The WEF – The New German Led Nazis Of The 21st Century


Did You Vote For The Führer Schwab? I Didn’t . . . So Who Did?

How Did This Uber-Wealthy German . . . Who Founded & Controls the Non-Government Institution we Know-Of as . . . The World Economic Forum (WEF) . . . Become so Globally Powerful, as to Set International Standards our Governments (United States Of America & Canada) Abide-By?

Who Elected & Empowered World Elitists To Decide Our Lives & Lifestyles?

But It’s Not Just Us In North America . . . Who are Doing the Bidding of this German, as the Whole World Visits Schwab’s Lair in Davos Switzerland, to Discuss How the Massive Globalist, Elitist, Wealthy, Makers & Shakers . . . Are Going To Dictate How We The Peons, Need To Live Our Lives Under Their Tutelage.


We Did It To Ourselves . . . And We Have To Stop Doing-It.

If We Didn’t Pay Part Of Our Hard-Earned Dollars To Watch Their Bullshit Propagandized Movies & Listen To Their Reprehensible Anti-Social Music . . . and if we Didn’t Pay Even More of our Money to Support their “Social Influence” . . .  and if we Didn’t Pay Billions Upon Billions of Dollars for their High-Tech Internet Access, Virtually All These Big Movers & Groovers Wouldn’t Exist.

PS – I Use DuckDuckGo As My Search Engine. And I Never Use Facebook (Meta).


We Surrendered The Education Of Our Children So They Could Hate Who We Are.

Think About-It . . . Who’s Flying to Davos to Hear & Share the Influence of Klaus Schwab, Besides the Propagandized News Media, Movie Mega-Millionaires, High-Tech Gurus, Captains of Global Industry & Politicians who are Dyed-In-The-Wool Fascists, Along with Stupid Politicians Who are there Just to be Seen Rubbing Shoulders with the Rich & Powerful, As They Extend Their Greedy Hands To Garner Lobbyist Wealth.


Why Is Canada Giving Money – My Money, To The WEF, When So Many Canadians Are In Need?

Who In North America . . . Gave Washington & Ottawa the Authority to Surrender our Sovereign Rights & Laws to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the International Criminal Court at the Hague, and Now the World Economic Forum?

. . . And The LEFT Calls This Democracy.


I’ll Be Speaking At The Conservative Club Of Valencia Reserve On March 2, 2023.

My Understanding . . . Is that this is a Members’ Event, However, it is Open to the Public at a Cost of $10 Per Person, which Includes Seating & Lite Refreshments.

The Address Is Valencia Reserve . . . 9275 Lake Royal Rd . . . Boynton Beach Florida.

Directions . . . Drive Straight From The Entrance & Take The Second Right To The Clubhouse. The Doors Will Open At 6:15 PM. The Speech Will Commence At 7:00 PM.

For More Information & Reservations Email . . . [email protected]


The Simple Answer Is . . . Our Future, And What I Propose We Can Do About It.

The More Complicated Answer . . . are the Things I Can Say in Person, Especially with Passion, Opposed to the Things I Can’t Readily Say in Print, because of the Amount of Pages it Would Take to State my Case.

We Are In Trouble. And We Are At The Edge Of The Cliff.

The Only Question Is . . . Are We Prepared to Go Over the Edge . . . Or will We Fight with All that We Have, to Stand our Ground & Force the Purveyors of Evil to Take the Plunge Over the Precipice, Rather Than Ourselves?

As Difficult as Things Have Developed Over Many Generations of Intellectual, Family & Socio/Political Neglect . . . I See Victory Over The Horizon As Real Conservatives Are Standing Their Ground.

I See A Social Revolution On The Horizon Unlike Anything Most People Can Imagine.

I See Pent-Up Frustration, Fear & Anger Exploding Throughout Our Nations, where the LEFT Have Pushed Beyond the Pale. Where the Media (Social & Legacy) are About to Get Theirs, just as I See LEFTIST Politicians, RINOS, Pro-Communist Educators & Global Elitists Pay a Price for their Avarice, which they Never Expected to Come.

It Ain’t Going To Be Easy . . . But Has Anything Ever Been Easy That’s Worth Fighting For?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Again, well said. In fact, as usual you’re absolutely terrific. I don’t do any social media. None whatsoever. The fascists would have railroaded me long ago. I’m sending this heads-up to some friends at Wynmoor in Coconut Creek, which is not far from Boynton Beach. I would have been there were it not for certain health issues which have forced me stay in Soviet Kanuckistan this winter. All my best to you and yours, my friend.

  2. Spot on, Howard. In Canada, Justin and Christia are his Eichmans. Doctors who promote MAID, transgender surgery, and other atrocities against humanity are his Mengeles. Yesterday, I read about the head of the Democrat Party in Framingham, MA calling for the abortion of children who would be born with mental and physical birth defects because it costs the local schools too much money to provide S.Ed services for them. It is all about population reduction for a superior race of the elite.

  3. Bilderberg group, CFR, WEF, WHO, etc., are all part of group working toward one-world order where a relative handful of wealthy/powerful elites will be decision-makers. World chaos will ensue, likely around Israel as much as anything (according to Bible prophecy), when one person will come up with a 7-year treaty with Israel to ‘save the world’ from self-destruction. I’m hoping I will be gone by then but pray for those still here, esp. my family if they’re still here.

  4. Wish I was able to be there for your speech. Ever since my second Covid I have lung issues and afraid to fly, thank you China/ Fauci et al. Look forward to hearing how it went. Bless you and yours.

  5. I have spoken out against the UN for years. I recognized the potential evil destruction of nation states a long time ago. We must get out asap.

  6. Mr. Zucker, simply don’t apply for MAID for yourself, but I have fot diligently for it to be implemented in Canada so that I CAN apply for it. I don’t want to be living in severe pain, or as a vegetable, not knowing anyone, but needing my diapers changed by family or some stranger. U R welcome to that, but that’s NOT what I want. Everyone dies, so why not do it w/ a little Dignity and Respect!!

    Gerri – As Much as it Pains me to Agree with You. Our Lives are our Own Own, with which to Decide on Life or Death. The Problem I Have is with the Law Allowing “Children” and the Mentally Ill to Decide Something that is Irreversible, which they are Not Capable of Comprehending with a Sound Mind.

    I Too will Want to Choose When & How I Go. I Don’t Want to Live a Life in Physical or Mental Misery More than I Have to or Want to When my Time Comes.

    I Had No Choice in how I Came Into the World . . . I Want A Choice In How I Decide To Leave It.

    My Choice – When & Where – NOT THE GOVERNMENTS! – HG

  7. Spot-on, as always, Howard! I pray that I will be brave enough to fight back, even if I’m scared. I switched browsers to Brave. Its more secure than DuckDuckGo and they don’t censor. DuckDuckGo does now.

  8. We here in the USA have let so much slip away. WE THE PEOPLE have Abdicated our Responsibility to do what was needed to Hold On To Our Constitutional Republic. Elections Work BUT One needs to be involved! Good day Howard, tried sending you a message on you’re contact us, but for some reason after something about server issue, after 7 attempts to send, figured I’d go this route. Will that meet at Boynton be recorded?

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