Terrifyingly . . . Connecting The Dots


It Was Late Last Night, Or Rather Very Early This Morning, While Sleeping Fitfully, When All Of A Sudden I Had An Epiphany.

Like Most Profound Thoughts, at Least for me, when I Think of Something in the Twilight of my Sleep, the “Brilliant” Thought I had While I was Between Sleep & Consciousness Disappears Once I am Fully Awake . . . Leaving Me Frustrated, Knowing That There Was Something Important That I Should Be Remembering.

BUT NOT THIS TIME . . . When I Woke This Morning – Every Thought I Had Last Night Was Clear, Frightening & Focused.


I Need You To Remember The Above Conspiracy Headline Throughout This Editorial. I’m Not A Conspiracy Theorist – But.

When the LEFT Starts Telling all Who will Listen . . . that the LEFT is all but Certain that the Right (Conservatives), which Encompass Real Patriots, are Either Doing or are Going to Do, that What is or will be Nefarious & Injurious to What the LEFT Calls “Democracy” . . .

. . . You Have To Know That The LEFT Is Referring To Their Own Hidden Agendas.


I’ve Written About this Many Times in the Here & Now, Certainly since the Beginning of the China Virus . . . that there Seems to Have Been some Coordination Between Nations – Not just in How Independent Nations Managed the China Virus, but in the Very Similar Public Relations Manner for all of them to be Dealing with it.

I Also Wrote About How So Many Nations Utilized Common Political Phraseology . . . Such As Great Reset & Build-Back-Better.

And Last Night . . . After Reading from a Legitimate British News Source, that the Vast Majority of Covid (China Virus) Deaths, which were Reported from the Very Beginning – Were Not Just Over-Reported . . . They Were Extremely Over-Reported.

In Essence . . . The British Admitted That Their Virus Reporting Was A Massive LIE.

From Within a Few Weeks into the China Virus and the Reporting of Massive Infections, Hospitalizations, ICU Over Extensions & Ensuing Deaths . . . I Became Very Curious About The Numbers Which The Governments Were Throwing-Around.

My Question Was Always Simple . . . Don’t Tell Me How Many People Are Infected. Tell Me How Many People Died?

And then we Started Hearing Reports, that People who Died from Comorbidity, who were More likely to Die Anyway . . . China Virus Or Not . . . from Diseases such as Cancer, Heart, Diabetes, Auto Accidents . . . Etc – were Mostly Reported, that the Cause of their Death was “Covid”.

I Don’t Remember Exactly When . . . But Almost From The Beginning – I Called Fauci “The Little PrickWith All Due Ill-Respect.

I Was So Curious, that Nothing the Government Said or Reported as Fact was Making any Sense, Including the Wearing of Masks, which I Knew were Useless from Day-One, and the Rule of Social Distancing, which was Also a Political Abomination, that I Committed the Cardinal Sin According to the Government – Of  Questioning Their Fidelity In Writing On Galganov.com.

I’m Not A Doctor, Nor A Scientist, Nor A Biologist. I Didn’t Even Finish University . . . But More Importantly – I’m Not A Fool!

From The Very Beginning Of The China Virus . . . To Me it Felt More Bogus than What was Believable, to the Point where I Lost Friendships with some People who thought I was being Intransigent & Uncaring.

They Refused To Believe The Government Could Be Lying To Them – Even Until Today As The Truth Is Becoming Apparent.

I Wouldn’t Wear a Mask Unless there Was No Choice, such as Shopping for Food & Other Staples. I Didn’t Social Distance & I Never Showed a “Covid-Passport” for Anything. I Was Born Free. I Will Live Free. And I Will Die Free.


Why Did The American LEFT & Big Business Literally Ravage The US Constitution To Cheat Biden Into The White House?

The Answer To Me Is Simple . . . Donald Trump is a Billionaire Who Couldn’t be Bought by the Deep State. Trump is a Real Patriot, and a Threat to the One World Government LEFTIST Global Conspiracy.

Why Is It . . . That If You Have A Different Political View (Conservative), To The LEFT . . . You’re A Threat To Democracy?

If this was Just a Deplorable Reality in the United States, this Political Philosophy (Propaganda) would be Extremely Objectionable . . . But It’s Not Just In The USA.

All of a Sudden, Virtually out of No-Where in Canada, if you Voiced What Trudeau Publicly Considered to be an UNACCEPTABLE VIEW, you had to be a Nazi, Redneck, Misogynist, Anti-Semite, White Supremacist and a Threat to Democracy.


Are Republicans Just As Guilty Of Soft Treason To Freedom As Are The LEFT?

And To Add Insult To Injury . . . For the Simple Act of Protest in the United States of America – Hundreds of Innocent People Have Been Locked-Up Against the Established & Constitutional Rules of Detention, for as Long as, and Even Longer than One Year WITHOUT Being Properly Charged, Legally Represented & Offered Available Bail.

INCREDIBLY . . . To My Utter Amazement – Isn’t This What Canada Is Doing Here & Now To Legitimate Protestors?

But It’s Not Just the USA & Canada, the Same Ham-Fisted Abuse of Government is Happening Worldwide in Places like Australia, England, New Zealand, France, Germany, Israel – Etc.


On April 21, 2019 . . . Volodymyr Zelenskyy, had According to the Pollsters a Near ZERO Chance of Winning the Presidency in the Ultra Corrupt Nation of Ukraine, Considering that Zelenskyy was a Jew in a Very Christian Country with a History of Anti-Semitism, a Political Novice & Not Part of the Governing Club of Insiders.

HOWEVER – Zelenskyy Ran His Campaign Much Like Donald Trump. . . On A Pledge To Clean-Out The Corruption.

And Very Much Like Donald Trump. . . Who Won the American Presidency in 2016 Against all Odds . . . Volodymyr Zelenskyy won his Election with a Massive Vote of 73% Of The Voting Population.

In His Own Unique Way . . . Candidate Zelenskyy Promised To Drain The Swamp.

Don’t You Find It Strange . . . That all of Europe (The EU), The United States of America, Canada & NATO, all of a Sudden have Become Sort of Serious in Defense of Ukrainian Sovereignty, Ukrainian Loss of Life and the Destruction of the Ukrainian Infrastructure . . . AFTER the Full-Throated Invasion & Destruction of Ukraine by the Russians Began . . . But Not Even A Day Before?

The West Could Have Easily Stopped The Russians Before The Russians Got Started. Why Didn’t They?


The Globalist Cutthroats Wanted To Stop Zelenskyy From Toppling Their Insidious Apple Cart, and then Come-Off as the Good Guys, which Did all they Could to Help What would be Left of Ukraine – To Pick-Up The Pieces.


In Late July 1990, Just Eight-Days Before Saddam Hussein Invaded the Sovereign State of Kuwait (August 2, 1990), Using the Pretense that Kuwait was Actually a Breakaway Province from Iraq, with Many Iraqi Nationals Living in Kuwait, which Purportedly was the Reason for Iraq to Invade Kuwait . . .

Saddam Hussein Asked April Glaspie (America’s Ambassador To Iraq) . . . What Opinion America Would Have To Iraq Reclaiming Its Kuwaiti Province?

The Answer April Glaspie Gave Was . . . “We Have No Opinion On Your Arab-Arab Conflicts” . . . And The World Went To War.


1 – The President at that Time was George HW Bush, the Father of President George W Bush, who Had Full Intentions of Going To War Against Iraq & Saddam Hussein, But Needed The Casus Belli.

2 – After the Culmination of Bush’s Iraq War, which Ended with an Enormous Number of Iraqi Deaths & Massive Destruction to Iraq & an Equally Massive War Debt to America . . . HW Bush Said Something That Was Extremely Troubling To Me.

George HW Bush Effectively Said in One of his Many Iraqi War Victory Speeches . . . “Welcome To The New World Order” . . . That Was More Than 30-Years Ago & Look Where We’re At Today.

The War Against Ukraine Is Far More Than It Appears To Be. I Think the War Against Ukraine, with the Focus On Taking-Out Zelenskyy At Any Cost, is Aimed Against Us as Much as it is Against Zelenskyy.

We’ve Been At War For Generations & We Never Knew It . . . But We Should Know It Now.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The next upcoming generation will pay for the sins of our fathers. And, be assured we will also pay.

  2. I am sick to my stomach because I Believe you are right.

  3. WOW, great memory. Connections indeed. Thank you, your clarity really helps. I cannot picture us limping along till Nov. or 2024. Can you????

  4. As I commented before, Politicians are corrupt, immoral, liars, and mostly lawyers. The inner circles of countries do not give a crap about the lowly working folks as they say, they are all about Control and Power. I believe we are on the verge of WWIII in so many aspects. Look at the support for the Convoys, now suddenly for the BLUE and all to get the FOOLS Votes who voted in Biden and help steal the election. Watch for another big Scam job in November, Election Fraud galore.

  5. When peace reigns, everybody is poor. When war breaks out, suddenly billions appear out of nowhere. Supreme dictator Xi and America’s Military Industrial Complex are rubbing their hands in glee. Democrats, RINOs, Liberals and Greenies are showing their true colors, and they are spelled F-A-S-C-I-S-T.

  6. Spot on Howard, if a body were on his toes and up on world 🌍 politics, what you published could have been smelled a long time ago.

  7. I am confused: You knew from the beginning the mask and distancing were a fraud. If that were the case, why then did you not only take the vaccine not once but twice along with the booster?

    Don’t Be Confused . . . I Took the Vaccine TWICE and the Booster ONCE, Because I Believed in the Science out of Israel, which Vaccinated its Entire Military, and I Travel across the Canadian/US Border. I also Didn’t believe our Countries were Out to Murder our Populations. I Still Don’t Believe That.

    I Don’t Know Everything. I Don’t Profess To Know Everything . . . And I’m Just As Human As Everyone Else – HG:

  8. This business with Ukraine and Russia is all contrived. Something sinister is afoot. If you can get a copy of Robt. Kennedy Jr. book called The Real Anthony Fauci, please do. It’s horrifying what’s going on around the world. In all my 82 years I never thought I would be living in such a screwed up world.

  9. In 1995 I said that if we don’t get it right , we are done for. Here we are. Everyone said I was a Kook! Here we are. What you said about Iraq is exactly true. I have read HW’s books and he is the worst type of Globalists. Right there with the Clintons. I knew they were lying about the pandemic and masks the first day. If you can smell smoke through the masks they are useless. I listened to the ‘science’ It was a lie. I can evaluate those things without being medically trained.I am a Physici

  10. And for Americal to be part of the conspiracy the Democrats needed to have a puppet in the White House and a bimbo as backup. Much as Russia has oligarchs underpinning Putin, America has equivalents and their empires must be threatened for us to survive. I worry about Putin’s warlord advisors who casually intimate the use of nuclear weapons while violating international restrictions on the use of cluster bombs.

  11. Interesting similarity between Saddam saying that Kuwait is a part of Iraq, and Putin saying the same thing about Ukraine.

  12. The Great Reset &ild Back Better were phrases used by Klaus Schwab at WEF meetings, esp. the last 3 yrs. He’s played to attendees lust for power/wealth. He had the whole ‘program’ laid out years ago & has pushed it in steps in every WEF meet. It’s not just leaders of nations; wealthy elites like Bill Gates attend. So no wonder a China flu virus is used to institute his remake of global economy = elites own everything, we own nothing & we’ll be happy =definition of Great Reset. He’s delusio

  13. Imagine this. If Canada were surrounded by Chinese Military Outposts. Would you be concerned?

  14. What the hell is wrong with the west ? Why aren’t we arming Thailand to the teeth right now ? Make the Chinese think twice like they should have done with the Russians.Don’t we learn anything ? Always to little to late. Weak leadership and dufus voters are literally destroying democracy. Must be trumps fault.

  15. I AM a bit of a conspiracy theorist, starting with the JFK assassination. Eisenhower was spot on when he warned about the military industrial complex…HW Bush and his kid, were kinder, gentler morons I voted for with my nose tightly pinched. I pray we can outlive these morons and devastate the nitwit lefties and rhinos this November and a Trump or Trumplike individual with serious stones can reactivate this country and the constitution…God help you folks in Canada with little Eliot.

  16. It has come to light that Zelensky is part of the New World Order. Two years ago he was warmly welcomed by Klaus Schwab at one of their conferences where Zelensky spoke about “climate change” and the New World Order. A video of the event exists as evidence. The current crisis is now a war between Putin and the New World Order which sadly now owns the West.

  17. I remember HW Bush saying “one world order”. I remember it leaving me feeling very uneasy. It didn’t fit it or set right to me. As I hear it now more often, I keep remembering the 1st time I heard it. Also, I will never believe the CDC again about anything! Next person saying follow the science, I say who gets to define science? Science said world is flat. Wrong!

  18. I see things on both sides of this argument that I agree with.I kinda wonder if the west had armed Ukraine to the teeth and why wasn’t the road where a 40 mile Russian carvan breezed right into the country mined?As for creating a no-fly zone if your son is going you have a right to speak otherwise keep quiet.My son spent 6 months in Iraq,supposedly to help close down bases after most of troops had left.Today he won’t enter a movie theater and his Rottweiler helps him with his ptsd.

  19. My epiphany came when it was 1st announced there would be a 2 week lockdown & masks. A red light came on. At 85 I’ve had & lived thru many virus’s, never a lockdown or masks. A virus can’t be controlled. Simply medicated as covid could have been, (e.g. Ivermectin & Hydoxychoroquine) they are usually gone within 1 yr. We’re in third year of man-made virus and mutations. I beg to differ on objective and do believe agenda is depopulation of the world with mRNA. Hope I’m wrong but too many dy

  20. Congratulations Howard, you hit the nail on the head. Both Bush’s were Globalist and members of the Bilderbergers org. One World Govt. promoters of the New World Order. Please note the friendship between The Bush family and the Clintons. created by a common cause. Putin is a part of this as well, leaders that do not cave to this ideal are taken out and replaced. Trump’s election tipped the apple cart and set back the movement here in the U.S. They could not let it happen again, so they cheated

  21. As soon as they said “virus” and “masks,” I knew it was a load of garbage. I’m not sure even an N95 mask can keep a virus out and the ones we got scared into wearing are a joke. People really don’t know how small a virus is! I’m in my sixties, and not a professional anything, but I am subscribed to all kinds of science-y stuff. The virus has waaaaaaay too many weirdnesses to have occurred in nature. If it did, I have a bridge for sale…

  22. I continue to believe the left is planning something drastic to prevent a fair 2022 election because as it stands now, they know they’ll lose. In 2020 they used the Covid crisis to manipulate the election. If they coordinated with China to create a biological weapon that killed millions, is it unreasonable to believe they are working behind the scenes to throw the world into chaos before 2022?

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