot. This will show the world if Hamas actually values the lives of Palestinians. Drastic times require drastic actions!

  7. You are right on target. There is absolutely NO CHANCE that a two state agreement will ever be possible because the Palestinian terrorists will only accept death of all Jews. obama’s 3rd term was already decided when he and his family moved out of the White House. The proof of this is that he moved his family to a rental which was a short distance from the White House. The one leader America needs and must vote for is President Trump. He’ll restore our country and make peace work in our worl

  8. The tree of Liberty is crying out for water. You can imagine what color that water will be when it happens. Israel is under tremendous pressure from Biden to to continue with the lopsided hostage for prisoner release. I believe Hamas is witholding the American hostages to be the last released, if ever. As leverage on the US to exert maximum pressure on Israel.

  9. Nikki Haley is as much of a puke as Nancy Pelosi, and as full of deception. I totally agree with “Drastic times require drastic actions”!

  10. Our world is about to change in a way that will leave very little of value left. Too many Nukes in the hands of bad guys including some in our White House. When the buttons are all pushed, only those who prepared will be left to scrounge for life. Hell is about to come to Mother Earth and the Climate Change folks will have nothing to worry about. Iran will start it, China will join in, then Russia will fire. The US will throw up Counter Measures and retaliate, the fall out will cook the Earth.

  11. Getting very tired of people’s stupidity. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 2-STATE SOLUTION!!! It is an unrealistic, Liberal notion of the Left Anti-Semites to stick it to the Jews to continue a never-ending fight in the Middle East. Anyone who believes in it is a fool. It is political fodder for the Western masses. Palestinians don’t even want it. They want 1 state – Theirs. If anyone can convince Arabs of this then I will accept it also.

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