The Ugliness Of The Global LEFT


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No Active Member Of The American Military That I Am Aware-Of, Has Shed Blood in Defense of the Independent Jewish State of Israel. And Furthermore, to the People who Complain that American Taxpayers Shouldn’t Donate Money to Israel’s Defense Structure, As Campaigning Vivek Ramaswamy Promotes . . . Are Ignorant.

The Couple of Billion Dollars America “Gives” to the IDF (Israel Defense Force) Every Year for the Procurement of Weapons & Weapons Systems – Goes 100% Back To America.

However . . . The Couple of Billion Dollars the United States of America Gives to Israel Annually, Which Isn’t Chump-Change, is a Spit-In-The-Ocean Compared to What Israel Gives Back to the United States in Terms of Military Technology, Intelligence & Pro-American Covert Operations by Mossad.

I Think the Two American Aircraft Carrier Attack Groups in the Mediterranean are Far More for Show as a Deterrent than they are for Action.

But That Written . . . If The American Aircraft Carrier Groups Do Become Engaged, it will Not Necessarily be Just for Israel, but More Likely, because the Threat will be an Extension of the Cold War Already Being Waged Against America & Global Freedom by Proxies through China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, And Even The Globalist Purveyors Of The One World Government.


Hezbollah, Which Is The Governing Non-Government Of Lebanon . . . Is Tickling the Periphery of Northern Israel From Lebanon & Syria with Rockets, Mortars, Missiles & Artillery Fire, Knowing Full-Well – That if Hezbollah Pushes Israel Too Far . . . The IDF Will Leave Hezbollah & Lebanon In Ruins.


Israel Has  Plenty Of Time To Go Into Gaza & Obliterate Hamas . . . In-Spite of all the United Nations’ Calls for Israel to Either Stand-Down & Negotiate Some Kind of Ceasefire in Trade for the Hostages, or to Use Moderate Force When Fighting Hamas, or to be Proportional in Israel’s Assault Against the Islamist Bastards . . . Who Wantonly Slaughtered Nearly 2,000 Men Women & Children Just Because They Were Jews . . . What’s The Rush?

These Hamas Palestinians – Who Are Akin To Rabid Beasts . . . Will Be Taken Down By The IDF, but at a Time of Israel’s Choosing. Maybe it will be an All-Out Attack Tomorrow, or Maybe Hamas will be Taken-Out by a Series of IDF Attacks over a Stretch of Weeks or Months.

But Take-It To The Bank . . . Hamas is Not Fighting Helpless & Unaware Men, Women  & Children, Or Military Checkpoints In Small Skeleton Installations, Which Were Caught By Surprise On A Jewish Sabbath/Holiday – In The Early Morning.

It Doesn’t Take Brave Warriors To Murder, Torture, Rape & Kidnap Women & Children.

I Have To Believe That Jihad Palestinians . . . Have to be Amongst the Most Stupid People on the Planet, to Believe that Empty Jingoistic Rhetoric (Chants), the Murder of Unarmed Civilians (Women & Children) & Guns Fired into the Air Amongst Burnt Israeli/American Flags for Background During Hate-Filled Rallies . . . Amounts To Anything Other Than Political Theater.


I Have Worn A Star Of David Around My Neck Ever Since I Can Remember . . . Not Because my Parents or Other Mature Jews Said or Suggested I Should, but Rather, because it was Something I Wanted to Do Because it Just Seemed Right.

Anne & I Are Also Flying The Israeli Flag On Our Leased Property – As Of The Hamas Slaughter.

That I Am Jewish . . . Never Stopped Me or Slowed me Down from Sharing my Youth & Life with Christian Friends (Boys & Girls) – Especially During Christian Celebrations like Christmas & Easter. I Knew I was Somewhat Different Religiously – But I Never Felt Differently Otherwise. Our Best Friends Today Are Christians – Who Support Our Israeli Flag & The Wearing Of My Star Of David..


Unlike The Mid 1930’s To Mid 1940’s In Europe . . . When Europe’s Jews were Being Slaughtered with Impunity by the Nazis and the Nazis European Willing Executioners . . .

. . . Today, the World Has Come Running to Openly Stand with Israel and the World’s Jews, which Lays Bare the Minority Anti-Semitic Knuckleheads who Leapt at the Opportunity to Show their True-Filth.

As Bad As Things Are – More Than Ever . . . We Need Some Happy News.

I Don’t Know If I Will Be Able To Write Tomorrow – But Hopefully, in my Next Editorial, I’ll Give You A Puppy Up-Date . . . We Can’t Live for Yesterday, which will Never Return, While Tomorrow Beckons For Better Days.

Israel Will Survive . . . And The LEFT Will Collapse Leaving A Better World For All Of Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I fully agree with one exception. We cannot be on full war footing for long periods of time. Too heavy on the economy and family life. Every bestial Jihad Hamasnik will be executed. And supporters deported. North Gaza will be military controlled. For a long time.

  2. I want Isreal to take out both Hamas and Hezbollah at any cost to there surroundings! Blow them to SMITHEREENS !!! You can’t just send warnings to fools. Take all those idiots out! Get it over with!!! Also, don’t take advice from any country that wasn’t attacked!

  3. This is a direct result of appeasement by the Jewish leftists throughout the world. You cannot be on 24/7 alert continually b4 complacency takes over. Depending on technology totally never goes well. A well known group leased a site to assist IDF/Ravshatz in developing urgan warfare tactics. Sadly, the Eshcol Regional Council decided this site should be used for commercial reasons. That decision has cost many Israeli lives. Again, go straight to the doors of liberalism & the appeasers.

  4. Agreed. Your very last sentence is very encouraging. Thank you.

  5. Greetings: Unfortunately, once IDF takes care of HAMAS and perhaps HEZBOLLAH in West Bank/Lebanon, the head of the snake is IRAN! I wish we’d bomb IRAN’S nuclear enrichment sites, because IF IRAN gets an ATOMIC BOMB, guess who they’d use it against?

  6. “Who Wantonly Slaughtered Nearly 2,000 Men Women & Children Just Because They Were Jews” I’d go one step more as to say that it was also because they were non-Hamas jihadist islamists. Hamas only like their own kind. As for communists, they are third on the list of Islam targets. Once Islam gets rid of Israel, they will attack western civilization (as they already do) and then they’ll end their bloody feast by getting rid of the communists. Leftists are only useful idiots

  7. “Sweary” words! Oh, the struggle not to employ them, particularly when some left-headed twit suggests proportionality! Sunday afternoon I saw the video clip of Douglas Murray’s response to that disgusting thought! In my opinion, it was outstanding! Yes, Israel will survive. God says so!

  8. Israel will prevail. The Biden Administration needs to keep its nose out of this war. And sending Biden to Israel is holding up the IDF to do what it needs to do. God Bless

  9. I have always worn a cross around my neck. This is to show that I am a Christian. I worship a Jew. He also gave his life for us. Saudi is huge. Why don’t they give the Palestinians some land like Gaza? Why? Because the Palestinians are the trash of the Arabs. No one wants them. They are just a ramming rod used to go after Israel and the Jews. They have never had a country. Palestine was a District in the Roman Empire. We have all been fed a ton of media garbage!!!

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