The LEFT Isn’t Alone With Double Standards


The Celebration By A Bevy Of Republican Trump-Haters Who Deny Hating Trump – Has Already Started with the Champagne Corks Popping, since Trump’s Supper with Nut-Job Anti-Semite Kanye West, and West’s Anti-Semitic White Supremacist “Guest” who was Not Invited by Trump, but Invited by Kanye West – Might Have Just Sealed the Fate of President Donald Trump & the Future of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

Make No Mistake About It . . . The RINOS Are All But Back In Charge.

To The Republican Celebrants of the Seeming Political  Death of Donald Trump, who Campaigned just as Hard for Trump’s Demise as Have the Outward RINO Never Trumpers & DemocratsCongratulations . . . You might Have Finally Succeeded.

You’ve Likely Won . . . And Now You Have No One Left Who Has What It Takes To Drain The Swamp.

I Know You Love DeSantis . . . I Like Him Too. But Ron DeSantis Isn’t Donald Trump. It’s One Thing to Lead a State that is Thriving Because of the Demise of Other States . . . But It’s Another Thing Entirely, to Lead A Country where the Powers of the Entire Elitist/Communist World are Aligned Against You.

No One to my Knowledge of History Has Ever Taken such a Political Beating as Had Donald Trump . . . Who Refused To Take A Knee. There’s No Question, at Least Not in My Mind – Trump was the Greatest President, Certainly in Modern Times, At Least Since The 1860/65 Civil War.

To My Republican Friends Celebrating The Likely Demise Of Trump . . . Know This – The LEFT Could-Not Have Possibly (Probably) Destroyed Donald J Trump Without Your Undying Help. I’m Sure The Communists Are Grateful.

Don’t Send Me Comments Or Emails Telling Me That You’re Not Celebrating – ‘Cause You Are.


Don’t Try to Convince Me that Trump was Unelectable in 2024 . . . Before you Started Chanting How Unelectable Trump Would-Be in 2024, Especially By Virtue Of The Dreadful November 8, 2022 Election Results For The Republicans.

Don’t Tell Me How Trump’s Endorsed Congressional Candidates Were So Bad That They Couldn’t Win . . . Because That’s Not True – Trump’s Endorsed Candidates were No Worse than any Others & Better than Most.

Tell Me How & Why a Numbskull Like Fetterman could Beat an Accomplished Professional Like Dr Oz. And a Do-Nothing Arizona Democrat who Wouldn’t Debate, was Able to Beat Kari Lake, a Talented Candidate with a Great Message and a Fabulous Track-Record?

I Know – It Was All Trump’s Fault, Not the Fault of a Compliant Propagandized Media, Gazillions of Dollars Poured into Democrat Candidates’ Campaigns and a Horrific Lack of Republican Party Support, and Active Anti-Trump Candidate Public Statements & Withheld Election Financing by RINO Republicans like Mitch McConnell.


I Have No Recollection that Trump Ever Endorsed Anti-Semitism, Hatred Towards People of Color, Disparagement of Women . . . Or Any Of The Other Such Social Sins. But it Doesn’t Matter, Because Any Lie Against Trump That Could Stick Is A Lie Worth Pursuing.


Trump Should Have Never Invited Kanye West . . . This Walking, Talking, Piece of Human Excrement into His Home at Mar-A-Lago. And any Trump Excuse or Apology for Having Kanye West & West’s Equally Detestable Guest, Would Have Been Irrelevant . . . Because The Long Knives Were Already Dripping With Trump’s Blood.

The Offensive Trump Tweets & Insults to Trump’s Opponents – Real or Imagined that Made Trump Successful, which Got Trump Elected in 2016, Became the Same Weapons Used Against Trump by the People who Initially Praised Trump as America’s Most Proficient President.


Independent Business-People Managing The Government Is All But Dead.


I See-It In Canada, where Canada is Governed by Bureaucrats who Never Created Anything of Value . . . Are Leading Canada to Outright Communism & Abject Future Dystopia, to the Point where Canada will Almost Completely Gravitate to Become like Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba – Etc . . . A One-Party Nation.

And Now With The Likely Demise Of Donald Trump – The Same Will Be True In America.


1 – Trump Will Not Stop Fighting Until There’s No Fight Left In Him.

2 – Trump Commands A Massive Army Of Patriots Who Will Not Bail On Him.

3 – In Spite Of The Nasty Tweets – Etc . . . Trump Is On The Right Side Of History.

These Are Bad Times. And People Reveling In The Demise Of Trump Are Not Making Them Better.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Most of what’s been said or reported about Trump is a lie or exaggeration for the sole purpose of undermining and removing him from office. Media & Social Media have been complicit to thoroughly destroy him. His biggest crime was speaking and acting brashly. Though I would think this is a desired trait for a leader trying to move out BS at the top. His accomplishments and desire for good and success were immense. Only people are unaware because they were lied to or it was hidden or downplayed

  2. My impression was West contacted Trump for a meet, & Trump agreed. Can’t help but wonder if it was an instigated set-up for exactly the hype it’s become. Just searched – ABC news reported, “…some have insisted that the former president was essentially tricked by the rapper and his guests — a suspicion backed up by Milo Yiannopoulos, the anti-Trump, far-right provocateur who is now acting as a political adviser to Ye.” Ye was bashing Trump, saying he should be Ye’s VP as he was mulling a

  3. Headline from ABC news……..GOP’s white supremacist problems extend beyond Trump: With click bate like that, they are setting up to take him down no matter what he does. So sad that people don’t do their own research and rely on these propaganda rags as supposed “fact”.

  4. I don’t share your Doom & Gloom out look. This to will pass. Kanye is only one demented soul of many who Trump must confront every day. Those of us who support him, ESPECIALLY the MAGA crowd, need to speak louder and more aggressively, and let him know “WE HAVE YOUR BACK!!!” He’s a tough MAN, (with elephant skin). My money is on Trump all the way.

  5. Wonderful article…. I’m with Trump all the way,it’s just sooooo sad to see the DC nut house run by the inmates…………GO TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Trump is a genius about somethings but in this instance not so much.My wife commented awhile back that KW was saying some good things to Tucker.My first comment was he’s a wack job.If I can see that why can’t Trump?Having said that I still think he’s providential to get back in.If one of the others get’s in don’t look for 50000 paper shufflers to be shown the door on Jan. 21 2025.

  7. No way in hell, heaven, or earth!!! Go Trump!!! He will not be defeated unless he wants to quit. And he is not a quitter!!!!!

  8. What Kanye did was despicable. He needs to go on a retreat for about ten years or so to get that mean streak under control. He also owes President Trump a huge apology. He owes America, too. Trump really is the only person who can deal with the freak show that is Congress *and* the rest of the world.

  9. I’m a Republican who will vote for Trump or nobody! Maybe it’s time for Trump to form his own party. Dump the swamp, the 2 parties & Washington! I’m sure millions of us lowly citizens in the US & Canada are fed up to here with political party bullshit! All of our governments have become an intolerable albatross on our backs and a rebuke to our founding fathers! Patriots, stand and be heard! It’s our last chance…..

  10. Sorry. RINOs didn’t bring down Trump. Trump squeeked out a lucky win in 2016 and then did a fantastic job as POTUS. Then he lost the 2018 midterms. When he ran for reelection he began to melt down. Remember the 1st debate? Then he lost 2020. Then he lost GA special election in 21. Then all his endorsed candidates, save one, lost the 2022 midterms. His chaotic insanity turns out Democrats to vote against him. He’s an unelectable LOSER. TRUMP brought down Trump, not conveniently blamed RINOS.

  11. Trump-haters everywhere should take a loooong deep breath and stop hyperventilating with glee. It is a political eternity between now and 2024 where much, much more will be said, done, discovered, etc.. Have folks already forgotten about the mountain of evidence on video where sanctimonious political reprobates of ALL stripes now pointing fingers (including past and present presidents) shared a lot more than just a meal with questionable characters …repeatedly??

  12. Wow Mr. Birmin! I’m a Canadian that would love to have President Trump on our ballot and we’re close with our Conservative leader now in Ottawa. I must have seen and heard a very different Pres. Trump, RINO’s, and Democrats speaking over the last 6 years. Add on the dirty tricks,, media etc. Trump did nothing on his own in my opinion. He’s a braggart is about the worst you can say about him. I hope he wins in 2024 as it’s going to makeife North of the border better for us.

  13. Unfortunately, Trump will be hoisted by his own petard. He has allowed his ego to get in his way as well as a misguided sense of needing unlimited loyalty from people. He did many things that are/were good for America. However, now is the time for him to support a younger and capable next generation to take over. Every leader comes to a point where they have to appoint a successor. The question is not whether Trump would be a great leader but, is he ELECTABLE?

  14. I feel like the rest, something was set up for Trump to take him down. How many presidents filled their terms with no pay? We must think of all the good things he did for us. He is not a quitter. Go Trump go!

  15. We all know the Left hates Trump and will do anything to destroy his ability to run. The RINOs in Gov’t are afraid of him because he cannot be bought like they are. I trust Trump to handle our affairs way more than I do WH current. Just because a person meets someone who may be totally evil does not make that person evil or we all would be evil. Biden is bought by China, so is most of Washington and Trump could end that and they know it. McConnell is a joke as is Graham as is most of Politians.

  16. You couldn’t have said it any better, Azevedo!…. Birman, not so much!!!!!!!…..

  17. If Trump fails to get elected in 2024 the USA government corruption will end the nation; and that terrifies me as Canada is too close to avoid the evil tsunami that will follow.

  18. Trump was a fantastic President; and he would be great again. I think he now understands the depths of depravity in the Deep State. I am still 100% convinced that there was rampant election/voter fraud in this last election. as well as the recent presidential election. Once voter fraud is addressed/corrected, the USA has a chance of surviving. The Left is EVIL and will do anything to control this country, patriots be damned. Kanye West is bipolar; thus he needs help, along with our pity.

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