Had Enough Yet? If Not Now – When?


I Didn’t Need The Elon Musk Twitter Dump(S) To Prove To Me, that there was a Massive Government/Legacy-Media/Social-Media/Entertainment-Media & Academic Conspiracy to Usurp the Legitimacy of Donald Trump from the Very Moment Trump Won the Republican Primary.

Let Me Get This Out Of The Way Real Quick . . . If You’re Insulted by Donald Trump’s Mean Tweets, Aggressive Attacks on Trump’s Opponents by Trump & Trump’s Braggadocios Style of Promoting Himself . . . Go Cry Me A River.

Somehow It Wasn’t Such A Big Deal For You When Trump Was Making America Great Again.


I Love All These “Heroes” Who Crap All-Over The Only Man In Our Time I Know-Of, Who has Served Himself-Up on the Public Altar Against a World Determined to Destroy Global Freedoms for their Concept of a One World Elitist Communist/Fascist Government.

If You’ve Never Risked Everything You Have, For The Benefit Of Everyone Else, For Whatever Reason, Who the Hell are you to Nail to the Cross the Only Man at this Time, Who in this Modern World . . . Has Put It All On The Line With Nothing To Gain?

I Personally Know What It’s Like To See Your World Collapse Before Your Eyes . . .  Because I Too Risked Everything Fighting for People I Didn’t Know & Would Never Know . . . But Nothing Like The Price Being Paid By President Donald J Trump.


Everyone Loves The Mythical Hollywood Story Of Rocky – The Legendary Tough Italian Street Thug Who Refused to Go Down & Stay Down in a Boxing Match, Where Rocky, Who After Being Beaten to a Pulp & Bloodied-Red Like Raspberry Jam – Refused To Take A Knee . . .

Everyone Loves The Mythical Fighters Who Go Down But Won’t Stay Down.

. . . But Now That There Is A Real Rocky Balboa In Our Corner . . . You’re Ready to Kick-Him to the Curb & Let the Wolves Have their Day with Him, because you Don’t Like the Way He Speaks & Tweets – SHAME ON YOU!

You Liked Trump Just Fine When Trump Delivered all that he Promised & More. You Liked-Him Just-Fine when He Stood-Up to the Deep State & Kept the Barbarians from Breaching the Gate.

But Where Are You As Trump Needs Your Support . . . As the Deep State Circles Trump Like Jackals, When all of Trump’s Claims of Deep State Collusion Against Himself & His Movement Who were Conspiring Against Him and the People . . . Prove To Be True?

Where was Your Voice Shouting Against a Rigged 2020 Presidential Election . . . that is Being Proven to Have Happened with Every New Release of Information?

How Can People Like Those Who Now Hate Trump Be So Ignorant Of The 2020 Election . . . When all of a Sudden there was a Candidate (Biden) who Hid in his Basement & Wouldn’t Campaign – Won?

And Drop Boxes that Never Before Existed in the Numbers that all of a Sudden Became Normal? Or the Millions Upon Millions of Unsolicited/Unverified Ballots Mailed Helter-Skelter in the United States of America?

And the Ballot Harvesters, the Canceled Vote-Counters and the Ballots that Mysteriously Appeared out of Nowhere after Midnight for the Democrats – Just Enough to Win the Tally . . . When No One Was Looking?

And They’re Worried About Mean Tweets & Confrontational Politicking?

If You’re One Of The Trump-Haters . . . Who Think I Give a Rat’s-Ass About your Texts & Emails About Why Trump is So Horrible, and Why Trump is Responsible for the Disastrous Republican Midterm (2022) Elections, and Why DeSantis is the New Republican Star & Savior, and Why You’re Exploding with Glee at Every “Perceived” Slight Against Trump, or Why You Relish in Every Anti-Trump Newspaper, Internet or Magazine Article . . . And Why Trump Can’t Win In 2024?

Blow-It Out Your Ass . . . ‘Cause Unlike You – There’s A Lot Of People Who Don’t Desert Their Hero.


I Have Been Inundated By A Few Who Accuse Me Of Backing A Loser – I Will Back the Righteous Underdog Every Day of the Week over the Popular Flavor Of The Day. And I will Never Desert the Man or Woman who Took the Blows so I Wouldn’t Have To.


Nothing! Because The Insiders Know You Will Be The First To Eviscerate The Hero You Have.

There Will Be No Shortage Of Committee Hearings & Maybe Some Subpoenas . . . But in the Final Analysis, Besides the Righteous Indignations . . . Coming from the House – And the Theatrical Productions on all the Fake News Channels – Including Most of Fox News . . . the Deep State Insiders will be Untouchable, and the Republicans will Continue to be the Eunuchs they Have Grown Accustomed to Being.

America & The Once Upon-A-Time Free World Will Never Be Free Until The People Rise-Up.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Absolutely right on! Anybody notice how much better things are since Trump left office?

  2. Trump was a breath of fresh air when he ran for president in 2016, and he was a successful president knocked down by a virus from China. But his refusal to admit defeat in the 2020 election, and the tragic aftermath of that refusal, shut the door on his political career. After January 6, and having publicly nursed his grievances for two years, there is no comeback. Trump’s magic is gone. It didn’t work for Walker in Georgia. He cannot win the presidency in 2024.

  3. Great editorial. I can never forget what you were able to achieve for English Quebecers. That is, some English on our signs, when now there is none. And yet,, you received no thanks! Reminds me of the phenomenal achievements of Trump and how fast people forget.

  4. It’s obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of the Demorrhoids. The Dems are self-righteous, intolerant and nasty. They play dirty. Ever notice how they lie effortlessly?

  5. The terrible facts are being blocked again by the ghastly trash aka media. In the Obamatoid operated system only the “desaparecidos” protocols are not yet.. up. As to mean Tweets.. Another concerted rot spread by the true criminals. The elections R being stolen.

  6. Rocky Balboa = Trump, never say die. I love Trump, have a great deal of respect for him. His mouth, mean tweets, so what.. I would rather have a man who means what he say than some sniveling left wing groveling puke 🤮.

  7. The general public is dumb as a brick. It’s not their fault it is the fault of the school systems not teaching information on How to think and determine realty. With 95% of the media promoting liberal ideology they sway and instruct the general public in what to think and what to do. The first day Biden was in office he signed 17 executive orders negating 17 programs that Trump had created and were positive to the U.S. public. I then knew what was going to happen in the next 4 years.

  8. Since the 2020 elections were to a large extent fraudulent, I am convinced that these recent midterms we’re just as corrupt. I think the candidates that presented themselves for the Republicans were fine, but it’s hard to fight against an invisible adversary!

  9. Hear hear! Trump in 2024 with one little addition to the mix: DeSantis for VP. Trump/DeSantis ticket would absolutely destroy the left who is insistent on promoting DeSantis to eliminate Trump. Put them together for 12 years of conservative governance. A Trump/DeSantis ticket would give the American people the most powerful ticket of the 21 Century. Beat the left at its own game. Trump/DeSantis.

  10. Howard, your latest article is MAGNIFICENT and I want you to know how much I appreciate your loyal support of OUR true President, Donald J Trump! I have lost all respect for the easily fooled people who have bought into the anti-Trump rhetoric being spewed by our mortal enemies. I may not be able to support you financially to the extent I would like, but I can help a bit which is what I will do right now!

  11. Biden didn’t have the brains to hide in his basement. Handlers hired by the Elites who Control the Democrat Party hid him.

  12. I TOTALLY DISAGREE with the comment by the person who said, ” ‘Trump’s’ refusal to admit defeat in the 2020 election and the tragic aftermath of that refusal, shut the door on his political career. After January 6 and having publicly nursed his grievances for two years, there is no comeback. Trump’s magic is gone.” He KNEW the election was rigged & he had every RIGHT TO BE ANGRY! We now have PROOF of that, thanks to Elon Musk! I would love DeSantis as his VP but we need Trump to MAGA, A

  13. People have been in need of a darn good scolding/shake-up for a long time, well done! Seems people prefer a politician with a phony facade and an extreme inability to tell the truth & an equally extreme ability to destroy our Country with a push towards communism. I stand with Trump! We better wake up quick before it’s too late if it isn’t already. Who will protect our kids then?!

  14. Totally agree!!! You hit it out of the park calling Republicans (Congressional I assume) eunuchs. Indeed they are, by choice. Dems come at you HARD and the GOP cowers, not willing to take a stand & fight back. McConnell is a RINO & McCarthy should NOT be speaker as he’s no different. They both have ‘status’ & obtained wealth being where they are; don’t want to jeopardize that. Soros has bought many state & fed winners to destroy USA & is succeeding. He & orgs need citizenship withdrawn.

  15. I also totally agree with you, Howard. And Harry Winkler and Pamela Dale’s comments hit the nail on the head. And while I agree that some didn’t Need Elon Musk to prove any of this, those who Still don’t “get it” while watching these things unfold before their very eyes are either in denial or completely brainwashed and I pray for them to see the light………. Trump/DeSantis 2024! That really Would be the IDEAL ticket!

  16. I will never give up my support for President Trump! He is the BEST PRESIDENT EVER in my opinion. I don’t care that he says what he thinks—many times it’s exactly what I think but would never say. He’s never going to be my friend, but he will always be the one man who did the job as he promised he would. And he is one of few in the presidency who didn’t end his time in office having made a whole ton of money—in fact his personal wealth was reduced considerably. It will be Trump in 20

  17. Howard, you did it again and I still am for Trump! The anti-Trump people should take a look at themselves in the mirror! Comparing Trump’s children with Biden’s son… tells me a lot. Go Trump GO!

  18. Bravo 👏 Thank you for saying it out loud! I don’t care who throws their hat in the ring, I will stand by Trump until the end. I cannot stand the wishy washy followers that get on the band wagon of trump bashing because they are afraid he can’t win. They are just as bad as the brain washed leftists. I’m a Floridian and love Desantis as our governor, but if he runs, I’m still sticking with Trump, a proven winner and best president. Any republican that doesn’t think this way is just a

  19. Thank You, Mr. Musk for exposing the Truth! Hypocrisy is most rampant in the U.S. in that some people are Insulted by Donald Trump’s Mean Tweets, but encourage the Left’s vicious political tactics! It’s being proven that the 2020 Presidential Election Was Rigged. Biden Hid in his Basement & didn’t campaign, but Won? Only a Fool would believe that he legally won. The Ballot Harvesters, etc… allowed him to Win. Yes, a Trump-DeSantis ticket is Trump’s only Hope to declare a Win! Go Trump!

  20. Hooray, I love this one Howard. Anyone who is against Trump should have their backsides kicked. Mr.Desantis is a fine man and maybe he & Trump have talked we do not know for sure that our Trump may have said I will run but you win.. We don’t know for sure. But no matter the weather I will be going on 84 yrs old I will stand in line to vote for my President Trump. Lord have mercy I was praying for Nancy P. to get out and her buddies. Will keep praying for all of them to get out.

  21. Trump is our ONLY hope politically but the elections are so RIGGED, it will never happen. The republicans are a bunch of RINO’s and one man cannot do it alone. I am afraid there are too few real patriots anymore that have the guts to stand behind Trump.

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