Hung-Out To Dry – The Party’s Over


We’ll Probably Never Really Know . . . Who Leaked the Information that Biden Had Top Secret Documents in his Garage, Home & Beach House. But I Can Guarantee You, that if we Knew, we would Also Know that the Leaks were Conducted by People Who Really Don’t Want Biden to Run Again in 2024, which I Believe was Biden’s Intention.

First Off – Forget The Polls That Say Trump Can’t Beat Biden . . . But DeSantis Can.

The Last Thing The Insiders Want Within Both Parties, is for Donald Trump to Run Again for the Presidency, Especially in an Election the Insiders (Democrats & RINOS) Can’t Completely Control.

So They’ll Promote Anyone To Keep That From Happening.

I Don’t think Biden Would be Able to Beat the Invisible Man in a Two Candidate Campaign, where Both Candidates Had to be Visible, Even if the Democrats Went All-Out as they Did in 2020 to Cheat their Way to Another Victory for Biden.

Biden Is Done – Period!

Biden Is Like Burnt Toast, which will Taste Like Burnt Toast No Matter How Many Garnishes you Put-On-It. His Usefulness Has Now Become a Liability for the Puppeteers who Used the Pliable & Most Probably Compromised Biden to Push their LEFTIST (Elitist/Communist) One World Order, Pretending as if Biden was in Control.


Biden Wanted to be America’s President Since the Days he was Given his First Seat in Congress, So Much-So, that it Took Very Little to Bribe this Most Despicable Human Being.

I’ve Known People Like Joe Biden. I Bet Most of the People Reading this Editorial also Knew People like Joe Biden, who were Glib Incompetent Appendages of Incompetence to the Core, but were Competent Enough for their Own Good . . . To Weasel themselves into Positions of Authority, Generally Promoted-Up, when Down Isn’t an Option in Public “Service”, since Competency is Not a Pre-Request for Government Employment . . . Even Amongst Elected Politicians.

And in Most Government Management Positions, the Only Way to Get Rid of Deadwood is to Promote the Slackers-Up . . . Biden Reached The Slacker Pinnacle.


Do You Really Think Newsom, Harris, Buttigieg – Etc Don’t Want To Run In 2024?


Do you Believe these Skilled Political Liars . . . When They Say They Won’t Run For The Presidency In 2024 If Biden Decides To Go Again?

I Don’t Believe Them . . . But to Sort-Of Stay True to their Word, they will Have to Conjure-Up a Scenario, where they will Convince the People, that Running to Replace Biden . . . Is The Only Patriotic Option Available For Them To Save American Democracy, Specifically Now, Because with the Classified Files Debacle, Biden Has Made Himself Unwinnable In 2024.


Biden Will Be Told That He Can’t Run In 2024 By The Insiders. And if he Removes Himself from Contention, the Insiders will Allow him to Retire as a President of Distinction.

Or, If Biden Decides To Fight-On, Biden will Face a Negative Media Storm, which is Already Starting to Brew, as the Wannabe Presidents Circle Biden like Hungry Junkyard Dogs, Willing to Fight & Savage-Biden like a Bone.

And What About Keeping His Drugged-Out Son Out Of Jail For All Manner Of Crimes?


Always Dance With The One Who Brung-Ya.

The End Result Is This Biden Has Two Choices . . . Go Down with Whatever Dignity the Numbskull-In-Chief can Hope to Retain, which Won’t be Much – Or . . . Go Down In A Blaze Of Shame & Consternation At The Hands Of The Ones Who Brung-Him.

In The Final Analysis . . . One Way or the Other, Regardless of What Speaker Kevin McCarthy Does, History will Not be Kind to this American President, since he was an Ignorant, Manipulated & Greedy Piece of Work, Who was (is) a Traitor to his Own Country.

Biden is . . . and will Always be Remembered-As the Useful Idiot Acting for a Conspiracy of Globalists, Same as Barack Hussein Obama & Presidents such as the Bush’s & Clinton, Who Worked Against the Will & Understanding of the American People for an Agenda that Placed America Last.


I Have To Wonder . . . Seeing How the LEFT in Israel is Attempting to Stage a Coup D’état Against the Duly Elected Prime Minister of Israel – Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu & Netanyahu’s Cabinet, for Fear that their LEFTIST Globalist Dream is About to Crash on the Rocks, just as We’re Seeing-It Come Apart for the LEFT in Italy, Hungary, Poland, France, Germany – Etc.


This Document Dump Is The End Of Biden & Maybe The Beginning Of End Of The Deep-State.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Democrats will never pay the price for anything that they do period.

  2. People like Biden will buy his way back in. The Justice Dept is corrupt to the core and Biden will come out smelling like a rose. Obama classified documents are also stored in a garage or warehouse, I would like to see that stash, supposedly there are over 3 thousand documents. as I have read. Don’t count on a Republican president or Senate in 2024.

  3. Biden is done, Period. Trump is done, Period. Maybe they’ll end up being cell mates! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. It is the biggest flame down ever. Torched alive, maybe. Until 2024 President McCarty. Then each Republican to vote for the next President. I vote President Trump. I have no qualms against the governor just too young to face a huge clash. Trump – McCarty.

  5. just remember biden is the puppett for obama who is really running the show. why do we not investigate him ?

  6. So wait a sec…..If they can’t go after Trump now because that would mean they have to nail Biden as well, wouldn’t they both still be able to run in 2024 if there is no investigations or indictments? As for who leaked those Biden docs, it would have to be someone who knew about them from the start. Someone in the higher eschilon of the Democratic Party. I will give you a hint who I think it is. The Initials are SR. Can you guess the name??

  7. Howard, it is apparent that JoeyB is a USEFUL IDIOT who is no longer useful to his puppeteers!

  8. This blog is written & commented by intelligent caring people, IMHO. Your analysis is competent logical based on the 90% info available. Even after 5+ years of bold in your face evidence, WE ARE ONLY BEING TOLD WHAT “THEY” WANT US TO KNOW. I know we will be dumbfounded by what becomes common knowledge, the real truth, and wonderful outcome coming our way soon. It will take all of us working for the goal with God. Read Phoenixsourcedistributors, in this book order, 2,3,5,7,27,47,30-37

  9. Exactly WHEN were the Top Secret Documents brought to the O’Bidens’ house, and WHO brought them there? Now, we know why O’Biden HID in his cellar/cave during the 2020 campaign…Obama was still “running the show”! We can’t even imagine who has already seen these documents, Plus how they’ve been used! Yes, the LEFT are “all scrambling for the lifeboats” because they’re all trying to get out of the SWAMP! The Trump Derangement Syndrome epidemic has again erupted and there is No Cure

  10. paving the way for Michelle Obama to run in 2024 so Baraka can keep on pulling the strings with his communist cohorts….Heaven help the USA

  11. Biden strikes me as an extremely insecure man…the type that bullies others but only when he is surounded by his wing men. Good ridens to the loser…take Justin Trudeau with you!

  12. I do hope you are correct. I would love to see the Dems eat ‘humble pie’ but won’t count on it. They, as usual, will take a back seat but will always belittle every GOP effort, along with MSM. I don’t keep up with international news much, so was glad to hear that “things are coming apart” for the left in European countries. Now if we can just follow through in US & Canada, at least we will have a chance to set things right, and at least for awhile. As to Hal Trachtenberg’s SR dem, no cl

  13. I never would have imagined that there would now be in Israel a Deep State which would plunge the country into the same type of civil war it endured when a ship called the Altalena filled with Jewish purchased weapons destined for Israel called the Altalena was off the shore in Tel Aviv in June 1948, with Menachem Begin (of the Jewish paramilitary Irgun force) on board refusing to fire back on the Jews of the newly created IDF who were stationed on the shore trying to prevent it from landing.

  14. Our lives will be impacted in a huge way shortly. With all the spooky dust going on in Washington, the Chinese will do something bold. Biden will try to use NATO personnel here to take weapons from Civilians, this will start the Biggest Civil War ever seen. Millions will die as China will be on our door step, Muslims that are here will join in. Black, Brown, Yellow, and White folks will go after one another in every major City where crime is out of control. Red States will drive out the Libs.

  15. Looks like We The People are in for a very tumultuous couple of years. The DEMORATS & The Swamp have more ‘surprises’ for us. We either fight or flee. Looks like America’s people will have to Do or Die and there is NO room for error to save our country.

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