You Can’t Know What You Don’t Know


I Have Received Some Emails Asking If I was OK, Since I Missed a Few Days of Writing. The Short Answer is Yes, I’m OK, but like Anyone (Except Donald Trump), I Too Need A Break From Time To Time.

Also, Several Months Ago, I was Diagnosed with what the Doctor Called “Mild” Crohn’s Disease, but I Assure you, there is Nothing Mild About Crohn’s Disease, which in my Case is a Life-Long Affliction in my Stomach, Which When Flared, Is Quite Uncomfortable, Bordering On Painful.

After Umpteen Conversations with Several Doctors & No Shortage of Online Research, No One Seems to Know What Causes Crohn’s Disease, What Triggers-It, or How to Treat-It. It Is What It Is . . . And As Uncomfortable & Occasionally Painful . . . I Will Deal With It & Chock-It-Up To Yet Another Challenge In Life, That I Won’t Let Get The Better Of Me.

This Has Been One Of Those Weeks That Was More Uncomfortable Than Just Somewhat.


I Saw The Adulation The Crowds Showed To President Trump. And I Saw Trump At His Best.

As Trump’s Convoy Left The Miami Courthouse After The Indictment (June 13, 2023) . . . which Wound-Up in Little Havana at the Versailles Restaurant, I Saw the Hope & Adulation in the Faces of the Cheering Fans – and the Demeanor of the Pro-Trump Mob of Cuban/American Freedom Supporters, who were Treated to a Glimpse, a Photo, a Handshake and a Hug with President Trump, Who They Unabashedly Believe . . . That Trump Is Freedom’s Last Hope (Vestige) For America.

Trump Will Literally Have To Disappear From The Face Of The Earth . . . For The LEFT, Insiders & RINOS – to Beat Him Fair & Square, Even with all the Cheating the LEFT and their Acolytes can Conjure . . .  Including with the Money of Mega Billionaires Like the Soros’s, Mark Cuban, Zuckerberg, the Koch Foundation, the Sleaze of Karl Rove and the Fox News Organization – Etc . . . For Trump To Be Felled.


The Pull For Freedom . . . Is Akin to the Pull of Gravity that Keeps the World from Spinning into Outer Space. Trump Is That Gravity For The American People & People Worldwide – All Of Whom Crave Freedom.

The Anti-Trumper RINOS and the Democrat LEFT Warned Trump Not to Speak Badly About the Case Against Him, and Not to Defame the Special Council Jack Smith & Smith’s Wife (Katy Chevigy) . . . Why Not?

It’s Interesting How the RINOS & the LEFT Expect Trump to Take the Punches Without Punching Back. How Trump is Facing Hundreds of Years in Prison if Convicted, And That Trump Should Sit In Silence & Just Take-It.

Do You Know Who Sat In Silence & Said Nothing . . . 6-Million Jews Sat In Silence & Just Took-It.


The Preceding Is Yiddish (Jewish), And It Translates Thusly . . . Say Nothing. Sit Quiet & Be Still.

It Further Goes-On to Say . . . Don’t Bring Attention to Yourself. Be Invisible. Don’t Make Trouble and the Bad Things will Pass. Even After The Holocaust, as a Child, I Remember Hearing Adult Jews in My Community Saying Exactly those Words, Who Should Have Known Better From History.


The Torah & The Ten Commandments Make It Clear . . . “Thou Shall Not Kill!”

But The Torah Goes On To Say . . . If Someone Is About To Kill You (And/Or Your Loved-One’s) . . . Kill Him First. Maybe That’s Why the LEFT Hate Trump, Real Conservatives and a Nation Like Israel As Much As They Do.


And If The Appeasers On The Conservative Side, or the Political Quislings who Pretend to be Conservative – Who Are Too Gutless To Fight Back . . . Let Them Step Aside, Because at Least One Patriot (Trump) Will Not Take A Knee . . . Not For Himself & Not For Us.

As You Know . . . I Very Often Reference George Orwell’s 1984, because 1984 is No Longer just a Dystopian Novel About the Future, where in Orwell’s Classic Story . . . Peace is War, Lies are Truth, Right is Wrong – Etc . . . We’re Now Living-It.

Joseph Goebbels . . . The Infamous Nazi Propagandist For Adolf Hitler Would Be Proud.


Forget The Con-Artists & Swamp Creatures Like William Barr, Chris Christie, and the Other Pretenders who Want Trump to Cave for the Benefit of the Swamp and for the Benefit of their Own Avarice.

As Long As Trump Is Still In The Fight . . . I Will Be In The Fight With Him.

I Don’t Have Trembly Knees. I Will Never Be A Willing Holocaust Jew, who Believes that if you Don’t Fight Back, or if you Sit Quietly (Shaw Shtil) and Don’t Bring Attention to Yourself . . . Life Will Be Good – Because It Won’t-Be.

If You Want Freedom Badly Enough . . . You’ll Say & Do What Needs To Be Said & Done!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Socialism, leading to Marxism/Communism, is alive and well in Canada. Pushed by dictators like Trudeau and his Liberal supporters. Thank goodness that Smith defeated Notley in Alberta. We now have 2 strong Conservative governments in Canada, Alberta and Saskatchewan! There will now be “war” between these 2 Provinces, and the rest of Canada being Climate Cult followers. Should be entertaining!

  2. The Torah (10 Commandments actually) does not say “Thou shalt not kill”. It actually says “Thou shalt not murder”. Killing is permitted, actually encouraged, when required, as you explained. Sorry your Chrohn’s disease flared up and happy to hear you’re doing better. Zei gezunt und nicht schtil!

  3. As a Jewish woman, 79 yrs. old, it absolutely floors me that too many of my fellow Jews have forgotten (even though we are told over and over “never forget”) what happened during the Holocaust. How else to explain their support of this deadly administration? They are like sheep marching to the boxcars again—boxcars that will take them to their demise. My rabbi calls me a “hater” because I don’t support a 6 yr. old’s “right” to change his gender!! Thank God for Trump and for you

  4. As a Child growing up in the Bronx, I lived amongst may immigrants from Europe. Many were Jewish, I was about 11 years old, one day as I was talking to one of my Jewish Friends Parents, I noticed some numbers on his forearm. He seen me notice that and slowly explained to me the reason. He told me Never Forget what I’m telling you. I came to know what Never Forget Meant. As a Gentile I “WILL NEVER FORGET” ! Now at 71, My Love For Israel has Never been Diminished! NEVER.

  5. Look for lots of heads exploding when Biden gets hung on the gallows he built for Trump.

  6. Re your paragraph.. It was PM Menachem Begin who answered to verbal abuse from a certain Senator from Delaware with the with the same words. ” I come before you not as a Jew with trembling knees”. The PM, the former leader of the Irgun militia ( and designated a terrorist by the British) had witnessed firsthand the horrors of the Holocaust with members of his family killed in front of his eyes. I strongly recommend a phenomenal book on him and modern day Israel called “The Prime Ministers

  7. Dennis Prager said not long ago in agreement with Perry Birman that The actual translation is Murder not Kill. Hope you are well. Great Editorial.

  8. My neighbor just returned from Israel, she is writing a book about the Holocaust. From what she saw, was told and experienced, most of the Jewish folks hung their heads and walked to the train cars without a fight. I am not Jewish, I volunteered for the Army, was trained for combat. I have prepared myself for what I believe is coming. My neighbors know that I am prepared to defend them and my family against any assault. HELL is on it’s way to the US, it has arrived in many areas already.

  9. Simon Wiesenthal the famous Nazi hunter said that freedom is not a gift from heaven but something you have to fight for every day. Your fellow freedom fighter Andy

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