He Who Laughs Last – Laughs Best


As The Giddy Media Revels At The Prospect Of Trump Doing The Perp-Walk – They Better Rethink their Joy, Since What Makes One Deliriously Happy Today . . . Is Very Often The Same Issue That Brings Misery On Sober Second Thoughts Tomorrow.


Trump Is Neither A Celebrity Nor An Athlete Wearing A Costume – He’s The Real Deal:

When The Dust Settles . . . Donald Trump Will Become the Most Celebrated & Pertinent Politician in World History, as People World-Wide Will Want to Emulate President Donald Trump – The Man Who Will Be Seen As The Warrior For Freedom, Who Confronted The Global Enemy & Would Not Take A Knee.

When The World Thinks Of Churchill Or Mandela – They’ll Think First About Donald Trump.


Stupid People . . . Refuse – Or Are Incapable Of Realizing How Stupid They Are.


I Had A Client Like That Once . . . Who was Impressive Until you Realized How Dumb he Actually was, as a Senior Vice-President of a Large International Corporation, who Constantly Hired & Promoted People to Management Jobs who were More Stupid than he Was . . . Until One Day – His Boss Figured It Out – And Sent Him Packing.

Even Though – This Vice-President was Amongst One Of Our Biggest Clients . . . He and his Staff were So Stupid, that Before he was Fired, Anne & I Decided that his Money was Just Not Worth-It to Us . . . And We Fired Him.

This Incompetent Corporate Vice President Ran A Company – Biden Runs A Nation.

Anyone At This Juncture In Current America, who Can’t See the Truth & Consequences for What they are to America and the Entire Free-World Because of a Numbskull they Voted into the Most Important Office in the World. . . Cannot Be Saved & Are Not Worthy Of Debate!


Anyone Who Says That He Or She Is On Our Side, who Takes a Moderate Position, Calling for Honest Debate & Conciliation, So-As-To Meet Somewhere In The Middle . . . Is Not On Our Side.

Let Me Give You Two Examples . . . I Watch Newsmax & Fox News. I Prefer the Unabashed Conservative Take On Newsmax, Where I Rarely See or Hear LEFTISTS Spewing their Verbal Garbage. And then at 6:00 PM Eastern Time, Newsmax Features Greta Van Susteren who Bemoans the News . . . And Wants Everyone To Learn How To Play Nice Together.

On Every Sunday Evening At 7:00 PM Eastern Time . . . Fox News Features Trey Gowdy, the Former Republican Member of Congress, Who’s Entire Show is Designed to Lecture the People . . . Also To Play Nice.

Here’s A Message For These Two & Others . . . I Don’t Need Them To Lecture Me!

I Don’t Waste My Time Watching Either Of These Two Ass-Kissers, who Want to be Everything to all People, Because People who Stand for Everything Inevitably Wind Up Standing for Nothing.

I’m Not Going To Go Into The Whole Story . . . But During a National Live Television Debate in Canada, I Became so Upset with a Woman who was the News Editor of a Prominent Montreal Newspaper, Sold Herself as a Moderate, Accused Me Of Having Extreme Positions, Because According to her, I was Incapable of Seeing the Other Side of Any Debate, that it Rendered My Opinions to be at Best Useless . . . And At Worst Counter Productive.

She Inferred . . . That For Every Issue, There Is Always Room For Negotiation & Compromise.

My Response To Her Was This . . . If Everything Is Negotiable . . . To What Extent of Me Raping You . . . Is Open-For Meaningful Debate? And Where do We Start the Negotiations as-to How, When & Where I Can Rape You?

And What Happens If You Think My Rape Of Your Body Is Un-Negotiable To You?


Donald Trump Understands This Best . . . And I Think the People Who Haven’t Entirely Lost their Minds to the Propaganda of the LEFT, Have Also Come to the Conclusion that Everything . . . Isn’t On The Table, Shouldn’t Be On The Table & Is Not Worth Debating.

If You Think All Debates & Compromises Have Merit . . . Ask Yourself This . . .

While we Debate Gender, Transgender, Neutral Bathrooms, the Legitimacy of Men Competing in Women’s Sports, White Supremacy, White Privilege, Black Reparations & Equity . . . How Does That Help The People, While The LEFT Is Busy Stealing The Soul From The People’s RIGHT To Be Free?


To The Chagrin Of The LEFT . . . They Will Be Hung By Their Own Petard.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your brief summation at the end of this sums up reality and what I personally believe and have concluded also. it is too bad that the general voting public doesn’t have access to your commentary but for those of us who are lucky enough to have found your words on the internet we are blessed.

  2. Harry, we are indeed blessed. Time to quote Thomas Paine: “Attempting to debate with a person who has abandoned reason is like giving medicine to the dead.”

  3. LOL 😂. What fantastic evaluations of Mr Galganov’s post! I love this group. ❤️

  4. Not much worse than individuals with authority and little qualifications/experience. We know how they get there and we know how frustrating it is to deal with them. The Peter Principle has been stretched to accommodate today’s agenda!

  5. Well stated Howard! As for the Peter Principle, Biden reached his level of incompetence long ago. The puppeteers relize the sheer numbers of stupid people on the left who will vote for this senile old fool and expliot it to the max! I will be 80 on my next birthday. I served 9 years of active duty in the US Navy. I never thought I would see this once great country sink to the level where we are today!

  6. Confirmation & Repetition helps Patriots keep their Enthusiasm for the Fight. We need each other as We are now faced with the Battle of Good versus Evil. Hold the Line & Stay Strong Enjoy the Current Jewish & Christian Holy Week Amen

  7. As much as I enjoy your articles, Mr.G., I also love to read the comments of your readers. There are many, many wonderful people in your reading audience, people who love God and country, and are willing to sacrifice for both. I salute you all.

  8. The MSM focuses on Trump as they play the game; look over here and not there. This allows them to bury all the Biden disastrous. Sadly, our country is focused on LGBT, Trans, pronouns, EDI, and climate lies versus what is great about our country (The Constitution). We must turn to God and pray for his help (even though we don’t deserve grace).

  9. Spot on Howard. I am 82 years young. I stand with DJT and will gladly take up the gauntlet in his behalf.

  10. Spot on with this one too. DJT will withstand this onslaught as he has all the others since 2015 when he campaigned the first time. He proved himself by turning things around to benefit We the People rather than just the elitists, & people don’t forget that. It is his battle for the people that turns out thousands for his rallies. Pray for God to be with him through this & give power to his legal team so even the biased judge cannot but agree DJT is innocent of all charges.

  11. One of the reasons I enjoy reading your editorials is because there is never any doubt about where you stand, and you don’t advocate for “making nice.” In Greta’s defense though, I might make the observation that she is ‘old school’ (as I am) and it’s a hard pill to swallow when you realize those days of conciliation, which may not have existed after all, are well and truly gone. It is heartening that folks all over are waking up to what’s been going on behind the curtains, howev

  12. Every Sunday, I watch 3 or 4 of the political shows on Fox, ABC, CNN, etc. For me, hearing what the other side has to say is informative, even if I predictably disagree – even to the point of sometimes screaming at the TV and swearing at whatever some Leftist idiot is saying. I don’t think staying in the “safe space” of an echo chamber will tell me anything I don’t already know.

  13. The Left wants us to listen to their repeated lies hoping that it will suddenly feel like a bit of truth and a weak mind will lean away from supporting DJT. As we have seen his poll numbers are climbing. They do not mean anything if we stay home and do not vote. The Left wants us to become complacent and not vote so they can pad their side as they did in 2020. Biden is an Empty Shell of a man, while DJT has a heart of a Lion and a business Brain that can turn this country around, God save DJT.

  14. Someone who i know is very smart in what he does for a job , told me the other day that “ boy , Netanyahu sure is messing up Israel ! “. If all you watch is Canadian MSM you too would believe it. The propaganda is so thick and successful in this country , it’s amazing.

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